"Secrets" is the first episode of Season 1 of Dark. It premiered on December 1, 2017.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In 2019, a local boy's disappearance stokes fear in the residents of Winden, a small German town with a strange and tragic history.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The distinction between, past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion...― Albert Einstein

Cold Open[edit | edit source]

The string wall.

In a cellar containing rifles, hand grenades, and a gas mask, photographs of people at different ages, connected by strings are on a wall. An unseen man narrates, explaining that time is not linear but is connected in a never-ending circle and the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion.

June 21, 2019[edit | edit source]

Michael Kahnwald hangs himself.

Michael Kahnwald, in his attic art studio, closes an envelope and places it on a bench next to a photo of his family–which consists of himself, his wife, his mother, and his 16-year-old son. He proceeds to stand upon a stool and hangs himself from the roof beam. The envelope reads "Do not open before November 4, 10:13 P.M."

November 4, 2019[edit | edit source]

Jonas Kahnwald wakes up from a nightmare.

Jonas Kahnwald (Michael's son) wakes up from a nightmare by sprouting his body upward, panting, and takes his medication. He heads downstairs to the kitchen to find the electricity has gone out. He then decides to make cereal, taking out the bottle of milk and sniffing the opening tip, only to realise that it's expired. and calls for his mother, Hannah—who is upstairs secretly having sex with Ulrich Nielsen. Jonas sits down to have a shadowy breakfast. As they get dressed, Ulrich asks if she will be coming to the town meeting tonight; but she is unsure, as his wife Katharina will be there. Hannah says she loves him and kisses him. However, he doesn't reciprocate, complimenting that she's beautiful and leaves through the window while wearing a grey hoodie. Hannah briefly stares at her family photo, with Michael's elderly mother torn out. Ulrich climbs down the vines and runs off.

The main intersection of Winden.

Jonas, wearing a yellow raincoat, rides his bike through the forest road and into the damp street. He stops at the main intersection, where the Winden Nuclear Power Plant is visible ahead among a range of trees. He briefly gazes at the cooling towers effusing steam and then eyes a missing person poster on the lamp post for Erik Obendorf. Meanwhile, Ulrich jogs home through the woods and passes a sign pointing to the Winden Caves. An ominous noise is heard from the cave's mouth.

Jonas Kahnwald's hollow therapy session with Peter Doppler.

Jonas walks through the woods with his therapist, Peter Doppler, who asks him how he found his 2 months away in therapy. Jonas remains silent. Peter says he has read the notes from there, which say he did well. Jonas reveals that he still sees his father in his dreams, and believes that he's trying tell him something, or that he want his father to tell him something. When Peter asks for what that "something" might be, Jonas has an angry outburst over the lingering question of why Michael would kill himself without leaving an explanation.

The suicide letter in Ines Kahnwald's chest box.

In her apartment (where a complete Kahnwald family photo is seen), Ines Kahnwald (Michael's mother and Jonas' grandmother) opens a box with Michael's letter and considers it, until deciding to wait for the specified time. She turns on the radio, where there is a brief history about the power plant; plans to build it are dated back to 1953, but construction was first authorised in 1960 after the Atomic Energy Act was passed. Due to the government's plan to phase out nuclear energy, the power plant will be taken off the grid in 2020, making it one of Germany's power plants with the longest failure-free operation.

"The question isn't how, but when."

At the Nielsen home, Katharina is serving breakfast while trying to manage her children: Mikkel (youngest son, who adores the magician Harry Houdini) won't change out of his magician/skeleton outfit, Magnus (oldest son, who enjoys smacking the back of Mikkel's head) can't find his black hoodie, and Martha (teenage daughter, who is studying lines for a play) won't eat because she's on a hunger strike. Ulrich arrives, saying he took so long because there was a line at the bakery because it was the first day of school. He jokes that the Apocalypse is upon them. Katharina demands Magnus to check the laundry, shaves a croissant in Martha's hand, and gives Mikkel one last warning to change. However, the boy crosses his arms and sits down in the dining chair. They agree for him to do one last trick. Mikkel shows Ulrich the trick of teleporting a pawn from one cup to another. Ulrich asks how he did it, but Mikkel responds "the question is not how, the question is when."

