In Adam's world, Peter Doppler is a therapist in Winden, and counseling Jonas Kahnwald after his father Michael Kahnwald's suicide.

In Eve's world, he is a priest. In both Adam and Eve's world, he is married to Charlotte, with whom he has two children: Franziska and Elisabeth.

In the original world, he is implied to be in a long-term relationship with Bernadette.


Family historyEdit

Peter only moved to Winden after his mother, Ulla Schmidt, died in 1987. Only during his mother's final moments, she told him who is father actually was - a man named Helge Doppler. At the bus stop on his way to Winden, he meets a young Charlotte Doppler and briefly converses with her, mentioning that he's moving in with his dad after his mom's passing.

Peter's marriage to Charlotte is troubled, although they try to hide their unhappiness from the others, upsetting Franziska. They have not shared a bed for some time. Peter is known regularly to have visited a prostitute, Benni, although at the start of Season 1 he has not visited in a year.


On the night of Mikkel Nielsen's disappearance, Peter drives to the truck stop where Benni works, but stops a distance away and does not get out of his car. Benni sees him drive away.

Peter heads instead to the cabin in the forest and descends into the bunker, where he sits reciting the Serenity Prayer to himself. Suddenly, a wormhole/portal appears in front of him, and the body of a young boy drop out. Startled at first, he attempts CPR on the boy, but finding it ineffective, searches for and finds the boy's school ID card. It is Mads Nielsen, who disappeared in 1986.

Peter immediately calls Tronte Nielsen, who arrives shortly thereafter, followed by Claudia Tiedemann, who has them move the body into the forest.

2020 Edit

June 24 Edit

Peter goes to the bunker, where he is joined by Charlotte, older Jonas, and Hannah. He tells them that Claudia knew what would happen and told he and Tronte what to do. Hannah cannot believe they knew about Michael, Mikkel and Ulrich. He shows her the notebook which has all the information about the missing children but the last few pages were ripped out. She asks whether Katharina knows about this. Charlotte agrees to tell her. However, when they do, Katharina storms off.

Jonas tells Peter, Charlotte and Hannah that everything is going to happen the way it always does. Adam, the leader of Sic Mundus, wants the last cycle to begin in three days, but Jonas has come to stop it. Claudia tried to do it, but in the end, became what she was fighting against.

June 27 Edit

Peter, at home, leaves a desperate voicemail for Charlotte, asking if Franziska is with her. He tells Elisabeth that they must leave, because Noah has said only the people in the bunker will survive. Elisabeth asks about her mother and sister, but Peter says only that things will be okay. The noise of the wormhole opening is heard, lights flicker all around town, and dead birds fall out of the sky as Peter and Elisabeth drive to the bunker. They are surprised to see Martha there. Martha then rushes out before Peter can stop her. When Claudia and Regina arrive, Peter realizes Claudia is the white devil from the picture there. Claudia stares at it strangely. They are later joined by young Noah.

September 22 Edit

Peter leaves his trailer with Elisabeth. Unbeknownst to them, they were being followed. They make it to a section blocked by the military. They tell Peter that the restricted area would be closed, and ask why he would take his daughter to look for dead people.

Peter hugs Elisabeth

Peter hugged Elisabeth when they found out that Franziska and Charlotte's bodies were not found.

Peter looks at pictures of people such as Clausen and Torben now dead. Elisabeth shakes her hear, and Peter walks up to a soldier, mentioning they were looking for Charlotte and Franziska, but he was told that if their pictures were not on the wall, then their bodies were not found. Peter tells Elisabeth that that is a good thing because if they are not there, they could have traveled. Peter hugs Elisabeth.

Elisabeth walks with Peter to the Kahnwald's. They walk in while an apparatus used by Peter started beeping faster. Inside, Peter tells Elisabeth he will take a look around upstairs. Elisabeth picks up a photo containing the Nielsen's, while young Noah walks inside the house as well. They look at each other, but the silence is interrupted when Noah mentions he is looking for food. He asks Elisabeth if she is doing the same, and she writes that she is looking for her mom and sister. She asks Noah where he sleeps, and he writes down that he sleeps in a cave. Peter comes down, startled and asks if Noah had been following, reiterating that he wanted nothing to do with him. Noah gets that he wants to protect Elisabeth, but mentions he wanted the same, and vows to do it after Peter is killed.

Peter is cooking dinner for Elisabeth and himself while Elisabeth looks at the word written to her by Noah which said "cave". She asked Peter what Noah had told him, and he told her to forget it. Elisabeth told him she is not a little kid anymore, and handed him a book and asked him why he carries it around everywhere they go, also demanding to know where Charlotte and Franziska were. She pushed Peter until he sat her down, and she started crying. Peter walked up to her and told her they would find their loved ones.

