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Magnus Nielsen is the eldest son of Katharina and Ulrich Nielsen and the brother of Martha and Mikkel.


Family background[]

He smokes pot at school, even being the son of the principal. He joins Bartosz, Martha, Mikkel and Jonas looking for Erik's stash of drugs, supposedly hidden in the caves and Mikkel disappears. He is very upset about Mikkel, punching a wall to the point of his fingers bleeding. He appears to feel guilty after running away after seeing strange events at the cave, leaving Mikkel behind when he was supposed to be looking after him. He reveals he has a softer side, especially after his little brother Mikkel, goes missing, comforting his mother after she and Martha fight and breaking up the fight between his mother and Regina (Season 1, episode 6). Magnus also has a close relationship with his younger sister Martha and during this time starts seeing Franziska Doppler.


Magnus and Franziska are officially a couple. He's known for a while that she hides money in a small box beneath an abandoned railway. One day, Magnus sees someone else putting money in the box. It's Bernadette the prostitute.

Magnus comes to the wrong conclusions and is outraged with Franziska. He then learns that she is selling Bernadette prescriptions for hormones to complete her gender reassignment. Peter Doppler used to be one of Bernadette's customers and now she relies on his daughter. Franziska is sorely disappointed by Magnus' lack of trust, but she forgives him.

Magnus has hardly any contact with his mother Katharina. She is obsessively searching the Winden caves for traces of Ulrich and Mikkel. Magnus and Martha decide they're going to search the caves as well and Franziska and Elisabeth Doppler join them. The teens are surprised to find Bartosz there with a strange device. Magnus overpowers Bartosz and the others tie him up, but he won't reveal what he's up to.

They leave him in the caves overnight. The next day, when Bartosz says he has a time machine, they don't believe him. To prove it, Bartosz travels with them to 1987. Magnus takes the time machine and gives it to his mother.

June 26[]

At the Doppler house, Magnus, Franziska, and Elisabeth share what they know with Charlotte and Peter, who are actually already aware of the time-travelling occurring. Once Franziska realizes that her parents are not surprised by the news about time travel, she gets angry that they kept this knowledge a secret, as well as her father's affair. Magnus receives a call from Martha, with the news that Jonas is back- as Bartosz had predicted- but is older, while Mikkel and their father are alive but in another time.

June 27[]

On the day of the apocalypse, the Stranger finds Magnus, Bartosz, and Franziska in the Nielsen house. He has a time machine with him and they all travel together at the last minute.

1888 (time travel)[]

September 22[]

Months after time traveling, Magnus was stuck in 1888 with his group. One day, Martha walks out of the room she was in and sees Bartosz, Franziska, and Magnus who all look at her in disbelief. Magnus hugs her, but Jonas tells him that that is not Martha. Since they are all confused, Martha says that she is not the Martha they knew, and that she is trying to fix everything.

Travelers talk to Martha

The group of travelers was confused as to what Martha really wanted.

The group ask Martha to clarify what she was saying about being from a different world, and tells them that her world ends exactly like theirs. Magnus finds it ridiculous because he is not dead, but Jonas asks how they were found. Martha tells him that Jonas told her, but Franziska is quick to point out she had already said there was not a Jonas in her world. Martha explained that Jonas traveled from their world to hers, but older Jonas tells Martha that she is lying because he never went to her world. He gets aggressive and asks her what she really wants and if Adam sent her.

A door opens and tells the group that they need to start the machines, as they are running late. The man points out they have a visitor, while Jonas leaves.

September 23[]

At the Tannhaus Machinery Factory, Bartosz and Martha return as an angered Jonas approaches them and asks where they had been. Jonas asks what Martha had told him, and Bartosz simply replies that they had been stuck there for weeks, and Jonas had no idea how anything worked while knowing exactly what would happen, but keeping it secret from them. Jonas pleads with Bartosz to open his eyes and realize he was being used because that was not the real Martha. Jonas reminds everybody that Martha is dead, while Magnus looks down sadly, and tells Bartosz that nobody can come back from the dead.

