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Martha Nielsen is the daughter of Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen, and the sister of Magnus and Mikkel Nielsen. She attends the Winden high school.

History Edit

2019 Edit

On June 21, Martha went to the lake with Jonas, Magnus, Franziska, and Bartosz. At the lake, Martha and Jonas are siting together, when he finds a pendant with an engraving of St. Christopher imprinted on it. A short while later, he suddenly remembers that he promised to teach Grandma Ines how to use her new tablet, and hurriedly leaves.

Shortly after, Jonas who has travelled from 1921 sits next to Martha. She is surprised he has returned so soon and says he seems different. Jonas tells her they are perfect for each other, and they kiss. Later, at the anniversary party Martha's parents were having, Martha brings Jonas upstairs, and gives him back the St. Christopher's medal from the lake, which she has put on a string. She says, "I thought about what you said at the lake," though he doesn’t know what she means because she is referring to what the time-travelling Jonas had said to her after he left. She also tells him "I think you're right," before kissing him and ultimately results in them having sex.

Martha develops a romantic relationship with Jonas Kahnwald, but during Jonas' extended absence from school following his father's suicide, begins dating his friend Bartosz. After Jonas return on November 4th, Martha joins Bartosz, Jonas, and her brothers Magnus and Mikkel in a late night escape to find the missing boy Erik's hidden drug cache outside the Winden Caves. Following her brother's disappearance at the cave mouth, and her being torn between Jonas and Bartosz, she becomes increasingly sorrowful in the following days.

After ignoring multiple calls from Bartosz, Martha texts Jonas on the morning of November 7th, wanting to talk with him. After performing at the school play later that night, Jonas visits Martha in the dressing room. Jonas confides in her that he was in psychiatric treatment rather than an exchange program in France as Bartosz had been telling their classmates. Jonas then asks why she contacted him rather than Bartosz that morning, and she embraces him in a kiss.

Unaware that Jonas has traveled back in time to 1986, Martha unsuccessfully tries to contact Jonas multiple times during the next two days. On the evening of November 9th, Martha confronts Jonas in the pouring rain as he is leaving home. Jonas abruptly tries to leave, but she demands to know why Jonas kissed her only to ignore her afterwards. Now aware that Mikkel is his father, making Martha his biological aunt, Jonas rejects her tersely, unable to explain the impossibility of their relationship. Saddened and angered by Jonas' seemingly cold response, she reconciles with Bartosz after telling him about her meeting with Jonas. On Novermber 12, Martha breaks up a fight between Bartosz and Jonas outside the highschool-- the last time she will see him before he disappears.

2020 Edit

Martha rides her bike to the bridge where Bartosz is waiting. He tells her he has tried calling her. She tells him there's a lot going on, she has wanted to talk for a while. Bartosz realizes they are done. He tells her it is because of Jonas. She says that has nothing to do with it, he has really changed, she has no idea what is going on with him. He tells her his mother is dying and there are things he can't tell her. She responds that she has to deal with a missing brother and father and a mother who barely acknowledges her. She tells him it's better this way and leaves.

June 24 Edit

Martha dreams she is having sex with Jonas, who tells her that they are perfect for each other, and not to ever believe anything else. She awakens distressed and bursts into tears.

When Franziska and Magnus decide they want to go to the caves, Martha tells them she sometimes dreams of Jonas and feels he is still alive. They walk into the caves and the ground begins to shake. They hear footsteps. It is Bartosz, carrying a suitcase. They demand to know what he is doing there. Magnus punches him. They open his suitcase and ask him what it is. He tells them it doesn't concern them. Magnus tells Bartosz that if he has anything to do with the disappearance of his brother and father he will kill him. Martha tells Bartosz they will leave him there overnight, and take the suitcase.

June 25 Edit

Katharina is looking at the school photo with Mikkel in it. Martha and Magnus come downstairs. Katharina tells them that there is something they need to see but they say they have to go. Martha lashes out at her, demanding to know why all of a sudden she wants to speak to them when she has ignored them for months. Katharina attempts to stroke Martha but she rebuffs her and says they no longer need to talk. They both leave.

The teenagers return to the Winden Caves and are observed by Noah. Bartosz is still tied up there. They ask him what is going on. He says he cannot tell them and even if he did, they wouldn't believe him. Franziska tells him that the human body can survive three days without nourishment, and they all prepare to leave. Finally, he tells them it is a time machine. Magnus does not believe it, but Martha tells Bartosz to show them how it works. Bartosz says he needs a phone. Martha hands him hers. This activates the device.

