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"The Origin" is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Dark. It premiered on June 27, 2020, and is the 22nd episode overall.


Martha and Jonas travel to 2052 and get a glimpse of a grim future. In 1954, two residents of Winden go missing, and Hannah receives surprising news.


September 24, 1954[]

Young Tronte Nielsen is walking through the woods. The middle Unknown startles him from behind and tells him he has grown. The Unknown tells him he knew his mother long ago and that he takes after her. Tronte asks him who he is but he replies he was never given a name. He tells Tronte he was the one who chose what to call him. The other two Unknowns arrive. The middle Unknown hands Tronte a bracelet, which he says belonged to his mother, that Tronte should have now. Tronte then says he has to go and leaves.

Hannah and Egon have sex. Afterward, Egon tells her he loves her and gives her a necklace. She tells him it's gorgeous but hasn't felt right all week. Egon tells her she looks pale and should maybe see a doctor. Hannah asks Egon if he will be returning. He replies he does not know, as it might be best for him to stay at home that night. Egon tells her he is glad she decided to stay in Winden and tells her she is beautiful, calling her Katharina, before leaving.

Young Claudia Tiedemann is looking at a magazine of nude women with young Ines Kahnwald that belonged to Ines' father. Claudia says it is not fair that there are no magazines with naked men. Jana Nielsen tells Ines she is crazy, and Ines asks her if she has ever seen a naked man other than her father. Claudia says she has. Ines asks what it looked like, and Claudia describes it as odd like it was not a part of him. Ines asks if she was referring to Tronte, and Claudia nods. Ines says he seems weird, and asks if his mother has returned. Claudia responds no. Ines says it is strange for her to just vanish.

At the police station, Egon arrives to find Doris waiting in his office. She asks where Egon has been because she thought he left early to write reports. Egon just says that something came up. Doris shows him a handkerchief she found which has HT embroidered on it. Doris mentions that Agnes had said her husband was a man of the church, and that a minister named Hanno Tauber disappeared at the same time. Egon believed Agnes' husband was dead, but Doris was worried because 3 months had passed and she had left Tronte alone. Egon tells her to go home. Doris becomes upset. Egon says who knows what goes on with women, as Doris hurriedly leaves.

September 24, 2053[]

Agnes looks at the unstable God Particle as Adam tells her she has chosen the correct side. He hands her a newspaper clipping of the elderly Claudia found dead in the woods, telling her to hand it to Claudia when it is time to do so. Agnes asks if he will tell Martha what The Origin really is.

The time-traveling Martha wakes up to see an older Magnus,who asks her why she abandoned them in 1888 and why she gave them the material for the creation of the particle and then disappeared. It was strange that 33 years later, they would be giving her the order. Martha apologizes, but Magnus mentions it does not matter anymore, that Adam is waiting for them.

November 6, 2052 (alternate world)[]

Middle-aged Martha shows young Martha writings on the wall that are her future, 33 years from yesterday. Martha asks what the door in the cave is, which her older self describes as a path that connects past and future. Martha asks why there are names crossed out. Older Martha tells her it is because they will die in two days due to the apocalypse. Martha says that it cannot be real, but her older self tells her that is what will happen if she and Jonas fail to stop the apocalypse.

September 24, 1954[]

Hannah is at the doctor's and tells him that she likes Winden because it is less complicated than where she comes from. The doctor mentions that could change because she is pregnant, and tells her that at her age, a pregnancy could come with risks, so she should not do any strenuous activities. Hannah says that cannot be possible, but the doctor tells her this is an unexpected gift.

Egon is visited by Greta Doppler, who asks if there has been any news. Egon tells her no, thinking she is asking about Helge but Greta tells him she is asking about the missing minister- because if nobody looks after the church, it leaves the door open to the devil. Egon asks Greta if she had ever seen him with a woman, which offends Greta. She tells him to find the man: Hanno Tauber.

Doris goes to the church where the three Unknowns are. She apologizes for disturbing them and asks if the middle Unknown is the new minister. The Unknown mentions he used to be, long ago. Doris mentions she is looking for Agnes, who was going to help pay for Claudia's college. Doris had a feeling that when Agnes had said her husband was dead she was lying and the man who was the minister at the time had vanished at the same time and wonders if he was her husband and she went back to him. The Unknown mentions that not all human bonds are the result of fondness. Doris says that her boy (Tronte) is still with them, but believes every boy needs his mother. The Unknown suggests that Doris is not interested in the boy, but in the woman. Doris tries to deny this, but The Unknown tells her: "The ways of the heart cannot be explained. It does what it wants", and tells her to ask Egon the same thing, why he has been leaving the house early and coming home late- if there is another woman. Doris becomes uncomfortable and walks out.

