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A chronological timeline of events in Dark.

Season 1 takes place on June 21 and November 4-12 of 1953, 1986, 2019, and 2052.

Season 2 takes place on June 21-27 of 1921, 1954, 1987, 2020, and 2053 as well as June 20 and 21 of 2019.

Season 3 takes place on September 21-26 of 1888, 1954, 1987, 2020 and 2053. Some events of other years are shown: 1890, 1904, 1910, 1911, 1986, 2021, 2023, 2040, 2041, 2052. As what regards Eva's World, the season takes place on November 4-8 of 1986, 2019 and 2052. As what regards the Origin World, the season takes place in November 8 of 1971, 1974, June 21 of 1986 and 2019.



Unless otherwise stated, the named person is either the adult version of themselves or as we know them from their original timeline. Adjectives like Young, Teen, Old, or a specific year will be used.

Example #1:

  • Young Helge (1953-54 child version)
  • Helge (1986-87 adult version)
  • Old Helge (2019 elderly version)


  • Jonas (teen version)
  • The Stranger (adult version)
  • Adam (elderly version)

Some characters have time traveled but it was not depicted:

  • Helge - previously via the cave wormhole passage and the upgraded chair
  • Noah - not ever depicted?
  • Old Claudia - previously via the cave wormhole passage and the apparatus
  • The Stranger - previously via the cave wormhole passage and the apparatus
  • Jonas - via the cave wormhole passage, God Particle portals, and the apparatus
  • Bartosz - previously via the leather bag apparatus


Other dates yearly column may contain info for events that occurred between it and the following yearly columns.


Colors are used to indicate that time travel has occurred:

  • time travel, unknown details
  • time travel, arrival
  • time travel, departure

Numbered time travels are not necessarily in sequence, just a reference number.

Season 1[]

Other Dates[]

1953 1986 2019 2052
  • Claudia & Tronte affair
  • New Priest at Church
  • Summer: An explosion in the nuclear plant caused a leak of radioactive material and the wormhole is created and records altered to cover up
  • Summer: Teen Regina tied to tree by Teens Ulrich & Katharina as a prank
  • October, Jana sees man (Helge) arguing with Priest Noah
  • #0 arrival from ? via ? - Noah argues with Helge witnessed by Jana Nielsen
  • October 9, Mads Nielsen goes missing, kidnapped by Helge.
  • Teen Aleksander Köhler goes missing
  • 1987, Teen Peter arrives in Winden
  • 1986 Mikkel in class photo, 6B
  • Peter says he will stop visiting Bernadette after Charlotte found out.
  • June 20th: Michael suicides and leaves the note "Do not open until 10:13pm November 4, 2019."
  • Summer: Wöller gets an eye injury and starts to wear an eye patch
  • Jonas spends 2 months in psychiatric facility after fathers suicide (aka France)
  • Oct 22 Erik goes missing kidnapped by Helge
  • Oct 27 Regina has Breast Examination
  • Survivors war is waging

June 21[]

See Season 2 June 21st below to show Michael's suicide event in relation to 1921 & 2020 events on the same day.

November 4[]

S1E1 "Secrets" and S1E10 "Alpha & Omega"[]


Day of Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • #17 departure to 2019 via Chair - Mads alive
  • Erik lies in a bunk bed in the 1986 bunker with kids wallpaper, toys & stuffed animals, acorn stick figures, a tv blaring 80s music videos, cookies and milk, and an ominous chair in the middle of the room
  • #16 arrival from 1986? via Cave - Helge arrival from 1986 no police tape
  • Jonas Kahnwald returns to school and finds that Martha Nielsen and Bartosz Tiedemann are a couple.
  • Regina finds her Hotel is being forced to close due to financial problems
  • Old Helge escapes from the rest home and interrupts a meeting at the school to tell them "It's going to happen again."
  • Jonas, Martha, Bartosz, Magnus, Mikkel and Franziska go to the caves to find Eric's drug stash. They hear strange noises and their flash lights begin to flicker, so they run away.
  • Jonas encounters a man covered in a black substance after getting separated from Mikkel
  • #18 departure to 1986 via Cave - Mikkel goes missing at 10:13pm, taken by Jonas to 1986
  • #19 departs from 1986 via Cave - Jonas takes Mikkel through cave to 1986
  • Old Ines reads Michael's suicide note at 10:13pm
  • Peter sits in car in the rain at the truck stop watching Bernadette. He leaves and goes to the Doppler shack and goes into the bunker and recites the Serenity Prayer
  • #17 arrival from 1986 via Chair - Mads corpse falls through rift in bunker seen by Peter
  • Peter witnesses Mads fall through rift in bunker. He tries to revive Mads. He calls Old Tronte who comes to the bunker and asks how it is possible.
  • #32 arrival from ? via ? - Older Claudia tells Peter & Tronte to move Mads to the place where he can be found & gives them triquetra notebook

November 5[]

S1E2 "Lies" & S1E3 "Past and Present"[]

1953 S1E2 1986 S1E3 2019 S1E2
Split screens with 2019 versions of character 1 Day after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • #5 arrival from 1986 via Chair - Erik's corpse
  • #6 arrival from 1986 via cave - Helge retrieves Erik's corpse from bunker
  • Helge is seen dragging Erik's body on a tarp through the forest with his distinct red hair
  • #18 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Mikkel
  • #19 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Jonas takes Mikkel
  • Mikkel comes out of the cave alone and goes to Nielsen family home where he sees his teen father Ulrich and his teen mother Katharina and a newspaper on the porch dated November 5th, 1986
  • Mikkel goes inside the Nielsen family house and sees his grandmother Jana watching TV, a Raider commercial previously on. She thinks he might know where Mads is, but ends up scaring Mikkel away
  • Mikkel goes to the high school and police station looking for his parents, but is finally taken to the hospital by Ines
  • Old Egon investigates 33 dead sheep
  • Teen Charlotte finds dead bird on biking along forest track
  • Helge gives Claudia “A Journey Through Time” book as a gift for her first day as boss or plant director
  • Claudia becomes director & Old Bernd shows Claudia the Yellow Barrels stashed in the cave
  • Ulrich and Mikkel hear each other in the cave across 33 years
  • Old H.G. Tannhaus working on apparatus in shop
  • Erik is strapped into the chair, a pfennig coin on a red string around his neck, and the metal eye ring closes as we hear whimpering through his gag
  • #5 departure to 1953 via Chair - Erik alive
  • #6 departure to 1953 via Cave - Helge to get Erik's body from bunker
  • #33 arrival from ? via ? - The Stranger comes to Winden
  • Search party finds Mads body in forest, not Mikkel's
  • Ulrich finds a welded metal door in the cave leading to the Plant
  • The Stranger goes to Regina's hotel
  • #34 arrival from 1986? via Cave - Helge with police tape across cave entrance
  • Jonas finds a cave map in Michael's studio
  • Ulrich goes to Obendorf junkyard looking for a van tires track match but finds drugs and has confrontation with Jürgen
  • Aleksander orders yellow barrels moved from cave to truck since Police are asking questions
  • At midnight cave noises, lights flicker, birds die

