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Secrets 1.1[]

  • "We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected."
H.G. Tannhaus

Lies 1.2[]

  • "Whatever happens, you'll tell me the truth. Don't lie to me. Whatever it is."
Katharina Nielsen to Ulrich Nielsen

Past and Present 1.3[]

  • "November 5, 1986. After the mysterious disappearance of an 11-year-old boy in Winden over four weeks ago, criticism of local investigators is growing even louder. The circumstances of the case are puzzling. Despite an extensive search, Winden Police have been unable to find a single piece of useful evidence. The police are therefore continuing to ask for the public's assistance. The chemical plant fire in Switzerland is doing damage to local waterways. Toxic chemicals are entering the Rhine..."
―Radio Spokesman 1986
  • "In times like these... one must... face one's own fears. Because the future… the future belongs to the bold, not to the doubters, those forever stuck in the past. Would you look at yourself? You can't go to school like this. Sometimes I think you have no idea what it is I do. Food, clothes, fencing classes. Who pays for all that? And you can't even bother combing your hair. Look at yourself. You look like a limp dishrag. Hey, Regina, I'm talking to you. This is a huge deal for me, and I won't let you spoil it. The board's decision to entrust this post to a woman for the first time..."
Claudia Tiedemann 1986 to Regina Tiedemann 1986
  1. "Hey! I miss you." "I thought we talked about this."
  2. "You can't just leave me hanging like this. Claudia, I need you! I'm going stir crazy at home. Jana loses it more and more and I..."
  3. "I want you to go now."
  4. "Tonight? Please.""Maybe."
  5. Tronte Nielsen 1986 and Claudia Tiedemann 1986
  6. ""My only aim is to take many lives. The more, the better I feel." Why do you listen to such stuff?"
Egon Tiedemann 1986 to Ulrich Nielsen 1986.
  1. "Have we been drinking again?"
  2. "Beg your pardon?"
  3. "I asked if you've been drinking again?"
  4. "Who do you think you are? I want us to find your brother as badly as you do."
Ulrich Nielsen 1986 and Egon Tiedemann 1986
  • "If you'd stop drinking your brain to mush, then Mads might be back by now."
Ulrich Nielsen 1986 to Egon Tiedemann 1986
  • "There are things that are worth knowing and things worth not knowing, because you can't change them anyway."
Bernd Doppler 1986 to Claudia Tiedemann 1986
  1. "Do you know what has changed since Chernobyl? People have lost faith. In us, in nuclear power. They saw the images. And they can't get them out of their heads. But fear is the worst enemy of progress." "So?"
  2. "How many people around here rely on this plant for their livelihood?"
  3. "We have 612 employees, excluding..."
  4. "Everyone! And when you take over this job tomorrow, you'll be taking on responsibility for the nuclear power plant, but you'll also be taking responsibility for the entire town. And now tell me I wasn't wrong about you."
  5. "All the more reason for me to know just what this means."
Bernd Doppler 1986 and Claudia Tiedemann 1986
  • "What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean."
Bernd Doppler 1986 to Claudia Tiedemann 1986
  1. "Is this the Apocalypse?"
  2. "A bit disappointing."
  3. "I imagined it being louder. More glaring."
Hannah Kahnwald 1986 and Ulrich Nielsen 1986
  1. "If the world ended today, and everything started anew, what would you wish for?"
  2. "Easy. A world without Winden."
  3. "To a world without Winden."
  4. "To a world without Winden."
  5. "I don't think Winden is going to give up that easily."
  6. "Well, maybe next time."
Hannah Kahnwald 1986 and Ulrich Nielsen 1986

Double Lives 1.4[]

  • "Black holes are considered to be the hellmouths of the universe. Those who fall inside disappear, forever. But whereto? What lies behind a black hole? Along with things, do space and time also vanish there? Or would space and time be tied together and be part of an endless cycle? What if everything that came from the past was influenced by the future?"
  • "I don't like Mikkel. He's a show-off and a jerk. I don't really care if he ever comes back."
Elisabeth Doppler to Charlotte Doppler
  • "Symmetry is a special kind of doubling. The repetition is mirrored along a central axis. So, the repetition begins at an imaginary centre point and branches off in two opposing directions. There are several encrypted references to later events in the novel. Ottilie's starvation, for example, is referenced in the third chapter of part one, as her "excessive abstemiousness in eating and drinking." This reference is again repeated later."
  1. "Everything okay with you?"
  2. "Yeah... No. I've seen spots like that on feathers before. Thirty-three years ago. As if all this has happened before. The children, the birds... Somehow it's all connected. I just don't know how."
―Pathologist Edda Heimann and Charlotte Doppler
  1. "Why do you have so much money? Are you dealing drugs? Is that why you were at the caves?"
  2. "How I earn my money is none of your damn business."
  3. "What are you going to do with it?"
  4. "What am I going to do with it? I'm getting out of this phoney shithole. Behind everyone's friendly smile there's nothing but lies."
  5. "You're no different. You pretend to be the straight-A student, but that's not you. Maybe you should start telling the truth."
  6. "You want the truth? Fine. My parents have slept in different beds for over a year. My mom found out that Dad's actually into dicks. Their marriage is over, but no one will say it. Instead, this big fat secret is always with us at the table. It eats our bread rolls, the butter and the homemade jam. It gets fatter and fatter, until there's no space left in the room. Until you can't breathe."
Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler
  1. "You made me a promise a year ago. If there's anything at all you want to tell me..."
  2. "Hey, I really have to get going or else I'll be late."
Charlotte and Peter Doppler
  1. "I want to know who gave this to you."
  2. "Noah."
  3. "Who is Noah?"
  4. "He said it used to belong to you."
Charlotte and Elisabeth Doppler
  • "We're searching for Ariadne's thread, the one meant to guide us along the right path—a beacon in the darkness. We'd love to know our fate, where we're headed. But the truth is that there is but one path through all times, predetermined by the beginning and by the end—which is also the beginning."

Truths 1.5[]

