Mysteries are a central storytelling device in Dark. This article presents an overview of the mysteries presented in the show.

Season 1

String wall

Status: Solved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in: "Alpha and Omega"
Dark 1x01 - String wall full
A wall of photographs of people in different time zones, connected by white string, was seen in a room with weapons.

Michael's suicide

Status: Partially solved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in:
Michael Kahnwald hanged himself in June 2019 and left a Suicide Note.

Unanswered questions

  • Why did Michael kill himself?

Dark substance

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Secrets" Solved in:
Michael Kahnwald appears covered in a dark substance.

Unanswered questions
Why is Michael covered in a black substance?

Unknown Family Members

Status: Unsolved Introduced in: "Season 1" Solved in:

Unanswered questions