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For the version from Eva's World, see Regina Tiedemann
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Regina Tiedemann is the daughter of Claudia Tiedemann and Bernd Doppler and the owner of the troubled Waldhotel Winden in the town of Winden. She is married to Aleksander Tiedemann, with whom she has a son, Bartosz Tiedemann. In the fall of 2019 she is diagnosed with cancer.



Regina Tiedemann was born August 1, 1971.[1] Her mother would raise her as a single mother, never revealing to anyone who her father was, not even to Regina.[2] Many suspected that it was Tronte Nielsen, the object of a long-term affair. Even Tronte himself would come to believe this,[3] but it was always a ruse. In reality, it was Bernd Doppler, long-time director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant.[3]


In 1986, teenaged Regina is something of a quiet, anxious loner who self-harms. Her mother Claudia Tiedemann, the confident new director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, criticizes her constantly and does not show her love and acceptance.[4]

She has been a target of bullies at high school, specifically Ulrich Nielsen and Katharina Albers.[5][6]


One night in the middle of summer, Ulrich and Katharina tie Regina up to a tree in the forest as their form of a prank. She struggles, calling for them, but no one answers. When she hears harsh noises coming out of the cave, she screams.[5] They do not leave her out there the whole night.[7]

October 9[]

In the evening, after their fencing lesson together, Mads Nielsen walks Regina home through the woods. Mads knows she cannot do it alone after what Ulrich and Katharina did.[5] She is the last person to see him alive.[8] Unbeknownst to her until time to come, Mads would go missing and ultimately never be found officially.[9]

November 5[]

Regina's mother berates her in the car ride to school and Claudia's first day as director of the nuclear power plant. She accuses Regina of not appreciating all she does for her, and then compares her appearance to a limp dish rag. Regina says nothing.

That evening, Regina returns home from school. She calls for her mother but receives only silence. She listens to a message on the answering machine from her mother saying she will be home late and to heat up a pizza. Regina slides up the sleeve of her sweater to inspect the cuts on her left arm sadly. Later that night, she scrutinizes herself naked in the mirror.[5]

November 9[]

In the morning Regina is sitting alone in the hallway at school listening to music (on a Sunday for some reason). Suddenly a strange boy approaches her and asks her the date. She tells him the eighth of November. He inquires the year. She says it's '86. Looking almost as though this were new information, the boy thanks her and makes to walk off. She stands up quickly and stops him, asking if he's looking for someone. He says he's looking for a friend, Michael Kahnwald. Regina hasn't heard of any such person. The boy say he's Ines Kahnwald's son, but Ines Kahnwald doesn't have any children. When asked she informs him he would probably find Ines at the hospital. The bell sounds and the halls flood with students. Regina quickly bids goodbye to the boy before a girl knocks into her and calls her "four eyes".

Unbeknownst to her, that strange boy was in fact Jonas Kahnwald, the best friend of her future son, who time traveled there from the year 2019.[6]

November 11[]

After Hannah Krüger falsely reports Ulrich to the Winden Police, accusing him of raping Katharina, she then raises the idea to Katharina that it could have been Regina who made the statement, considering Egon Tiedemann, the police officer who heard the accusation, is her grandfather.

Later that day, as Regina is walking home through the woods, Katharina confronts her. She accuses her of feeding her grandfather "bullshit", asking if what she did was revenge for the summer. Katharina reveals that her mother gave her a black eye in response to whatever Regina did. Ulrich behind her seems reluctant to participate in the bullying. A mysterious teenage boy appears out of the forest and approaches them, demanding Katharina stop. Katharina dismisses the stranger but he pulls a gun on them. After he threatens their lives, Ulrich and Katharina leave the scene.

The boy falls to the ground. He reveals himself to be shot in the shoulder. Regina offers to bring him to the hospital, but he refuses that. When she offers to do it herself at her home, he accepts. He introduces himself as Aleksander Köhler.

Regina sends Aleksander to the power plant to see if her mother, Claudia, the newly appointed director, will give him a job. Aleksander gets the job.

At night in her bedroom, Regina attempts to comb her normally bushy hair straight.[7]


June 23[]

Early in the morning Claudia suggests that Regina skip school that day so that they can spend the day together. Regina, however, says she has an exam and swimming. Claudia hugs her and compliments her hair. Looking uncomfortable, Regina says she has no time and has to go.