  1. "My father says religion is the brainwashing of the masses."
  2. "I'm sure your father knows a lot, but he doesn't know everything. It's good that he raised you to question things. But every now and then, it's good to question those who question things. God has a plan for every human being. Including you."
Mikkel Nielsen and Noah
  1. "Do you know why I became a policeman? When my brother vanished back then, they made every mistake in the book. The chief investigator was a drunken moron. And I... I swore I'd do everything differently. That I'd do things right. That I wouldn't become an incompetent asshole pig like him. That was 33 years ago. And now look at me. I'm a joke. I cheat on my wife. My son has vanished. I can't do anything. Thirty-three years. Everything is the same. Just that now I'm the incompetent asshole."
  2. "Have you ever heard of the 33-year cycle? Our calendars are wrong, a year isn't 365 days long. We're always a bit "out of sync" so to speak. But every 33 years everything is just like it was. The stars, the planets, the whole universe returns to the exact same position. The lunar-solar cycle. My grandpa was obsessed with such things, the Big Bang and the Big Crunch. Nietzsche's eternal recurrence. When I was little, I always felt that something was wrong with Winden. I have that same feeling again — that everything's repeating, that this has all happened before. Like a massive déjà vu."
Ulrich Nielsen and Charlotte Doppler
  1. "Do we know each other?"
  2. "No. But I knew your father. It was a long time ago, but I remember him well. He saved my life back then. But I only understood that much later. Life is a labyrinth. Some people wander around their whole lives looking for a way out, but there's only one path and it leads you even deeper. You don't understand it until you've reached the center. Death is incomprehensible, but you can make peace with it. Till then you should ask yourself each day if you've made the right decisions."
Jonas Kahnwald and The Stranger
  • "There is no such thing as magic, just illusion. Things only change when we change them. But you have to do it skillfully, in secret. Then it seems like magic."
Mikkel Nielsen to Hannah Kahnwald 1986
  • "My mother told me about the old world. Before the flood. She said it had been of a different kind. Foul. She would braid my hair and recount harrowing tales, of my father and of demons from the underworlds. She said all is forgiven but nothing forgotten. Then the darkness in her eyes was greater than usual. And her words flowed like waves. She said all was well now the way it was. That all occupied its own space, in the past as here and now. When she spoke of this manner, something would overcome her. She would pull my braids tightly as if to punish me for something that dwelled in a place deep within her. Something that tugged at her from the centre, like a hunger that could not be satisfied. She spoke of yesterday as though it were before her very eyes as if today was but a veil that shrouded in shadow all that was real to her. The old world came to haunt her, like a ghost that whispered to her in a dream how to erect the new world, stone by stone. From then on, I knew that nothing changes. that all things remain as before. The spinning wheel turns, round and round in a circle, one fate tied to the next."
Martha Nielsen acting as Ariadne
  • "Dear Jonas, By the time you read this everything will have happened, irrecoverably. It can no longer be changed. I would have liked to explain things to you sooner, but I hope once you understand how everything is connected, you will understand my decision. The truth is a strange thing. You can try to suppress it, but it will always find its way back to the surface. We make a lie into our truth in order to survive. We try to forget. Until we can't anymore. We don't know even half of the mysteries of this world. We are wanderers in the darkness. This is my truth. On November 4, 2019 I traveled through time to the year 1986. The boy from the future stayed. And in time he became a man. Mikkel became Michael, who never knew where he belonged. By the time you read this I'll already be gone. Both as a boy and as a man. I hope you can forgive me. Everything is connected. –– Mikkel / Michael"
Michael Kahnwald's suicide letter

Sic Mundus Creatus Est 1.6[]

  • "One dead boy... three missing children. We're widening the search. I want you to knock on every door. Start with the residential areas close to where the children were last seen. I want you to question everyone. Everyone. Someone must have seen something. Coordinate with other departments in the district. I also want you to search the archives for similar cases in and around Winden over the last 50 years. Even if a child went missing for just 24 hours, I want to know. I want you all working double shifts. Leave no stone left unturned in this town. Search every single basement. Everyone leaves some kind of trace somewhere. We just have to find it."
―Charlotte Doppler
  1. "What was he like, earlier? Before he got sick?"
  2. "He was… different. You never knew if he meant something seriously or not."
―Jonas and Hannah
  • "Great. So everyone is just thinking of themselves."
  1. "You're no different! Did you once think about us these last few days?"
  2. "That's enough!"
  3. "And how many more of these damned will you put up?"
  4. "She didn't mean it like that."
  5. "Yes, I did! I meant it like that. This is so fucked up! Everyone's waiting for Mikkel to come back through that door, as if nothing happened. Dad doesn't even dare come home anymore. And no one gives a shit about us."
  6. "That's not true. But for once, this isn't about you, Martha."
  7. "You're so blind. Everyone's thinking it, but no one dares say it. Mikkel is dead!"
―Regina and katharina
  • "Mads crashed into the glass table in the living room. There was so much blood, like in a horror movie. But in the end, it turned out to be just a small cut. On his chin. You both laughed yourselves silly. That's how you were. One minute you hated each other's guts, the next minute you were best friends."
―Jana Nielsen
  • "Mads was the only person I knew who never said a bad word about anyone. I've always asked myself, why him, of all people? I always thought it should have happened to you instead of him. But there's no justice in this world. And the absurd thing is... had it not been for you and Katharina, maybe Mads wouldn't have disappeared. Mads knew I was afraid to walk home alone because of you two. Because of what you did to me. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone with me and returned through the forest. And the whole thing would have never happened."
―Regina Tiedemann
  • "I want people to finally understand what's really going on here. We're all so blind. There's a murderer among us. No one actually dares to say it. But it's the truth. We cling to the hope that it won't happen here. We all know one another. We think we know everything about each other. But do we really? We live right next door to people we know almost nothing about. And behind one of those doors... is my son. It could be anyone's door. The man behind the cash register. Someone we invited for cake on a Sunday, who plays with our children. I don't want to look away anymore. And you shouldn't either. This city is sick. Winden is like a festering wound. And we're all part of it."
  • "You know what? You're poison. You snuggle up close, like you're honey. But it's just poison. How did your husband put up with you for so long? No wonder he couldn't take it anymore, in the end."
―Ulrich to Hannah
  1. "Now you have heard her, the daughter of Minos. You think you know her. Is she not beautiful and good? You have let yourself be enchanted. By her words. By her pretty gaze. But believe me. Everyone, whether the daughter of a king or not, has one foot in the shadow and only the other in the light."
  2. "I have not eaten in days. My eyes are turning black. The end is nearing. Just as he once descended into the maze, I now descend into mine. Now I stand before you. No king's daughter. No man's wife. No brother's sister. A loose end in time. And so we all die alike. No matter into which house we are born. No matter which gown. Whether we grace the earth briefly or for a long time. I alone tie my bonds. Whether I have extended hands or slapped them. We all face the same end. Those above have long forgotten us. They do not judge us. In death, I am all alone. And my only judge... is me."
―Martha and her classmate in the play

Crossroads 1.7[]

  1. "I'm working on the case with his brother, a rape charge. I mean, we never did consider whether he may be involved in his brother's disappearance."
  2. "Yes— Egon, this isn't the 1950s. We don't base investigations on hunches, but on evidence. You have three months until retirement. Then you can do whatever you want. Until then, you do what I want."
―Egon Tiedemann and Martin Döhring
  1. "Is this real? Or am I crazy, just like my father? Do you even exist? Or are you the hallucination of a lunatic?"
  2. "You're not crazy, neither was your father. Sometimes it's hard for us to grasp things that go against all we are conditioned to believe. How did people feel the first time they were told the Earth was round?"
  3. "Yes, it is. It's totally insane."
  4. "And if it's not?"
  5. "How can that be? Is there a breach in time in the cave? So Mikkel hangs out here until he becomes my father?""Even if you don't want to believe it, that is your father."
  6. "That means... that Ulrich is my grandfather and..."
  7. "Martha is your aunt."
  8. "That's bullshit. I'm taking him back and putting this right."*pins Jonas to the truck* "Don't you get it? If you take Mikkel back, you'll be meddling in the course of events. Your father will never meet your mother, they won't fall in love or get married. And you won't be born! If you take him back now, you'll be erasing your own existence. The role you play in all of this is much bigger than you think. But every decision for something is a decision against something else. A life for a life. What will you decide?"
―Jonas and the Stranger converse in 1986
  1. "Things are going on that make no sense. Maybe I'm going crazy. The dead boy—the boy we found in the forest. Helge has something to do with it all."
  2. "I know you want to find Mikkel at all costs. But the end doesn't justify all means. I should have taken you off this on day one."
  3. "Helge said he can change the past and the future. What's that mean? Why did he say that?"
  4. "Helge has dementia. He can't even tie his own shoes anymore. He's surely not responsible for the disappearance of three children. He doesn't have the strength."
  5. "Maybe he's not alone."
―Ulrich and Charlotte
  1. "The only important thing is that you know that Ulrich can't harm you right now, and that he will be punished for what he did to you."
  2. "Ulrich didn't do anything. If anything, I pressured him into it. I asked him to get condoms. But he'd never hurt me. He would never do that. Never."
―Egon and Katharina
  1. "I know, Ulrich."
  2. "What do you know?"
  3. "About Hannah and you."*sighs in defeat* "Did she tell you?"
  4. "Does that matter?"
  5. "Katharina."
  6. "I think I've known it all along. I just didn't want to see it."
―Katharina and Ulrich
  • "Your mother called a while ago. Our son has disappeared and all she talks about is Mads. And I thought my family was the one full of assholes."
  • "You can never give up hope. There's as much light out there as there is darkness."
―Jana Nielsen
  1. "You startled me. Where were you? What's wrong?"
  2. "Do you believe in fate?"
  3. "I... I don't know. Maybe it's my fate that men leave me."
―Hannah and Jonas
  • "Charlotte, the question isn't who abducted the children, but when. I was right, Helge Doppler. Not now, but in 1986."
―Ulrich cracks the case