Magnus looks at Franziska and tells Jonas that whoever she may be, she could be the only way they have to escape 1888. Bartosz asks Jonas why he had not told them the truth and orders him to tell everybody who really killed the Martha they knew. Jonas is not able to do it and leaves, so Bartosz rushes after him and pushes him to the ground and once again telling him to tell everybody who Adam is. Jonas gets up and pushes Bartosz back, starting a fight between the both of them until they are separated by Magnus and Franziska. Bartosz reminds everybody that he had told them that Jonas was always to blame for their problems and reveals to them all that Jonas is Adam before storming off.

Later, when Martha gave Jonas dark matter so they could attempt to time travel out of 1888, Magnus is present when Jonas places the orb in a bowl, while the rest of the group watches. He starts a machine, which lets off electric energy. The energy strikes the orb forming a god particle, which ultimately does not stabilize. Looking inside the bowl, the group sees the orb is destroyed. Franziska asks where Martha is; she is in her room grabbing a lantern and her orb. She uses another sphere and places it in the orb. She turns the orb and places it on the ground and disappears as soon as Magnus and the rest of the group enters the room.


September 22[]

Alternate reality Martha wakes up to see a middle-aged Magnus who wonders why she left them in 1888 and why she gave them the material for the creation of the particle and then disappeared. Then thought it was strange that 33 years later, they would be ordering her to do just that. Martha apologizes, but Magnus mentions it does not matter and mentions Adam is waiting for them.

Martha, Magnus, Franziska, and Adam watch as Silja and Agnes hug each other. Adam mentions it is time, and Agnes leaves. Magnus starts to stabilize the God Particle and Agnes goes inside.

Later, while grown up, Magnus and Franziska from Adam's World intercept Bartosz and Martha. She asks Magnus who he is, and he in turn asks her to guess. She realizes it is her brother and from the future, but Magnus mentions he is not from her future. Bartosz is confused, and Magnus tells Martha she was lied to because Eva does not want the apocalypse to be stopped because they are responsible for what happened. However, Magnus assures Martha there is a way to change everything. Franziska tells young Martha what she must do is choose Adam's World and trust Adam; Jonas. Martha is surprised to hear Jonas is still alive, and Franziska tells her that only in their world, and he knew where The Origin is. However, before that she had to save Jonas from the apocalypse in his world and bring him to that world.

Bartosz calls everyone crazy, but Magnus tells Martha it is impossible to stop what was going to happen in Eva's World, but if she went with them, she could prevent everything while pulling out an orb. Bartosz asks what the orb is while Martha looks in shock. Martha tells Bartosz to go with them, but Franziska tells her he could not because he was not "one of [them]", and would be saved by "the others". Martha apologizes and goes with them before disappearing, leaving Bartosz alone with his bike.

2019 (alternate version)[]

November 4[]

Magnus is having sex with Franziska in his room. Mikkel goes upstairs, as Magnus covers Franziska's mouth and yells that he will be downstairs in a second. He kisses Franziska, and they put clothes on. Afterwards, Franziska leaves the house by climbing down as Magnus heads down for breakfast. Katharina offers them rides to school, but they decide to go on their own.

When Martha gets to school, Magnus tells her he won the race to school. They have a small argument, until Bartosz shows up. They give each other a handshake and walk together while he keeps arguing with Martha.

Magnus walks into the bunker, where Franziska is waiting. They kiss and begin having sex. They pause for a moment, and Magnus tells her he loves her, to which Franziska responds the same in sign language. At the forest, Magnus arrives with Franziska and is taken aback when Jonas asks about Mikkel. Kilian is annoyed at Jonas' presence, and Magnus demands to know how Jonas knows his brother.

Jonas is confused that Mikkel isn't there, and recalls Mikkel had joined them in his world when he did not want to be left home alone. Magnus is confused and mentions Mikkel is old enough to look after himself, and tells him to get lost.

