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Quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that leads to the overlapping of different realities.

During the apocalypse in both worlds, time stands still for a fraction of a second, breaking the chain of cause and effect. For a moment, there is a gap through which reality can proceed in two different directions: a switch at the knot of the time loop.[1]


H.G. Tannhaus of the original world describes the theory of quantum entanglement during his television show in 1974. He explains the thought experiment of Schrödinger's cat, which is simultaneously dead and alive, and that states of an atom can overlap until they are forced into a definite state by observation. He broadens the idea and asks whether it would be possible for multiple realities to exist side-by-side.[2]


The two Jonases 2

The simultaneously existing Jonases: In one reality, he survives the apocalypse by hiding in his basement; in the overlapping reality, he is saved by the alternate Martha and brought to her world.

Quantum entanglement is first used during the apocalypse in Adam's world. In the first version, Martha Nielsen from Eva's world brings Jonas Kahnwald into Eva's world on Adam's behalf.[3][4][5] This version of Martha is later killed by Adam in his world, along with her unborn child.[2] Meanwhile this reality's Jonas impregnates the younger Martha with the Unknown[6] and is later shot by the second version's Martha in the Erit Lux headquarters.[7]

The two Marthas

The simultaneously existing Marthas: In one reality, she runs inside and saves Jonas from the apocalypse before returning to Adam; in the overlapping reality, she is stopped by Bartosz and brought to Eva.

In the second version, Eva sends Bartosz Tiedemann to stop Martha and travel back with him to 2052 in their world.[2] This version's Jonas never goes to Eva's world, surviving the apocalypse in his basement, and thus becomes the Stranger and later Adam.[8] Meanwhile this version's Martha ultimately survives and gives birth to the Unknown.[9] Eva uses quantum entanglement to save herself and the Unknown, and thus preserve the time loop.

Adam fails to end it all time again and again by killing Martha and the supposed origin with the God particle, not accounting for the two pregnant versions of her. However, Claudia Tiedemann of Adam's world utilizes quantum entanglement to send herself to 2053 to speak with him. She explains the concept to him, and how Eva has been using it to preserve the knot, but that there is a way to break the cycle. Adam creates a third version of events by going back to save Jonas from the apocalypse and sending him to Eva's world to save Martha before she can be taken to Adam's world. This allows them to travel to the original world, where they succeed in destroying both worlds at an instance and Eva's worlds.[9]


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