Later in the day she hangs out in the woods with Aleksander. She laments about her mother's absence in her life. When she says she doesn't think Claudia has told her she loves, Aleksander says he does. They kiss.[10]

June 26[]

Her mother Claudia Tiedemann disappears in the night, the same night Regina's grandfather is found dead in his apartment. Regina is subsequently left alone (with her mother's dog Gretchen), with Aleksander being the only person with her.[11]

September 22[]

Tronte gives Regina a ride

Tronte was sure to let Regina know he was there for her when he offered her a ride.

Tronte drives around but stops when he sees young Regina sitting with Gretchen at a bus stop. Tronte asks if that was her dog, but Regina mentions it was her mother's. Tronte offers her a ride and opens the door to his car, which Regina accepts. Inside, Tronte cannot stop looking at the dog, which he mentions looks just like Gretchen. Regina assumes that is why Claudia kept the dog and asks if Tronte thinks everything is connected. Tronte says he does not know but asks if Claudia ever mentioned an old lady before she vanished or if she said anything about him, but Regina says that she had not. Regina asks for Tronte to stop and let her walk the rest of the way. Before she leaves, Tronte offers his help if she ever needed it.


August 8[]

Regina and Aleksander get married. Aleksander takes her surname, ostensibly to keep the Tiedemann name alive.[12]


In 2019, Regina renovates the Doppler mansion into Waldhotel Winden, inaugurating it as a hotel for visitors. The Windener Tageblatt reports on its opening on June 20.[12] Later in the year, after Erik Obendorf and then Mikkel Nielsen disappear, business comes to a near halt.[9]

November 4[]

Regina argues with a banker who will not allow her and her husband extended time to repay their loans. She hangs up exasperated.

That night she attends the town meeting concerning the missing Erik Obendorf. Regina minimizes the likelihood that anything amiss happened to him, referring to statistics put forward by chief of police Charlotte Doppler (Charlotte quickly tries to interrupt to explain the nature of statistics). Regina then advises Katharina Nielsen, who is overseeing this meeting, to worry about her own problems. Katharina doesn't understand her.

The elderly Helge Doppler then storms into the gymnasium, ranting that "It's going to happen again!" Charlotte approaches her father-in-law and ushers him out of the hall to take him back. Shortly thereafter, several of the parents in the room receive calls. Regina's is from her son Bartosz.

Regina, alongside Ulrich, Charlotte, and Hannah Kahnwald, arrive at the bridge where their kids are gathered. Ulrich's eleven-year-old son Mikkel has gone missing.[9]

November 5[]

In the morning a stranger arrives in her hotel. He looks like a homeless person. When he requests a room, Regina is happy to place him in room 8.[13]

November 7[]

The strange sole occupant of Waldhotel Winden comes to the front desk where Regina is stationed. He requests that she deliver a package to him and that being important it be delivered by that evening. He assures her that he is not leaving and will return in a few days. Regina obliges his request. She sees that the package is marked for Jonas Kahnwald.[14]

November 8[]

In the morning at home, Regina opens a letter from the mammography screening center. She learns that she does in fact have breast cancer.

In the afternoon at work, she tries to call Aleksander, but he does not answer.

Later in the day Ulrich enters her hotel. He asks her about Mads, if there was anything at all off about him on the day he went missing. Regina shakes her head. He asks if she knew about the affair between their parents, his father and her mother. She is well aware of that. Regina reflects on how Mads was the only person she knew who would not speak a bad word about a person. She has long thought it should have been Ulrich who was taken rather than Mads, but there's no justice in the world. She notes the absurdity of the idea that the only reason why Mads went missing might have been because he had accompanied her home through the woods earlier because of what Ulrich and Katharina did to her the summer before.

Ulrich dismisses the stunt as child's games, which Regina reminds him he still has not apologized for. Ulrich scoffs at the thought, believing Regina always to portray herself as the poor, innocent victim. He then accuses her of telling Egon Tiedemann that he raped Katharina. Regina, shocked, asks him if that is what he has always thought. Confounded, Ulrich explains how it was Hannah who saw Regina tell her grandfather. Regina smiles at this, musing at the memory of a fourteen-year-old Hannah Krüger who would have done anything to be with Ulrich. She remarks how some things never change. Ulrich departs without another word.

