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"The question isn't what time, the question is what world."
Martha Nielsen to Jonas Kahnwald[src]

The travelers of Eva's world used a spherical machine to travel not only to any desired point in time, but also between worlds.



Golden orb blueprints

The prints in the Sic Mundus lodge that appear to be for the orb. The plans on the left, marked by 2351-A, are clearly for the portable time machine. The plans on the right, marked by 3252-B, contain aspects that resemble the orb.

Unlike the origins of the portable time machine of Adam's world, those of the orb are unclear. It is possible that, like the apparatus, the sphere was built by H.G. Tannhaus in Eva's world using blueprints made by one party and given to him by another party. Adam suggests to his younger self that the chain of time travel machines that stretches from the chair in the bunker to the God particle in the future does not end with the God particle, which allows unlimited travel through time. There are plans on the wall of the Sic Mundus lodge that resemble the orb.[1] These, like the plans for the apparatus, might have been stolen at some point by the Unknown and brought to Eva in her world.

1888 (Adam's world)[]

September 21[]

Using the sphere, the alternate Martha Nielsen arrives from November 4, 2019, in her world after having just saved Jonas Kahnwald from the apocalypse. She meets the adult Jonas there, whom she never saved from the apocalypse, working on his machinery.[2]

September 22[]

She reveals the existence of her world to the adult Jonas, Magnus Nielsen, Franziska Doppler, and Bartosz Tiedemann,[3] who traveled here while fleeing from the apocalypse in 2020.[4] She tries to get them to trust her by giving them her last vial of Cs-137 for her machine. She leaves the matter with them but, having fulfilled her purpose, flees using the fuel she was hiding.

June 27, 2020 (Adam's world)[]

On the day of the apocalypse in Adam's world, just after Martha Nielsen has died but before the apocalypse blast wave reaches the Kahnwald family home, alternate Martha Nielsen shows up to save Jonas Kahnwald.[4]

September 25, 2020 (Adam's world)[]

Claudia Tiedemann is visited by her alternate self in the police station. The other woman gives Claudia the triquetra notebook, instructs her to do everything she can to preserve the knot, and then travels off using her time travel sphere.[5]

2040 (Adam's world)[]

One day Claudia meets with her alternate self in the woods. After decades of working with her, Claudia becomes suspicious over whether this is what her older self could have meant, that by preserving everyone's suffering then Regina will live. Without thinking twice, Claudia shoots her alternate self and takes her sphere.[6]

After this, Claudia uses the sphere to hop back and forth between the two worlds, play both sides, and investigate the nature of the knot.[6][7]

2053 (Adam's world)[]

September 23[]

Martha returns to Adam from 1888 using the orb.[8]

September 26[]

Adam imprisons Martha and takes her sphere from her. He gives this one to Magnus and Franziska and sends them to Eva's world to save Martha.[9]

After Adam kills Martha and her unborn child and the knot remains intact, Claudia arrives from 2020 after exploiting the loophole in the apocalypse. She tells him the whole truth, gives him her own time travel sphere, and sends him off to save Jonas from the apocalypse.[7]

November 2019 (Eva's world)[]

November 4[]

Martha uses the orb to whisk her and Jonas Kahnwald to her world, in the caves, on the day they first met. She then uses it to travel to 1888 in Adam's world.[2]

November 8[]

Magnus and Franziska arrive from September 26, 2053, in Adam's world to save the alternate Martha from the apocalypse in her world. They have an orb with them. She goes with them to begin work with Adam, leaving behind Bartosz Tiedemann, who was bringing her to the power plant. Bartosz is saved by his older self also using an orb.[9]

In an overlapping reality created by Adam and Jonas to return to the original world, Adam gives the orb given to him by Claudia to his younger self. Jonas uses it to save Martha before Magnus and Franziska get to her.[7]


The spherical machine was arguably the most advanced time machine out of all that existed within Adam and Eva's worlds. The machine was powered by pellets of dark matter, the concentrated form of the God particle.

As with usage of the God particle's globular form, the machine allowed for precise time travel, allowing the user to travel to any point in time that they wished. Unlike the God particle, however, the spherical machine's portability allowed the user to travel from any location, provided they kept a supply of dark matter pellets. The sphere's portability and its precise time travel capabilities meant it possessed the best features of the globular God particle and Tannhaus's clockwork device, while also exceeding both in its usefulness.

Most significantly, the machine allowed for travel between the two worlds. When crossing the Intermediate World, Jonas and Martha used the spherical machine on their way to the Origin World.



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