Jana walks through the woods and sees Tronte sitting in front of a lake. She sits next to him and notices the bracelet he is holding. She asks him why he is there and not at school, Tronte says he likes it there because it is desolate. He tells her he likes to write and that she has a nice smile.

At the police station, Hannah visits Egon, who asks why she is there, worried someone might see her. She tells him she is pregnant. Egon tells her he thought she was taking precautions and asks if it is his. Hannah is horrified and asks if he thinks all she does is sleep around. She tells him she thought he was different but all men are the same and take what they want. Egon offers to take her home.

Claudia is at the Doppler house. She overhears Bernd on the phone, saying they will submit another request for the power plant, which cannot be stopped. He tells her she seems so grown up and Helge will be pleased to see her, handing her some money, which she thinks is too much, but Bernd tells her to accept things she wants.

At the Town Hall, a man leaves and gets into his car. He is surprised to see the elder Unknown driving. The other Unknowns get in the car. The boy points a gun at him. The middle Unknown asks him how much he was paid by the coal industry to block plans for the nuclear power plant. The man asks if Doppler sent him. The middle Unknown hands him a book containing the building permit for the nuclear plant and a pen and says "to the Future."

November 6, 2052 (alternate world)[]

Middle-aged Martha tells her younger self and Jonas that they can stop the apocalypse, which is triggered by barrels at the nuclear plant, which they need to stop from being opened. Jonas tells her that Eva had said there was a way to undo the knot so that his Martha could live. Middle-aged Martha tells him that she lied to him as there is no way to save both worlds. He must choose one of them. She tells him that everyone can live, which is what he had wanted, but he would have to let go of his Martha. Young Martha is convinced that they both have gone crazy and says that she is going to go home and wake up to realize this was all a bad dream, and leaves. Middle-aged Martha tells Jonas that this is what he wanted, that in this world he and Martha can work together.

Jonas chases after Martha. Martha asks him if he believes that everybody is doomed, that everything she said can't be true. Jonas tells her it is but assures Martha he knows that there is a way to make everything right again and he will keep looking for that.

September 24, 2053[]

Silja and Agnes hug each other. Adam says it is time, and Agnes puts on a Hazmat suit. (Older) Magnus starts the God Particle and Agnes enters.

September 24, 1954[]

Jana asks Tronte if he has any idea where his mother is and if the man he saw in the woods could be his father. Tronte says that his mother had never talked about him much and had told him he was a bad person. He mentions he was in a home for a while and shows Jana his arms with cigarette burns. He tells Jana he does not care if that man is his father and is glad his mother has gone. He offers Jana the bracelet he was given. Claudia arrives and asks Jana what she is doing there, and tells Tronte dinner will be ready soon. They walk away hand in hand, Tronte telling Jana he could see her tomorrow.

Egon asks Hannah what they are going to do about the pregnancy, but Hannah tells him she will not keep it. She wonders why some people get to have it all and others get nothing. She tells Egon she does not need anyone and asks him to leave. He writes down a phone number and mentions she does things properly and also leaves money, apologizing and leaves.

November 6, 2052 (alternate world)[]

Jonas and Martha walk towards the cave. Middle-aged Martha draws a line on the wall between Jonas and Martha, and beneath that, an infinity symbol. Noah walks in and asks if she sent Jonas and Martha off. Martha nods. Noah says the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, we are all born of him, she gave him his life and now he will give us ours: Agnes-Tronte-Jana-Ulrich-Katharina-Martha. An unending circle.

September 24, 1954[]

Egon arrives home with a bunch of flowers. Doris waits for him on the stairs. He asks her if she is okay, but she does not respond. Egon sits next to her and apologizes for what he said to her that morning, and tells her he has not been himself, because of his job. Doris says she knows what he has been doing with that girl, and tells him she wants a divorce. Doris says they should have done it sooner. Egon is shocked, but Doris tells him what she was told earlier, "The ways of the heart cannot be explained. It does what it wants", and walks upstairs.

Hannah goes to see Mrs. Obendorf. She sits down where a young girl, Helene Albers is waiting. She tells Hannah her mother says the babies that are gotten rid of will go to hell, but Hannah says she does not believe in hell because hell is what they make for themselves here. They both introduce themselves to each other. Hannah as Katharina, which Helene says is a very beautiful name. She notices Hannah's St Christopher medal and says it is good that someone is watching over them on their journey. The door opens and Helene is told to come in. Hannah then removes her St. Christopher medal, places it on the girl's jacket, and leaves. She returns to pick up her bag and time machine and leaves.

