Silja Tiedemann is a member of the band of survivors who in 2052 roam the forest outside the ruins of Winden. She knows sign language, giving her an important role in the group as the interpreter for their deaf leader, Elisabeth Doppler.

History Edit

Silja was conceived in as the illegitimate daughter of Egon Tiedemann and Hannah Kahnwald in 1954. Her mother initially sought to abort her, but she decided to keep the pregnancy at the last minute. Hannah decides she needs no one and travels back to 1987, and gave birth to Silja in 1988. [3] When she was five years old, she and Hannah traveled back to 1911 to be with Adam, Silja's half-brother. Adam told Hannah that she and Silja were in the "wrong place," suffocating Hannah and taking Silja to 2041 to be raised by Elisabeth Doppler. [4]

Silja becomes one of the first people Jonas Kahnwald encounters when he arrives on November 12, 2052. The young girl with long, dark hair says, "Welcome to the future," then knocks him unconscious. [5]

Elisabeth has forbidden anyone from entering the walled off restricted zone or dead zone surrounding the ruined nuclear power plant on pain of death. Jonas learns the survivors, including Silja, have been influenced by Sic Mundus and they await the day the passage will re-open and take them to paradise. [6]

On June 22, 2053 , Jonas is caught violating this rule, and barely escapes execution. Silja helps him, but demands he take her to the ruins to show her what is there. She is with Jonas when he manages to stabilize the dark matter and travel through the time portal. [7]

On June 24, 2053, she returns to contemplate the dark throbbing mass Jonas went through and eventually leaves but she is caught much in the same way Jonas was by Elisabeth who draws a gun on her. She confronts Elisabeth, demanding to know why her leader hid the truth of what was in the restricted zone from the rest of the group. Elisabeth says only that what was there was not a piece of God, but of the devil. [8]

Silja travels back to 1890, where Bartosz Tiedemann falls in love with her. The couple have two children, Hanno and Agnes Tauber, although she dies while giving birth to Agnes. [9]

Analysis Edit

Both Jonas and Silja are carrying an orb light while Jonas takes her back to the plant. Jonas got his from The Stranger's care package along with the suicide note and geiger counter. Silja must have gotten hers in this time. So this suggests, at least, The Stranger was in or near 2053 at some point, though he could also be from an alternate world, like alt Martha.

Silja, holding her rifle, may be pictured on the Sic Mundus family Portrait Wall, bottom of middle panel, left of Noah & Agnes.

Appearances / ReferencesEdit

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