The teenagers emerge from the cave and realize the landscape is different, the chair is missing. Bartosz says he didn't believe it at first either, but Noah told him what would happen before they happened: Martha would kiss Jonas, his mother would get cancer, Jonas would disappear but he will soon return. Franziska says Elisabeth knows Noah. Magnus scoffs and leaves, the others following. Bartosz asks Martha if she trusts him. She does not answer and goes to join the others.

They emerge from the forest and come to the bus stop. Posters advertise a 1987 concert. Police cars drive past, containing Ulrich, who recognizes his children and tells the police to stop but they drive on. Bartosz asks them if they believe him now. Martha looks at him and walks off with the others.

Martha returns home and finds the St. Christopher medal on her bed, which the older Jonas set there.

June 26 Edit

Martha, having found the St. Christopher medal (left by the adult Jonas) thinks Jonas has returned, as Bartosz predicted. She mentions this to her friends and she and Bartosz argue. She makes it clear their relationship is over.

She heads off on her own to Hannah’s house. While Hannah isn’t there, the adult Jonas (The Stranger) is and lets her in. Martha asks who he is. She looks at him strangely and he asks if she is scared of him. She says she is experiencing deja vu. As he did previously, he responds "a glitch in the matrix." He asks whether she found the St. Christopher medal he left for her. She then realizes that he is Jonas.

Sitting at the kitchen table he starts to explain his absence. Martha then says it all makes sense now. She takes his hand in hers and touches his forearm and face. They are interrupted by Katharina who breaks into the house, searching for Hannah. On seeing Martha and Jonas together she pulls them apart and asks Martha whether she knows who this man is: The son of her brother, her nephew. She tells Jonas to keep his dirty hands off her and takes Martha away.

June 27 Edit

On June 27 2020 she is killed by Adam, the oldest version of Jonas, in order for Jonas to become Adam. Jonas grieves over her death but just before the God Particle destroys Winden another version of Martha takes Jonas claiming she is from a different world.

2019 (alternate version) Edit

November 4 Edit

Lightning comes out of the nuclear power plant, and forms a wormhole. Martha from the other world tells Jonas they do not have time and places an orb on the ground, which makes them disappear from that world, and takes them to the caves. Jonas demands to know who the mysterious Martha is, and she tells him it's the day everything started - when they met each other. Jonas is confused, but Martha tells him that on that day, their worlds formed a knot that is inextricably intertwined. She places an orb on the ground again, and tells Jonas she will make everything right before leaving.

Katharina reminds Martha to go with Ulrich

Martha was less than pleased to be reminded she needed to go with her father.

The present version of Martha wakes up shaken by her dream, sweating as she puts some pants on and goes down to the breakfast table. Mikkel is playing a videogame, which Katharina tells him to turn off. Martha asks Katharina what's wrong with him, and Katharina tells her he had been having the same nightmares. Martha tells Mikkel that maybe it wasn't a dream, and that maybe the here and now was one, and none of them were real. Mikkel laughs sarcastically and the lights in the house start flickering, as Katharina takes his videogame away. Katharina offers them rides to school, but they decide to go on their own. She also reminds Martha that the next day they would be staying with their father. Martha is annoyed by this, but heads off for school.

Martha rides on her bike through the woods, using a jacket akin to the one Jonas has. She stops to look at the power plant, and looks at a poster which says Erik Obendorf is missing. She walks into school, and Magnus tells her he won the race to school. They have a small argument, until Bartosz shows up. They give each other a handshake, and Martha asks if he had seen Kilian, to which he responds that he had not.

Martha and Kilian kiss

Martha and Kilian kissed when they found each other.

Kilian shows up, and says hi to Martha, who kisses him. Bartosz asks about Erik, but Kilian says they have no news on him. They hear an announcement on the school's PA in which Katharina summons all students to an assembly in the gymnasium. Magnus points out that it could be relating to his brother, and Kilian replies that Erik had never left home for two weeks, and when things got complicated he would contact his family, but this time they had not received any messages. They head to the gymnasium.

Martha confused

Martha was very confused as to what Jonas wanted with her.