In the forest, the teenagers walk as Kilian asks Martha why Jonas acted as if he knew her. Martha says he did not, and thinks it is strange. Bartosz changes the subject by mentioning Nostradamus predicted that the world would end that year, and Magnus thinks that is ridiculous. Jonas walks to the Nielsen's, but finds no lights turned on. In the woods, Kilian is hoping to find Erik, saying the police could have missed something.

Teenagers terrified

The group of teenagers were terrified once their flashlights began flickering and they started hearing noises.

Magnus asks the group if they know the story of the cave monster, which he says is legit. However, as he was going to tell it, they heard noises all over the place, including inside the cave. Their flashlights start flickering, and they start running away from the cave. In the bunker, Bartosz asks if everything is over, to which Magnus replies that he thinks so. Inside the bunker, a wormhole opens and a kid falls, with his eyes completely destroyed. Opening his jacket, Martha finds a student card, which reveals the kid to be Mads Nielsen.

November 5[]

Magnus and Martha confront Ulrich

Magnus and Martha confronted Ulrich when he did not believe they were sober when they saw Mads' body appear.

Alternate reality Martha is on her bed, but gets up when she hears the doorbell. She opens it up only to see her father at the door. Ulrich asks if he can come inside, and Martha allows it. He asks if Magnus is in the house, and asks Martha to tell him what really happened in the bunker. Martha tells him that she meant everything she had said when she told him the bunker was empty when they got there, but after a light shined, a body fell into it. Ulrich asks if they had taken anything that might have altered their perception, and a shocked Martha asks if he really thought that. Ulrich restructured his question, asking if Kilian had given her anything as Magnus walked down the stairs. Ulrich asks him what he had taken before entering the bunker as well and Magnus asks him if he means it seriously and if he had suddenly become the caring type, as he normally does not care what they do. Martha repeats that what they had originally told him still applies. Magnus asks Ulrich if that was it, as his mother was going to be home at any minute and it would be best if he left. He also sarcastically comments that it was nice that he had dropped by to see how they were doing. Ulrich leaves after that.

Martha goes into Magnus' room, asking if they could talk. Magnus, however, tells her to get lost, which Martha decides to ignore, sitting on his bed beside him. She asks him if he saw anything else in the woods, but Magnus replies that he had not, and asks what she means. Martha changes the subject and asks if he had ever felt like he was losing his mind and nothing made sense anymore. She says that maybe their father was right and maybe the body had already been there. Magnus is firm and tells her he knows what he saw before asking where she was going when she stood up. Martha looks back and tells him to leave their mother out of it, and telling him she would be back before sundown.

November 8[]

Martha walks home after seeing Jonas killed, and washes her hands, which are covered in blood. She puts her clothes in the trash as Magnus approached her saying Katharina had cried all night long because she did not know where Martha was. When asked if she was okay, she responds that she was, but Magnus can tell it is not true and hugs her. Martha realizes Bartosz was correct, and knows Aleksander is trying to cover up some accident. However, Magnus does not believe this, and leaves before telling her their mother does not deserve any of what she was doing. Martha reaches into her pocket and finds the necklace Jonas gave her.

Magnus and Franziska sit in front of the lake with one hour left until the apocalypse. She asks Magnus what he thinks the birds, light, and boy in the bunker mean. He tells her Martha thinks the apocalypse would happen that day because she is crazy. Franziska is confused, but tells him if they die that day, they would die together, which Magnus agrees with. Magnus and Franziska in Eva's World look towards the plant, which now formed the God Particle, which destroys them, and everything else.


Magnus is accompanying Adam at his base in the old church as part of "Sic Mundus". He is seen with a woman near his age, supposedly being Franziska.

 Appearances []

Season 1 []

Season 2 []

Season 3 []

  • Episode 1 "Deja-vu" (2019 alternate)