As You Sow, You Shall Reap 1.8[]

  1. "Our thinking is shaped by dualism: entrance, exit; black, white; good, evil. Everything appears as opposite pairs. But that's wrong. Have you ever heard of the triquetra?"
  2. "The trinity knot."
  3. "Nothing is complete without a third dimension. There isn't only up and down. There's a center, too. I think Einstein and Rosen overlooked something.… A wormhole connects not just two, but three different dimensions: future, present… and past."
―Tannhaus and the Stranger
  1. "You write about the lunar-solar cycle, in which everything repeats itself every thirty-three years."
  2. "From a cosmic point of view, yes. Every thirty-three years, the cycle of the moon is synchronized with that of the sun. But the thirty-three... is more than that. We encounter it everywhere. Jesus performed thirty-three miracles. There are thirty-three litanies of the angels. Dante's thirty-three cantos in purgatory, and thirty-three in paradise."
  3. "And it is the age at which the Antichrist begins his rule."
―The Stranger and Tannhaus
  1. "Why would someone do that?"
  2. "What?"
  3. "Kill. Why? What's inside them? Where does it come from?"
  4. "Why someone becomes a murderer?"
  5. "Yes. Are you born one or do you become one?"
  6. "It would certainly make our work easier if we knew ahead of time. Lock them up while they're still little. Before they get on the wrong track. Why does someone become a murderer?"
―Egon Tiedemann and Daniel Kahnwald
  1. "My husband isn't here much. He's with the police. Sometimes it seems like he thinks he alone is responsible for this town. And your husband is...?"
  2. "He's dead."
  3. "Oh. I didn't mean to... I talk without thinking. It... I'm truly sorry."
―Doris Tiedemann and Agnes Nielsen
  1. "Imagine traveling back in time and meeting your father, before he had you. Would you have already changed things with this encounter? And is it even possible to change things? Or is time an eternal beast that can't be defeated?"
  2. "What do you think? Can we change the course of events?"
  3. "Any scientist would tell you no. Causal determinism forbids it. But it is human nature to believe that we play a role in our own lives. That our actions can change things. All my life, I've dreamed of traveling through time, to see what was and what will be."
  4. "You don't dream that anymore?"
  5. "Dreams change. Other things become important. My place is not in the yesterday or tomorrow. Rather, it's right here. And now."
―Tannhaus and the Stranger
  1. "They found two dead bodies on Doppler's construction site. Two little boys. They were abducted by aliens for experiments!" "What did you just say?"
  2. "About the aliens?"
  3. "No, about the boys."
―Ines Kahnwald and Ulrich Nielsen
  • "The discovery of uranium fission has heralded in a new era in the history of humankind. An era of reason, objectivity, and the dominance of man over nature. We can harness this phenomenon by economically utilizing neutron-induced fission in nuclear reactors. A minuscule atom... can change the world. And it is here that we will build the first German nuclear power plant, ensuring the local community's long-term stability and prosperity."
―Bernd Doppler promotes the nuclear power plant
  1. "And who put them there, in your opinion?"
  2. "The coal plant operators. You don't believe me. If this power plant gets built, it will be nothing short of a revolution. Not only will it change Winden. Nuclear energy will bring growth and wealth to the entire nation. But it means change. The old must give way to the new. Not everyone likes that. I'll send you a list with the names of the coal plant operators. You'll see. The whole thing is a conspiracy."
―Bernd Doppler accuses the coal plant workers of sabotaging his power plant
  1. "But you... Why are you so fascinated in time?"
  2. "I want to understand if I can change it. if everything has a purpose, and if so... who decides about this purpose? Coincidence? God? Or is it us? Are we actually free in our actions? Or is it all created anew, in an eternally recurring cycle? And we only obey the laws of nature and are nothing but slaves of space and time."
―Tannhaus and the Stranger
  • "Time loops have a significant impact on the principle of casualty. On the relationship of cause and effect. As long as a wormhole exists, there is a closed time loop. Inside it, everything is mutually dependent. The past doesn't just influence the future. The future also influences the past. It's like the question of the chicken and the egg. We can no longer say which of the two came first. Everything is interconnected."
―Tannhaus discusses time loops
  1. "They're so beautiful when they're dead."
  2. "But you will kill something. The two boys at the construction site. My brother. My son. Not now, but in the future. But I can change it, you know. I can change the past. And the future."
―The young Helge Doppler and Ulrich Nielsen
  1. "All our lives are connected. One fate bound to another. Every one of our deeds is merely a response to a previous deed. Cause and effect. Nothing but an endless dance. Everything is connected to everything else. But that's just a theory. I can't shake the feeling that you're actually here about something else."
  2. "What if I told you that everything in your book was true? That time travel is possible. Your theory on the formation of wormholes through gravitational impulses is not just theory. There is such a hole. Here in Winden. I come from the future. I traveled through the wormhole to 1986."
  3. "Where... where did you get that?"
  4. "It's broken. You have to fix it."
  5. "I can't do that."
  6. "Aren't those your initials? You built it."
  7. "This device enables one to travel through time and space? It can create a wormhole?"
  8. "It opens a portal through which one can travel thirty-three years into the past and thirty-three years into the future."
  9. "And the wormhole you traveled through? Did that device create it?"
  10. "No. A few months ago, an incident at the nuclear power plant released a blast of energy. But the device is able to repeat that same process."
  11. "And you want to create another wormhole?"
  12. "No, I want to destroy the one that exists."
  13. "I want you to leave now."
  14. "This town is like a festering wound, and we're all a part of it. But I can change it. Your device can change it."
  15. "Leave. Leave now."
  16. "I've seen the future. I know what will happen. I have to set things right again. And you have to help me."
―The Stranger asks Tannhaus to fix his portable time machine

Everything Is Now 1.9[]