That night, Regina waits in the parking lot while Bartosz attends a school play. Aleksander calls asking when she will be home. He reminds her that he is there for her "no matter what". They share their love and then hang up.

After the play, Regina confronts Katharina in the school as she's leaving with Martha. Having heard Katharina's radio interview in which she described the town as "sick", Regina suggests that if she doesn't like it here she simply leave. Katharina drops her bag and begins pummeling Regina. She doesn't stop until Magnus comes inside and pulls her off. Regina tells the teenagers that that is who their mother truly is and then calls to Katharina that she tell them what happened "back then". The three leave the school.[5]

November 11[]

While Regina is vacuuming the halls of the hotel she enters room number 8. Turning on the light she discovers that the walls are covered in endless papers, charts, and other research material. A three-pointed shape on the wall contains the years 1953, 1986, and 2019.[7]


June 21[]

Regina, pale and having lost hair as a result of her cancer treatment is visited by her doctor. He tells her he is worried about her lab results and suggests she be admitted to the hospital, but she insists on staying at home. The doctor agrees to wait until additional test results come in, but warns that she may need to resume chemotherapy.[15]

June 22[]

She is interviewed by Charlotte and Clausen, the new investigator assigned to the case of the missing persons. Clausen asks Regina why Ulrich visited the hotel the day before he disappeared. She tells him he asked about Mads's disappearance, she being the last one to see him alive. He then asks why her husband took her last name. She asks what that has to do with the matter at hand. When Clausen senses that there is more to learn, she tells him about the stranger who asked for a room, but never returned, leaving behind many papers on the wall which she shows him, also asking her to deliver a package to Jonas.[16]

June 27[]

Bartosz asks his mother about his grandmother, telling her that she had come to visit the previous fall. Regina is startled to hear of this. Bartosz hands her a photo of Claudia and Regina from 1986, and tells her that Claudia said she was sorry—and if she could turn back time, she would have done things differently. Regina is moved to tears. Bartosz kisses her tenderly, then excuses himself, promising to return, without answering when she asks where he is going.

Alone at home, Regina is on the phone with the police, pleading for Aleksander's release, or to be able to visit him, but gets nowhere. Suddenly, Claudia Tiedemann appears at the door looking the exact same age she did when she disappeared from Regina's life in 1987. Claudia tells her not to be afraid, quite unsuccessfully. Claudia apologizes for how she left and asks Regina to come with her now. Regina bursts into tears as Claudia embraces her. They go to the bunker to join Peter Doppler and his daughter Elisabeth. Peter realizes Claudia is the white devil from the picture there. Claudia stares at it strangely. They are later joined by young Noah.[17]

September 22[]

Following the apocalypse, Claudia and Regina have been staying in the old police station. Claudia returns to the station as a radio mentions scientists are looking for an explanation for what happened on the day of the apocalypses. She turns the radio off, and grabs pills from her backpack, which she gives to Regina, asking how she was doing. When Claudia turns around, Regina inquired as to why, but Claudia simply responds that she would be back before the sun went down.

Tronte asphyxiates Regina

Having been told it was the only way, Tronte asphyxiated Regina.

Regina is startled awake by a loud noise. She looks up and asks a figure approaching her if it is her mother. However, who removes the hood reveals himself to be Tronte Nielsen, who touches her hand. Regina asks what brought him there before Tronte apologizes for what has to happen. Regina is confused, as Tronte takes Regina's pillow and mentions that "she" told him that it was the only way to save her. He covers Regina's face with the pillow, asphyxiating her. Claudia finds her daughter's corpse later that day.[2]

September 25[]

Claudia digs a grave for Regina in the woods and buries her. She marks the spot with a cross engraved with Regina's name.[18]


An older Claudia brings Tronte to Regina's grave in the far future. She reveals to him that he was not in fact her father. He says he always thought he was. Claudia assures him that it is better this way, because then Regina is not part of the knot: When the knot is finally broken, she will live. She instructs him to "do it quickly" so that Regina does not suffer. It will be a mercy: Dying of cancer in a post-apocalyptic world is no life to live. She says that Regina must die, so that her younger self, and she today, will move heaven and earth to prevent it.[3]

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