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Udo Meier is a Police Pathologist in 1953 & 1954.


On November 10th 1953 , he examines the bodies of two boys found in a sand pile at the plant construction site.

He tells Daniel and Egon of the strange findings. He has never seen burns like this before, possibly from a phosphorous grenade. It is interesting that both boys ears are completely destroyed. They both had a 1986 pfennig coin on a red lanyard around their neck. All their clothes have "Made in China" tags. The boys are not from Germany, one looks Mediterranean or Arabian and he is not sure about the redhead who also has a strange tattoo of a small winged unicorn barfing a rainbow. [1]

"I've seen all sorts of odd things, but this...definitely takes the cake."
Udo Meier[[As You Sow, so You Shall Reap|[src]]]

On June 26th 1954, he examines the body of a 75-80 year old caucasian woman with long white hair who was shot in the chest. The eyes are notable as she had heterochromia Egon realizes this is the same woman who came to him at the Police station the day Helge reappeared to apologize, but he did not understand why. Daniel theorizes she may have been the madman's accomplice and/or mother who held Helge for 7 months. Udo also says the he came across something by chance, her body is contaminated likely being exposed to heavy radiation for a prolonged period of time perhaps working as a radiographer. [2]


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