November 6[]

S1E4 “Double Lives”[]

2 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • #34 arrival from 1986? via Cave - Helge with police tape across cave entrance
  • Charlotte confiscates the wildlife camera SD card that shows Peter's car on the road
  • Jonas explores the caves with the map while The Stranger spies on him
  • Magnus follows Franziska into the woods and sees her take something from the tin under the railroad tie
  • Charlotte asks Bernadette if Peter was a client on Monday Nov 4th, Bernadette says Peter hasn't been in over a year
  • Ulrich illegally enters the Plant to investigate
  • Jonas finds a red string knotted on his handle bars returning from the cave
  • Charlotte inspects the red dirt, shack, and near-by bunker suspecting Peter's involvement
  • Magnus confronts Franziska about the envelope of cash she took from the tin and they have sex in locker room
  • Ulrich is caught by Aleksander's plant security and is banged up as he didn't cooperate
  • Old Helge escapes nursing home again and tells Wöller at railroad bridge "I have to tell him. He has to stop."
  • A hooded figure goes into the shack
  • #45 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to give Elisabeth pocket watch
  • Elisabeth walking home alone in the rain, finds a Raider wrapper, and encounters Noah in forest who gives her a pocket watch engraved with "For Charlotte"
  • The Stranger sneaks into Jonas's room and marks up the map with "Follow the signal"
  • Helge sleeping at the nursing home, wakes to grab the nurse and says he has to stop Noah
  • Yasin walking to school by himself in the woods, stops to pick up acorn figure. Helge stops him saying "You must be Yasin. Noah sent me" and Helge kidnaps Yasin
  1.  ? Depature to 1986 via cave - Helge Kidnaps Yasin

November 7[]

S1E5 “Truths”[]

1986 2019
3 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • Ines gives Mikkel a gift, a book I Am Not Afraid
  • #46 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to talk with Mikkel at hospital
  • Noah, a priest from St Christopher's Church, visits Mikkel at the Hospital where they discuss God vs evolution and the big bang
  • Katharina decides she wants to have sex with Ulrich and for him to get the condoms as she never wants kids
  • Hannah meets Mikkel, the boy from the future, at the Hospital as her dad delivers the dry cleaning and they talk magic
  • Teen Hannah sees Ulrich and Katharina having sex at the high school when her father is delivering dry cleaning
  • Teen Ulrich arrested, as Teen Hannah falsely accuses him of raping Teen Katharina
  • #20 arrival from 2019 via Cave - The Stranger to talk with Old H.G Tannhaus
  • Ines reads I Am Not Afraid book to Mikkel as he falls asleep at the hospital in room #25. Written in the book it says this book belongs to Mikkel.
  • The Stranger goes to the Clockmaker's shop to talk with H.G. Tannhaus about time
  • Charlotte tells Elisabeth Yasin went missing and Charlotte confronts Peter about his whereabouts on the night Mike went missing
  • #47 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to talk with Bartosz via Erik's cell phone
  • Bartosz gets a call from who he thinks is Erik's dealer but it is Noah who knew it was Bartosz that answered
  • Hannah brings Katharina some food, but Katharina begins to suspect Ulrich and Hannah are having an affair
  • The Stranger leaves a package at the front desk with Regina to be delivered in the evening to Jonas Kahnwald. The Stranger will be gone a few days but wants to keep his room for when he returns
  • Jonas and Bartosz smoke a bong and play video games talking about Martha and a meeting with Erik's dealer
  • Ulrich breaks affair off with Hannah, but she won't let him go
  • Charlotte explains the 33 year cycle to Ulrich, the solar-lunar cycle
  • Jonas meets The Stranger at the Church graveyard where he says knew his father
  • Martha performs the leading role of the school play Ariadne
  • #20 departure to 1986 via the Cave - The Stranger to talk with Old H.G. Tannhaus
  • Jonas and Martha kiss backstage when he blew off Bartosz
  • Bartosz meets Noah, with the Triquetra notebook, in a car on the railroad bridge where Noah tells him what happens in the next few days
  • Katharina asks Ulrich if he is cheating on her, and he says he could never do that
  • Jonas receives package from The Stranger with the orb light, Geiger counter, and reads the suicide note learning Michael is Mikkel
  • Ines lays the book I Am Not Afraid at Michael's grave site

November 8[]

S1E6 "Sic Mundus Creatus Est"[]

1986 2019
4 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • #21 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Jonas first time travel
  • Jonas exits the cave and goes to the bus stop where he see missing posters of Mads
  • Teen Hannah and her father pull up in the dry cleaning van, they say its late to be walking home alone and Jonas shouldn't be in the rain because of Chernobyl, offering him a ride, but he declines after realizing it is his mother, Hannah
  • Regina dreams of being tied up to a tree by Ulrich and Katharina near the cave entrance
  • Jonas asks Hannah how she met Michael
  • Ulrich pulls Mads case files from 1986, and listens to Egon's audio cassette about Jana saying that she, Ulrich, and Tronte were waiting at home for Mads to return
  • Regina is diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Jonas discovers the map has been marked up in red ink, follow the signal
  • Ulrich confronts Tronte about Jana lying to police that Tronte was home the night Mads disappeared. Jana tells him Tronte was having an affair (not the first one) with Claudia and he was with her that night and Regina was the last to see Mads alive. She also tells Ulrich he and Mads used to fight over the toys and Mads cut his chin once.
  • Magnus goes under the railroad bridge and opens the tin box he previously spied Franziska with but finds nothing. Then he finds a bird necklace near a mattress with used condoms next to it
  • Katharina discovers from the phone bill that Ulrich has been calling Hannah quite often
  • Ulrich goes to the hotel to ask Regina about her being the last to see Mads. But instead discovers Hannah was to one to report the rape in 1986 not Regina as he thought
  • Old Tronte & Peter at the shack and bunker check the Triquetra notebook which matches the time Jonas left for 1986
  • Aleksander discovers Regina has breast cancer
  • Ulrich confronts Hannah about accusing him of raping Katharina back in 1986
  • Jonas finds the red cord and ouroboros in the cave and follows the signal with the Geiger counter to the Sic Mundus Creatus Est metal door and passage
  • Martha breaks down during the school play Ariadne talking about death and thinking of Mikkel and Katharina goes on stage to comfort her
  • Jonas enters the passage and the lights in Winden begin to flicker
  • Charlotte feels the ground shaking outside the plant fence. We also see dust and debris fall within the bunker with Peter and Old Tronte
  • Katharina attacks Regina after the play on the way out of the school because of her comments
  • Jonas takes the right passage where he exits a similar metal door
  • Ulrich realizes the dead boy found might be Mads after seeing a photo of him with the same t-shirt they found the body in
  • #21 departure to 1986 via Cave - Jonas first time travel at 21:17
  • Magnus and Martha are bewildered at Kathrina's attack on Regina and how you really don't know who your family really is even though you live with them
  • Ulrich goes to the morgue and sees the cut on the dead boy's chin and knows it is Mads