When the school bell rings, Jonas walks up to Martha, who asks him what he wants. Jonas tells her he had not told him why she had brought him to this world. Martha is confused and asks him who he is. Jonas asks if that is a real question, when Kilian walks in and asks Martha to go with him. Afterwards, Martha is rehearsing for the school play. Jonas walks in and sees Kilian kiss Martha on the neck playfully. As Kilian leaves, he tells Martha to meet him at nine o'clock later that evening. Jonas walks up to her again, and she tells him to go away. Jonas desperately grabs her to try to tell her Mikkel will disappear, but she is confused, so he uses the name Michael Kahnwald, which she says does not sound familiar to her, and finds it ridiculous when he mentions Hannah's husband. She tells him to stay away from her once again, and leaves.

Martha in shock

Martha was taken aback when Jonas mentioned she was having a deja-vu

Martha goes to the bridge on her bicycle, and is taken aback when Jonas shows up. Jonas tells her he does not want to harm her, and tells her they know each other in another time. Martha asks him what he is saying, and Jonas tells her she has seen this before - the light, trees, and him. She is having deja-vu, or a "glitch in the matrix". Jonas thinks he knows why he is there: so he can change everything. Magnus arrives, and is taken aback when Jonas asks about Mikkel. Kilian is annoyed at Jonas' presence, and Magnus demands to know how Jonas knows his brother. Jonas is told to leave once again.

In the forest, the teenagers walk as Kilian asks Martha why Jonas acted as if he knew her. Martha says he did not, and thinks it is strange. Bartosz changes the subject by mentioning Nostradamus predicted that the world would end that year, and Magnus thinks that is ridiculous. Jonas walks to the Nielsen's, but finds no lights turned on. In the woods, Kilian is hoping to find Erik, saying the police could have missed something.

Teenagers terrified

The group of teenagers were terrified once their flashlights began flickering and they started hearing noises.

Magnus asks the group if they know the story of the cave monster, which he says is legit. However, as he was going to tell it, they heard noises all over the place, including inside the cave. Their flashlights start flickering, and they start running away from the cave. Martha falls and gets separated from the group. Panicking, she hears a voice calling her name; when she turns around, she realizes it is her covered in blood. Not knowing what to think, she runs away.

All over Winden, lights start flickering, leaving everybody in shock. Martha keeps running until she finds Kilian and takes his hand. They run into the bunker while Jonas walks into Mikkel's room and finds him asleep.

In the bunker, Bartosz asks if everything is over, to which Magnus replies that he thinks so. Inside the bunker, a wormhole opens and a kid falls, with his eyes completely destroyed. Opening his jacket, Martha finds a student card, which reveals the kid to be Mads Nielsen.

As Jonas walks away from the Nielsen's house, an old Martha tells him she had waited for him to come back for a long time. She tells him Mikkel did not travel back, would not become his father, and he would never be born. She then asks him if that was not what he wanted. After pausing, she mentions that this world was also damned like his, leaving everything to fall apart in an endless cycle, all thanks to him and her as well. Jonas realizes the elderly woman is Martha.

November 5 Edit

Magnus and Martha confront Ulrich

Magnus and Martha confronted Ulrich when he did not believe they were sober when they saw Mads' body appear.

Alternate reality Martha is on her bed, but gets up when she hears the doorbell. She opens it up only to see her father at the door. Ulrich asks if he can come inside, and Martha allows it. He asks if Magnus is in the house, and asks Martha to tell him what really happened in the bunker. Martha tells him that she meant everything she had said when she told him the bunker was empty when they got there, but after a light shined, a body fell into it. Ulrich asks if they had taken anything that might have altered their perception, and a shocked Martha asks if he really thought that. Ulrich restructured his question, asking if Kilian had given her anything as Magnus walked down the stairs. Ulrich asks him what he had taken before entering the bunker as well and Magnus asks him if he means it seriously and if he had suddenly become the caring type, as he normally does not care what they do. Martha repeats that what they had originally told him still applies. Magnus asks Ulrich if that was it, as his mother was going to be home at any minute and it would be best if he left. He also sarcastically comments that it was nice that he had dropped by to see how they were doing. Ulrich leaves after that.

Martha goes into Magnus' room, asking if they could talk. Magnus, however, tells her to get lost, which Martha decides to ignore, sitting on his bed beside him. She asks him if he saw anything else in the woods, but Magnus replies that he had not, and asks what she means. Martha changes the subject and asks if he had ever felt like he was losing his mind and nothing made sense anymore. She says that maybe their father was right and maybe the body had already been there. Magnus is firm and tells her he knows what he saw before asking where she was going when she stood up. Martha looks back and tells him to leave their mother out of it, and telling him she would be back before sundown.