  • Tannhaus: Man has always puzzled over his origin. His genesis. Created by God? Or a product of evolution? If we could see yesterday and tomorrow at the same time, the origin and the end, the entire universe in a single moment, we might finally find answers to the biggest questions of all. What is man? Where does he come from? What drives him? What is his purpose?
  • Bernd: Mr. Tiedemann. I want you to find my son. Whatever it costs. I don't care about anything else. The nuclear plant, anything at all. Just bring me back my son.
  • Claudia: You almost look like James Dean with that haircut. The girls in Winden will be after you in droves. You'll see. Do you have a girlfriend? *Tronte shakes his head* Claudia: Why did you leave where you come from? Are you bank robbers on the run? Tronte: My mother wanted a change. Claudia: Your mother is a very beautiful woman. I've never seen anyone so elegant.
  • Doris: How long were you married? Agnes: Fifteen years. Doris: It's been nearly ten for Egon and me. But somehow everything has changed. He has changed. He's not home as much as he used to be. His work. What kind of work did your husband do? Agnes: He was a pastor. But I can't say he was a man of faith. Doris: Do you miss him a lot? Agnes: He wasn't a good person. Sometimes I think it's good he's dead. And that I'm free.
  • Greta: I prayed to God to get rid of the child before it was ever born. And after I had him, I prayed every day that something would befall him. Because he may not be Bernd's child. Because maybe he wasn't a child created out of love, but… That's what's in my head. Every day. I can't escape it. It's my fault. Noah: We are all full of sin. No pure human being exists. But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower than into God's hands. Greta: And what if they aren't God's hands? What if they are the hands of the devil? Noah: God sent me to you. Did he not? We don't meet the people we meet by accident. We touch the lives of others and are touched by ourselves, and thus God's hands guide us to our true destiny. Let us pray. Even though I walk though the darkest valley, I will fear no evil... for you are with me... your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
  • Hannah: And you and Ulrich? Katharina: What about us? Hannah: I don't know. Won't your mom freak out if you keep seeing him? Katharina: I don't care. Nobody's going to come between us. That's love, you know. It's stronger than hate. But you don't get that yet.
  • Egon: I've been a police officer for over 40 years. Your face. Your stare. I know that stare. I know that you've got something to hide, that you've got something to do with all of this. I can feel it in my bones. Ulrich Maybe it's cancer. You might want to get that checked out.
  • Katharina: Why does Tiedemann have it in for you? Ulrich: He thinks I'm the Antichrist.
  • Claudia: Tell me exactly what happened in the summer. Bernd: I already told you. An incident. In the volume control system. Claudia: That's not good enough for me. Bernd: The connections to the chemical feed-in system were corroded. Hydrogen gas must have collected in one of the tubes. Boom! Claudia: It wasn't a precaution. That's why the tubes were changed. Bernd: It is what we make of it. And what the reports say. We were lucky. Only a significant amount of radioactive material leaked out. We had the entire floor removed and stored everything in a safe place. Claudia: You call that a safe place? Bernd: As safe as any other official interim storage facility. Claudia: Who knows about it? Bernd: It happened during the nightshift. The shift supervisor, a handful of employees, Helge. No one will talk, they all got a fat bonus. Don't make a bigger deal out of it than it is. Claudia: In the night... Was there more? Did anything else happen? Anything strange? In the cave, anything... Anything the explosion may have... Bernd: Just what might have happened there? Do you believe that Hannibal marched over the Alps with elephants? There are no truths, just stories. And the story of this city is now in your hands. Is our power plant safe? Can something like Chernobyl happen in our plant? You decide what story you want to tell.
  • Helge: Why doesn't it work? Noah: It will. Be patient. Do you think Einstein would have given up so fast? It is the fate of pioneers to persistently pursue their aim. To believe, although no one believes. Helge: I don't want to do this anymore. Why would God want any of this? Noah: Yes. Why would God want any of this? After looking into hell, as you have, it can never be forgotten. It becomes a part of you. And the idea of God, of Jesus the Savior, becomes a thread of hope you cling to. All of us who know the darkness long for the light, but... there is no God! God didn't make this hole among us. God doesn't have a plan. There is no plan at all. There's nothing but chaos out there. Pain and chaos! People are bad, malicious, evil. Life is nothing but a spiral of pain. And the world is doomed to be destroyed. But this here... This is our ark. And I'm Noah. If we can harness this energy, we can change everything. Then we decide the world's fate, far removed from all the evil and from all pain. We'll create a time machine that reorders everything, the beginning and the end.
  • Franziska: Just because we fuck doesn't mean you have to know everything about me.
  • Martha: Why is it that we keep secrets from one another? Magnus: Some things you just want to keep to yourself.
  • Claudia: It looks much different than it did. There was no addition. Bartosz: Why did Mom tell me you're dead? Claudia: For your mom, I'm sure I am. I wasn't a particularly good mother, you know. You're a lot like the two of them. Your eyes. Your chin. You look a lot like your parents. Bartosz: If you're not dead, where were you all these years? Claudia: That's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you one day. Bartosz: Regina won't be home till late. Are you going to wait or...? Claudia: Not today. I have to take care of something. *Claudia takes out her 1986 photo* Claudia: I want you to give her this. Will you do that for me? That was before. Before that summer and everything else that followed it. I made lots of mistakes back then. Believe me, if I could turn back time, I would do lots of things differently.
  • Hannah: Do you recognize it? All these years I've wondered why I kept it. But there's a time for everything. Don't worry. The contents are in safe keeping. Aleksander: What do you want? Hannah: Why do some people have everything and some nothing? Why do you and Regina have a beautiful home and I can't even pay my electrical bill? Why does fate predestine a good life for some and not for others? Aleksander: Do you want money? Hannah: I don't want any money, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to destroy Ulrich. I want him to lose everything. Everything.
  • Martha: Hello. Jonas: Hello. I have to go. Martha: You have to go? Can you tell me what's going on? I've been trying to reach you for days. and you don't even write back! What was that after rehearsal? You just make out with me. Did you think, "The chick's unstable, so I'll take what I can get"? God, say something! Jonas: It was wrong. Martha: What was wrong? Jonas: The thing with us. It wasn't right. Martha: Because of Bartosz? Jonas: No, not because of Bartosz. Because of us. It… We're just not a good match, okay? Martha: We're not a good match? Jonas: Yeah, we're not a good match. The whole thing is wrong. We're wrong. *Martha kisses Jonas with a heavy heart* Martha: So this is wrong? Jonas: I'm sorry.

Alpha And Omega 1.10[]