November 9[]

S1E7 "Crossroads"[]

1953 1986 2019
5 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • #7 arrival from 1986 via Chair - Yasin's corpse
  • #48 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to scrub bunker floor
  • Helge takes Yasin's body out from the bunker on a tarp. Yasin has a pfennig coin on a red string around his neck. In the Bunker, Noah is scrubbing the floor with no shirt on and has an Emerald tablet tattoo'ed across most of his back. He writes another date on the wall in chalk: November 9, 1953 underneath an existing one: November 5, 1953. These dates correspond to Yasin and Erik dying during time travel via the bunker chair
  • #8 arrival from 1986 via Cave - Helge to take Erik's and Yasin's bodies to the construction site sandpile
  • Old Egon checks on teen Ulrich in the jail cell
  • Young Mikkel sees the Emerald tablet with the triquetra framed on the wall at the hospital
  • Jonas slept overnight in the hunters blind, he goes to the high school and sees posters of Mads missing and speaks with a girl (teen Regina) about the date and where he might find Michael Kahnwald. She tells him Ines Kahnwald works at the hospital
  • Egon's Police Chief wants him to question plant personnel working the night Mads disappeared, but Egon wants to investigate if Ulrich had something to do with it. Egon has 3 months before retirement
  • Old Egon questions Helge about Mads at Guard Station and sets up interview in 2 days. Egon writes "Why not forest road?" in his day planner
  • Egon gives Jonas a lift to the hospital since it is raining along the road and Jonas said he hurt his arm. Egon asks him if satanism is a thing among teenagers now, Jonas laughs and says no
  • Jonas talks with Donata Kraus looking for Ines, she says she is with a boy outside
  • The Stranger arrives at the hospital and tells Jonas he cannot interfere with Mikkel, otherwise he risks erasing his own existence
  • Helge gets into his car to leave the Plant and opens the glove box to eat the Raider bar
  • Egon interviews Katharina and she tells him if anything she pressure Ulrich into having sex
  • Jonas sees Mikkel and Hannah talking near a vending machine, at the hospital, and decides to heed The Stranger's advice as Hannah eats a Raider bar
  • #22 departure to 2019 via Cave - Jonas goes back to 2019 without Mikkel
  • #7 departure to 1953 via Chair - Yasin alive
  • #8 departure to 1953 via Cave - Helge to get Yasin's body from bunker to sandpile
  • #35 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Helge comes to stop his younger self and Noah
  • Old Helge dreams of of his young self waking up in the 1986 bunker after touching Jonas through the portal. He wakes up in the nursing home and says "I remember. I remember everything."
  • Ulrich visits Mads grave site and goes to ask the pathologist if its possible the body was preserved for 33 years, but she says no
  • Ulrich combs through Mads 1986 case file in Mikkel's bedroom where he finds Egon's police day planner but discovers Helge was never interviewed. He calls and tells Charlotte
  • As Charlotte talks on the phone at Police station about seismic activity, Wöller comes in with the approved search warrant for the Plant
  • Charlotte executes the search warrant at the Plant where she finds fresh tire tracks, the rope down to the cavern, the welded door, and traces of yellow paint
  • Ulrich confronts then attacks Old Helge at nursing home, Helge recognizes him from 1953
  • Charlotte suspends Ulrich from the case, which she says she should have done on day one
  • Katharina tells Ulrich she knows about his affair with Hannah
  • Ulrich visits Old Jana and she tells him about seeing the same man from 1986, who was arguing with priest near the Nielsen family home, who hadn't aged. She knows because he had the same ear scarring or disfigurement
  • At the police station, Wöller tells Charlotte that at least part of the cave system goes under the forest road near the shack.
  • Charlotte goes to the cabin and calls Peter and asks about Helge living in the shack in 1986 and his car accident. As she is inspecting the the bunker, the lights begin to flicker and the ground shakes in both years 2019 & 1986. She finds a scrap of kids wall paper
  • Helge leaves the nursing home to go to the cave
  • #22 arrival from 1986 via Cave - Jonas arrival from 1986 without Mikkel
  • Jonas returns home and ask his mom if she believes in fate? Then he burns the suicide note
  • Ulrich returns to the nursing home to find that Helge is not there. He does find an acorn stick figure, the book "A Journey through Time" with a pfennig coin on a red string. He then hears rustling outside and discovers it is Helge leaving and he follows calling Charlotte telling her it is Helge, not now but in 1986. They both enter the cave.
  • #35 departure to 1986 via Cave - Older Helge goes to stop his younger self and Noah

November 10[]

S1E8 "As You Sow, so Shall You Reap"[]