Claudia and Tronte walk in to find Egon drinking whiskey. She asks where Mother is. He repeats "The ways of the heart cannot be explained. It does what it wants" and takes a drink. Tronte tells Claudia to let him be and they go upstairs. Later, Claudia enters his room and closes the door before taking off her clothes and letting them drop to the floor. Doris takes a dress of Agnes' and hugs it.

Bernd Doppler opens his door and finds the building permit.

September 24, 2053[]

Time-traveling Martha reminds Adam of the promise he made her: having kept her end of the deal. Adam realizes she wants to learn about The Origin and how she might destroy it. It took him 66 years before he finally understood how everything is connected. He mentions she is right, and it is time she understood too.

November 6, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Martha and Jonas arrive at her home. Martha tells Jonas she had a feeling they knew each other from a dream. Jonas says he is sorry for everything. Martha asks what she was like in his world- if she was any different. Jonas touches her face, she touched his and they kiss. They undress and make love.

The middle Unknown opens the Triquetra book, writes "I am left to die alone, and I am my sole judge. Me. The beginning is the end. And the end is the beginning" on the last page, before closing it.

September 24, 2053[]

Adam takes time-traveling Martha and tells her that her older self sent her and Jonas back for a single purpose. They were never supposed to stop the apocalypse but create the seed. Adam grabs her hand and places it on her stomach, telling her that growing inside her is The Origin: the bridge between both worlds: the beginning of the knot and its end. Adam tells her that her son is The Origin.

Meanwhile, the middle Unknown looks at paintings of Adam and Eve.


  • "Not all bonds are forged in the name of affection"-The unknown
  • "The affairs of the heart cannot be explained" is said 3 times: from the unknown to Doris, from Doris to Egon, from Egon to young Claudia
  • " Do you know what money doesn't buy? The future."-The unknown
  • "The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end" -Noah alternative to a Martha alternative


  • Martha and Jonas find the pendant on June 20, 2019 on the lake beach in the episode An Endless Cycle. How did it end up there since 1987?
  • What is the link between Szila and Agnes?
  • Adam closes the Triquetra with the photo of the 3 strangers inside. How does he get it?
  • Hanna decides not to have an abortion. Where is Hanna going? Being limited by the time machine, she will definitely not go in 2020 where she has lost everything. Probably in 1987 where she could in any case give birth to the boy or girl she decided to keep.
  • At this point, how did Adam come into possession of the Triquetra?
  • In the cave of the alternate monode in 2052 Noah enters and says that we were all born to him and that the adult Martha gave her life. So aren't they all dead in the alternate world? Who are the survivors?


  • Tronte meets the unknown in front of the caves. He says that he knew her mother Agnes and says that Tronte remembers her; then he says that he has chosen the name of Tronte so we deduce that he is his father even if he says that he himself has no name and that it has never been given to him
  • Agnes disappeared on June 26, 1954 but we know that she went first in 1921 to kill Noah and then in the future 2053 only to be sent back to 1953 to redo the cycle of actions of 1953-1954-1921. Here we see Agnes saying goodbye to Szila before she leaves 2053.
  • Tronte wrote short stories from a young age so we understand why he became a journalist (see episode Past and Present and The Survivors)
  • As in the Ghosts episode, Tronte reminds Claudia that he was in an institute and we now understand the origin of the cigarette burns we saw in As you Sow, so you shall reap and also in this episode
  • Adult Martha in 2052 draws a line that unites Jonas of the first world with Martha of the alternate world who give birth to the origin. This is therefore the only possible way for Jonas to be with Martha but she is not his Martha. This being together, however, in the alternative world will imply giving life to the origin. We know that, in the scheme of both worlds, the origin joins Agnes and therefore we have a new confirmation that Jonas from the first world and Martha from the alternate world are the parents of the unknown who is the origin, Agnes's husband. and is the father of Tronte. This is also confirmed by what is written in the Triquetra that Adam is holding when he brings the alternate Martha to the Kahnwald House, where, in his world of him, the origin was conceived.
  • We assume that all the things that Adam knows about the other world do not derive from direct experience but from reading the Triquetra that he somehow came into possession of.
  • Jonas from the world of Adam and Martha from the alternate world are the parents of the unknown
  • The older Martha sent the scarred Martha back and Jonas back to her world so that Jonas could give birth to the origin together with the scarless Martha, because the scarred Martha had another purpose. There was a time when the alternate Martha appeared after Adam shot Martha just before the apocalypse in Jonas' world, maybe they interacted at that moment
  • The author of the Triquetra is therefore the unknown as he can travel through time and worlds and has been able to follow all the events from the very beginning


