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The triquetra notebook is a leather bound notebook with records related to the time traveling events of Winden. It has a triquetra (trinity knot) on the cover. Several copies exist at the same time due to time travel.


Much mystery surrounds the book for many of those who know about it. According to Noah, whoever originally wrote it "had already seen the future and the past."[1] For part of its history, it is missing the final pages of its contents. Peter Doppler comments on this oddity to Tronte Nielsen when the two are following its instructions.[2] Adam, the leader of the cult Sic Mundus, enlists the help of Noah to find and retrieve them.[3][4]

Unknown with the notebook

The notebook in the hands of the Unknown, its author

The book was completed on November 6, 2019, in the alternate world. It was written by the Unknown, the son of Jonas Kahnwald and alternate Martha Nielsen.[5] The book presumably includes content up until at least this day in the alternate world and September 24, 2053, in the prime world, though it possibly includes information on the apocalypse on November 8 and Adam's purpose to destroy the origin on September 26 as well.

Following its completion, it was given to Claudia Tiedemann in Adam's world by the alternate Claudia.[6] Having come from Eva's world, its explicit purpose was to uphold the knot: The alternate Claudia stated that she would work to do the same in her own world. This would be the purpose that all its readers would seek from it, regardless of whether perpetuating the knot was their ultimate goal.

November 6, 2019 (Alternate world)[]

Unknown finishes the book

The Unknown finishes writing the notebook as his elder and younger selves watch.

The adult Unknown finishes writing the notebook. He writes "I am left to die alone, and I am my sole judge. Me. The beginning is the end. And the end is the beginning." on the last page.[5] Eva presumably gives the notebook to alternate Claudia.

November 8, 2019 (Alternate world)[]

Eva sends the Claudia from her world over to Adam's world to give the notebook to Claudia in 2020.[7]

September 25, 2020 (Prime world)[]

In the police station of post-apocalyptic Winden, Claudia encounters her alternate self. Her other self gives her the triquetra notebook and instructs her that she must uphold everything in this loop.[6]

November 4, 2052 (Prime world)[]

Claudia holds onto the notebook for the next thirty-two years. In 2052, an elderly Claudia rips the last pages from it and stuffs them in her coat. She travels to 2019.[3]

November 2019[]

On the night of November 4, Claudia meets Peter Doppler and Tronte Nielsen after their encounter with the body of Tronte's son Mads. She has them move Mads's body to where it is meant to be found and gives them the notebook.[8]

For the next eight days, Peter and Tronte observe time traveling events occur as predicted in the book. Tronte believes that after that night, November 12, "everything will be new" and Mads will live. Peter, however, wonders why "half the pages" have been torn out.[8]

September 25, 2020[]

Peter keeps the notebook after the events of November and includes it in his and Charlotte's investigations of time travel. Following the apocalypse in June 27, he keeps it on him at all times.[9] When he is killed, his daughter Elisabeth takes the book and goes to Noah.[6]


When his daughter (newborn Charlotte) is kidnapped, Noah vows to find her. He leaves and takes the notebook with him.[3]


Noah consulting the book

Noah consults the notebook during his work for Adam.

Stumbling into the Sic Mundus lodge, Noah finds Adam. Adam instructs Noah to find the remaining pages.[3] Noah uses the notebook to guide his actions during the experiments with the time machine chair across 1953, 1986, and 2019.[8]

June 1954/1921[]

Noah reads the final pages

Noah kills the elderly Claudia on the night of June 23, 1954, and obtains the missing pages from her body. They inform him of the truth of Charlotte's identity.[10] He keeps them tucked in his version of the book until he confronts Adam on June 27, 1921.[1]

September 24, 2053[]

After Noah is killed at the hands of his sister Agnes, Adam holds onto the book. He shows a family tree contained within it to alternate Martha, which demonstrates how the trees of both worlds originate from the child conceived by her and the Jonas that traveled to her world.[5]

Changes of hands[]

Date In possession of Method of retrieval Details
Nov 6, 2019 (alt. world) Unknown Wrote it.
Sept 25, 2020 (prime world) Alternate Claudia Tiedemann Unknown. Presumably given by Eva. As part of Eva's mission before the apocalypse happens in her world, she instructs Claudia to give it to her other self in order to uphold the knot.
2020-2052/2019 Claudia Tiedemann Given by alternate Claudia Tiedemann. Claudia draws from the book as she, Jonas, Noah, and Elisabeth survive in the post-apocalypse.
Nov 4, 2019 Tronte Nielsen Given by Claudia Tiedemann. Claudia tears the final pages (everything documenting after November 12) from the notebook and gives it to Tronte and Peter. She, alongside the book, informs them of everything that is to happen in the next eight days.
2019/2020 Peter Doppler After the events of November 12, Peter holds onto the notebook. He includes it in his and Charlotte's investigations of time travel. Following the apocalypse, he keeps it on him at all times.
Sept 25, 2020-2041 Elisabeth Doppler Claimed from father's corpse. Elisabeth takes the book after her father is killed. She holds onto it for decades.
2041/1920 Noah Taken from Elisabeth Doppler. After their daughter Charlotte is stolen in the night, Noah vows to Elisabeth that he will find her and bring her back. He takes the notebook with him. In 1920, Adam instructs him to find the missing pages.
Nov 7, 1986 Noah has it when he visits Mikkel Nielsen in the hospital.
Nov 7, 2019 Noah has it with him when he meets Bartosz Tiedemann.
Nov 10-11, 1986 Noah has it with him at the church. On the 11th, he uses it determine whom they must kidnap next.
Nov 12, 2019 Bartosz Tiedemann Given by Noah. Noah lets Bartosz hold the notebook for a moment before taking it back.
2019-Jun 27, 2020 Noah Taken back from Bartosz. Noah knows from the book that the beginning of the last cycle is June 27, 2020. After he kills the elderly Claudia and retrieves the pages off her body, he keeps them safe in the notebook. He learns from them that his daughter Charlotte is in fact his wife's mother Charlotte. When Adam asks if Claudia had the pages on her, Noah lies to him.
June 27, 2020 Adam Taken from Noah. Adam is in the possession of the notebook after Noah's death. He shows a family tree within it to alternate Martha to explain how she and the Jonas that traveled to her world conceived a child, the writer of the book.
Nov 5, 2019 Jonas Kahnwald (adult) Unknown. Jonas is in possession of what appears to be the notebook when he checks into Waldhotel Winden. However, it is not clear from what point in its history this could be.


Time travel table[]

A page with a table is briefly seen, seemingly recording when someone time travels (with the chair). The first three columns probably signify the three time periods, the fourth column the date, and the fifth column the time. The sixth column appears to record mHz / Hz, with all records adding up to 50Hz (the standard frequency of the power grid) except the third row, which adds up to 50,1Hz.

:18 -630 / 49,37 8m 14s
22:21 -800 / 49,2
06:45 -780 / 49,32
.11. 22:13 -520 / 49,48 4m 21s
05.11. 22:08 -230 / 49,77 6m 13s
? 05.11. 22:40 -410 / 49,59 2m 12s
? x 05.11. 23:08 -280 / 49,72 6m 04s
x x 08.11. 21:17 -600 / 49,4 3m –s
x x 09.11. 17:24 -760 / 49,24 3m 47s
x x x 12.11. 19:47 -860 / 49,14 4m 44s

Drawing of the bunker[]

Layout of the nuclear power plant[]

Beginning of the last cycle[]

Excerpt from the Ariadne play[]

Family tree[]

Photograph of the Unknown[]


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