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The Winden Rest Home (in German: Senioren & Pflegeheim Stadt Winden) is the nursing home in Winden.

The elderly Helge Doppler, suffering from dementia, resides here in 2019. As November comes around, however, he begins to leave the facility in the middle of the night. He wanders over to the high school, for example, forcing his daughter-in-law Charlotte Doppler to leave an assembly about the missing children.[1] He absconds again only to be found in the woods by Torben Wöller.


"Tick tock"

Peter, his son, visits him to urge him not to walk off, but Helge mutters incomprehensibly that he has to tell "him" to stop "it."[2]

1x07 0035 AssaultonHelge

A few days later, Helge awakes in bed muttering that he remembers "everything." Ulrich Nielsen concludes that Helge must be connected to the disappearances of his son Mikkel and his brother Mads, and assaults him at the nursing home, requiring the efforts of nurse Clara Schrage and two other staff to pull him off.[3] He escapes again later that night, and Ulrich follows him into the Winden Caves, where they both disappear.


The welcome sign outside bears a logo of three trees, the same as on the town's coat of arms (see: Winden). The tagline below reads Wir bieten altergerechtes Wohnen, roughly translating to We offer age-appropriate living.

Behind the scenes[]

In Germany, a Pflegeheim is a residential facility which offers round-the-clock nursing care for the elderly and infirm, the highest level of institutional support. A more traditional term would be Altenheim (home for the elderly or old folks' home ), though this has fallen out of favor, in part because the same facility may serve people with disabilities who are not elderly.


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