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The Winden parish church, dedicated to St. Christopher, is a wooden structure seemingly of Scandinavian design with a clock tower and simple functional interior. As a building it exists in both Adam's world and Eva's world.


1921 (Adam's world)[]

The church is under construction in 1921 and is the headquarters of the Sic Mundus cult led by Adam. The underground lair is mostly complete.[1]


November 11[]

Hanno Tauber (aka Noah) is acting priest at the church. He gives counsel to Greta Doppler, who confesses that Helge Doppler may not be Bernd Doppler's son as he was not born out of love, but something else.[2]


June 23[]

Noah answers Greta's call to come see her son, who has just returned after being missing for seven months. He does not speak anymore and frightens her. Unbeknownst to her, Helge was with Noah the whole time. Noah gets the boy to speak with a Bible passage and impresses upon Greta the importance of taking care of him.

Agnes Nielsen confronts her brother Hanno in the church. She tells him she wants to return to Sic Mundus before the last cycle begins and gives him a newspaper article detailing the finding of an unidentified woman's body in the woods (an elderly Claudia Tiedemann).

September 24[]

Doris Tiedemann visits the church in search of information on Hanno Tauber, who she believes is connected to the disappearance of Agnes. There she meets the Unknown, who tells her that her husband is cheating on her.


November 7[]

Noah is acting priest in 1986 as well. He receives a call from Ines Kahnwald and comes to speak with MIkkel Nielsen at the hospital.[3]

November 12[]

Noah speaks with Helge Doppler in the churchyard, where he instructs him that their next target is Jonas Kahnwald.[4]


September 21[]

The Unknown visits the Sic Mundus lodge beneath the church and sets fire to it.


August 8[]

Regina Tiedemann and Aleksander Köhler get married at the church.[5]


Michael Kahnwald is buried in the nearby graveyard. This is where Jonas meets the Stranger for the first time.[6]

Mads Nielsen also has a gravestone here that Jana Nielsen visits, even though his body was never found.[7] Ulrich also visits Mads' gravesite.[8]

2019 (Eva's world)[]

By 2019 in Eva's world, Peter Doppler is a priest at the church.[9]

November 4[]

Jonas Kahnwald, from Adam's world, visits the church's graveyard in search of a Michael Kahnwald. Peter knows of no such person; the only Kahnwald buried there is Daniel Kahnwald. Peter gets the odd sense that he recognizes Jonas.[10]

November 5[]

Peter speaks with Benjamin Wöller in the church. The nature of their interaction is not clear, but the suggestion is that it is romantic, just as is the nature of their relationship is in both Adam's world and the original world. Peter's wife Charlotte visits him at the church, walking in on the two men speaking. She asks Peter about his father Helge. Peter gets a call telling him that his father has confessed for the murder of Mads Nielsen.[11]

2053 (Adam's world)[]

June 21[]

Jonas walks through the graveyard but the church is mostly destroyed. He sees approximately fifty makeshift graves with wooden crosses including the following people, and all have the same death date of June 27, 2020:[12]

Behind the scenes[]


Some scenes featuring the exterior of the church were reportedly filmed at the chapel located on Südwestkirchhof in Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg.


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