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A wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge is located deep within Winden caves.

There is a heavy metal door created bysymbol and "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" in Latin translated to English "Thus the world was created". Once the door is opened, it leads to a man-made "passage", that appears to fork which is likely an affect of the wormhole, into one of 3 linked years: 1953, 1986, 2019.

  • From 2019, Jonas takes the right passage to 1986.[1]
  • From 2019, Ulrich takes the left passage to 1953 instead of the right to 1986 which, apparently, Helge followed. [2]

This original wormhole was created during the incident at Winden Nuclear Power Plant in the summer of 1986 when a burst of energy was released. The apparatus is able to repeat the same process.

The passage is closed by The Stranger at the end of Season 1 using the apparatus. [3]

Season 2 Edit

Jonas and Claudia re-open the passage in 1987 using the apparatus. [4]

This now links the following years within the wormhole: 1954, 1987, & 2020.

Controversy Edit

The official Netflix site indicates 3 doors, but this may be incorrect. [5] When the passage is closed, it is a single door and the tunnel/passage is a dead-end beyond the door. This is seen when Jonas tries to return home from 1921 via the cave. [6] Also, just before Jonas and Claudia re-open the passage in 1987. [4]

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