1953 All scenes, except other years 1986 Clockmaker Scenes 2019 Initial scene with Ulrich in cave 2052 Claudia bunker scene
6 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • Young Helge riding his bike as Egon passes him in a Police Volkswagen
  • The bodies of Yasin and Erik are found in a sandpile at Power Plant Construction site as Helge looks on
  • Young Helge is scolded by Greta for getting dirty and makes him strip. Bernd comes home to find out about the bodies then leaves for Police station. Greta then gives Helge shorts to put on
  • The pathologist Udo Meier, tells Daniel and Egon he has never seen burn marks like the boys have, their ears are destroyed, 1986 coins around their necks, clothes made in China, one looks Mediterranean or Arabic and the red head has a strange tatoo
  • #9 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Ulrich
  • Young Helge playing at the shack and bunker sees the dates written on the bunker wall. Two bullies show up and take his tutor money. Ulrich shows up looking for Old Helge and tells him next time to bite them.
  • Ulrich meets his grandmother Agnes and his young father Tronte at the crossroads. Anges is looking for Egon Tiedemann's house
  • Ulrich goes the Clockmaker shop, shows him the book asking if the same HG Tannhaus as the author, but he says no. Ulrich asks what year is it and he replies with 1953
  • Young Claudia tutors young Helge at her house, but he is late and says he forgot the money at home and will bring it next time.
  • Agnes and Young Tronte rent room from Egon & Doris Tiedemann
  • Young Ines and young Jana come to pick up Daniel Kahnwald's watch at the Clockmaker shop. Ulrich overhears young Ines talking about the boys bodies being found. He goes to the police station, but leaves his coat with his cell phone
  • Bernd holds an investors meeting at the plant construction site as Police rope off the crime scene. Bernd tells Egon he thinks it was a coal plant worker conspiracy
  • Young Claudia is showing young Tronte around near the cave . Jealous of how she is treating young Tronte, Helge throws a stick into the cave and Claudia's dog Gretchen goes after it and Helge runs away
  • #43 arrival from ? via ? - Claudia to get Gretchen
  • #10 departure to 1986 via Cave - Gretchen missing, helped by Older Claudia
  • Ulrich makes a scene at the Police station wanting to know if one of the boys bodies is his son Mikkel. Egon describes them but they don't match Ulrich's description of Mikkel. Egon askes about Helge Doppler and Egon tells him that Bernd Doppler is his father.
  • Egon meets Agnes and asks why she came to Winden. Anges says her grandmother was from Winden. Egon asks what her grandmother's name was, but they are interrupted by young Claudia and young Tronte returning from the forest where Gretchen was lost
  • Ulrich goes to the Doppler Estate and finds young Helge on the back steps. Ulrich confirms he is Helge Doppler and shows him the pfennig coin on a red string and asks if he has seen it before. Helge says no. Ulrich asks about the box and Helge shows him the dead birds. Helge says he didn't kill them but they are beautiful when dead. Ulrich says he will kill, the boys, and his brother Mads, but in the future. Helge tries to run but Ulrich grabs him. Helge bites and kicks Ulrich to get away
  • Ulrich chases young Helge through the forest and finally catches him at the shack and pushes him to ground. Helge picks up a rock to defend himself but Ulrich takes the rock from him and raises it, hesitating, before repeatedly bashing the left side of Helge's head with it. Ulrich drags him into the bunker leaving him for dead
  • Egon comes to the Doppler Estate asking after Gretchen, but Greta is icy towards him and says there is no dog here
  • Greta looking for Helge finds his dead bird box on the back steps, but not Helge
  • Agnes and Doris makeup a bed and brush hands. Claudia sits on the porch waiting for Gretchen to return. Tronte rolls his sleeve up and reveals what looks to be fresh cigar burns on his left arm
  • H.G Tannehaus find Ulrich's coat and hangs it up but finds his cell phone and is able to turn it on
  • Ulrich sits in the dark on the ground outside the bunker's closed door
  • The Stranger visits old H.G. Tannhaus to discuss his time travel theories and to fix apparatus. The Stranger tells him he is from the future travelling through a wormhole. He also shows him the broken apparatus or time machine and asks him to fix it. Old H.G Tannehaus is surprised to learn it is a time machine he built that creates a portal to travel 33 years into the future or 33 years into the past. The Stranger also tells him about the plant incident that created the wormhole and the device is able to repeat it. Old H.G Tannehaus asks if he wants to create another wormhole, but The Stranger says no he want to destroy it. Old H.G Tannehaus freaks out and asks him to leave. The Stranger does so leaving behind the broken apparatus. Old H.G Tannehaus pulls down the one he has been working on for several years comparing the two.
  • #44 arrival from ? via ? - Claudia to set Gretchen lose in cave
  • #10 arrival from 1953 via Cave - Gretchen found by Claudia in Cave with Older Claudia help
  • Ulrich loses Helge in the caves but finds the red string and the ouroboros and follows it and noises in the cave
  • He finds the Sic Mundus creatus Est metal door end enters the passage taking the left fork
  • #9 departure to 1953 via Cave - Ulrich left passage
  • Old Claudia in 2052 Bunker looking at String Wall

November 11[]

S1E9 "Everything is Now"[]