Jonas Kahnwald with his best friend, Bartosz Tiedemann.

Jonas returns to school after 2 months in therapy. At school, he notices that the greetings from the other kids are far from kind since they give him dirty looks and some even call him a freak. He is cheerfully greeted and defended by his good friend Bartosz Tiedemann, who says that it was boring without him. Bartosz assures him that he told people that Jonas was in a 2-month school exchange in France. Jonas is still despondent, but Bartosz accompanies his friend.

Jürgen Obendorf criticizes the police for their lack of results.

Ulrich arrives at the police station, where Jürgen and Ulla Obendorf criticise Police Chief Charlotte Doppler in the middle of the hallway for the lacklustre results in the search for Erik. When Charlotte attempts to reassure them that her officers have combed the town and forest, Ulla yells and spits on her. The surrounding officers (including Ulrich and a one-eyed man) refrain the feud from escalating. Ulrich apprises Jürgen that they can't rule out the possibility that no crime has been committed and suggests that Erik ran away, as he has done before. Jürgen argues that he would always return after 2 days, as Ulla cries about him being missing for 13 days now. He defuses the scene by promising to find their son. Meanwhile, a cloaked figure emerges from the cave.

Franziska Doppler takes Magnus Nielsen's toke.

In the school alleyway, Magnus lights up a joint as the bells rang. He tries to hide the cigarette when Franziska Doppler passes by, but she steps towards him a second later. He asks whether she shouldn't be hanging out with the nerds. She hits back, asking whether the principal's son should be smoking a joint on school grounds. Before leaving, she takes a drag and calls his weed bad.

Jonas Kahnwald is disappointed to find that Martha Nielsen and Bartosz Tiedemann are together.

The students and teachers assemble in the spacious gym for a speech of motivation, and Bartosz deplores these kinds of assemblies. Martha enters through their row of seats, looking anxious. Jonas is pleased to see her again but is upset when she sits down and kisses Bartosz, who tells him that while he was away they became a couple. Martha sheepishly greets Jonas and asks him about France, but he is silent in shock. Principal Katharina Nielsen appears on stage. She encourages students to talk about Erik's disappearance, and not to be nervous to inform authorities about any information.

Ulrich Nielsen insists to Charlotte Doppler that his brother's case isn't involved.

In her office, Charlotte tells Ulrich that no one saw Erik after practice, as if he vanished into thin air. Ulrich supports the idea of him running away, but Charlotte notes the abandoned cellphone and money stash under Erik's bed. She hands him the documents for 49 tire tracks on the road between the school and the residential area, informing that there are 21,312 vehicles in their district of Winden alone. Ulrich declares this information as nothing. When asked as to why he's certain Erik ran away, Ulrich explains that nothing extraordinary ever happens in Winden, but Charlotte reminds him that this wasn't always the case. Ulrich insists that this has nothing to do with his brother, Mads Nielsen. When he was departing, Charlotte suggests he should pay his mother a visit because she has called the emergency number again. He closes the door after giving a rhetorical question of whether she took a wrong turn, where her life becomes the exact opposite of what she wanted it to be. Charlotte eyeballs her family photo–which consists of herself, Peter, Franziska, and a young girl, all standing outside a cabin.

Regina Tiedemann argues on the phone.

At the Waldhotel Winden (Winden Forest Hotel), which has no guests due to Erik's disappearance, Regina Tiedemann (Bartosz's mother) stands at the empty front desk, looking dismayed. A banker calls with bad news about her inability to repay her loan, and Regina snaps at him, calling him a bully and an asshole. When she defiantly demands to speak with their supervisor, the caller hangs up, prompting Regina to slam the receiver onto the telephone's body. Meanwhile, Franziska is presenting black holes in science class. Bartosz jokes to Jonas that the biggest black hole of them all is in her anus. He then whispers about Erik's drugs being stashed near the caves and suggests that they collect them.