  • Martha: [In tears] I'm sorry. I really fucked up. Since Mikkel disappeared... I don't recognize myself anymore. [Bartosz goes to her] Bartosz: It doesn't matter, okay? [Bartosz embraces Martha] Bartosz: Everything's okay. Everything's okay.
  • Jonas: Did you know? Ines: Did I know what? Jonas: The boy from the future. [Ines takes a deep silent breath] Jonas: You knew. [Ines stands up to collect her wooden box from her drawer. She opens it to reveal the suicide letter] Ines: This is for you. [Jonas clutches it in his hands and stares at it, confused] Jonas: [Bewildered] That's impossible. Ines: What? Jonas: I burned it. How long have you known? Ines: I've always known, really. When your father came to me, he was a disturbed little boy. I just thought he had an overactive imagination. That something bad must have happened to him, something he couldn't bear. He told me... he came from the future. I didn't believe him. Jonas: If you knew... why didn't you stop it? Ines: [Visibly regretful, slightly stuttering] I didn't know that he would take his own life. Jonas: [Crying out] But you could have saved Mikkel! [Jonas smacks the table] Now I have another grandma and she's the principle of my school! Her husband, who's fucking my mom, is looking for his son, who's my father! A few days ago I kissed my aunt. [Ines sits silent and solemn] Jonas: And the crazy thing is... there's nothing wrong with any of them. They're okay. I'm what's wrong. Ines: I think things... no matter how abnormal or strange they seem to us, happen for a reason. Who are we to play God? What's past is past. But you... live in the here and now. [She holds his hand] Who knows what the future will bring. Jonas: I just want everything to go back to normal. [Ines smiles at him]
  • Mikkel: As a kid, all that Houdini dreamed of was becoming a magician. [Mikkel places one of the two cups over a sugar cube, and turns the other upside down as well. He taps the top of both of them, and takes out the first cup, which was empty, but the second had the sugar cube. The impressed Ines 1986 smiles] Ines 1986: Do you have the same dream? Mikkel: Yes. But the magic I want to do is impossible. Ines 1986: Which is what? Mikkel: I just want to finally wake up. Ines 1986: Have you heard of Master Zhuang's paradox? [Mikkel shakes his head] Ines 1986: I dreamt I was a butterfly. Now I've woken up and no longer know if I'm a person who dreamed he's a butterfly, or if I'm a butterfly who's dreaming it's a person. What are you? A person or a butterfly? [A moment of thought later] Mikkel: Maybe I'm both. [He takes out both cups to reveal a second sugar cube, and the two of them smile at each other]   
  • [The Stranger enters the clockmaker's shop, where Tannhaus 1986 is fixing his time machine right next to the younger version]The Stranger: You repaired it. Tannhaus: [Pointing to The Stranger's] That one's yours. [Pointing to his own] And this one's mine. I built it many years ago. It's the same device, but in a different condition. You see. [He steps aside to allow The Stranger to see the two machines side by side] It's as if one could look at the beginning and end of something at the same time. Wait a moment. [Tannhaus 1986 takes out Ulrich's smartphone] This thing here it sends a kind of signal. [He turns on the phone] An electromagnetic impulse. As if it were trying to communicate with something. And look at this. [Tannhaus 1986 twists a control knob. He moves the phone around the machine, prompting beeping noises and cylinders of gears to protrude].Tannhaus 1986: This part has never moved. It was included in the blueprint, but I never knew what it was for. This thing communicates with the device. [He moves the phone away] Tannhaus 1986: It's not just the past that influences the future. The future also influences the past. You see. If you hadn't shown me what the device looks like in the future, I wouldn't have been able to build it. A paradox. [He points to both openings for the cylinder fuel storages] These openings didn't exist either. [The cylinder protrudes] Tannhaus 1986: I have no idea what their purpose is. [The Stranger takes out a vile of fuel that he took from the yellow barrels in November 11, 2019] Tannhaus 1986: What's that? The Stranger: [Placing the vile into the cylinder] Cs-137. A radioactive isotope of Cesium. Tannhaus 1986: [Openly calculating] The device generates a Higgs field. It increases the mass of the Cesium, An electromagnetic impulse causes it to implode into a black hole. The same thing must have happened during the nuclear power plant incident. [The Stranger has packed the newer machine in his suitcase and is preparing to depart]The Stranger: Why did you decide to help me after all? Tannhaus 1986: Why? [Sits down] That's a big word. Why do we decide for one thing and against another? But does it matter whether the decision is based upon the consequence of a series of causal links? Or whether it stems from an undefined feeling inside me? That perhaps everything in my life boils down to this one moment. That I'm part of a puzzle. One that I can neither understand nor influence. [The Stranger sets forth to the exit]Tannhaus 1986: Will you tell me what the future's like? The Stranger: I'm hoping that by tomorrow, it'll already be different from today.
  • Helge: You have to stop. Helge 1986: [Acting] What do I have to stop? Helge: He's using you. All of his promises are lies. [The two men stand tall in front of each other] Helge 1986: I think you're mistaking me for someone else. Helge: I think you're mistaking me for someone else. [Takes off his beanie to reveal his scars] I've said that before. Everything Noah says is a lie. He's not the chosen one. You're not the chosen one. He doesn't want to save the world from evil. He is evil. [Helge hugs his distressed younger self]Helge: Today is the day. The beginning and the end. Don't make the same mistakes I made. Don't make the same mistakes I made. [Helge 1986 abruptly pushes him and runs to his car] Helge: You have to stop. [Proceeds to run after Helge 1986] You have to stop! [Helge 1986 manages to drive off, leaving Helge to make a perilous decision] Helge: I have to stop.
  • Peter: Charlotte asked me about the cabin. About what happened in '53. Tronte: A few more hours, and it'll be over. Mads will live. Peter: [Doubtful and anxious] Do you believe her? Tronte: Everything she said would happen has happened in the last eight days. [Points to a passage in the notebook] Just as it's written here. Peter: Then why have half the pages been torn out? [Nervous] What happens after today? Tronte: After today... everything will be new.
  • Helge 1986: But if there is no God, then why do we believe in a lie? Noah: Because we prefer any lie to the pain. Years ago, I was still a little boy. A stranger came to us. He looked as if he'd been in the war. Didn't talk much. There was this sadness in his eyes. The kind you sometimes see in those who want to die, but life won't let them. He took a room in our house. The bedroom right next to mine. And... sometimes I heard him talk in his sleep. Confused words. But one night, he was suddenly very clear. He stood in the hallway, his eyes wide open, and said... "Nothing is in vain. Not a single breath, not a single step, not a single word. Not pain. An eternal miracle of the One." I didn't understand any of his words. Only years later, when I felt the pain, did I understand what he meant. That none of the horrible things that befall us should be in vain. That they make us what we are. That they give us our strength. [Noah grabs ahold of Helge 1986's head]Noah: [Assertive] Your pain made you who you are, Helge. But it no longer has power over you.
  • Jonas: What day is it today? Charlotte 1986: The 12th. Jonas: What year? [Jonas was about to leave] Charlotte 1986: '86. Are you from here? [Jonas shakes his head] Charlotte 1986: What are you doing here? Jonas: Bringing someone back from the dead. Charlotte 1986: How does that work? Jonas: It's very hard to explain. Charlotte 1986: [Eying the dead birds] Can you bring these back? Jonas: No, you have to find them when they're younger. Charlotte 1986: But then they're not dead yet. Jonas: That doesn't change the fact that they will die. Charlotte 1986: You're crazy. Jonas: Maybe. [Jonas walks off]
  • [Jonas wakes up in the decorative bunker, and is surprised by the sight of the electric chair in the centre. He hears footsteps outside, and the slot opens to reveal The Stranger]The Stranger: There's no need to be afraid. Jonas: [Running to the door and speaking through the slot] Hey! Hey! What's this suppose to be? What is this? Why did you lock me in here? The Stranger: It wasn't me. It was Noah. Jonas: Who's Noah? Where am I? What is this? The Stranger: This is a kind of prototype of a time machine. You're the guinea pig. The passage in the cave lies directly under this bunker. If opened, the energy flows through this room. But it needs to be increased. No DeLorean. No hissing or steam. The first time machine is a bunker with four walls. But it still doesn't quite work. Jonas: Let me out of here. The Stranger: I can't. It's the only way for things to be normal again. Jonas: Who are you? The Stranger: You don't know? [A brief pause] The Stranger: The letter. You burned it. And yet it still exists. You'll carry that letter for almost 33 years before you pass it on. To yourself. [A dramatic silence, and The Stranger leans forward] The Stranger: I am you. My name is Jonas Kahnwald. I sent the letter to you. Or should I say, to me. Everything you're experiencing, I've already experienced. [Jonas was visibly shocked and disturbed. The Stranger leans back] The Stranger: I burned the letter, just like you. I got it back from our grandmother. I've already had this conversation. But I was on the other side then. We think we're free, but we're not. We follow the same old path. Again and Again. Jonas: [Distraught and shouting] That's crazy! It doesn't make any sense! You can decide to let me go now. Come on, let me out! The Stranger: I thought it was crazy for a long time. That I'm crazy. But I can't let you out because then you won't become what I am today. If I now change my past, I will change who I am right now. And then I won't be able to destroy the hole once and for all. Why did you kiss Martha? We're not free in what we do, because we're not free in what we want. We can't overcome what's deep within us. Jonas: [Tearful] Stop it. Stop. Please stop. I have to bring Mikkel back. I want everything to go back to normal. [Banging the door] I want all this sick shit to stop! The Stranger: You still do. Thirty-three years later. I still want that. But Mikkel... Our father is just a small part of a sprawling sickness. I've seen things that no one should ever see. I'm sorry.
  • Noah: Everything is about to begin. The older Jonas will destroy the hole, but... he doesn't realize that he will be the one to trigger its existence. A paradox. The cesium in his useless machine won't destroy the hole forever. It's what creates it in the first place. He thinks he's the savior. But Claudia lied to him. Most people are nothing but pawns on a chessboard. Led by an unknown hand. Their lives exist only to be sacrificed for a higher goal. Jonas, Mikkel, the children, they're nothing but unfortunate, yet necessary chess moves in an eternal war between good and evil. There are two groups out there fighting to control time travel. Light and shadow. We belong to the light. Don't forget that. Even though some of what we do is of a dark nature. But no victory is ever won without sacrifice. As long as we're in this time loop we who know have to make sure that every step will be repeated exactly as it was before. No matter how inhumane it seems to us. No matter what sacrifices it demands of us. But believe me, the others are the ones who are truly inhumane. They have lost all humanity. They belong to the shadow. Your grandmother, Claudia, belongs to the shadow. Never trust her, No matter what she says. Jonas trusted her before and he will trust her again. Jonas thinks he will change everything... but he's just her puppet. He doesn't deserve any better. [Brielfy chuckles and hands Bartosz his triquetra notebook] Noah: Time is an infinite field. Millions and millions of interlocking wheels. We have to be patient to be victorious. But our time will come. We will free humanity from its immaturity. From its pain. But you must be strong. Can you do that? Bartosz: Yes.

