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"Dad, the question isn't how, the question is when."
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The First Season of Dark premiered on December 1, 2017 on Netflix.


Netflix confirmed in February 2016 that it would produce its first German-language series with Who Am I? director Baran bo Odar and the producers behind foreign-language Oscar winner The Lives of Others.

The series, entitled Dark, is described as a mysterious saga following four families living in a small German town. Their idyllic life is torn apart when two children mysteriously disappear and the families' dark secrets begin to come to the surface.

Jantje Friese, who co-wrote Odar's cyber-thriller Who am I? penned the screenplay for the series.

Netflix made a 10-episode order for Dark, which began production in 2016 and was released to Netflix subscribers worldwide in 2017. Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann and Justyna Müsch were producers.

“Dark is an incredible German story that will appeal to a global audience.” said Erik Barmack, VP international originals at Netflix. “Bo and Jantje are creative talents that have developed great projects in both Berlin and Hollywood, and we are thrilled to be working with them on our first original series entirely authored, beautifully shot and produced in Germany.”[1]


Main Cast[]

Recurring and Guest Cast[]


# Title Director Writers
1 "Secrets" Baran bo Odar Jantje Friese & Baran bo Odar
2 "Lies" Jantje Friese & Ronny Schalk
3 "Past and Present" Jantje Friese & Marc O. Seng
4 "Double Lives" Martin Behnke & Jantje Friese
5 "Truths" Martin Behnke & Jantje Friese
6 "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" Jantje Friese & Ronny Schalk
7 "Crossroads" Jantje Friese & Marc O. Seng
8 "As You Sow, so You Shall Reap" Martin Behnke & Jantje Friese
9 "Everything Is Now" Jantje Friese & Marc O. Seng
10 "Alpha and Omega" Jantje Friese & Ronny Schalk


  • Netflix greenlit the series for a single season consisting of 10 episodes on February 24, 2016.[1]
  • Principal photography began on October 18, 2016 and ended during March of 2017 in Berlin and the surrounding area.[2]



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