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The Tiedemann family is one of the four interconnected families who are the central characters of Dark.


Egon Tiedemann was born in 1922.[1] He met Doris Tiedemann and the two had a daughter, Claudia, in 1942. They later married. Egon became a police officer in the early '40s[2] and served until early 1987,[3] while Doris took care of the house. In the '50s they sublet space in their house in order to save money for Claudia's university education, seeing potential in their daughter.[4][5] Egon and Doris grew apart and eventually divorced after Doris began an affair with Agnes Nielsen[6] and Egon began one the following year with Katharina Nielsen (Hannah Kahnwald from 2020).[7] Doris died in 1964.[7] Egon died on June 26, 1987, after an altercation with his daughter.[8]

In 1954, Egon conceived a child in his affair with Hannah. Ashamed, he gave Hannah money and directed her to someone who performed abortions. However, she forwent this and kept the child.[7] Their child, Silja, was born in 1988[9] but would later become a time traveler and travel back to 1890 to seduce Egon's great-grandson, her half-grandnephew, Bartosz.[10]

Claudia became a single mother to Regina, whose father in fact was Bernd Doppler,[11] unbeknownst to all. Claudia and Tronte Nielsen had a sexual relationship both as children and later as adults, and many, including Tronte himself for most of his life,[11] believed that he was the father. Claudia was killed after a life of time traveling on June 23, 1954, by Noah, her great-grandson.[6] Bernd was strangled in his home on September 21, 1987, by the Unknown, the nameless son of Jonas Kahnwald and the alternate Martha Nielsen.[12]

In 1986 Regina met Aleksander Köhler, secretly a fugitive from the law whose real name was Boris Niewald.[2][13] On August 8, 1993, the two married. Aleksander took her last name after marriage to become a Tiedemann himself, ostensibly so that the name would not die out.[1] They had one son, Bartosz, in 2003.[14] Aleksander died in the apocalypse on June 27, 2020, while in police custody. Three months after the apocalypse, Tronte suffocated the sickened Regina on behalf of an older Claudia.[11][15]

As a teenager Bartosz became ensnared in time travel, in part because of a man who was in fact his own son.[16] After escaping the apocalypse in 2020, he was forced to live the rest of his days in the past, starting from 1888.[15] In 1890, he met Silja, his half-grandaunt, who had been sent from the year 2053 by Adam, an elderly Jonas Kahnwald. They had two children, Hanno and Agnes, between 1904 and 1910. Silja died giving birth to Agnes.[10] Bartosz was killed on June 21, 1921, by his son.[17]

Noah had one child, Charlotte, with Elisabeth Doppler in 2041.[10][18][19] Unbeknownst to both parents for much of their lives, their child turned out to be Elisabeth's own mother, who gave birth to Elisabeth with Peter Doppler in 2011.[18][20][21] Agnes had one child, Tronte, in 1941[22] with the Unknown.[7] This union gave rise to the Nielsen family. Noah was shot by his sister on June 27, 1921.[18]


The name Tiedemann, originating in northern Germany, appears to be formed from the given name Theod, meaning people, and man, meaning race.[23] Tiedemann may thus be loosely construed as human race.



  • 1950s Tiedemann family home (Egon, Doris, Claudia Tiedemann; Agnes, Tronte Nielsen—1953-unknown)
  • 1980s Tiedemann family home (Claudia, Regina—1970s-1987)
  • Egon's apartment (Egon; 1980s-1987)
  • Tiedemann family home (Regina, Aleksander, Bartosz; 2000s-2020)

Family tree[]

The following is a family tree representing the Tiedemann family.

Hannah Kahnwald (see Kahnwald family)
Egon Tiedemann
Doris Tiedemann
Claudia Tiedemann
Bernd Doppler (see Doppler family)
Regina Tiedemann
Aleksander Tiedemann
Silja Tiedemann
Bartosz Tiedemann
Hanno Tauber
Agnes Nielsen


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