Winden is a fictional town in Germany wherein all of the events of the first season of Dark take place.

The precise location of Winden within Germany is never stated outright, and the characters do not refer to any nearby metropolitan centers or transportation infrastructure that might provide an indication. The series states the postcode as 36177 and the Winden Police area code as 064; while both are fictional, they imply a location of central Hesse. However, license plates on police cars in 1953 begin with "AW", which at the time indicated Württemberg-Baden, part of the state of Baden-Württemberg.[1]

Winden is dominated physically and economically by the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, whose cooling towers rise above the landscape and whose facilities employ, as of 1986, 512 people ("Past and Present").

The surrounding landscape is heavily forested. In the woods lie the Winden Caves, a network of partially explored underground caves which extend as far as the power plant itself.

The town is large enough to have its own police force, though other authorities or governmental figures are not depicted. Winden has at least one police station, hospital, high school, nursing home, and church, and is home to the Waldhotel Winden, operated by Regina Tiedemann, in what was formerly the home of the Doppler family. It has at least one daily newspaper, the Windener Tageblatt (Winden Daily Paper), which has covered news of the disappearances of children over the years.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The name is likely a play on the word "verschwinden," which is German for "to disappear."
  • The name is more likely a play on the verb „winden“ which is German for „to writhe“ (e.g. in agony).