Torben Wöller is a member of the Winden Police in seasons 1 and 2 of Dark. He appears only in the 2019–20 timeframe, where he is portrayed by Leopold Hornung.

In 2019 he wears a bandage wrapped around his head covering his right eye with visible wounds on his nose and face. In 2020 he is using a right-side eye patch covering his deformed eye. The incident which caused injury to his eye is unknown. Detective Clausen asks him about the cause, but he was reluctant to answer, and does not end up sharing it.

Charlotte Doppler, the chief of police, has him working on a variety of tasks:

  • coordinating the search for Mikkel Nielsen [1]
  • finding a location of the red soil [2]
  • matching tire tracks found on road near where Erik Obendorf disappeared [2]
  • answering phone calls about the leaked news of the dead boy being found [2]
  • going though missing persons database for dead boy, 15 years prior to 2019 [2]
  • obtaining the search warrant to search the Winden Nuclear Power Plant [3]
  • checking if the cave system goes under the forest road/track by the Doppler shack[3]

He seems to be on the take from Aleksander Tiedemann.[4] When Hannah Kahnwald blackmails Aleksander in 2019 with the contents of the bag he hid in 1986 to force him to destroy Ulrich Nielsen, Aleksander calls Torben and orders him to find any useful information on Ulrich. Torben then asks what to do with the truck. Aleksander responds that in a few days they will move the barrels back.

Torben Wöller has a wrist watch that appears to be similar to Noah's wrist watch.



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