This article is about the 2052 group. For the Season 3 episode, see The Survivors.

The survivors are an armed band in 2052–53 who inhabit the ruins and surrounding forest of the post-apocalyptic Winden.

After being transported from 1986 to 2052 by touching the 1953 Helge Doppler through the time portal in the bunker, Jonas Kahnwald is captured by the group and eventually joins them.[1][2] The group takes its orders from a blonde woman with a weather-beaten face; she is deaf, and so relies upon Silja to interpret for her. The leader is eventually identified as an adult Elisabeth Doppler.

How the group has been able to survive in the wasteland for 33 years is unclear, as well as any reason why they should remain there. The air is patrolled by unidentified helicopters, which they sometimes avoid. The group appears be in conflict with other groups of irregulars, as the members are heavily armed. Jonas steals diesel fuel from one of these other groups in a dangerous, highly orchestrated ruse.

Beliefs and goals Edit

Elisabeth knows about the dark matter inside the former cooling chamber, and decries it as something from the devil. She believes they must not venture inside, but wait for the "prophecy" to be fulfilled that will allow things to return to the way they were before.

The group actively works to prevent anyone from entering the grounds of the former Winden Nuclear Power Plant, upon penalty of death. Two Frenchmen were caught attempting to make their way in, and were hanged as a result.[2] Jonas himself was caught crawling out from under the barrier wall, shot in the leg, and placed in a noose, although he escaped execution thanks to Silja.

Members Edit



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