Photograph of Mads and Ulrich Nielsen on Mother's Day 33 years ago.

Ulrich visits his mother Jana in her apartment, who complains that he hasn't come by for a long time. He instructs her not to call the emergency number again if she simply wanted to talk to him. Jana tells him that she saw something in the forest again; a dark figure with a large head (the cloaked figure). She proceeds to show him a 1980s Raider chocolate wrapper that she found there. Jana reminds Ulrich that his brother Mads loved those, and compares the disappearance of Erik to the disappearance of Mads 33 years ago, expressing that everything is repeating itself. In the Winden Nursing home, Old Helge Doppler (Peter's father, who has a crushed left ear) seems anxious and restless in his armchair, as he repeats the phrase "It's going to happen again."

Elsewhere[edit | edit source]

The electric chair in the nursery.

There is a room decorated like a nursery, with bright blue cartoon wallpaper, blue carpeting, pinecone figurines, stuffed animals, and music videos from the 1980s playing softly on an old TV. On the bottom row of the bunk bed is a redheaded boy covering his ears. It is Erik Obendorf himself, peeking at a baleful electric chair in the centre of the room.

November 4, 2019[edit | edit source]

The teens make a plan.

After school, Jonas and Bartosz converse while walking in the hallway. Bartosz proposes they smoke half of it and sell the rest. They are approached by Martha and Magnus, so the pair reveals their plan to them. Martha is saying that the "nuclear power mafia" might be hiding things there, but Magnus tries his best to ease her paranoia over the conspiracies. They briefly bump into Franziska, whom Magnus awkwardly greets, and she exchanges reactions. The four of them agree to go that night. Jonas is more discomposed upon seeing Martha and Bartosz embrace each other openly.

Katharina Nielsen finds Hannah Kahnwald's hair strand.

Hannah is parked outside the power plant when Ulrich (who is driving) calls her to ask if she's coming to the meeting, but Hannah is not sure as everyone will be there gawking at her. He invites her to join him next week at a seminar in Frankfurt, joking that he has other "candidates". Meanwhile, Katharina is cleaning the dining table at the Nielsen home. She takes Ulrich's grey hoodie from the backrest of the head chair, and suddenly, she finds a strand of long brown hair (Hannah's hair) on it. She smells the hoodie, noticing a different perfume.

Aleksander Tiedemann remarks the upcoming closure of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant.

Inside the power plant, Hannah gives Director Aleksander Tiedemann a massage in his office. She notices his scars on his right shoulder blade, saying that they are all knotted up because they're sensitive to rain, and quotes "they can see into the future". He gets up from the massage bed, saying that the pending closure of the plant in one year might be getting to him more than he thought, after being in Winden for almost 33 years. Aleksander says that he never thought it would end like this, but there's a time for everything. Hannah repeats his last statement with gloom, which causes him to say sorry about Michael.

Ines Kahnwald with her son's suicide letter.

In her apartment, Ines later listens to a voicemail from Hannah, who informs her that the power has gone out again and she should say if she wants them out of her house. She calls her sick because she hasn't contacted them in three months. Ines considers Michael's letter again and looks at the clock: 4 hours to go before 10:13 PM.

Jonas Kahnwald and Martha Nielsen have a conversation after 2 months.

At night, Hannah arrives at the school and is warmly greeted and hugged by Katharina. Hannah acts cheerful towards her, but in reality, she is nervous. Meanwhile, Jonas lies in bed before cycling to the forest. Martha is under the bridge, balancing her way across the brim of an abandoned train track before Jonas encounters her. The others haven't arrived yet. Martha attempts to explain her relationship with Bartosz, but Jonas says it's okay. She explains that she wrote him many texts which she never sent because they seemed wrong (implying that she thought Jonas needed space). Martha then tells him she is experiencing déjà vu, as though everything has happened before. Jonas jokes that it's "a glitch in the Matrix", and Martha adds that it's "a message from the other side". She appreciates that he's back home. Magnus interrupts them and Mikkel has also come, as no one else could look after him with the parents having a meeting. The boy says hello to Jonas with "ultimate fist bump". Bartosz arrives, smacking the back of Mikkel's head since he's sceptical about him coming along with them. The gang sets out through the forest.

