The Tiedemann family is one of the four interconnected families who are the central characters of Dark.

History Edit

Egon Tiedemann is the oldest known member of the family. He married Doris Tiedemann and had a daughter, Claudia, but they grew apart as Doris began a relationship with Agnes Nielsen, and Doris is out of the picture by 1986. Claudia became a single mother to Regina, whose father has never been mentioned. Regina, in turn, married Aleksander Köhler, whose real name was Boris Niewald, and who took her last name after marriage to become a Tiedemann himself. They had one son, Bartosz.


The name Tiedemann, originating in northern Germany, appears to be formed from the given name Theod, meaning people, and man, meaning race.[1] Tiedemann may thus be loosely construed as human race.

Residence Edit

Winden Edit

Family treeEdit

The following is a family tree representing the Tiedemann Family.

Egon Tiedemann
Doris Tiedemann
Agnes Nielsen (lover, see Nielsen family)
Claudia Tiedemann
Regina Tiedemann
Aleksander Tiedemann
Bartosz Tiedemann


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