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A Study exists within the Sic Mundus underground lair below the Church.


It is a vast high ceilinged room with built-in book shelves full of books, decorative wall molding, surrounded with blue shaded lamps, wall sconces, candles, oriental rugs down the middle, blue cushioned chairs and couch to the left, a high backed chair and desk to the right, along with several other chairs and tables full of books, papers, devices, and other knickknacks.

At the far end of the room exists:

  • A left alcove of framed photographs of the four families and various other people
  • A right alcove of framed design prints of time travel devices
  • Mantled fireplace and above it the center piece of the room, Rubens painting "The Fall of the Damned," or a full-sized replica of it
"Every stone is back where it belongs, everyone at their destination. All that's needed now is a push."
―Adam to Jonas


In 1921, Noah leads Jonas to Sic Mundus Underground Lair and into the Study. Adam reveals his identity to Jonas [1]


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