Regina Tiedemann comments to Katharina Nielsen's speech.

Helge mindlessly wanders through the streets, chanting "It's going to happen again." At the meeting in the gym, Charlotte reveals that they have no new findings in the case, but they are considering the idea that Erik ran away. She pleads the audience to share information from any of their kids. During this, Hannah receives a message from Ulrich to meet him outside, to which she immediately leaves the area. Katharina wants to talk about what security measures they can take. Regina protests, saying Winden has a very low crime rate and there are no murderers there. Katharina argues that they can't just sit around and wait for news.

Jonas Kahnwald and his friends walk through the woods.

On their way to the cave, the kids wonder what might have happened to Erik. Mikkel says kids in his class are saying someone kidnapped him and locked him in a basement. They speak about good and evil, and Martha says that there are always good and bad people out there. Jonas comments that his father told him good and evil is about perspective, and the gang remains silent. His father's death is still disturbing to everyone. Mikkel goes on about how horrible it would be if your body wasn't found, until Martha pleads to change the topic.

Helge Doppler interrupts the meeting.

Back in the meeting, Katharina motivates the crowd to stay strong, until Regina contends that they shouldn't blow things out of proportion or they'll have the press in town—to which Katharina realizes doesn't fit the plans for Regina's hotel. Regina says she should focus on her own problems, to which Katharina responds that she has no idea what she's talking about. Helge suddenly interrupts the meeting by stumbling inside. He shouts his warning: "It's going to happen again." Charlotte, his daughter-in-law, takes him outside the room.

Ines Kahnwald finally reads the suicide letter.

Ines stands upon the clock, only a few minutes more. On his trail, Jonas pauses for a moment to stare at the power plant, sensing some danger, until Bartosz called him back to reality. Hannah meets Ulrich in the alleyway, proceeding to kiss passionately for the next few minutes. It's already 10:13 PM. Ines tears the envelope open and reads the mysterious letter.  

The kids are frightened by something in the Winden Caves.

The gang arrives near the cave's entrance, where Bartosz intended to take the weed bag from a stranded armchair, only to find it missing. Turns out Franziska has beaten them to it, as she walks out of the entrance holding the bag. She offers to sell them in the smuggest manner, but Bartosz shoves her to the ground and takes the bag. Suddenly, a loud sound reverberates from the cave, and the bushes rustle behind them. Their flashlights start flickering on and off, and Mikkel hesitates. When most of the gang run away, Jonas grabs Mikkel to run together through the forest. As the two run through the woods, Jonas trips and loses Mikkel. He screams out for Mikkel, trying to shine his light through the forest, and then he hears a familiar voice from behind. He sees a vision of his father covered in a black substance. This scares him and he runs away.

The teens lose Mikkel Nielsen.

It is raining heavily by the time they evade the forest. Magnus demands to know where Mikkel is, but Jonas says he thought he ran to them. The rest of the gang run back in the forest to look for him, and Bartosz looks at him as though it is his fault (though they had run away without any concern for Mikkel). As Charlotte and Helge step out of the school and see the rain, the latter says "Too late." Charlotte, Hannah, Ulrich, Katharina, and Regina receive phone calls from their kids. Meanwhile, Ines has finished reading the letter. She is visibly distraught by its contents and cries as she puts it back in the box.

Parents comforting their respective kids.

The parents drive to their children at the road edged from the forest. Police have arrived at the scene, being notified of Mikkel's disappearance. All the teenagers go to their startled parents except Jonas, who does not move. He blames himself for Mikkel's disappearance. Hannah goes to him and hugs him but he barely responds. Ulrich races through the trees, yelling Mikkel's name. He hears a slight gust in the caves, so he goes inside.

November 5, 2019[edit | edit source]

Magnus Nielsen is upset about the current disappearance of Mikkel Nielsen.

