Mysteries are a central storytelling device in Dark. This article presents an overview of the mysteries presented in the show.

Season 1

String wall

Status: Solved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in: "Alpha and Omega"
Dark 1x01 - String wall full
A wall of photographs of people in different time zones, connected by white string, was seen in a room with weapons.

Michael's suicide

Status: Solved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in: An Endless Cycle - Michael sacrifices himself for the cycle to continue
Dark 1x01 - Michael's letter
Michael Kahnwald hanged himself in June 2019 and left behind

a letter. Questions

  • Why did Michael kill himself?
    • Partially because he knew that he would, because young Mikkel Nielsen knew that Michael Kahnwald killed himself.

Dark substance

Status: Semi-solved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in: See Jonas Kahnwald Mental Health
Profile – Michael
Michael Kahnwald appears in a vision to Jonas Kahnwald], covered in a black substance.


  • Why is Michael covered in a black substance?
  • What is the black substance?

Unknown Family Members

Status: Partially-solved Introduced in: "Season 1" Solved in:
Dark String Wall


Season 2

Man in the 1921 Cave

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Beginnings and Endings" Solved in:
The episode opens as two males, one older and one younger, are excavating the cave. The former indicates that the latter is a young Noah.

Who is the older man, Bartosz Tiedemann perhaps? What has caused him to lose his faith in the prophecy? Why was his murder necessary?

Aleksander and Clausen's Brother

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Lost and Found" Solved in:
When Aleksander appears in 1986, he stashes identity papers for Boris Niewald and takes others for Aleksander Köhler of Marburg—which happens to be the name of Clausen's brother, murdered in Marburg in 1986. Two perpetrators were still sought in that case in 2020. Clausen confirms there was only one passport issued to an Aleksander Köhler from that passport office that year, but Aleksander is not his brother.

Was Aleksander Tiedemann involved in the murder of Clausen's brother? What is his origin and parentage? Did he, like Agnes, have hidden ties to Winden before relocating there? Who wrote the letter to Clausen with the Freud quote saying he would find answers concerning his brother in Winden?

Hives & Bugs in 2053

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Beginnings and Endings" Solved in: Unsolved
In 2053, when Jonas Kahnwald awakes in his house, when he is in the woods, and when he is foraging for parts; we see some sort of hives attached to trees and in corners/cracks of buildings all over the place with some kind of buzzing bugs.

What are the hives and bugs? Is this an alternate world? Is this some new mutated insect?

Conflict in 2053

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Beginnings and Endings" Solved in: Unsolved
2x02 0031 PatrolCloseup
There is a conflict going on in 2053 with tanks and aircraft flying around day and night.

What is the conflict? Is it just a new age Sic Mundus cult led by Elisabeth Doppler & Silja in which they hang and crucify people trying to get into the dead zone or walled off Winden Nuclear Power Plant searching for the God Particle or passage to paradise - promised by Noah? Or is it another world's war?

Bunker Apocalypse Survivors

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: Endings and Beginnings Solved in: Unsolved
Claudia, Regina, Peter, Elisabeth, & Noah all survive the apocalypse inside the bunker.

What becomes of them? Noah & Elisabeth's relationship blooms? How does Claudia take everything from Noah? We'll likely find out in Season 3.

More Time Travelers?

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: Endings and Beginnings Solved in: Unsolved
Katharina was in the Winden Caves when the Apocalypse occurred

Charlotte and Elisabeth touch through the portal similar to Jonas and Helge Questions
Does they end up time traveling? When do they arrive? We'll likely find out in Season 3

What happened with Noah?

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: Ghosts & Endings and Beginnings Solved in: Unsolved
It is unclear the history that Noah has with Agnes, Claudia, and Jonas.Likely to be revealed in Season 3.

What happened between Agnes and Noah? A disagreement about Sic Mundus?

What does Noah mean when he tells Claudia she took everything from him just before he kills her? Likely to do with Elisabeth & Charlotte.

What does Noah mean when he tells The Stranger that Jonas and he will become friends but Jonas will betray him?

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