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For the version from Adam's World, see Ulrich Nielsen

"I swore I'd do it all differently. That I'd do everything right. That was thirty-three years ago. And what do I do? My marriage is ruined. And now I'm cheating on the woman I cheated on my wife with."
―Ulrich Nielsen to Charlotte Doppler[src]

Chief Ulrich Nielsen was the chief of the Winden Police Department and the father of Magnus, Martha and Mikkel Nielsen.


2019 (alternate version)[]

In the alternate world, Ulrich marries Katharina and has Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel as in the other world. However, when he begins cheating on his wife with Hannah, his marriage does not last long. They get a divorce and Ulrich later marries Hannah, conceiving a child with her sometime in early 2019. Sometime, Ulrich becomes the police chief of Winden.

November 4[]

Ulrich walks into Hannah's room and awakes her. Hannah tells him she had trouble sleeping. Ulrich tells her he took a while to make it home because the baker's was full and jokes the apocalypse is nearing them. Hannah asks him to stay, but he has to leave for work. He tells her they will see each other that evening, and Hannah stands up, revealing she is pregnant. She tells him she loves him, and Ulrich tells her she is beautiful.

Ulrich leads search for Erik

Ulrich leads the search for Erik Obendorf

Ulrich states to the rest of the police station that Erik Obendorf has been missing for nearly two weeks. Torben Wöller is present in the meeting, with both eyes intact, but missing his left arm. When Ulrich asks for ideas, Charlotte Doppler mentions they have not received the shift schedules from the power plant yet. Ulrich nods and asks her to check with Aleksander Tiedemann at the power plant.

Charlotte returns to the police station, where she is called by Ulrich. In there, Ulrich begins kissing her, and she says they need to stop. Torben walks in and gives them information which Ulrich finds irrelevant, but Charlotte tells him they can work with it. At the police station, Ulrich tells Charlotte he is going to the parents meeting and offers her a ride, which she accepts.

November 5[]

Ulrich informs Mads' body was found

Ulrich informs his colleagues of the body bearing his brother's name.

At the police station, Ulrich lets everybody know that Bartosz, Magnus, Kilian, Martha, and Franziska found a body at the Doppler's bunker the night before. Crying, he mentions that the clothes are from the '80s and that they found a card which identified the body as his brother Mads Nielsen. Charlotte pulls Ulrich away and tells him he does not have to be there at such a difficult time for him, as Wöller can do briefings and she can do forensics. Ulrich reminds her that he spent 33 years looking for his brother, and mentions in disbelief how the body had all of Mads' things, which were kept until the moment the body was "placed" in the bunker. Charlotte asks him if he believes the killer was connected to Mads, Erik, and the boy in the bunker. Ulrich does not give a direct answer and reminds her that he became a police officer because when his brother went missing, the detective was a moron and did every mistake the could have possibly made. However, Ulrich is now looking at himself and believes he is becoming worse, as he cheated on his wife, and cheated on Hannah as well. After he comes to this realization, he leaves.

Magnus and Martha confront Ulrich

Magnus and Martha confront Ulrich when he does not believe they were sober when they saw Mads' body appear.

Alternate reality Martha is on her bed, but gets up when she hears the doorbell. She opens it up only to see her father at the door. Ulrich asks if he can come inside, and Martha allows it. He asks if Magnus is in the house, and asks Martha to tell him what really happened in the bunker. Martha tells him that she meant everything she had said when she told him the bunker was empty when they got there, but after a light shined, a body fell into it. Ulrich asks if they had taken anything that might have altered their perception, and a shocked Martha asks if he really thought that. Ulrich restructured his question, asking if Kilian had given her anything as Magnus walked down the stairs. Ulrich asks him what he had taken before entering the bunker as well and Magnus asks him if he means it seriously and if he had suddenly become the caring type, as he normally does not care what they do. Martha repeats that what they had originally told him still applies. Magnus asks Ulrich if that was it, as his mother was going to be home at any minute and it would be best if he left. He also sarcastically comments that it was nice that he had dropped by to see how they were doing. Ulrich leaves after that, and calls the dorms Kilian was staying in, asking him if he had slipped Martha something.

When Helge confessed to Mads' murder, Ulrich gets to the police station. Shaken, he grabs Helge and asks him what he did to Mads before Helge simply recognizes Ulrich is alive, and realizes that it was him while holding up the necklace with the coin. Ulrich asks what he is saying, while Helge repeats that it was him, referring to the man who destroyed his eye.

November 8[]

Hannah opens the door for and receives Charlotte, who is looking for Ulrich. Hannah mentions Ulrich is in the shower, but Charlotte asks if she can wait for him because what she wants to tell him is urgent. Hannah nods, and asks her how she is; when Charlotte says she is alright, Hannah tells her that Ulrich is hers, which would not change. Ulrich gets downstairs, and wonders what Charlotte is doing there. Charlotte mentions she wanted to show him the file she had before they leave. Hannah tells them they should all hang out together while she still can. She goes upstairs and Ulrich tells Charlotte to never show up there unannounced before Charlotte shows him the pennies on Helge and Mads were the same penny, which Helge had had as long as she knew him. She believed the penny had traveled through time. Ulrich races to the police station after asking where Helge is and is told he is in pre-trial custody.

Ulrich visits Mads' body who is said must have died immediately when the body was found. Ulrich asks if it is possible his body had been preserved, but the lady at the morgue finds it hard to believe. He notices something about the scar on his brother's chin, which worries the doctor.

Helge is in his cell when he is visited by Ulrich, which scares him. Ulrich grabs him and asks how it is possible he murdered Mads and a boy showed up that looks just like him. Helge says he was forced to send the boy to the future by a woman to fill the gaps. Ulrich puts Helge down, and asks him about the pennies, to which Helge only responds he must stop a man. Ulrich grabs him and asks who it is he needs to stop and is surprised to hear it is him who needs to be stopped. Ulrich tells Helge he can leave, and so the latter does.

Ulrich follows Helge to the caves. Ulrich calls Charlotte and leaves a voice mail saying the thing with the pennies was the same thing that had happened to the body in the bunker. He asked her to test a DNA sample, as he was sure the boy in the bunker was Mads before running into the cave after Helge.

1986 (alternate world) (time travel)[]

He finds Helge as a middle aged man and attempts to kill him, destroying his eye in the process. As soon as he finishes bashing his eye in, Ulrich takes him into the bunker, possibly to kill him for good. An old Helge then comes to the bunker and kills him.


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