It's the dawn of the day. Everybody can't get their minds off last night. Jonas stays in bed, Hannah sits in the dining room, Martha lies down on Katharina's lap, Ulrich waits in his car for new on the radio, and Magnus is at the police station (presumably there to testify), staring at Erik's missing poster while wondering about Mikkel.

The boy found in the forest.

The police are investigating by the caves, but have nothing. Charlotte receives a call from her husband Peter (who's in his study), who asks if Mikkel has been found. He is on the verge of tears and tries to tell her something, but Charlotte is interrupted and hangs up. The anxious Peter recites the Serenity Prayer to himself. The search team have found a child's body in the forest, buried under twigs. Ulrich hears this statement from his police radio and rushes to the scene. He cries into Charlotte's shoulder, before unburying the body. It is a boy with charred eyes and ears and a Walkman beside him, dressed in 1980s clothing. Ulrich announces that it isn't Mikkel.

Elsewhere[edit | edit source]

The hooded man ties Erik Obendorf to the chair.

As another 1980s song plays on the TV in the nursery, Erik is tied to the chair with leather straps by a cloaked person. The teenager isn't resisting, but he is visibly terrified. The captor places a coin attached to a red cord around Erik's neck before closing the headpiece over his eyes.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Narrator: We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion.Yesterday, today, tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected.     
  • Hannah: Ulrich, I love you.
    [Hannah kisses Ulrich]
    Ulrich: You're beautiful.     
  • Jonas: I still see him.
    Peter: In your dreams? Why do you think you see him?
    Jonas: As my therapist, shouldn't you be telling me?
  • Jonas: I think he's trying to tell me something. Or maybe I just want him to tell me something.
    Peter: What do you think it might be?
    [Jonas stops in his tracks, and so does Peter]
    Jonas: What do I think it might be? Why? Why he left? Why like that? [Shouting] Why he fucking hanged himself? And why he didn't leave a word? Nothing to explain this fucking crap!
  • [Ulrich arrives home]
    Katharina: Ulrich! Why did it take so long?
    Ulrich: First day of school. A huge line at the bakery. The Apocalypse is upon us.
  • [Mikkel places a pawn inside one of his two upside-down cups. He taps the two of them and lifts them up, revealing that the pawn has teleported from one to the other]
    Ulrich: Amazing! How did you do that?
    Mikkel: Dad, the question isn't how, the question is when.
  • Charlotte: Why are you so certain Erik ran away?
    Ulrich: This is Winden. Nothing ever happens here.
    Charlotte: But that hasn't always been the case.
    Ulrich: [Insisting] This has nothing to do with my brother. Not a thing.
    [Ulrich was about to leave the office until Charlotte remembers something]
    Charlotte: Oh your mother called the emergency number again this morning. Maybe you should pay her a visit.
    Ulrich: Do you ever wonder where you took a wrong turn? Where your life becomes the exact opposite of what you always wanted it to be?
    [Ulrich closes the door, not interested in an answer]
  • Franziska: A black hole forms when the centre of a star collapses into itself after a supernova explosion. Even new neutron matter cannot prevent the collapse.
  • Jana: This business with that missing Erik—like your brother, back then. Everything's repeating itself. Everything is just like it was 33 years ago.
  • Helge: It's going to happen again.
  • Aleksander: In a year, everything here is meant to come to an end. Nearly 33 years ago to the day when I came to Winden. I never thought it would end like this. But there's a time for everything.
    Hannah: [Sombrely] Yes. There's a time for everything.
  • Martha: I think I'm having déjà vu. The light, the forest. As if all of this has happened before.
    Jonas: [Joshing] A glitch in the matrix.
    Martha: What?
    Jonas: If the world is a simulation, deja vu is a glitch in the matrix.
    Martha: Or a message from the other side.
  • Katharina: The important thing is that we stick together. That we stick together.
    Regina: The most important thing is not to blow this out of proportion, or we'll have the press in town in a few days.
    Katharina: We know that doesn't quite fit in with your plans, Regina.
    Regina: If you mean my hotel, this isn't about that at all.
    Katharina: No? What is it about then?
    Regina: It's about our town.
    Katharina: Wrong. This is about a missing child.
    Regina: Who probably just ran away. You just heard it yourself. Maybe you should just worry about your own problems.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Mysteries[edit | edit source]

