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Time is a central theme in Dark. Time is not consecutive, so the future, past and present all affect each other. A wormhole intertwines three points in time, set 33 years apart.

References to time[]

Watches and clocks[]

Most of people wear a watch. That is recurrent in every period. Even in 2019, when it is not so fashionable to have one, children, teenagers and older characters have one. Each character seems to change the watch with the period. The only remaining watch is the Charlotte's pocket watch but this is not in use.

Characters with noticeable specificities[]

  • Ines is the only one that has a pocket one in the hospital in 1986 and a wristwatch at home when she does not seem to have on in 2019 as she uses clock to see at what time she can open the death letter.
  • Bartosz seems to be the only one who have digital display