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The "origin world" (die Ursprungswelt) was the 'world' from which the Knot was created, where the chain of cause and effect largely remained linear. When H.G. Tannhaus activated his experimental time machine, hoping to travel to the past and save his deceased family, he instead split and destroyed his world, creating two interlinked realities: Adam's world and Eva's world. Various individuals within the looped worlds - Claudia Tiedemann, Jonas Kahnwald and Martha Nielsen - learned of this, and made efforts to restore time and space to its original state.


Originally, Marek, Sonja, and Charlotte Tannhaus were killed in a car accident in 1971, devastating Marek's father, H.G. Tannhaus. In 1974, Tannhaus begins constructing a time machine in order to bring back his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. The invention was complete by 1986. However, instead of succeeding and bringing Tannhaus back to a point where his family could or would be saved, his machine destroys the world. In its place were created Adam's world and Eva's world, two parallel worlds in an infinite loop, fated to suffer their own apocalypses. Each world contains traces or echoes of the original world.

The Claudia Tiedemann of Adam's world learned that neither Adam nor Eva was truly interested in saving her daughter, Regina, and was determined to find her own way to break the cycle. She informed Adam that there was a way to break the cycle, as during the apocalypse, time stood still, causing an effect leading to the possibility of quantum entanglement.

Informed of the existence of the original world and how he might break the cycle, Adam traveled back to the day of the apocalypse and saved his younger self, Jonas Kahnwald, bringing him to the day of the apocalypse in Eva's world—November 8, 2019. Jonas waited for the moment that Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler planned to rescue the Martha Nielsen of Eva's world and bring her to Adam's world and lunged at Martha with a golden time sphere. In that moment they traveled to Adam's world on June 21, 1986, the day of the initial incident at the nuclear power plant and the day that Tannhaus activated the time machine in the original world and created the two worlds.[1]

After a surreal experience in the time passage, Jonas and Martha arrived in the original world on November 8, 1971. As Marek and Sonja make to drive out of Winden, Jonas and Martha appear before their car and persuade them that the bridge is closed and that they ought to turn back. The car turns around, and Marek, Sonja, and Charlotte live. The time machine is thus never built. The inhabitants of Adam and Eva's worlds cease to exist, while the original world is restored to a happier existence. Due to time travel never being created in the original world (and thus the two worlds never being created), most members of the four main families cease to exist, as their existence could only be assured by their ancestors traveling through time. All genetic descendants of Agnes Nielsen of the Nielsen family, for example, would never exist, as her husband's existence was predicated on the junction of the two worlds.[1] Agnes herself would not even exist, as both her mother and her father had to time travel in order to conceive her.[2][3]

In 2019 Winden, Regina Doppler, Hannah Wöller, Torben Wöller, Bernadette Wöller, Peter Doppler, and Katharina Albers enjoy dinner together. A pregnant Hannah shares her dream that appears to retain some memories or echoes of Adam and Eve's worlds, having dreamed that the world suddenly ended to eternal darkness but that it was good because all worry and suffering were gone. The friends toast to a "world without Winden," and when asked about names for her child, Hannah muses that Jonas is a beautiful name.[1]

Differences between Adam's and Eva's worlds[]

None of the descendants of the Unknown existed in this world, including Tronte Nielsen, Ulrich Nielsen, Mads Nielsen, Magnus Nielsen, Martha Nielsen, Michael Kahnwald (Mikkel Nielsen), or Jonas Kahnwald. The Unknown was thus never conceived and in turn could not have descendants. Subsequently, Katharina, Ulrich's wife remained single, as did (presumably) Jana, Tronte's wife. Hannah, Michael's wife, was instead married to Torben Wöller and expecting a child with him. Ines Kahnwald remained childless, never having adopted Michael.

Other individuals who were born as a direct result of time travel did not exist, such as Silja Tiedemann and her descendants Hanno Tauber, Agnes Nielsen, Charlotte Doppler, Elisabeth Doppler, and Franziska Doppler. Instead, Charlotte's husband Peter is in a long-term relationship with Bernadette Wöller.

Instead of simply having an affair, Claudia Tiedemann married Bernd Doppler and lived with him and their daughter Regina Doppler in a beautiful house of the edge of the woods. Because the relationship between Claudia and Bernd was more open, this presumably changed the dynamic significantly between Peter and Regina, who were less close in the two worlds. Regina was always Peter's half-aunt, albeit adoptive, but neither knew this in their lives. Now the two are close friends in 2019.

While Boris Niewald could have existed in this world, he never married Regina or had Bartosz with her. As the Claudia from Adam's world predicted, Regina lived a healthy life, free of cancer.[4]

Because the Unknown never came to be and was never able to coerce the mayor into signing the permit for the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, it was never built.

Many smaller details relating to switched sides and mirror images also exist across Adam's, Eva's, and the original world. In Adam's world, the bus stop is on the left side of the road leading up to the power plant. In Eva's world, it's on the right, and in the original world, it's in the middle, behind the intersection. Another example of mirroring between the worlds is the trapdoor leading into the bunker - in Adam's world, it opens to the left. In Eva's world, it opens to the right, and in the original world, it opens upwards.[1][2]



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