  • Who created the wall of photographs in the cellar and who is the narrator?
  • Why did Michael Kahnwald hang himself?
  • What did Michael's suicide letter say and why could it not be opened before November 4, 10:13 P.M.?
  • How did Erik Obendorf disappear?
  • Who is the hooded person appearing in the Winden Caves and holding Erik captive?
  • What happened to Ulrich Nielsen's brother Mads?
  • What was the figure with a big head which Jana Nielsen saw in the forest?
  • Where did the Raider wrapper Jana found in the forest come from?
  • What is Helge Doppler referring to when he says “It's going to happen again”?
  • Why does Helge have a crushed left ear?
  • What room is Erik in, why is an ‘80s music video playing on the TV and what is the chair/machine in the centre of the room?
  • Why does Aleksander Tiedemann have a scar on his back?
  • What were the noises from the caves and who did the kids hear in the forest?
  • Why did their flashlights start to flicker?
  • How did Mikkel Nielsen disappear?
  • Why did Peter Doppler seem so distraught and what did he want to tell Charlotte Doppler?
  • Who was the boy found in the forest? Why were his eyes charred and why did he have a Walkman?
  • Why was a coin attached to a red string placed around Erik's neck?

Themes and Motifs[edit | edit source]

Time[edit | edit source]

  • The dates featured in this episode are:
    • June 21, 2019.
    • November 4, 2019.
    • November 5, 2019.
  • The narrator in the intro says that time is not linear and everything is connected in a never-ending circle.
  • A clock is heard ticking in the background as Michael hangs himself.
  • Plans to erect the Winden Nuclear Power Plant is dated back to 1953, but construction was first authorised in 1960 after the Atomic Energy Act was passed. It would be closed in 2020.
  • Jonas Kahnwald has been in secret therapy for 2 months.
  • When Ulrich asks how Mikkel did his trick, Mikkel responds: “The question is not how, the question is when.”
  • Erik has been missing for 13 days, meaning that he disappeared in October 22, 2019.
  • Hannah Kahnwald says scars can see into the future, so to speak, as they harden when it's about to rain.
  • Michael's suicide letter is not meant to be opened until 10:13 PM, the time of Mikkel's disappearance.

Time Travel[edit | edit source]

Determinism[edit | edit source]

  • Jonas' trauma is the result of his father's suicide.
  • Michael Kahnwald leaves behind a suicide note with instructions not to open it before November 4, at 10:13 PM, motivating Ines to follow the deadline.
  • Helge was disturbed at the fact that Mikkel was going to disappear.
  • Jonas' visions prevented him from finding Mikkel.
  • Mikkel's disappearance sets the depression of the 2019 Nielsen family.
  • Peter recites the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Colors[edit | edit source]

  • Jonas wears a yellow raincoat.
  • One of the cups in Mikkel's truck is yellow, and so is the figure he moves for his magic trick.
  • Erik wears a red jacket.
  • In Jana's (who's wearing blue} gray kitchen, there are yellow lemons on the table and a yellow coffee can on the counter.
  • The wallpaper in Waldhotel Winden is red.
  • At the nuclear power plant, the workers' hardhats are yellow, and so is Aleksander's massage bench.
  • The boy found in the forest has a red Walkman with a yellow cassette tape.
  • A coin on a red cord is placed around Erik's neck before the machine is started.

Historic Recurrences[edit | edit source]

  • Jana compared Erik's disappearance to Mads's disappearance 33 years ago, in 1986, and says everything is repeating itself.
  • Helge Doppler repeats the phrase “It's going to happen again” to himself.
  • Martha Nielsen experiences déjà vu (a feeling that this event has happened before) in the forest. Jonas says if the world is a simulation, déjà vu is a glitch in the matrix and Martha says it could be a message from the other side.

