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The Nielsen family is one of the four interconnected families who are the central characters of Dark.


Agnes Nielsen was born in Winden in 1910 to Silja and Bartosz Tiedemann.[1] Silja was the daughter of Egon Tiedemann and Hannah Kahnwald, and Bartosz descended from the Tiedemann family. Agnes grew up mostly under the care of Erna, an innkeeper, with her elder brother Hanno.[2] At some point she met and married the Unknown, the son of Jonas Kahnwald and the alternate Martha Nielsen,[3][4] and together they had a son, Tronte, in 1941.[5] She was left to raise her son as a single mother and was often sad. Prior to 1953, Tronte spent some time in an orphanage, where he was abused.[6] She left Winden at some point but returned with Tronte in 1953, renting a room in the home of Doris and Egon Tiedemann and becoming romantically involved with the former.[3][6][7]

Tronte remained in Winden and married Jana Nielsen (maiden name unknown), with whom he had two sons, Ulrich in 1971[8][9] and Mads in 1973.[10] Tronte cheated on his wife on several occasions,[11] notably with Claudia Tiedemann.[12] On the night that Mads disappeared mysteriously in 1986, Tronte was with Claudia.[11] Unknown to Tronte until 2019, Mads was kidnapped by Helge Doppler and sent through time to 2019, which killed him in the process.[10]

Ulrich eventually married his high school sweetheart, Katharina Albers. They had three children, Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel. Mikkel himself disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2019, having traveled to 1986 unbeknownst to the others,[9] and eventually was adopted into the Kahnwald family.[10] He grew up to marry Hannah Krüger, with whom he had a son, Jonas, in 2003.[11] Martha died on June 27, 2020, never having kids.[13] Magnus and his partner Franziska Doppler grew older together but did not continue the Nielsen line.[14]

Mikkel's son Jonas would grow up both to continue the Nielsen line and not to continue it. Subject to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, Jonas in one reality came to be known as Adam, the leader of the time travelers cult Sic Mundus, and never had children.[2] His journey had no real end until the knot was finally broken.[15] In an overlapping reality, Jonas managed to continue the family line with an alternate version of his aunt Martha after being brought to her world by her slightly older self.[4][13] That alternate Martha, similarly affected by quantum entanglement, went on in one reality to kill the Jonas that had come to her world and later gave birth to a boy, the Unknown.[4][16]

The Unknown, at times known as the Origin, met and married Agnes Nielsen, with whom he had Tronte, and therefore helped to give rise to the very family line from which he descended. Bound to her more out of temporal duty than out of fondness,[4] however, he also had a child with the Agnes Nielsen of his mother's world.[17] It was thus only through him (and his own family line) that the "four interconnected families" all together existed quite as they did in each of the two interconnected worlds.


The name Nielsen is of Scandinavian origin, and most commonly found in northern Germany. It means "son of Niels," Niels being a Danish form of Nicholas. Nicholas, in turn, is a name of Greek origin meaning "victory of the people."



  • Tiedemann family home (Bartosz, Silja, Agnes, Noah, Erna; 1888-1921)
  • Church and graveyard (Young Noah, Adult Noah, Adult Agnes; 1921-unknown)
  • Unknown family home (Jana; 1953-unknown)
  • Albers family home (Katharina; 1970s-unknown)
  • Nielsen family home (Doris Tiedemann, Agnes, Tronte; 1950s-unknown) | (Tronte, Jana, Ulrich, Mads; 1970s-1986) | (Tronte, Jana, Ulrich; 1986-2000s) | (Ulrich, Katharina, Magnus, Martha, Mikkel; 2000s-2019) | (Katharina, Magnus, Martha; 2020)
  • Krüger family home (Hannah Kahnwald; 1972-unknown)
  • Kahnwald family home (Michael Kahnwald; 1986-2002/2003) | (Michael Kahnwald, Hannah Kahnwald, Jonas Kahnwald; 2002/2003 to 2020)

Family tree[]

The following is a family tree representing the Nielsen Family.

Bartosz Tiedemann
Silja Tiedemann
The Unknown
Agnes Nielsen
Noah (see Doppler family)
Tronte Nielsen
Jana Nielsen
Mads Nielsen
Ulrich Nielsen
Katharina Nielsen
Magnus Nielsen
Martha Nielsen
Mikkel Nielsen/Michael Kahnwald
(adopted by Ines Kahnwald)
Hannah Kahnwald (see Kahnwald family)
Jonas Kahnwald


  • All of Ulrich and Katharina's childrens' names begin with the letter M (Magnus, Martha and Mikkel), possibly in memory of Ulrich's missing brother Mads.


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