September 23 Edit

Elisabeth gets out of her trailer followed by Peter. They walk to the camp where bodies were stored and Elisabeth stops to look at Charlotte's pocket watch. Peter tells her to keep moving, but Elisabeth tells him that there is no point in looking for Charlotte or Franziska, as they were both dead. She tells Peter she no longer wants to look for them and goes away.

Peter enters his trailer and finds a man trying to rape Elisabeth. As the two men struggle, Elisabeth reaches for a knife to get rid of the ropes. The man grabs a big can of food and proceeds to hit Peter across the face with it; he also manages to stop Elisabeth when she tried to stab him. He managed to get Elisabeth off his back and hit her square in the face with his elbow as Peter got up. The man struggled, but managed to stick a knife through Peter's throat, leaving him to die. After murdering the man, Elisabeth goes to see her father's body, and begins to cry.

2019 (alternate version) Edit

November 4 Edit

Peter, a priest runs into Jonas at the cemetery, who asks if Michael Kahnwald is buried there, but Peter says that he was not. Looking at Jonas, he thinks he has seen him somewhere before, but the teenager leaves.

November 5 Edit

Charlotte drives to the church, where Peter, who is a priest is at with another man. The young man thanks him, and leaves. Peter tells Charlotte that he had been trying to reach her, but she tells him she was in the bunker, and asked him why he was not home with Franziska to which he is not able to reply. Charlotte asks him where Helge was last night because Peter had said that they had had dinner together, and asks where he was after that. Peter asks why she is asking this, but Charlotte proceeds to ask if when Peter got to Winden in 1987 Helge still lived in the cabin. Peter did not understand the questions, but responded negatively, and added that after the accident, Helge moved to the nursing home. She asked about 1986, and wondered if he ever used the bunker. Peter stops her, and asks her what she wants from him, so Charlotte shows him the necklace and tells him she found it in the bunker. Peter tells her that she could not be right, as Helge was with them all night. Charlotte looks suspicious as Peter gets a call telling him that Helge was at the police station confessing.

Helge confesses to murdering Mads

Helge confessed to murdering Mads Nielsen, much to everybody's surprise

When Peter gets to the police station, he asks Helge why he was confessing because it made no sense to him. He remembers Helge never left the house, but Helge reiterates that he killed the child. Peter begs him to stop, but Charlotte points out that all the things they found on the child were from 1986 on Mads Nielsen. Helge simply repeats that he killed the child as Ulrich gets to the police station. Shaken, he grabs Helge and asks him what he did to Mads before Helge simply recognizes Ulrich is alive, and realizes that it was him while holding up the necklace with the coin. Ulrich asks what he is saying, while Helge repeats that it was him, referring to the man who destroyed his eye.

November 7 Edit

Peter enters the room, asking what Charlotte was doing there and she says she saw Aleksander and found out Helge's shift at the plant was over at 6:00 p.m. and Mads had disappeared around 6:21 p.m. Peter asks if she is serious because he was certain his father had nothing to do with Mads' disappearance, not knowing why he had said that. However, Charlotte mentions Helge had confessed to the murder of two boys, so she is dragged by Peter, who mentions Elisabeth is not deaf. She says Ulrich is right, and everything is connected before leaving.

Origin World Edit

It is a house party at the Tiedemann's home. Regina is being celebrated by her friends. Peter is with Bernadette Wöller and Hannah is with Torben Wöller, joined also by Katharina. Bernadette looks at Torben's eye and comments it is looking a lot better. They ask him to tell them the story behind how his accident had happened, and as he began to tell it, a loud thunder bolt startled the group, also turning off the lights. Bernadette jokingly asks if it is the apocalypse, but Hannah is staring at a yellow rain jacket akin to Jonas'. Katharina asks her if she is okay, and Hannah mentions she had a deja-vu. She mentions it might sound absurd, but she had dreamt about that very moment the night before, except the world had ended, leaving everything dark forever. However, she mentions that it had felt good suddenly being free of everything in the unending darkness. Bernadette jokes that Hannah should get checked, and Hannah blames it on hormones. Regina asks them if they had one wish due to the world ending what they would wish for. Katharina wishes for a world without Winden, and they all say cheers. As they do, the lights turn back on, and Peter mentions maybe Winden does not want to leave. Torben says it could be a good thing, while holding Hannah's stomach, which revealed she was pregnant. The couple kiss, and when they ask what they think the name could be, Hannah says she does not know, but comments how she thinks Jonas would be a good name.


Peter is reserved, and suffers silently, not showing his emotions, even with family members. He has many internal conflicts. His sexual desires conflict with his responsibilities to his family and his marriage. He also considers confessing to Charlotte something (presumably that the dead boy found in the woods is indeed Mads Nielsen), but he always falls short of doing it.

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  • Episode 1 "Deja-vu" (2019 alternate)

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  • Adult Peter and young Peter from 1987 are played by real-life father and son.
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