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"Sic Mundus Creatus Est" is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Dark. It was written by Jantje Friese and Ronny Schalk, and directed by Baran bo Odar. It premiered on Netflix on December 1, 2017 along with the rest of the season.


Ulrich looks to the past for answers and dredges up disturbing family secrets. Armed with new tools, Jonas probes the cave's murky depths.

Plot Edit

In 1986, Regina Tiedemann is alone in the forest—where Ulrich and Katharina have tied her to a tree and left her for the night. A noise is heard from the caves. She calls out for help, but nobody answers. Waking from the memory/nightmare in 2019, she asks Aleksander to tell her "everything is all right."

Over images of a forlorn Ulrich and Katharina, Charlotte addresses the Winden Police. With one dead boy found and now three children missing, they are to widen and intensify the search, interviewing everyone, and search the archives 50 years back for similar cases—"everyone leaves a trace."

Jonas—having now discovered that his father was Mikkel Nielsen, who traveled back in time—asks Hannah about how they met. She tells him they met at the hospital, when he had broken his leg and she was in a bad mood. Jonas wants desperately to tell her what he knows, but cannot bring himself to do it.

Ulrich digs into the old files on the disappearance of his brother Mads. He listens to tapes, and catches something in an interview with his mother Jana Nielsen, who explains that she, Tronte, and Ulrich were all at home waiting for Mads to return from fencing practice.

The Nielsen home, meanwhile, Katharina is surprised to see Martha and Magnus preparing to leave for school, when their brother went missing just four days ago. Martha and Katharina argue intensely, Martha saying life must go on, and Katharina bemoaning their seeming self-centeredness, to which Martha points out that Katharina and Ulrich have ignored their other children. She tells Katharina to accept that Mikkel is dead, prompting a slap from Katharina. After Martha storms out, Magnus comforts his mother with an embrace.

A different drama is underway at the Tiedemann household, where Regina steels herself to open a letter from the Mammography Screening Center. It is not good news.

Jonas lies in bed holding his father's suicide note when he notices the Winden Cave map has been moved. He opens it and is startled to find a new annotation in red which says "follow the signal."

Ulrich pays a visit to his own parents. Ulrich asks Tronte about Mads' disappearance, and whether Egon had ever found anything; Tronte says simply that Egon was an idiot. Ulrich reports that the boy they found in the forest was dressed in '80s clothes, and wonders if the disappearances were related—history was repeating, or the same perpetrator was at it again.

Ulrich soon becomes more direct, asking where Tronte was the night that Mads disappeared. Although Jana had said he was home, Ulrich remembers that he did not return until very late. Tronte protests the implication, and Ulrich seizes him by the throat, asking where he was the night of Mikkel's disappearance. They are interrupted by Jana, however, who says that Tronte was home—where else would he have been? At this, Tronte leaves the apartment.

Jana reminisces with Ulrich about Christmas 1985, and how the boys had fought, and Mads had smashed through a glass table, leaving a scar on his chin. And then they had laughed. But Ulrich is not in a nostalgic mood; he asks why she lied about Tronte being home the night of Mads' disappearance. She replies that she had been planning to leave him on account of his serial infidelities. The night Mads disappeared, he was sleeping with Claudia Tiedemann, and the last person to see him alive was her daughter, Regina.

Regina, back behind the front desk at the Waldhotel Winden, tries to call Aleksander with her news, but gets his voice mail.

Magnus Nielsen walks through the woods under the railroad bridge. he opens the tin that Franziska had hidden, but finds it empty. On a nearby flat rock—near a condom wrapper—he finds her dove pendant.

At the high school, Bartosz visits Martha backstage as she prepares for the play. He kisses her and asks why she did not return his calls, saying he regretted the scheme to go to the cave, and asks whether she was angry with him. She denies it, but when he goes to kiss her, she pulls away. He offers to run away with her, but she says the play is about to start. He asks if she has seen Jonas, who stood him up last night, and she denies it.

Jonas, meanwhile, has packed up his gear, donned his yellow rain jacket, and headed into the caves.

Katharina returns home to the empty house after spending the day leafletting the town. She notices Ulrich's mobile phone bill, and a recurring number. She decides to call the number, and Hannah picks up, asking for Ulrich. Katharina hangs up without responding, realizing that Ulrich and Hannah are having an affair.

