Sic Mundus, also referred to as the Travelers, is a secret society of time travelers in Winden, led by Adam. They are opponents of Jonas Kahnwald and Claudia Tiedemann in a war for control of time travel.


In 1921, Sic Mundus operates from a massive underground headquarters accessed from an elevator into St. Christopher's church.[1] The lair was presumably excavated from the caves that underlie the town, but is of unknown antiquity.

The rooms within the lair are lavishly apportioned and richly furnished. Areas depicted include the following:

  • Stone entryway, a monumental entrance into which the words "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" have been inscribed.[1]
  • Adam's study, a massive room featuring a wall of photographs of the four families, framed prints of time travel devices, and the Rubens painting "The Fall of the Damned," or a full-sized replica of it.[1]
  • A lab, in which a second wormhole has been opened, and machinery constructed to stabilize it for time travel.
  • Guest quarters, where the teenage Jonas Kahnwald slept for the night.[2]

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