1953 1986 2019
7 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • Greta asks Bernd if someone did the same thing to Helge as the boys from the construction site. She feels guilty about being to harsh on him about his pats and maybe he just ran away. Bernd goes to the Police.
  • Ulrich is still sitting on the ground outside the bunker's closed door in the morning with shaky bloody hands
  • Bernd tells Egon that Helge disappeared yesterday around 3pm. He tells Egon to find his son at all cost and nothing else matters, not the plant or anything else
  • Young Claudia smitten with young Tronte says he looks like James Dean. They search the woods for Gretchen. Claudia asks him why they came to Winden, young Tronte hesitates and says his mother wanted a change
  • Anges helps doris with a dress she gives to Doris, fit for a visit with the Queen. Doris asks about Anges's husband. She says she was married 15 years to a pastor, but not a man of faith and he wasn't a good person. Doris becomes uncomfortable with Anges physical contact
  • #40 arrival from ? via ? - Noah talks with Greta
  • Greta confesses to Noah that she prayed to git rid of the child Helge before he was born and everyday after he was born that something would befall him becuase he may not be Bernd's child and not created out of love. They pray togethor
  • Egon drives past Ulrich on the road and chases him to the cave. Ulrich arrested by Egon outside the cave with gunfire. Ulrich tells him he changed things because Helge is dead.
  • Young Helge wakes up in the bunker
  • #39 arrival from ? via ? - Claudia to talk with H.G. Tannhaus about device plans
  • While tinkering with Ulrich cell phone batteries, Old Claudia visits H.G. Tannhaus with plans to build the apparatus or time machine
  • Boris Niewald (Teen Aleksander) on the run in the forest with a masks on and appears to be shot.
  • Teen Hannah talks with teen Katharina at the high school asking about teen Ulrich and her. Teen Hannah suggests that teen Regina told the cops about it since Egon Tiedemann is her grandfather
  • Old Egon talks with teen Ulrich in his jail cell telling him he knows that stare and the he is hiding something
  • Claudia descends rope into the cave again to check on the yellow barrels, but hears something in the cave. It's he lost dog Gretchen, from 1953, running to her
  • Teen Ulrich and teen Katharina share a smoke at the hunters blind. Teen Katharina then confronts teen Regina walking home through the forest. Teen Katharina says her mom gave her the black eye because teen Regina reported the rape to get back at them for tieing her up last summer
  • Teen Aleksander protects teen Regina from teen Ulrich & teen Katharina conflict in the forest brandishing a gun. Teen Regina take him home to bandage him up
  • Claudia visits Bernd at the Doppler Estate wanting to know exactly what happened during the incident over the summer and who was involved. She asks if anything else happened at night that was strange in the cave.
  • Older Helge spies on Helge at shack and bunker
  • At the Shack working on his acorn and pinecone figures, Helge hides from Old Egon coming to interview him and ask why not forest road? Egon checks the bunker but it is locked
  • Teen Hannah spies on Teen Aleksander in the forset. He is seen to keep an Aleksander Köhler's passport as his own, then buries a plastic bag. When she digs it up, she finds a gun and Boris Niewald passport.
  • Aleksander goes to Plant to ask Claudia for a job that Regina said she might help with
  • #41 arrival from ? via ? - Noah works on chair with Helge
  • Helge tells Noah he doesn't want to kill anymore in the bunker while adjusting chair
  • Alexsander is hired by Claudia to weld the door between plant and cave with yellow barrels
  • Hannah pulls down a tin box in her kitchen that contains the bag with Aleksander's gun and Boris Niewald passport
  • Charlotte gets Ulrich's voicemail before he went into the cave. Katharina bursts into her police office demanding to know where Ulrich is. Charolotte tells her she suspended Ulrich and thought he was with her
  • Magnus and Franziska having sex in Magnus's room. He gives her the bird necklace he found under the railroad bridge
  • Katharina comes to the Kahnwald family home to confront Hannah. Hannah lies to Katharina telling her Ulrich sought after her and that she ended affair and that Ulrich wanted to leave Katharina
  • #38 arrival from ? via ? - Claudia to talk with gradnson Bartosz
  • Older Claudia visits Bartosz, his granmother, and gives him a photo of 1986 Regina & Claudia to give to Regina
  • Hannah blackmails Aleksander, with the passport and gun, to destroy Ulrich so he loses everything. Aleksander calls Wöller to help with Ulrich and they will move the truck in a few days
  • Martha waits for Jonas at the Kahnwald home in the rain since Jonas has been avoiding her calls and texts. He tells her the thing with them is wrong that they are not a good match. She kisses him and asks if this is wrong. He says he is sorry
  • Regina enters The Stranger's room #8 and finds all the papers on the wall
  • #42 arrival from ? via ? - Noah talks with Bartosz in car
  • Bartosz meets Noah again at the railroad bridge and tells him his predictions came true and he has thought about his offer.
  • After seeing Bernadette conclude some services at the truck stop, The Stranger extracts Cs-137 from one of the yellow barrels on the truck for the apparatus/time machine

November 12[]

S1E10 "Alpha and Omega"[]

1953 1986 2019 2052
8 Days after Mikkel’s Disappearance
  • Ulrich has his mugshot taken and finds out it is Egon who arrested him
  • Ulrich gets a beatdown by the Police because he won't say where Helge is or who he is and they think he is the child murderer
  • H.G. Tannhaus begins work on the apparatus
  • Bernd & Greta together at estate
  • Agnes and Doris together drinking
  • Lights flicker and the ground shakes
  • Young Helge in bunker sees a portal open before his eyes
  • Young Helge and Jonas touch through Bunker Portal
  • #11 departure to 1986 via Bunker Portal, Young Helge to 1986 bunker
  • Youn Helge wakes up in the child themed room with the chair in the middle of the room
  • Time event occurs over Winden in all 1953, 1986, & 2019 connected years (end of first cycle?)
  • Helge wakes up in the hunters blind
  • Mikkel performs magic for Ines at the hospital while she tells him of master Zhuang's butterfly paradox
  • #23 arrival from 2019 via Cave? - The Stranger goes to Old H.G. Tennhaus's shop
  • The Stranger returns to H.G Tanhaus's shop and sees that he got the original apparatus working. Tanhauss realizes it is a time machine. The Stranger takes the original with him
  • Older Helge confronts Helge at the the Doppler shack and tells his younger self to stop working for Noah and believing his lies
  • #49 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to kidnap Jonas
  • While standing in the church graveyard, Noah tells Helge Jonas Kahnwald is next
  • Ines starts the process to adopt Mikkel
  • #24 arrival from 2019 via Cave - Jonas tries to get Mikkel back
  • Jonas talks with teen Charlotte in the forest about bringing someone back from the dead, she thinks he is crazy
  • Jonas goes to Mikkel's room at the hospital, to find Noah sitting over a sleeping Mikkel. Helge grab him from behind putting a cloth over his nose and mouth
  • Jonas wakes up in the child themed bunker with the chair in the middle of the room
  • The Stranger visits Jonas at the bunker and reveals they are both Jonas Kahnwald
  • Older Helge crashes car into Helge's car hoping to stop is younger self, but the Older Helge dies
  • Claudia pages through A journey through time book
  • The Stranger attempts to destroy cave wormhole activating apparatus, but ends up just closing the passage
  • Ines takes Mikkel home to the Kahnwald house
  • Lights flicker and the ground shakes
  • Jonas in bunker sees a portal open before his eyes
  • Young Helge and Jonas touch through Bunker Portal
  • #11 arrival from 1953 via Bunker Portal - Young Helge to 1986 bunker
  • #12 departure to 2052 via Bunker Portal - Jonas to 2052 bunker
  • Time event occurs over Winden in all 1953, 1986, & 2019 connected years (end of first cycle?)
  • Jonas dreams he wakes up but young Mikkel in his bed with him. He actually wakes up, then throws his medicine in the trash
  • Marth apologizes to Bartosz and he says it doesn't matter and everything is ok
  • Charlotte talks with nursing home staff who say Helge is usually only gone for a few hours and that Ulrich hasn't been seen there since he lashed out out Helge a few days earlier. She calls Peter and asks when Helge was kidnapped, exactly 66 years ago
  • Jonas confronts Old Ines about Mikkel asking her if she knew he was from the future
  • Jonas and Bartosz fight at the High School and Martha breaks them up. Jonas leaves
  • #23 departure to 1986 via Cave? - The Stranger goes to 1986 Clockmaker's shop
  • Jonas goes home and tells Hannah everything will be fine, seemingly saying goodbye
  • Peter and Old Tronte are in the bunker with the triquetra notebook saying everything has happened in the last 8 days as written in the notebook
  • #24 departure to 1986 via Cave - Jonas tries to get Mikkel back again
  • Charlotte researching when Helge was kidnapped in 1953. It is linked to an unknown man with a photo of Ulrich incarcerated
  • Charlotte also finds article on the car accident Helge had in 1986. She gets a call from Peter to come to the cabin
  • #50 arrival from ? via ? - Noah to give Bartosz triquetra noteboook
  • Noah gives Bartosz the Triquetra Notebook and tells him never to trust Claudia
  • Katahrina tries to call Ulrich but lights begin to flicker
  • Hannah has Aleksander's gun on the table then points it
  • Charlotte goes to the bunker where Peter is waiting
  • Charlotte goes to the bunker where Peter is waiting
  • Lights flicker and the ground shakes
  • Old Tronter and Old Jana together at apt
  • Magnus and Franziska together watching tv when 1986 raider ad comes on
  • Regina and Aleksander get out of car to witness event over the forest
  • Time event occurs over Winden in all 1953, 1986, & 2019 connected years (end of first cycle?)
  • Claudia in 2052 raises hands to the snow
  • #12 arrival from 2019 via Bunker Portal, Jonas to 2052 bunker
  • Jonas wakes up in the bunker to the string wall and hears aircraft above the bunker.
  • He goes outside to a snowy cold war-torn Winden near the intersection
  • Silja, among Winden survivors seemingly waiting for him, tells Jonas "Welcome to the future" and knocks him out

