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Regina Tiedemann is the daughter of Claudia Tiedemann and Bernd Doppler and the owner of the troubled Waldhotel Winden in the town of Winden. She is married to Aleksander Tiedemann, with whom she has a son, Bartosz Tiedemann. She is currently suffering from cancer.

History Edit

1986 Edit

In 1986, teenaged Regina was something of a quiet, anxious loner, who self-harmed. Her mother, the confident new director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, criticized her constantly and did not show her love and acceptance. Although Tronte Nielsen is commonly believed to be her father, it is revealed in S3 Ep:8 The Paradise that her father is actually Bernd Doppler.

She was a target of bullies at the high school; and once Ulrich Nielsen and his girlfriend Katharina Nielsen tied her up in the forest at night as a prank; she was found by Ulrich's younger brother, Mads Nielsen, who escorted her out of the forest. She blames Ulrich for Mads' disappearance.

Later, Hannah Kahnwald falsely reported Ulrich to the Winden Police, accusing him of raping Katharina. Hannah then told Katharina that it was Regina who had made the statement, prompting Katharina and Ulrich to attack her when they encountered one another in the forest. A mysterious teenage boy pulls a gun on them, and Regina offers to help him. He gives his name as Aleksander Köhler.

Regina sends Aleksander to the power plant to see if her mother, Claudia, the newly appointed director, will give him a job. Aleksander gets the job.

September 22 Edit

Tronte gives Regina a ride

Tronte was sure to let Regina know he was there for her when he offered her a ride.

Tronte drives around but stops when he sees young Regina sitting with Gretchen at a bus stop. Tronte asks if that was her dog, but Regina mentions it was her mother's. Tronte offers her a ride and opens the door to his car, which Regina accepts. Inside, Tronte cannot stop looking at the dog, which he mentions looks just like Gretchen. Regina assumes that is why Claudia had kept the dog, and asks if Tronte thinks everything is connected. Tronte says he does not know but asks if Claudia ever mentioned an old lady before she vanished or if she said anything about him, but Regina says that she had not. Regina asked for Tronte to stop, and let her walk the rest of the way. Before she left, Tronte offered his help if she ever needed it.

1987 Edit

When Claudia looks at the time machine she dug up she suggests that Regina skip school that day so that they can spend the day together. Regina, however, says she has an exam and swimming. Claudia hugs her and compliments her hair. Regina says she has no time and has to go.

2019 Edit

In 2019, Regina receives a medical report indicating that she has been diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. She also gets into a late conflict with Katharina.

2020 Edit

Regina, pale and having lost hair as a result of her cancer treatment is visited by her doctor. He tells her he is worried about her lab results and suggests she be admitted to the hospital, but she insists on staying at home. The doctor agrees to wait until additional test results come in, but warns that she may need to resume chemotherapy.

She is interviewed by Charlotte and Clausen, who asks Regina why Ulrich visited the hotel the day he disappeared. She tells him he asked about Mads' disappearance, she being the last one to see him alive. He then asks why her husband took her last name. She asks what that has to do with this. She tells him about the stranger who asked for a room, but never returned, leaving behind many papers on the wall which she shows him, also asking her to deliver a package to Jonas.

June 27 Edit

Bartosz asks his mother about his grandmother, telling her that she had come to visit the previous fall. Regina is startled to hear of this. Bartosz hands her a photo of Claudia and Regina from 1986, and tells her that Claudia had said she was sorry—and if she could turn back time, she would have done things differently. Regina is moved to tears. Bartosz kisses her tenderly, then excuses himself, promising to return, without answering when she asks where he is going.

Alone at home, Regina is on the phone with the police, pleading for Aleksander's release, or to be able to visit him, but gets nowhere. Suddenly, 1987 Claudia appears at the door, telling her not to be afraid, quite unsuccessfully. Claudia apologizes for how she left and asks Regina to come with her now. Regina bursts into tears as Claudia embraces her. They go to the bunker to join Peter and Elisabeth. Peter realizes Claudia is the white devil from the picture there. Claudia stares at it strangely. They are later joined by young Noah.

September 22 Edit

Middle-aged Claudia Tiedemann removes a wooden stick blocking the entrance to the police station as a radio mentions scientists are looking for an explanation for what happened on the day of the apolcalypse. She turns the radio off, and grabs pills from her backpack, which she gives to Regina, asking how she was doing. When Claudia turns around, Regina inquired as to why, but Claudia simply responds that she would be back before the sun went down.

Tronte asphyxiates Regina

Having been told it was the only way, Tronte asphyxiated Regina.

Regina is startled awake by a loud noise. She looks up and asks a figure approaching her if she is her mother. However, who removes the hood reveals himself to be Tronte, who touches her hand. Regina asks what brought him there before Tronte apologizes for what has to happen. Regina is confused, as Tronte takes Regina's pillow and mentions that someone told her that it was the only way to save her. He covers Regina's face with the pillow, asphyxiating her.

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