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"We, the chosen few, must fill the gaps. So you can find your way here, and Adam his... and we'll finally find salvation."

Silja Tiedemann is a member of the band of survivors who in 2052 and 2053 roam the forest outside the ruins of Winden. She knows sign language, giving her an important role in the group as the interpreter for their deaf leader and her adoptive mother, Elisabeth Doppler.



Silja was conceived as the illegitimate daughter of Egon Tiedemann and Hannah Kahnwald in 1954. Her mother initially sought to abort her, but she decided to keep the pregnancy at the last minute.[3] Hannah decides she needs no one and travels back to 1987, and later gives birth to Silja in 1988.[1] When she is five years old, she and Hannah are met by an old woman named Eva, who directs them to Hannah's son and Silja's half-brother Jonas. The two travel to 1911 and find Jonas, not as Hannah remembers him, but as Adam, the leader of the time-traveling cult Sic Mundus. Adam tells Hannah that she and Silja are in the "wrong place," suffocating Hannah and taking Silja to 2041 to be raised by Elisabeth Doppler.[2]


Following the kidnapping of her own daughter, Elisabeth takes in Silja and raises her as her own. Silja becomes a trusted assistant to Elisabeth and acts as her sign language interpreter.[1] As such, she seems to acquire a certain level of respect among fellow members of Elisabeth's cult. By 2052, she appears to be the leader of a small band of cultists underneath Elisabeth.[4]


November 12[]

Silja is one of the first people that Jonas Kahnwald encounters when he arrives in 2052 from the past. She arrives hanging onto the side of a giant truck with a band of other survivors. Approaching him, she is the only one to remove her mask and speak to Jonas. The young girl with long, dark hair says, "Welcome to the future," then knocks him unconscious.[4]


Silja does not realize that Jonas is the same man she met as a child in 1911.[3]

Elisabeth has forbidden anyone from entering the walled off restricted zone or "dead zone" surrounding the ruined nuclear power plant on pain of death. Jonas learns the survivors, including Silja, have been influenced by Sic Mundus and they await the day the passage will re-open and take them to paradise.[5]

June 22[]

Jonas is caught having entered the dead zone and barely escapes execution after Elisabeth shoots the rope. Silja helps him, but demands he take her to the ruins to show her what is there. She watches as Jonas manages to stabilize the dark matter and then step into it.[3]

She eventually leaves but she is caught much in the same way Jonas was earlier that day by Elisabeth, who draws a gun on her. She confronts Elisabeth, demanding to know why her leader hid the truth of what was in the restricted zone from the rest of the group. Elisabeth says only that what is there is not a piece of God, but of the devil.[6]

September 24[]

Following the apocalypse of June 27, 2020, Silja has been living with Adam and the other members of Sic Mundus in the remains of the nuclear power plant. Their mission has been filling the gaps so that the cycle continues and Adam can get to the point in time he has been waiting for. Adam gives Agnes Nielsen, Silja's daughter, the newspaper article that tells about the death of Claudia Tiedemann so that she can later give it to Claudia. Silja and Agnes hug and then Agnes enters the God particle.[3]

September 26[]

Silja imprisons the alternate Martha Nielsen on Adam's behalf. She explains that they, the "chosen few", must fill in the gaps in the loop; locking up Martha for Adam is apparently one of those gaps. She has Martha strip her clothing (that she acquired while in 1888) and takes it.[7]


Later, she is sent back to 1890, where she meets Bartosz Tiedemann. The two fall in love and remain together for two decades.[2]


Silja names her first child, a boy, Hanno. Bartosz is unnerved by the name.[2]


Silja dies giving birth to her second child, a daughter. Before her death she says she wants the girl named Agnes. Bartosz is deeply disturbed upon hearing the name, knowing now that his son is in fact the person who will become Noah, the time-traveling child murderer he met in his youth.[2][8]


By 1920, a photograph of a teenaged Silja is included on Adam's wall of families in the Sic Mundus lodge. She is not a part of any of the four families officially, but her image is closest to the Tiedemanns and to Bartosz, one of the families from which she descends and the man with whom she has two children. Photographs of those two children, Hanno and Agnes, are to the right of Silja, also not officially a part of the four families.[2]


Both Jonas and Silja are carrying an orb light while Jonas takes her back to the plant. Jonas got his from The Stranger's care package along with the suicide note and geiger counter. Silja must have gotten hers in this time.


  • Despite first appearing in the season 1 finale, Silja is not named on-screen or in the credits until the penultimate episode of season 3. Her full name is revealed to be Silja Tiedemann in the end credits.
    • Prior to "Between the Time", she is credited as "Girl from the Future". While her adult self is credited as "Adult Silja Tiedemann", her child self is simply "Child Silja". This would suggest that she acquired the surname due to her relationship with Bartosz rather than to Egon.
  • It is not known what surname Hannah used for her daughter while they lived in the late 1980s and early 1990s. If she continued to go by Katharina Nielsen, she might have applied that surname to her daughter as well.

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