Martha goes to the Obendorf's trailer, where she is greeted by Jürgen. She asks for Kilian, who greets her, but asks what she was doing there. Martha tells him she was worried because he was not at the dorm, so Kilian grabs her by the arm and they walk before Kilian tells her he was kicked out. He tells her that Ulrich had called, wanting to know if he had slipped them something. Martha asks if he did, which angers Kilian, who defensively says that he did not. He is sure that the reason people think that is because even though he had not lived in the trailer for years, everybody saw him as someone who did. He realized that the only reason Martha was ever with him was to anger her parents, not caring about Erik or him. He asks her to leave, which Martha accepts without another word while Jonas watches all this from the distance.

Martha walks through the woods when she is approached by Jonas. Asking what he wants, Jonas tells her that he has always known her. He remembers when Magnus knocked her tooth out in kindergarten, when Mikkel put spiders in her shoes, and on the class trip in the third grade, he was there. He says that where he comes from, their pasts are nearly identical. Martha concludes that he is insane, but Jonas grabs her and tells her that he knew that she saw herself in the woods the past day, as Eva had told him that she had. Martha is confused, and Jonas acknowledges that it sounds crazy because he thought the same for some time. Martha asks who he really is, and Jonas simply responds that he can show her how everything is connected.

Jonas leads Martha through the woods, and turns his flashlight on. Martha looks back, but decides to follow him into the cave. He leads Martha through a tunnel Jonas opens the door in the cave as Martha follows.

Jana welcomes Jonas and Martha to the future

When Jonas and Martha made it to the future, they were welcomed by Jana Nielsen.

Jonas and Martha exit the cave only to find out it was daytime. When they had entered, it was night. There were also no trees, and they appeared to be in a desert. Martha is in shock and asks what he did to which Jonas replies that he was told to bring her there because she would explain it to her. Martha asks who only to see an older version of martha walking towards her, and welcoming her to the future.

1888 (Jonas's world) Edit

September 21 Edit

Martha arrives at the Tannhaus residence, where she finds a machine letting off electricity, and find a middle aged Jonas. Jonas walks slowly towards her in disbelief and while crying, mentions she is alive. However, Martha reveals herself not to be the Martha he knows. Jonas is confused, but she tells him she is there to help him find The Origin, which is the beginning of everything in his world and in her world as well.

September 22 Edit

Martha wakes up altered after a dream of her having sex with Jonas. She looks up and sees older Jonas in looking at her. He tells her to get dressed and leaves. As Martha walks out of the room, she sees Bartosz, Franziska, and Magnus who all look at her in disbelief. Magnus hugs her, but Jonas tells him that that is not Martha. Since they are all confused, Martha says that she is not the Martha they knew, and that she is trying to fix everything.

Travelers talk to Martha

The group of travelers was confused as to what Martha really wanted.

The group ask Martha to clarify what she was saying about being from a different world, and tells them that her world ends exactly like theirs. Magnus finds it ridiculous because he is not dead, but Jonas asks how they were found. Martha tells him that Jonas told her, but Franziska is quick to point out she had already said there was not a Jonas in her world. Martha explained that Jonas traveled from their world to hers, but older Jonas tells Martha that she is lying because he never went to her world. He gets aggressive and asks her what she really wants and if Adam sent her.

A door opens and a man tells the group that they need to start the machines, as they are running late. The man points out they have a visitor, while Jonas leaves. The blind man touches Martha's face, and tells her she has no reason to fear her.

She later gets visited by Bartosz, who says sorry for Jonas. He mentions that ever since they got there, he had changed. Martha asks how they had gotten there, and Bartosz says they traveled when everything came to happen, but Jonas did not want to go to 1888 - it was simply what had happened. And since they had no nuclear energy, they had no means of traveling back to another time. Martha asks about the workshop and the blind man, and when asking if he knew where they were from, Bartosz asks her to come with him to show her something.

Bartosz talks to alternate reality Martha

Wanting to find out more about what was going on, Bartosz took Martha to Adam's study.

Bartosz, who led her to a door, which took them to a room identical to Adam's study. Martha asked Bartosz what this was, and he told her it was sort of a secret society of which old Tannhaus was the only one left. Tannhaus' father was convinced he could supersede the rules of time and space, and dedicated his life to doing that, which his son followed in doing. Bartosz tells Martha that what Jonas is trying now is to rebuild a time machine the way he saw them, and had been there already, but only in the future. After this, he reminds Martha that Jonas had asked her if Martha had sent her because Adam killed Martha. He asks Martha who Adam is, and Martha wonders why Jonas had not told him that Jonas himself is Adam.

