Theseus and the Minotaur is a myth in Greek mythology. It was set up as a play at the Winden school, in which Martha Nielsen had the lead role, of Ariadne. A poster on Martha’s dressing room door is for “Ariadne, ein Drama in drei Akten” in English ,“Ariadne, a Play in Three Acts”. There is a book on Amazon with the English title written by Adrienne Cecile Rich, currently out of print.

Dark features several allusions to elements from the play.

Allusions Edit

  • The labyrinth
  • Lunar/annual cycles
  • "Sacrifice" of men/women to the Minotaur
  • The red string
  • Mino Tauros is the publisher of H.G. Tannhaus' novel "A journey through time"
  • Nietzsche wrote a poem entitled “Ariadne’s Lament” .He also developed the concept of Eternal Recurrences in which the past repeats itself and suffering continues to be experienced over and over again. Charlotte Doppler ,in the episode “Truths”, tells Ulrich that her grandfather was obsessed with the lunar/solar cycle, Big Bang, Big Crunch and Nietzsche‘s eternal recurrences .