Beginnings and Endings 2.1[]

  • "He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his finger-tips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore"
  • -Clausen quoting Freud
  • Disappointments are the result of wrong expectations. "You must have hope!" my mother always said "but no expectations. A miracle could happen to you but no disappointment"
  • - Clausen to Charlotte

Dark Matter 2.2[]

  • "We have managed to stabilize the God Particle and the resulting mass. In a stable state, it seems to create a kind of portal which possibly allows for time travel. If the matter is supplied with sufficient voltage, it can be kept in a stable state in the long term. Sending objects through the stabilized matter has already proved possible.... A generator has to provide sufficient AC current for that. Even after lengthy observation, we are not sure what the energy source of the instable matter is. Measurements indicate there is no form of energy loss. It appears to be a type of self-sustaining recursive system.... The matter’s radiation levels exceed control values. Still, no signs of decay have been observed. This is consistent with the law of conservation of energy, yet it contradict the second law of thermodynamics. Moreover, the matter seems to exist, independent of external temperature, in solid, liquid and gaseous states at once. And the molecules seem to be in a constant cycle...."
―Claudia, on a tape recording, describes the nature of the God Particle
  • "Sometimes we don't really know where we're supposed to be. But I wouldn't go in there. It's like a maze in there. Some have never returned."
Noah to Mikkel outside the caves
  1. "In the hospital, you said something... the thing about God, and that He has a plan for everyone. What if God has no idea what He's doing? If the plan is wrong? If God is mistaken?"
  2. "God doesn't make mistakes. Sometimes we have to have more faith that everything will be okay again."
―Mikkel questions Noah on God
  1. "Why didn't you take the forest road?"
  2. "He... He said he can change everything. He can change the past, and the future."
  3. "Who said that?"
  4. "The man with the stone."
  5. "But that was thirty years ago. What does that have to do with Mads?"
  6. "But no one can change it. No one. Not even the White Devil."
  7. "The White Devil? You've said that before. Back then, as a child."
  8. "Tick, tock.... Tick, tock.... Tick, tock...."
Egon questions Helge at the rest home
  1. "'My only aim is to take many lives. The more, the better I feel.'"
  2. "I know that. You've said that before. What does it mean?"
  3. "It means that you, you moron, still haven't understood a thing. But now you have to hurry. You don't have much time left. I know when you die. It was in the paper."
  4. "I don't understand."
  5. "No, of course you don't. But maybe that is also your fate. To die as clueless as you were born. Everyone gets what they deserve."
―The elderly Ulrich taunts Egon
  • "There are days it's best to just forget."
Ines to Mikkel
  1. "What is that?"
  2. "She said that it's a portal."
  3. "Who?"
  4. "I have tapes with a woman speaking on them. Her name is Claudia Tiedemann. I know none of this makes sense, but that may be the only way back home. No clue if it works."
  5. "You want to go in?doesn't matter if I die out inside it or out here."
Jonas to the girl from the future about the God Particle

Ghosts 2.3[]

  • "I've seen you grow up, become a man, the whole cycle of your life. Time chose you. God chose you. Don't forget that we are your home now, too. No harm will come to you. We're watching over you. Time is always with you, wherever you go. You carry it in you, and it carries you. It sees and hears everything that you do and say."
―Noah to the young Helge before sending him back to 1954
  1. "Why did you never tell us what your name is? Who you are?"
  2. "Ulrich. Ulrich Nielsen. And I come from the future."
―Ulrich at last reveals his identity in Egon in 1987
  1. "I think I saw a witch today."
  2. "There are no witches."
  3. "There are! This one was very real."
  4. "How did she look?"
  5. "Long white hair. Like in books."
  6. "And what did she say?"
  7. "That she was sorry."
  8. "That doesn't sound like a witch."
  9. "How would you know? You've never seen one."
―Egon recounts his encounter with his elderly daughter with his eleven-year-old daughter
  1. "The blueprint: I don't really understand what it is. I've seen this before."
  2. "All our lives we wonder what our journey will be. This is yours. Keep it. I don't need it anymore."
  3. "Why are you giving it to me?"
  4. "I'll be dead soon."
  5. "I don't understand.":You will—one day. And then we'll meet again."
  6. "Before you die."
  7. "No. After that."
  8. "How… How can that be possible?"
  9. "Time is just an illusion. Then you'll have to explain the device to me."
  10. "But I don't know what it's for. Why don't you tell me what it's for?"
  11. "Because you told me someone else explained it to you. Things take their course, as they always have."
  12. "No, I didn't tell you anything. No one explained anything to me."
  13. "Not now, but in the future. All this will come to an end soon. But until then everything must remain as it always has been."
―Tannhaus and the elderly Claudia speak in 1954
  1. "You took everything from me. You're going to die! And everything you stand for will die with you."
  2. "I know that I am going to die. But am I going to lose this match? Or is this here, our meeting, you and your gun, only part of a game you still don't know how to play?"
  3. "You think you can manipulate me with your words. I'm no longer one of your pawns."
  4. "But you're still one of Adam's."
―Noah confronts Claudia at the Doppler cabin