Back at the hotel, Ulrich pays Regina a visit. He asks to know what really happened the night of Mads' disappearance, since she was the last one to see him alive. He asks whether she knew of Claudia and Tronte's affair, and she nods. She says Mads was the only person she knew who never had anything bad to say about anyone, and that she wishes it was Ulrich who had disappeared instead of him.

There was irony there. Because Ulrich and Katharina had tied up Regina in the forest, she was afraid to walk home alone. Mads had therefore escorted her after fencing practice, returning home through the forest, when he disappeared. Ulrich said tying her up in the forest was a child's prank; Regina points out that he never apologized. But Ulrich is angry especially because he believes it was Regina who falsely told Egon that he had raped Katharina. Regina marvels at this accusation, pointing out that it came from Hannah, who had been obsessed with Ulrich since she was 14, and still was. At this, Ulrich departs.

Katharina, driving around town late into the night to post more flyers, dials into a radio show discussing the disappearances. They put her on the air right away, and she puts forth the claim that there is a murderer in town, though Winden was in denial. They believed they all knew each other, but in fact, they did not. The murderer could be anyone in town, and Winden itself was a festering wound. As she says this, Ulrich discovers the police report that Hannah gave in 1986, and Aleksander discovers the letter from the mammography center in the pocket of Regina's coat.

Aleksander calls the mammography center to confirm, and they tell him that they had discovered invasive carcinomas that had metastasized.

Deep in the caves, Jonas discovers a red cord tied down to the rock, and follows it.

Ulrich surprises Hannah at home, throttling her, and telling her he knows she had made the false accusation of rape against him. He cannot fathom what she wants; she replies that she just wants him. Ulrich calls her a poison, and that it is no wonder that her husband would take his own life, prompting a slap from her. Ulrich leaves the house.

The play is underway, as Peter and Tronte wait in the bunker. Martha, as Ariadne, gives Theseus the cord, and binds their hands together, as Jonas reaches the end of his own red cord and pulls out his Geiger counter. He follows the signal until he comes to the door marked "Sic Mundus Creatus Est"—and enters it.

Martha as Ariadne begins her monologue about her suicide. When she realizes Theseus has abandoned her, she despairs alone, a mere loose end in time, for in death, all end equally alone regardless of their stature or how they lived their lives. As she gives her soliloquy, however, Martha becomes overcome with emotion, collapsing in tears. Katharina rushes onto the stage to embrace her.

As Jonas passes the door, the lights flicker everywhere. Tronte notes the time in his notebook. As Katharina escorts Martha through the school, they pass Regina, who asks why they don't just leave town. At this, Katharina violently attacks Regina, leaving her bloody on the ground. Magnus, rushing inside, pulls Katharina off Regina as Jonas reaches the end of the time passage in the caves, passing through to the other side. Regina tells the Nielsen children bitterly to find out what kind of people their parents are.

Ulrich looks through old family photographs in his car, finding a picture of him with Mads wearing a "Nuclear Power — No Thanks" sweatshirt.

The other Nielsens return home, filing through the door one by one. Martha comes to Magnus's room and snuggles next to him. They wonder if anything will ever be the same again. Martha observes that they don't really know anything about their parents.

Regina, emotionally exhausted, returns to her own home and falls into Aleksander's arms, sobbing.

Jonas, orb light in hand, emerges from the cave and walks back out the road, where he sees flyers about Mads hung on the bus shelter. A van drives up and the girl in the passenger seat—Hannah warns him to stay out of the rain due to the lingering effects of Chernobyl. Sebastian Krüger offers to drive him home, but Jonas declines.

Ulrich returns to the morgue and opens the drawer with the body of the dead boy. He holds up the photo of him and Mads, and then notices the scar on the boy's chin—exactly where Mads' scar was.


  • Jonas: What was he like, earlier? Before he got sick?
    Hannah: He was… different. You never knew if he meant something seriously or not.
  • Ulrich: You know what? You're poison. You snuggle up close, like you're honey. But it's just poison. How did your husband put up with you for so long? No wonder he couldn't take it anymore, in the end.
  • Performer: Now you have heard her, the daughter of Minos. You think you know her. Is she not beautiful and good? You have let yourself be enchanted. By her words. By her pretty gaze. But believe me. Everyone, whether the daughter of a king or not, has one foot in the shadow and only the other in the light.

Analysis Edit

  • The title of the episode, "Sic Mundus Creatus Est," is a Latin phrase translating to "Thus, the world was created." Its source is the Hermetic Emerald Tablet which is referenced in the show.



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