Season 2[]

Other Dates[]

1921 1990s 2020 2053
  • January 8, Photo of Sic Mundus; Adam, Old Magnus, Noah, Agnes; Maybe Old Bartosz & Old Franziska?
  • Winden Power Plant being decommissioned due to Germany's staggered plan to phase out Nuclear energy sites. This facility has the longest record of failure free operations in Germany.
  • No one allowed in the dead zone or walled off Plant site

June 20[]

S2E6 "An Endless Cycle"[]

Day before Michael's Suicide
  • Jonas eats breakfast as Michael reads the paper saying a storm later
  • Jonas take yellow raincoat and Michael has déjà vu moment
  • Magnus, Martha, Bartosz & Jonas goes to lake
  • Ulirch & Katharina having 25th anniversary party but Michael doesn't want to go
  • Jonas find St Christopher medallion in sand giving to Martha and leaves to go see Old Ines
  • #2 arrival from 1921 via God Particle Portal Twin - Jonas kisses Martha at lake
  • Magnus sees Franziska skinny dipping at lake and begins feelings for her
  • Jonas returned from 1921 sits near Martha lakeside beach and they kiss
  • Mikkel sick with Rubella heads to Hospital but stop at Kahnwald's for cups/dishware for party
  • Michael and Mikkel meet near bathroom and Mikkel runs away
  • Aleksander see article about Marburg murders and contacts Wöller to help
  • Hannah & Jonas go to Ulrich & Katharina's 25th wedding anniversary party, while Michael stays home
  • Charlotte attends party alone rebuffing Peter
  • Peter visits Bernadette and Franziska sees him
  • Martha gives Jonas the St Christopher necklace she made and they have sex for the 1st time
  • Ulrich and Hannah kiss after being in the rain perhaps starting affair
  • Jonas talks to Michael about preventing suicide showing Michael the suicide note
  • Michael reveals that a future version of Jonas took him through the passage to 1986
  • Old Claudia comes in and says Jonas must go against Adam & sacrifices are needed
  • Michael writes suicide note
  • #30 departure to ? via Cave? - Jonas & Old Claudia go to cave to begin 1 year training

June 21[]

S2E1 "Beginnings and Endings" & S1E1 "Secrets"[]

1921 S2E1 2019 S1E1 2020 S2E1 2053 S2E1
Day of Michael’s Suicide 6 Days until Apocalypse
  • Teen Noah & Old Bartosz? making Cave passage
  • Teen Noah kills the other man, Old Bartosz?, with pick axe for losing faith
  • Noah looking in triquetra notes says June 27, 2020 is beginning of last cycle
  • Noah speaks with teen Noah in the church, saying he has taken the first step
  • Noah tells Teen Noah not to lose faith
  • Adam orders Noah to find missing pages of notebook
  • Michael Kahnwald hangs himself and leaves behind a letter that is not to be opened before November 4 at 10:13 PM.
  • Hannah listens to the radio about the missing people from Winden and crosses off June 21st
  • Regina wants to remain home after being in hospital for hormone treatment
  • Bartosz gets a text from Martha to come to the bridge
  • Clausen quotes Freud and announces he is taking over the missing persons case after requesting it, at the high school. Jurgen interrupts and walks out because a single person is not a task force
  • Magnus asks Franziska at the lake if her mother shares investigation info, but she does not. Magnus feeling like nothing has changed in 8 months and sometimes he thinks it would be better if they were dead. Martha gets a text and has to go. Magnus follows.
  • Katharina is all geared up to continue exploring the cave to find where Ulrich & Mikkel went
  • Martha bikes to the bridge where Bartosz is waiting. Bartosz seems to know they're breaking up. Maratha tells him he has changed and is hiding something. He gets a text from an unknown caller saying 'this evening'
  • Aleksander tells the personnel at the plant that in 6 days it will be decommissioned for good. He and a coworker wearing hazmat suites look over an old cooling pool talking about transporting the yellow barrels
  • Hannah pulls out the gun from the tin and points it then brings it back to below her chin ready to pull the trigger just as someone unlocks the door. She quickly puts the gun away. A hooded figure comes in, it is The Stranger. He convinces her he in Jonas
  • Elisabeth finds the Sic Mundus photo from 1921 and book at the clockmaker's shop
  • Martha finds Ulrich's police files in Mikkel's room and shows Magnus
  • Magnus follows Bernadette from Franziska secret tin to the trailer, assumes Franziska is a sex worker
  • Elisabeth finds photo of Sic Mundus with Noah in an old book at H.G. Tannhaus' shop
  • Wöller brings the radioactive yellow barrels in the truck from truck stop back to the plant
  • Aleksander has the yellow barrels covered in concrete in a former cooling basin
  • Jonas awakes in his bed in the Kahnwald family home goes downstairs and sees the calendar circled on June 27, 2020. He takes a family photo
  • He scavenges parts throughout Winden and goes to the bunker
  • He listens to Claudia Tiedemann's audio cassettes while looking at a photo of Martha and the St Christopher medal
  • Jonas walks near a wall that surrounds the ruins of the Winden Nuclear Plant and then on to the church & graveyard where there are 100s of makeshift wooden crosses. He lays the family photo he took at Michael's gravesite
  • Jonas hears gunfire and yelling while walking through the forest, Adult Elisabeth hangs 2 French men for entering the dead zone
  • Jonas discovers the God Particle in the plant ruins by following the signal again

June 22[]

S2E2 “Dark Matter”[]