The Travelers 2.4[]

  1. "Tiedemann. Claudia Tiedemann. She used to run the plant. Where can I find her?"
  2. "There's only one Tiedemann here. Aleksander Tiedemann, he runs the plant."
―Claudia asks for herself at the nuclear power plant in 2020 but learns that only an "Aleksander Tiedemann" works there.
  1. "You're not from here."
  2. "No. Why?"
  3. "You came to Winden in 1986, at the same time the boy disappeared. Mads Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen's brother." "No, it was a bit later. A few weeks. Why does that matter?"
  4. "It probably doesn't."
―Clausen questions Aleksander
  1. "Why do you have a gun and someone else's passport?"
  2. "It's insurance."
  3. "What do you mean?"
  4. "Someone needs to keep both things hidden."
  5. "You're blackmailing someone? Who are you?"
  6. "Who am I? Who are you?"
―Jonas confronts his mother Hannah about the gun and the passport
  1. "Anything about Hannah Kahnwald?"
  2. "Her husband killed himself last year. He hanged himself. Actually, no one here understood why she married him. She's very pretty. She could've had any man she wanted."
―Wöller tells Clausen about Hannah and Michael.
  • "Who are you? Her new lover?"
  • "I'm Jonas. Her son. Your grandson."
―The middle-aged Jonas reveals his identity to Katharina
  1. "We have a man-eating cave. A nuclear power plant with a boss who is obviously hiding something. A detective who has gone into hiding. And a town full of people who lie, cheat, and betray one another, and who are all only concerned with concealing what's really going on here. So, Mr. Wöller, what do you make of it?"
  2. "I don't know."
―Clausen ponders over Winden's myriad mysteries.

Lost and Found 2.5[]

  • "Is it not peculiar that one feels the greatest aversion towards the very people who are most similar to oneself?"
―Adam to his teenaged self
  • "You've hardly spoken to us in months and now you want to know what we think? Look around you. We're the kids, but you've been acting like one for months."
―Martha to her mother Katharina
  • "A person lives three lives. The first ends with the loss of naïveté, the second with the loss of innocence, and the third with the loss of life itself. It is inevitable that we go through all three stages. You will turn into your older self, and your older self into what you see before you."
  • "I want you to move in with us. You wouldn't be so alone, and Regina would be happy to see more of you. Tomorrow would be best." "Tomorrow? You're acting like I'm almost on my deathbed."
―Claudia urges her father to move in with her and Regina.
  • "He was always here, right in front of me. I just can't believe you slept with my husband and my son—but you always did want what belonged to me. You're like a parasite. Did Ulrich ever actually tell you he loved you? In the end, he would always choose us."
―Katharina to Hannah
  • "I've been here almost a week, and I get the impression no one is telling the truth. Everyone's trying to hide something—although I'm not sure if you're all hiding the same thing or if everyone is trying to keep their own skeleton in the closet."
―Clausen gets a remarkably accurate read of the situation after just four days on the job.
  • "We've declared war on time, declared war on God. We're creating a new world, without time, without God. What does that mean? It means that what people have worshiped for millennia—the God who holds everything together—that God is nothing more than time itself. Not a thinking, acting entity, a physical law with which one can negotiate as little as one can with one's own fate. God is time. And time is not merciful. We are born, and our life is already trickling away like the sand in this hourglass. Death is forever inevitably before us. Our fate is nothing but a concatenation of cause and effect, in light and in shadow."
―Adam describes his organization's philosophy and purpose.

An Endless Cycle 2.6[]

  • "Where did it all begin? Where did things begin? In the past? In the future? Who can say where it began? Will we ever be capable of knowing the origin of all things? Or is there still an origin before that? And before that? And before that? Do beginning and end even exist? Or is it all connected in an endless loop, and are 'beginning' and 'end' just different words for one and the same moment?"
―Adam's voiceover from the start of the episode
  1. "Magnus?"
  2. "You weren't moving and I… I… I thought you were dead. He said there was a dead body there."
  3. "Still plenty alive.""Cool."
―Franziska and Magnus at the lake
  1. "Weren't you leaving? Everything okay?"
  2. "I thought I had more time. Why do people say that anyway? 'To have time.' How can you have time when it clearly has you?"
  3. "Has something happened? You're different somehow."
  4. "I wanted to tell you something. I've wanted to for a long time. I think we're a perfect match. Never think anything else."
―Martha and the time-traveling Jonas
  1. "Where's Peter?"
  2. "Summer cold. And Michael?""Something similar."
―Charlotte and Hannah justify their absent husbands
  1. "The night you vanished, you were there and then suddenly gone. Did you go back to the cave? How did you find the passage there?"
  2. "I didn't find it, someone showed it to me."
  3. "Who?"
  4. "You.… We ran. Then I lost you. I turned around and you were gone. But suddenly you were back again.… You said there was something there, in the forest. Something evil. And that we had to return to the cave. You brought me all the way to the door, and through the tunnel. I was so afraid. But you held my hand. And then you said, "We have to stay here, all night, but when morning comes everything will be all right." And when I woke up you were gone. All these years I've tried to understand why you did that. But then, at some point it all just faded away. It became ever more unreal, like a dream."
  5. "But that's impossible. I never did that."
  6. "I saw myself today. Mikkel. It's all returning. That coat, you—as if it's all falling into place. Maybe you're not here to stop me at all. But rather to show me what it is I have to do. Maybe you only showed me the letter so I know what's in it, so I go and you live."
  7. "No, that can't be. That can't be! He told me I could stop the origin. If you don't kill yourself, none of the rest will happen."
  8. "But if none of the rest happens, you won't be born. And maybe your role in all this is much greater than you think, and perhaps I'm just a small part of a huge cancer that is much greater than any of us can imagine."
  9. "Someone has said that to me before."
  10. "Who?"
  11. "Me."
―Michael explains to his son what happened on the night of November 4, 2019
  1. "Are you with Adam?"
  2. "There are two sides out there. He is the darkness. I don't follow him, I follow the light. He lied to you. He brought you here to trigger everything so it happens as it always has."
  3. "No, that can't be. Adam wants this too."
  4. "No, he does not. He doesn't want to fix things. He wants to destroy them forever. Your role in all of this is much greater than you believe. Only you alone can put an end to all this."
  5. "What does that mean?"
  6. "We're at war, and you have to wage it against yourself—against Adam."
  7. "But if I don't exist, if I'm not born, then Adam won't exist either."
  8. "I've seen the world without you. Believe me, it isn't what you're expecting. There are times in life when you must see that the decisions you make affect more than your own destiny. This isn't just about you and Mikkel, this is about everyone—your mother, your friends, Martha. You alone can save them."
  9. "What does that mean?""We all have to make sacrifices. Your father must make sacrifices too."
―Jonas meets Claudia Tiedemann for the first time, and she explains his role in this knot
  1. "Is this the apocalypse?"
  2. "A bit disappointing."
  3. "I imagined it being louder. More glaring. If the world ended tomorrow and everything started anew, what would you wish for?"
  4. "A world without Winden."
―Ulrich and Hannah joke about the apocalypse, paralleling a conversation they once had in 1986, but roles reversed

The White Devil 2.7[]

