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The town of Winden is shrouded in a dense forest. The forest is a significant location in the history of the town. This influence is seen in the names of places such as the Waldhotel Winden or on signs of institutions such as the Winden Rest Home. The town's coat of arms displays three trees with deep roots and is emblazoned on the logos of such entities as the Winden Police and the Amtsgericht Winden (Winden Local Court).



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  • Bartosz Tiedemann meets the mysterious Silja, a time-traveler who has just arrived from the year 2053 on the orders of Adam; the two form a relationship and later have two children[1]


  • Bartosz is killed by his teenaged son Hanno with a pickax at their work camp near the cave entrance[2]
  • A teenaged Jonas Kahnwald from 2053 heads to the caves in an attempt to use the passage to return to 2020; when he finds the passage closed, he is met by Hanno and brought to the Sic Mundus headquarters under the church[3]


  • A middle-aged Helge Doppler drags the bodies of Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese, both taken from 2019, through the woods; Noah cleans up down in the bunker, where the bodies fell through from 1986[4][5]
  • Nine-year-old Helge Doppler bikes along the forest track[6]
  • Helge plays at his family's cabin and bunker; outside, he is bullied by some teenagers before a time-traveling Ulrich Nielsen from 2019 arrives and scares them off[6]
  • Eleven-year-old Claudia Tiedemann shows newcomer Tronte Nielsen the forest and the entrance to the caves; when she casts off the third-wheeling Helge and walks off with Tronte, the younger boy throws a stick and sends Claudia's dog Gretchen chasing it[6]
  • In his attempt to escape the pursuing Ulrich, Helge goes to the cabin; before he can get inside, however, he is caught by Ulrich, who throws him to the ground, holds him down, and dashes his head with a rock[6]
  • Police officer Egon Tiedemann chases Ulrich through the woods and apprehends him at the cave entrance[7]


  • The young Claudia and Tronte walk to school through the woods, where they talk about their mothers and their upbringing; upon Claudia's request, Tronte drops his trousers where they stand[8]
  • Tronte's mother Agnes meets with an elderly Claudia Tiedemann in the bunker[8]
  • The elderly Claudia is shot near the Doppler cabin by Noah[8]


  • Regina Tiedemann is tied up near the cave by Ulrich Nielsen and Katharina Albers in the middle of the night[9]
  • Ulrich's brother Mads disappears in the forest at night, in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant, after walking Regina Tiedemann home through the woods after their fencing practice[4][9][10]
  • Early one morning Mikkel Nielsen emerges from the caves after traveling from 2019; he runs through the forest and heads to the house that is his own in the future[11]
  • Charlotte Doppler bikes along the forest track[11]
  • Mikkel returns to the caves at night to try to find a way back but is unsuccessful; he returns to the hospital[11]
  • Boris Niewald saves Regina from Ulrich and Katharina's bullying of her; he introduces himself to her as Aleksander Köhler[7]
  • Hannah Krüger spies on Aleksander as he buries a gun and his passport bearing his true identity[7]
  • Charlotte Doppler sits in the woods and sketches dead birds; Jonas, traveling from 2019, approaches her and asks her the date[12]


  • Mikkel wanders through the forest after deciding to skip school; when he hears noises from the direction of the caves, he runs to their source, where he is approached by Noah[13]
  • The teenagers Bartosz Tiedemann, Magnus Nielsen, Martha Nielsen, Franziska Doppler, and the young Elisabeth Doppler emerge into the forest from the caves after traveling from 2020[14]


  • Ulrich jogs past the signpost returning from Hannah's bed[10]
  • Jonas bikes along the forest track[10]
  • Peter treats Jonas during a therapy session in the woods, discussing Jonas's father Michael's suicide[10]
  • Jana Nielsen finds Raider wrapper[10]
  • Mikkel disappears near the caves[10]
  • The body of Mads Nielsen passes from the year 1986 and drops in front of Peter Doppler in the bunker; Peter calls Tronte, and the two are later found by an elderly Claudia, who instructs them to move the body to where it must be found, in the forest[12]
  • Peter and Tronte meet at the cabin and sit in the bunker periodically over the next eight days, following Claudia's instructions and the contents of a leather notebook[9][12]
  • A search party finds a boy's body in the woods with charred eyes, clothing from the '80s, and a Walkman[10]
  • Magnus confronts Franziska about why she was at the caves the night Mikkel disappeared[4]
  • Magnus finds a bird necklace near Franziska's tin box below the railroad bridge[15]
  • Charlotte Doppler searches the forest for Elisabeth but only finds her knit fox cap[16]
  • Noah gives Elisabeth the golden pocket watch once belonging to her mother Charlotte[16]
  • Yasin Friese is kidnapped by the middle-aged Helge Doppler[16]
  • Ulrich follows the elderly Helge Doppler through the forest and to the cave[5]


  • Charlotte and Peter document their time travel investigation upon the walls of the bunker[2]
  • Bartosz and Martha meet at the railroad bridge and discuss their situations; they effectively break up[2]
  • Bartosz meets Noah at the cave entrance and follows him in[2]
  • Magnus, Martha, Franziska, and Elisabeth encounter Bartosz in the caves carrying a suitcase; after they take it from him and leave him tied up in the cave, they return the next day and he reveals to them that it is a time machine, whereupon they use it to travel to 1987[3][14]
  • The middle-aged Claudia and teenaged Jonas emerge from the cave entrance after traveling from 1987; they go their separate ways in preparation for the apocalypse that day[17]
  • The middle-aged Jonas brings Martha to the bunker in an attempt to save her from her fate, but she escapes anyway and dies[17]
  • Claudia, Regina, Peter, Elisabeth, and Noah survive the apocalypse by sheltering in the bunker[17]


  • Noah and Elisabeth, and later the newborn Charlotte, live in a hut in the forest. It is not clear whether Jonas and Claudia live with them as well[1]


  • Jonas emerges from the bunker into the forest after being sent to 2052[12]


  • Bodies hang from trees throughout the forest
  • A middle-aged Elisabeth Doppler, now the leader of a cult, hangs people in a field in the forest for violating her rule of trespassing into the "dead zone" (the walled-in nuclear power plant)
  • Sic Mundus lives in the caves and has a new headquarters at the nuclear power plant after the apocalypse[18][19]


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