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Yasin Friese is a young deaf child in 2019 and the "boyfriend" of Elisabeth Doppler.


He and Elisabeth are seen chatting with one another after school on November 6, 2019, the day of Elisabeth's (temporary) disappearance. Yasin's mother offers to drive Elisabeth home, but Elisabeth declines, expecting her mother at any minute.[3]


Stranger danger

The next morning, walking to school alone through the forest, Yasin encounters a hooded figure and subsequently disappears.[3] He is reported missing that morning, becoming the subject of yet another Winden Police investigation.[3]

Helge Doppler takes Yasin through the cave to 1986. On November 9th, through Noah's experiments on time travel in the bunker using the chair, he is transported to 1953, killing him in the process.[4] Helge then travels through the cave to 1953, where he moves Yasin's corpse to the nuclear plant construction site to be found along with Erik Obendorf on November 10th, 1953.[4]


The name Friese is derived from the Frieseland region, abutting the North Sea; thus, like Nielsen and Tiedemann, it has a northern origin. Yasin is a name derived from the 36th surah of the Qur'an, which starts with these letters, as well as one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad.

Yasin may be of Turkish descent, at least in part. When the 1953 police pathologist, Udo Meier, examines Yasin's body, he comments that the boy must not be local, because he looks Mediterranean.[4] While Germany today has a significant ethnic Turkish population of around 5 percent, this is due to a large influx starting in the 1960s with a guest worker program, intensifying in the 1970s after reforms to family reunification laws.


  • Yasin shares his surname Friese with Jantje Friese, the main writer of the show.



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