  • "People are peculiar creatures. All their actions are driven by desire, their characters forged by pain. As much as they might try to suppress the pain, to repress desire, they cannot liberate themselves from eternal servitude to their feelings. As long as the storm rages within them they can find no peace. Not in life, not in death. And so, day after day, they will do all that must be done. Pain is their ship, desire their compass. All that humankind is capable of."
―Adam philosophizes on mankind.
  1. "Do you know this woman?"
  2. "Answer the sergeant."
  3. "Were you with her maybe? Did she lock you in?"
  4. "He told me about her. The White Devil."
  5. "Who? Who told you about her? The man who did that to you? The White Devil. Tell me about the White Devil."
  6. "She wants to kill us. All of us."
  7. "She's dead. She can't hurt anyone anymore."
  8. "But she hasn't even started yet."
―Egon first hears of the "White Devil", from the young Helge.
  1. "What is it?"
  2. "A copy of a document from the Marburg Registry Office, the data on your last ID before you left Marburg."
  3. "I've no idea how this is relevant."
  4. "Nothing stands out?"
  5. "No. What should stand out?"
  6. "You're 5' 6", I bet. Tops. That document says 5' 8". So I'm wondering where it is?"
  7. "Where is what?"
  8. "The two inches missing."
―Clausen insinuates that Aleksander stole his identity.
  • "You were always different. You saw the world differently from the very start. Sometimes I think that that's my problem—that I can't see the world as it truly is."
―Egon to his daughter Claudia
  • "I have no idea what's going on in this town. But I'm very certain of one thing: You are definitely not my brother."
―Clausen to Aleksander after arresting him
  1. "What's in the caves eclipses all scientific discovery. That substance turns all we know about the universe on its head. And you want to risk all of that? For nothing?"
  2. "You haven't changed. It's still all about you. You have no heart."
―Claudia attempts to convince her father not to reveal the secret of the caves.
  • "I lost everything where I came from. All I want is a fresh start."
―Hannah to a younger Egon after traveling to 1954
  1. "I know what you did. She told me. But she also said it didn't have to happen that way again, next time."
  2. "Where are we going?"
  3. "To the future."
―The young Jonas returns, to retrieve Claudia from 1987 in favor of the future.

Endings and Beginnings 2.8[]

  • "We're not free in what we do, because we're not free in what we desire."
―Noah to his younger self
  • "Big and small things don't abide by the same laws. Maybe nothing big can be altered, but small things can. We're changing a grain of sand. And with it, the whole world."
―The young Jonas to the middle-aged Claudia
  1. "Let me go!"
  2. "I can't. I promised you I'd make it right. I'm making it right."
―The Stranger makes Martha hide in the bunker.
  1. "Why didn't Noah tell me what to do? Why did he tell me it all? Explains the thing to me and doesn't tell me what to do with it."
  2. "Maybe you did exactly what you were supposed to do. You showed us how it works. Maybe that was your sole task."
―Bartosz and Franziska on Noah's involvement of Bartosz
  1. "What's that?"
  2. "The passage. We're opening it again."
  3. "You said you wanted to shut it, in the future… or the past. Your future!"
―The middle-aged Claudia and the young Jonas
  • "You taught me everything about the future and past. Everything that happened, everything that will happen. There are two sides out there. Adam and Sic Mundus want to create a new world. You and I want to save this one."
―The young Jonas explains his past year with the elderly Claudia.
  1. "How can I bring Mikkel back?"
  2. "Even if I explain it to you, it's impossible."
  3. "You don't want him to return. Because then you'd no longer exist."
  4. "I wish it were so simple. Things in the past can't be changed. Mikkel can't return because I already exist."
  5. "Mikkel belongs here, and not you! You shouldn't exist at all."
  6. "Yes. I'd trade my life for his anytime. But I can't die, because my future already exists. You'd be just as incapable of bringing Mikkel back."
  7. "Then why did you return?"
  8. "I tried to prevent the origin. But it's impossible; I can't. Adam is the endpoint. Maybe I can't prevent myself from becoming what he is, but I can stop what has become of me."
―Katharina and the Stranger discuss Mikkel and Jonas's future self, Adam.
  • "Only when we're free of all emotion are we truly free. Only when one is ready to sacrifice what one holds dearest. Charlotte is your daughter. She is Elisabeth's daughter. And her mother. No human is without guilt. None of them have earned a place in your paradise."
―Adam confirms Noah's worst suspicions to him.
  1. ""I told you all the game's pieces are in position already. All that's needed is a little push."
  2. "You keep lying! You wanted it all the exact same way. You're the trigger!"
  3. "The trigger is in us all. Each and every one of us."
  4. "Why do you want this? Why do you want the awful future repeated?"
  5. "What is created today will begin the end. The dark matter must be created so that I can lead it to its destiny in the future. The end of this world. And I am the trigger, just not for what you think. I am the trigger for... (shoots Martha) only what will make you what I am today."
  6. "You'll be all right. You'll be all right. You'll be all right."
  7. "Some pain you can't forget.""Mar..."
  8. "You'll carry this pain all your life."
  9. "Look at me! Look at me!"
  10. "Until you are finally ready to let go. Of her. You can stop me. Or you can try to save her. You'll know what you have to do.""
―Adam and Jonas arguing before the former shoots Martha.

Deja-vu 3.1[]

  • Helge: The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning.
  • "Nothing is in vain. No breath. No step. No word. No pain. An eternal miracle of the One."

―Unknown to Bernd Doppler

The Survivors 3.2[]


Adam and Eva 3.3[]

  • The unknown: He who has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret because if his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips.
  • "When I found you, now, that was a sign. A god-sent miracle...don't forget what we are going to create. Paradise! Every calamity can be reversed. Every pain destroyed before it even exists. A perfect world. Sic mundus creatus est."

―Gustav Tannhaus

  • "The dead are never truly dead. Maybe they're not here, now. But everything that once lived lives on forever in the eternity of time."

―Henrich Tannhaus

  • "I swore I'd do it all differently. That I'd do everything right. That was thirty-three years ago. And what do I do? My marriage is ruined. And now I'm cheating on the woman I cheated on my wife with."

―Ulrich Nielsen to Charlotte Doppler

The Origin 3.4[]

  • "But I know there's a way. A way to straighten all this out again. And I'm not going to stop looking for that way."

―Jonas Kahnwald to Martha Nielsen

  • "We think we're all immortal, but in reality there's often only one heartbeat seperating us from the hereafter"


Life and Death 3.5[]


Light and Shadow 3.6[]

  • "The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. Every connection in one world must also be closed in the other world. Everything is connected. In light and in shadow."


  • "I believe we take our lives into our own hands. That we decide which path we take."

―Katharina nielsen

  • "Your mother is the best thing that ever happened to me. She saved me from all that. And I never even told her the truth."

―Regina's husband Aleksander

  • "We, the chosen few, must fill the gaps. So you can find your way here, and Adam his... and we'll finally find salvation."


Between the Time 3.7[]


The Paradise 3.8[]

  • "Life is a labyrinth. Some wander around inside it until their death, in search of a way out. But there is only one path, and it leads ever deeper inside. Only when one reaches the center will one understand. Death is incomprehensible. But one can reconcile oneself with it. All that we have done will ultimately be forgotten. We are responsible for this never-ending déjà vu. And we're the ones who have to end it. We... are the mistake. You and I."

―Adam to Eva

  • "You and I. We're the reason everything happens the way it does. Why it happens again and again. Because you can't let go of what you want. And I can't let go of what I want. But we are the mistake. The glitch in the matrix."

―Jonas Kahnwald to Martha Nielsen