September 23 Edit

Martha asks to be trusted

Martha asked Jonas to give her a chance to prove herself.

The following day, Martha sees as a fight ensues between Bartosz and Jonas, given the fact that she told Bartosz Adam's true identity. Later, Martha is in her room when she hears a knock at the door. Jonas walks inside and tells her that she had told him he had been to his world. However, he does not remember this and asks her why that is. However, Martha does not know the answer to that, but tells him that she did not write the letter and that he needed to believe her. She asks him what Sic Mundus is, and Jonas tells her that Tannhaus' father had tried to bring his wife back to life because he was convinced that the ability to time travel could save the world, as they could stop errors before they even occured. However, this would not bring back salvation - only damnation. Martha's voice cracks as she tells him that everybody is dead in her world and she needs to change that. As Jonas is about to leave, she grabs his hand and tells him that she is aware that he does not trust her, but begs for an opportunity to prove that she can be trusted.

She takes Jonas to the woods, where she reveals the orb she uses to travel through worlds. She opens it up and reveals a small sphere, mentioning that it was the last one she had. She hands it to him, while mentioning it was the only way she could travel back again. However, she was lying and when Jonas and the rest tried to get the dark matter to work, Franziska asks where Martha is; she is in her room grabbing a lantern and her orb. She uses another sphere and places it in the orb. She turns the orb and places it on the ground and disappears as soon as Jonas and the rest of the group enters the room.

2053 (time travel) Edit

September 23 Edit

Martha walks to a door in the power plant and walks inside the room. In there, Adam asks her if she gave Jonas the sphere. Martha nodded while Adam admitted he was always very gullible. He tells her that she did the right thing while Martha looks insecurely at the God Particle, which was unstable.

2019 (alternate world as Eva) Edit

November 5 Edit

Old, alternate reality Martha, known as Eva tells Jonas nobody knows their end, but their end knows them, and that they cannot escape their ultimate destiny. The choices made in each world may be different, but they converge on the same moment even if they do not occur in the same way or at the same time. She reminds Jonas that even if he thought the world would be better off without him, everybody was going to die: Mikkel, and everyone else. She tells him that the apocalypse in her world would occur in three days.

Eva tells Jonas that their mistake is thinking that everybody thinks they are independent. Jonas asks what the alternate world is, and wonders if it is a copy of his world. Eva asks if he remembers what he told her under the bridge: the light the woods, and themselves. Jonas concludes by saying that it is a "glitch in the matrix", and once again asks why he is there. Eva tells him that they both are Adam and Eva; both glitches in the matrix. The reason he is there, is to save everyone.

Eva shows Jonas necklace

Eva explained to Jonas that he alone could choose if he wanted to save his Martha.

Eva asks Jonas if he ever wondered why he could never let go of Martha even if he knew they could never be together. There was an invisible ribbon between the between the both of them which Adam tried to sever to no avail. She shows him the necklace he gave her, and Jonas pulls out his. Eva reminds him they are always bound and stuck in the same deja-vu. When Jonas asks what she really wants and demands to know why he is really there, Eva tells him that he has already seen what he is going to do as Adam. If he wants to save Martha, he has to choose the side of light and become what she has. Jonas is annoyed at his involvement in everything, however and tells her he does not have to do anything. Eva is unfazed and tells him to consider what he wants, and asks him if he wants his Martha to live. She tells Jonas that everything repeats itself because nobody wants to let go. She also tells him that it took her a long time to understand that he would always choose his own Martha. And just as he could not let go of her past, she could not let it go either. She reminds him that he had chosen the path Adam had told him and asks him where it led him. Then she tells him to tell the alternate reality Martha how everything is intertwined, and she needs to see her future so she understands what she needs to do. She hands Jonas a flashlight before he exits the room. Eva turns around and looks at the painting of Adam and Eve she had in her study.

The Unknowns approach Eva

The middle aged version of The Unknown told Eva she could have told Jonas what he was going to do.

Eva sits alone in her study as the three versions of The Unknown approach her. They hand her a book with a paper, and old Tannhaus' pocket watch. After the middle aged Unknown sets the objects down, he mentions that Eva could have told Jonas what path she had sent Jonas on and how it would end. However, Eva says that even if he knew the cycle, he would never stop trying to break it and would not understand that the knot must be preserved and her Martha must die so that all others could live. She takes the book which has two keys and the maps to the power plant.

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