  • We see the origins of Egon's alcoholism : divorce from Doris, abandonment of Hanna and abortion of Hanna (that's what he thinks)
  • Hanna has an affair with Egon and in a scene similar to that of the episode Secrets the two confide but the difference with her is that he tells her that he loves her, unlike Ulrich. In fact, Hanna is surprised and she also receives a gift (the pendant of St. Christopher) what never happened to her with Ulrich.
  • We have understood the true origin of the Saint Christopher pendant, it is a gift from Egon to Hanna which Hanna then gives to Helene Albers Child, that is Katharina's mother, while she is having an abortion. In fact we saw the pendant in The Survivor episode in 1987 when Helene meets Katharina who has been traveling since 2019.
  • Hannah meets Helene Albers, Katharina's mother, at the abortion home, giving her the medal she later wears. (The Survivors) This medal will eventually be found by Jonas (An Endless Cycle).
  • Hannah uses Katharina's name in 1954 where she introduces herself to Helene, who then gives her future daughter the same name
  • In the evening Claudia goes to Tronte's room and undresses like he did in Ghosts
  • The Unknown ensures the nuclear power plant is approved
  • In the episode Everything is now. , Agnes said her husband was a priest but not a man of faith, not a good person and would die. Now the unknown tells Doris that he was a man of faith and Doris repeats Agnes's words to him.
  • The unknown is holding the Triquetra in the church
  • Egon bought Doris one more bouquet of flowers like in the episode The White devil
  • As Jonas tells the adult Claudia that she knew what she had done in the episode The White Devil, in this too Doris tells Egon that she knows what he did
  • Hanna tells Egon the phrase "Why do some people have all and some have nothing?" that she already told Aleksandr in Everything is now when she blackmails him.
  • Hanna now understands and confirms to Egon what the Stranger had already told her in Lost and Founds, namely that she doesn't need anyone.
  • Bernd has trouble with the permits for the nuclear power plant, he tells Claudia that she is grown up, beautiful and sharp. She gives her a tip for life: if you want something take it, she alone she will not come to you. It is clear that there is an understanding between the two that we have seen that materialize 33 years later, when Bernd tells her that the plant is a sort of legacy in the episode Lost And Founds
  • In 2053, Magnus says that 33 years later than they met Martha with scars, then in 1921, they gave her the order to do it, that is, we understand the order to go back to 1888 and do what she did. We have to assume that Magnus and Franziska at the end of Ending and Beginning, after Adam left for the Apocalypse, managed to get in touch with Martha from the other world. Maybe Adam learned this in the previous cycle when he was the stranger. We then assume Later Magnus and Fransiska traveled from 1921 to 2053 with the God particle at the end of Ending and Beginning
  • Adam says stopping the Apocalypse has nothing to do with it because it's part of the cycle, it's not the solution as the adult Martha is making Jonas and Martha believe in the other world, but also making Jonas believe that he can have the Martha of this world. But Martha with the scar has already done what she had to do and Adam reminds her that she is pregnant and that this would be the origin that connects the two worlds
  • Adam argues that the real knot is the origin and therefore destroying it, everything will end
  • In the Bunker of 2052 of the alternative world, Erik disappears on 22-10-2019 and dies on 10-11-1953 (unlike in the other world) and there are death crosses on each one and the trips made. We also see the cross on Peter Doppler year 2020, Helge 1986, Bartosz 1921
  • Adult Martha makes them believe that to stop the apocalypse they must somehow prevent them from opening the barrels in the power plants but she also says that there is no way to save both worlds. He makes a speech similar to Adam's to Jonas in Lost and founds before Jonas leaves from 1921 to June 20, 2019 to prevent Michel's suicide: if he wants Martha, his Martha, she must sacrifice her world, she has already seen in her What world will end up doing, becoming Adam --- will kill Martha, his Martha. She makes Jonas believe that in this world they will have a chance that in the other, because of Adam, they cannot.
  • Noah draws the parental line: UNKNOWN-AGNES-TRONTE-JANA-ULRICH-KATHARINA-TU (MARTHA) and then again UNKNOWN-AGNES-TRONTE-JANA-ULRICH-KATHARINA-TU (MARTHA) --- the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end
  • The Unknown flips through a new and complete Triquetra, with the Nov 2019 time travel chart that we saw in Alpha and Omega when Peter and Tronte are in the Bunker on the night of Mikkel's disappearance and when Mads' corpse also appears.
  • In the final sound summary, with the song that recalls Ariadne and her journey in the labyrinth in the background, we see the connection between Jonas / Martha-the unknown (ORIGIN) -Agnes (even if not seen) -Tronte / Jana


  • Periods touched in this episods are : 24th September 1954, 24th September 2053, 06th November 2052 (Alternative World), 06th November 2019 (Alternative World)



  • "The Labyrinth Song" by Asaf Avidan (it is notable that the song lyrics feature Ariadne)


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