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"And it is here that we will build the first German nuclear power plant, ensuring the local community's long-term stability and prosperity."
Bernd Doppler[src]

The Winden Nuclear Power Plant (in German: Kernkraftwerk Winden, often simply AKW (short for Atomkraftwerk) is an electrical power station located in the town of Winden, where it is the largest employer and dominates the landscape.




  • Bernd Doppler inaugurates the effort to erect the plant.[1]
  • The bodies of two boys are discovered at the construction site, which Bernd believes were placed there by rival coal plant operators to sabotage the project.[1]


  • Bernd struggles to get a permit for the plant amidst corruption at town hall involving the coal industry. After the Unknown holds up the mayor of Winden at gunpoint and forces him to sign the permit, Bernd gets the necessary paperwork and is able to build is nuclear power plant.[2]


  • Construction of the plant begins after passage of the Atomic Energy Act (Atomgesetz).[3]


  • The Chernobyl disaster in April sends radioactive fallout over Europe, including Winden.[4]
  • During the summer, an explosion at the plant occurs causing a small leak of radioactive waste. The incident was kept secret. Barrels containing the nuclear waste from the accident are illegally stored inside the Winden Caves.[5][6]
  • In November, Claudia Tiedemann becomes the head of the plant. Bernd informs her of the incident, and Claudia discovers the secret waste stash.[5]
  • Aleksander Tiedemann is employed by Claudia to weld the door in the caves shut.[6]


  • Hardly a year after her appointment to be head of the plant, Claudia mysteriously goes missing. The authority of director is left in unknown hands from this point until 2019.[7][8]
  • Bernd gets murdered in his palatial home by an unknown suspect. In actuality, it was the Unknown, who would later go on and help get Bernd the permit for the plant in 1954.[9]
  • Jasmin Trewen, once Claudia's secretary, is murdered in the night in Claudia's office by a similarly unknown suspect.[10]


  • Aleksander is the director of the plant and employs Hannah Kahnwald as a masseuse.[3]
  • Aleksander denies Ulrich Nielsen access to the plant; the police later obtain a search warrant.[11][12]
  • Although its operation has officially been trouble-free for the past thirty-three years, the plant is scheduled to be shut down in 2020 amidst the federal government's phaseout of nuclear energy.[3]



  • The power plant is no more, and the site is a ruin.[13]
  • The God particle resides in the room that once held the cooling pool.[14] Elisabeth Doppler fears it as a product of the devil.[15] She forbids all from entering.[14]


  • Following the apocalypse in 2020, Sic Mundus uses the plant as their new headquarters, abandoning their old one beneath the St. Christopher church in 1921. Adam uses the God particle to send his pawns in one direction or another to uphold the knot just long enough.[2][14][16]
  • Adam uses the God particle, as well as the energy of the two apocalypses from both his world and Eva's world, to kill the alternate Martha Nielsen (at least, the overlapping version of Martha, borne of quantum entanglement, that ended up in Adam's hands). His goal is to destroy the unborn child inside her (which in the version of herself that survives is born to become the Unknown), which he believes will destroy the entire knot. His effort fails.[14][15]
  • In an overlapping reality apparently occurring for the first time, Claudia, supposedly killed by Noah three months before, walks into the room. She reveals the fruit of her life's research: the true origin of the knot. Their two worlds were borne of a third, the original world, and were never meant to be. She tasks Adam to exploit the loophole found in the moment of the apocalypse and send the young Jonas and Martha there to stop the accident that will one day inspire the creation of the two worlds. Adam heads to the Kahnwald house on the day of the apocalypse to save his younger self.[16]

Behind the scenes[]


Scenes taking place at the plant's main gate were filmed at Am Glockenturm square near Olympic Stadium, Berlin.


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