1954 1987 2020 2053
5 Days until Apocalypse
  • #13 arrival from 1987 via Apparatus - Old Claudia to bury apparatus for 1987 Claudia
  • Old Claudia talks with Claudia at Power Plant with Gretchen
  • #13 departure to 1954 via Apparatus - Old Claudia leaves 1987 Claudia to witness
  • Noah eating apple with knife, sees Mikkel outside of cave
  • Older Egon visits Helge in Hospital asks about Mads and 1986 interview
  • Old Egon visits Old prisoner/patient in Asylum but still doesn't know who he is
  • #25 arrival from 2020 via Apparatus - Hannah & The Stranger sees Ines & Mikkel
  • Claudia digs up apparatus in her yard
  • Clausen and Charlotte interview ailing Regina who gives box of papers from The Stranger's room #8
  • Franzkiska reveals to Magnus she is selling hormone therapy drugs to Bernadette since Peter no longer does
  • The Stranger shows Hannah the apparatus/time machine
  • #25 departure to 1987 via Apparatus - Hannah and the Stranger to see Ines & Mikkel
  • Jonas discovers he needs fuel to run the equipment to stabilize the God Particle
  • Jonas steals fuel from a tank used by a group of Survivors
  • Jonas caught in the dead zone and sentenced to death
  • Adult Elisabeth hangs Jonas but at the last second shoots rope, puts him in a cage but Silja frees him
  • #1 departure to 1921 via God Particle Portal - Jonas leaves Silja behind to witness

June 23[]

S2E3 "Ghosts" & S2E4 "The Travelers"[]

1921 S2E3/4 1954 S2E3 1987 S2E3 2020 S2E3
4 Days until Apocalypse
  • Noah lies to Adam about finding the notebook pages, S2E3 "Ghosts"
  • #1 arrival from 2053 via God Particle Portal - Jonas wakes up in wheat field, S2E4 "The Travelers"
  • Jonas taken in by Erna at boarding house and meets Teen Noah & Young Agnes, S2E4 "The Travelers"
  • #14 arrival from 1986 via Chair 2.0 - Young Helge, missing for over 7 months, but doesn't speak to Greta only to Noah
  • Young Claudia walks in on Anges & Doris
  • Young Claudia asks Tronte to show his penis
  • Old Claudia gives Agnes article about her death in bunker and tells Agnes to betray her to Noah
  • Anges tells Noah, Old Claudia has missing pages & know where she will be, if Agnes can rejoin Sic Mundus
  • Egon visits Ulrich in prison cell since Young Helge just returned
  • Old Claudia visits Egon and she apologizes but Egon doesn't understand, tells Young Claudia she was a witch
  • Old Claudia visits H.G. Tannhaus to give his book and says he will have to explain time machine some day
  • Noah kills Old Claudia and takes the missing notebook pages, becomes upset about finding out Charlotte is his daughter
  • #14 departure to 1954 via Chair 2.0 - Helge sent by Noah
  • Claudia visits Helge at Hospital about book gift and he tells her to never trust Noah
  • Old Egon visits Old Asylum again where the prisoner/patient reveals he is Ulrich Nielsen
  • Claudia visits Old H.G Tannhaus who explains bootstrap paradox about book
  • Old Egon tires to talk with Mikkel about parents but Ines doesn't let him
  • Old Egon visits Claudia at plant and tells her he has cancer
  • Old Egon visits Old Ulrich again this time with Mikkel's photo and Ulrich attacks him
  • #26 departure to 2020 via Apparatus - Claudia departure to 2020 to see Regina
  • #26 arrival from 1987 via Apparatus - Claudia sees Regina with cancer on the deck

June 24[]

S2E4 "The Travelers"[]

1921 1987 2020 2053
3 Days until Apocalypse
  • Jonas wakes up to Teen Noah telling him he slept nearly 24 hours
  • Jonas goes to caves, but discovers passage not yet complete, 32 more years says Teen Noah and takes him to Sic Mundus
  • Both Noahs take Jonas to meet Adam revealed to be the older version of Jonas
  • #27 arrival from 2020 via Apparatus - Claudia comes home to find Teen Regina sleeping
  • Claudia visits the plant to discover Aleksander is director then goes to the library to look up herself, Regina, & Egon
  • #27 departure to 1987 via Apparatus - Claudia goes back to 1987 with library printouts
  • Charlotte calls in sick to go through the Clockmaker's shop
  • The Stranger finds Hannah's hidden gun and passports
  • Hannah has Charlotte come to meet The Stranger and they discuss the photo of Sic Mundus & Noah
  • Charlotte takes them to the bunker to show all the files her & Peter have collected including the Triquetra Notebook
  • Charlotte brings Katharina to the bunker to explain, but she thinks it is a joke
  • Peter tells everyone in bunker that Claudia told he and Tronte what to do with Mads
  • Katharina goes to the High School to look up Michael Kahwald and finds a 1986 class photo with Mikkel
  • #36 arrival from ? via Leather Bag Apparatus - Bartosz is ambushed by other 2020 teens who tie him up & and take the apparatus
  • Clausen and Wöller interview Aleksander, asking about Aleksander's past not the missing people
  • Silja comes back to the plant God Particle looking for Jonas
  • Adult Elisabeth catches Silja leaving the God Particle chamber and they argue over it

June 25[]

S2E5 "Lost and Found"[]

1921 1987 2020
2 Days until Apocalypse
  • Jonas talks more with Adam and he shows Jonas the various time machine plans & God Particle Twin
  • #2 departure to 2019 via God Particle Portal Twin - Jonas to save Michael from suicide
  • Adam has St Christopher medallion
  • Old Magnus asks why they didn't tell Jonas the truth about his role
  • Claudia asks Old Egon to move in with them
  • Claudia meets with Old Bernd to discuss God Particle and has it analyzed
  • Ines stealing meds from Hospital to drug Mikkel
  • Old Ulrich escapes Asylum and meets Mikkel and tries to take him to cave
  • Ines calls Old Egon to help get Mikkel back & Old Ulrich is arrested again heading toward the cave
  • #28 arrival from 2020 via Apparatus - 2020 Teens go to bus stop as Old Ulrich taken away
  • #29 departure to 2020 via Apparatus - 2020 Teens go back to 2020
  • Katharina comes to Hannah asking about her visiting Mikkel in 1986 and The Stranger's time machine, she can't believe Hannah slept with both her husband and son
  • Hannah misses interview with Clausen on the previous day, so he comes to her house. Clausen asks about payments from Aleksander and shows a sketch of The Stranger
  • Alkesander is nervous over Clausen's investigation and Regina discoveres Bartosz hasn't been home or slept in bed
  • The Stranger breaks into Nielsen family home and puts the St Christopher necklace on Martha's pillow, where Martha finds it later
  • The Stranger tells Charlotte about Noah, Adam, Claudia and how they are pawns in their agenda and we find out H.G. Tannhaus is not her real grandfather
  • The 2020 teens go back to the cave to check on Bartosz, as Noah spies them entering the cave, and Bartosz reveals it is a time machine
  • Noah comes to Cloackmaker's shop and tells Charlotte he is her father and he plans to end Adam so more will survive than those in bunker
  • The Stranger confronts Hannah saying she only needs herself as she didn't love Michael and he knows she had an affair with Ulrich
  • #28 departure to 1987 via Leather bag Apparatus - 2020 Teens depart for 1987 bus stop
  • #29 arrival from 1987 via Leather bag Apparatus - 2020 Teens are back home