Religion and Mythology[edit | edit source]

  • Ines Kahnwald wears a cross pendant.
  • Peter recites the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Foxes[edit | edit source]

  • The wallpaper in the room in which Erik is held is decorated with foxes.
  • In the Doppler family photo, the young girl (Elisabeth Doppler) is wearing a fox beanie.

Observations[edit | edit source]

  • The medication Jonas takes is Amitriptyline forte, a tricyclic antidepressant.
  • Jonas shows some facial expressions during the morning breakfast which imply that he's aware of his mom's affair with Ulrich.
  • Ulrich seems to have complex feelings towards both Hannah and Katharina. He's having an affair with the former but doesn't reciprocate when she says that she loves him.
  • There are two thin forest roads that fit bicycles: one made from concrete, and one makeshift version with only dirt.
  • Hannah has ripped her mother-in-law, Ines, out of the family photo. She and Jonas are living in her house. The power constantly goes off and food in the fridge spoils. Ines has not seen them in 3 months.
  • Michael/Hannah and Ines have different versions of the family photo. In Michael/Hannah's photo, the family is smiling and looking cheerful, while in Ines' photo, their expressions are stern and serious.
  • At the Kahnwald home, the family photo members are smiling, but in Ines' version, they all appear to be mature.
  • There are 21 keys to the rooms in the Winden Forest Hotel. The only key used is to room #8.
  • Erik appears to be trapped in a basement.
  • Two things are mentioned as happening 33 years ago: Mads Nielsen disappeared and Aleksander Tiedemann came to Winden.
  • A meeting is held at the school to discuss Erik's disappearance and the usual babysitter is sick, so Magnus Nielsen has to take care of Mikkel and brings him to the caves.
  • Ulrich wasn't visiting his mother that often.
  • Mikkel and Jonas seem happy to see each other, and have an "Ultimate fist bump". By contrast, Magnus and Bartosz hit the back of his head and say "what's this idiot doing here?" The other kids run from the caves without any concern for Mikkel. Jonas takes Mikkel by the hand.
  • Jonas gets vibes from seeing the power plant, foreshadowing how the plant is related to the main situation.
  • Bartosz Tiedemann also shoves Franziska to take the drugs she found first. He takes what he wants, including Martha while Jonas his friend is away having therapy.
  • Mikkel says kids in his class are saying someone kidnapped Erik and locked him in a basement. which was essentially what did happen. He also talks about never being found (as happened to them both).
  • Tensions appear to exist between Regina Tiedemann and Katharina Nielsen.
  • Jonas seems despondent following Mikkel's disappearance after losing him and his depression appears to have worsened.
  • The dead boy that Charlotte and Ulrich found wears clothing from the 1980s.

Cultural References[edit | edit source]

  • Raider Chocolate Bar: Jana found a Raider chocolate bar wrapper in the forest and claims Mads loved these. Raider was known outside Germany and Austria as Twix, and renamed as such in 1991.
  • The Matrix: When Martha experiences déjà vu, Jonas jokes that if the world was a simulation, it would be a glitch in the matrix. The Matrix is a science fiction film franchise in which the titular matrix is a simulated virtual reality construct of the world, and the experience of déjà vu is caused by a bug.
  • Hansel and Gretel: When Mikkel says Erik might be kidnapped and locked in a basement, he asks why someone would do such a thing. Bartosz says it's like the witch in Hansel and Gretel; when she gets hungry, she has something to eat. Hansel and Gretel is a German fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm.   

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "Goodbye" by Apparat
    The opening song.
  • "Partita: III. Courante" by Roomfull of Teeth
    Ines looking at the letter in the morning.
  • "Rücklauf" by Marathonmann
    The Nielsen family is introduced.
  • "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive
    Music video playing on TV in the room where Erik Obendorf is held.
  • "4 Pieces: Number 3, Courante" by Roomful of Teeth
    Ines reads the letter.
  • "Nightfall" by Mimi Page
    Montage as Ines puts away the letter, the police head into the forest, and the parents meet their children at the railroad bridge.
  • "Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann" by Nena
    Music video playing on TV in the room where Erik Obendorf is held.

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