A chronological timeline of events in Dark. A wormhole in the Winden Caves intertwines three points in time, causing connections between events set 33 years apart.

Season 1 is set in November of 1953, 1986 and 2019.

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  • Saturday 12th:
    • The wormhole opens in the Bunker, where Helge is still trapped. Jonas is on the other side and when they touch Helge is transported to the Bunker in 1986.

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  • Saturday 8th: Young Jonas arrives from 2019.
  • Wednesday 12th
    • Older Jonas comes back to see Tannhaus and brings the radioactive substance to activate the Apparatus.
    • Old Helge tries to warn his past self about Noah's lies, but he doesn't listen.
    • Jonas goes to the Hospital to bring Mikkel back to 2019, but is stopped by Noah and Helge.
    • Jonas wakes up in the Bunker and is visited by The Stranger, who reveals his true identity.
    • In a last attempt to stop himself, old Helge crashes a car into his past self. He dies but younger Helge is just injured.
    • The Stranger activates the Apparatus inside the portal, trying to put an end to the 1953-1986-2019 cycle and close the portal forever. This opens a wormhole in the Bunker and makes Winden shake.
    • Jonas watches the wormhole open and sees Helge from 1953 on the other side. They touch and both time travel 33 years into the future from their original time-line. Perhaps an alternate realities?

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2020 Edit

  • Due to Germany's government staggered plan to phase out nuclear energy sites, the Winden Nuclear Power Plant is decommissioned and taken off the grid. This facility has the longest record of failure free operations in Germany.

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November Edit

  • Tuesday 12th: Jonas arrives to 2052, only to find a war-torn Winden. While searching Jonas gets knocked out by survivors who are clearly waiting for him.