June 26[]

S2E7 "The White Devil"[]

1954 1987 2020
1 Day until Apocalypse
  • Autopsy of Old Claudia, Egon thinks her an accomplice of Ulrich
  • Egon shows Young Helge photo of Old Claudia, Young Helge says she is the White Devil
  • Hannah visits Police Station and goes with Egon to visit Ulrich at prison
  • Hannah comes on to Egon after realizing Ulrich still loves Katharina and his family
  • #15 arrival from 1987 via Apparatus - Hannah to visit Ulrich via stolen Apparatus & comes on to Egon
  • Claudia starts God Particle recordings to cassette
  • Claudia goes to Old Egon's first chemo treatment and he tells her time travel is real
  • Claudia and Old Egon struggle at his apt and he falls hitting his head and dies
  • #30 arrival from ? via ? - Jonas arrives at Claudia's house and she has to come with him to the future
  • #15 arrival from 2020 via Apparatus - Hannah midway to see Ulrich via stolen apparatus
  • #15 departure to 1954 via Apparatus - Hannah departure to see Ulrich via stolen apparatus
  • The Stranger awakes to find the apparatus is gone, taken by Hannah as we see her enter the cave with it
  • #15 departure to 1987 via Apparatus - Hannah departure to see Ulrich via stolen apparatus
  • Charlotte and Peter talk about Noah and the Apocalypse
  • Clausen arrests Aleksander for identity theft of his brother Aleksander Köhler (who went missing in 1986) as Clausen received an anonymous letter
  • Martha meets The Stranger at the Kahnwald family home who reveals he is actually an older version of Jonas
  • Katharina shows up and tells Martha that Jonas is her nephew because Michael and Mikkel are the same person
  • The Stranger tells Martha that Hannah took the apparatus but Martha tells him Magnus has one too
  • Magnus brings the leather bag apparatus to Martha and Katharina

June 27[]

S2E8 "Endings and Beginnings"[]

1888 1921 1987 2020 2053
Day of the Apocalypse
  • #36 Arrival from 2020 via Leather Bag Apparatus - The Stranger, Bartosz, Magnus, Franziska
  • The new arrivals cannot travel any further in time due to the nuclear fuel running out
  • Noah tells Teen Noah he must travel the same path as he did
  • #3 departure to 2020 via God Particle Portal Twin - Teen Noah to bunker
  • Noah tells Adam that he will kill him because Adam
  • betrayed him and his family. Noah tries to kill Adam with a gun
  • Agnes kills Noah instead with same gun after turning off safety
  • #4 departure to 2020 via God Particle Portal Twin - Old Magnus and Old Franziska? send Adam
  • Jonas takes Claudia to Yellow barrels to get sample telling her they may be able to change the small things
  • #31 departure to 2020 via Apparatus/Cave - Jonas and Claudia re-open cave passage
  • Bartosz tells Regina Claudia came last fall and gives her the photo of Teen Regina and Claudia from 1986
  • The Stranger tries to get Martha to go to the bunker because he can't watch her die again, but she refuses so he pulls Hannah's gun and forces her into the bunker
  • Katharina finds The Stranger's map of the caves and the orb light
  • #3 arrival from 1921 via God Particle Portal Twin - Teen Noah goes to bunker to survive apocalypse
  • #4 arrival from 1921 via God Particle Portal Twin - Adam to kill Martha and circle calendar
  • #31 arrival from 1987 via Apparatus/Cave - Jonas and Claudia after re-opening cave passage
  • Jonas tells Claudia to go to the bunker with the apparatus, so she stops and brings ailing Regina too
  • Teen Noah gives the Stranger a letter from Martha, then says he must save Bartosz, Magnus, Franziska and later Noah and Agnes so Martha may live fulfilling prophecy
  • Wöller tells Charlotte about helping Aleksander burying the toxic waste, then she tells Wöller everything she knows
  • Clausen gets a search warrant to dig up the toxic waste despite Charlotte's protests
  • Martha sees the time vortex in the bunker from Jonas and Claudia reopening the cave wormhole passage
  • Peter takes Elisabeth to the bunker, on their way dead birds fall from the sky and earth shakes. Martha escapes when they arrive and goes to the Kahnwald house to find Jonas
  • Katharina looks through the Michael album and The Stranger comes in, she asks him to bring Mikkel back using the leather bag apparatus but he says it is impossible
  • Martha finds Jonas at Kahnwald house and they kiss, but Adam arrives and ends up shooting her in hopes that Jonas will turn into him. Adam also circles June 27 on the calendar
  • Katharina goes into the caves and finds the ouroboros and eventually the passage and the time vortex
  • The Stranger takes the leather bag apparatus and finds Bartosz, Magnus, Franziska at the Nielsen house
  • The yellow barrel is open and a God Particle is formed, stabilizes, then disappears and turns into a portal in the plant
  • Adult Elisabeth from 2053 is seen through the portal and Charlotte and her touch
  • #36 departure to 1888 via Leather Bag Apparatus - The Stranger, Bartosz, Magnus, Franziska
  • #37 departure to 2053 via Plant Portal - Charlotte
  • #38 departure to 1987 via Winden Caves - Katharina
  • #39 arrival from ? via Clockwork Orb - Otherworld Martha comes to save Jonas
  • #40 departure to ? via Clockwork Orb - Otherworld Martha saves Jonas
  • Apocalyptic time event occurs over Winden Nuclear Power Plant (end of second cycle?)
  • Sic mundus prophesized date - the passage will open and everyone will go to paradise
  • Adult Elisabeth digs up family photos and other personal belongings in forest
  • Adult Elisabeth goes by herself to the plant ruins
  • Adult Elisabeth activates the equipment to stabilize the God Particle
  • Adult Elisabeth touches Charlotte through the portal

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