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"Light and Shadow" is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Dark. It premiered on June 27, 2020, and is the 24th episode overall


Adam holds Martha captive in 2020. On the day of the apocalypse, an increasingly frantic Martha begs Bartosz for his help.


September 26, 1888[]

The Stranger wakes up from a nightmare, remembering Martha's death on the day of the apocalypse, following which he promises her he will make everything right. He hears glass breaking and crashing and escapes just as the apocalypse happens. He picks up the letter marked Jonas, written by Martha, telling him that he will fulfill his promise to make everything right and he must never lose hope that there is a way out of the maze and a way to save her and himself. However, sacrifices must be made to untie the knot. The apocalypse must take place, and he must let her die so that she can live. They are perfect for each other, never believe anything else. The Stranger gets up and burns the letter.

November 8, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Martha leaves the dead Jonas and walks home. She vigorously washes her bloodied hands and on hearing Magnus walk in, stuffs her bloodied clothes in the trash. He asks her where she has been: Katharina cried all night long because she did not know where Martha was. She tells him that Bartosz was right about the end of the world being today and that Aleksander is trying to cover up some accident at the power plant. However, Magnus questions whether she has gone crazy and tells her their mother does not deserve any of this. Martha reaches into her pocket and takes out the St Christopher medal.

Middle-aged Martha tells her younger self that Jonas was wrong for her and had to die in his world and in theirs. Everything will happen as fate has determined.

September 26, 2053[]

Meanwhile, Silja forces time-traveling Martha into a cage. Some time later, she is visited by Adam, who she tells lied to her, just as her older self did about stopping the apocalypse. Adam tells her that old Tannhaus firmly believed he was creating sic Mundus- a paradise so they could all be free of destiny and pain. However, Adam says he realizes this paradise is unending darkness in which nothing exists; but for that, apocalypses are needed in his world and in hers. Martha yells at him: "Jonas, let me out."

November 8, 2019 (alternate world)[]

With six hours left until the apocalypse, Aleksander asks Obendorf where the containers are and tells him to do as he says. Bartosz walks in and asks his father if everything is okay. Aleksander tells him he has to leave. He confides that he is being blackmailed about a murder in Marburg which happened 33 years ago, which was an accident, as he is not a murderer. He confesses his name is not Aleksander, but Boris Niewald. Bartosz asks if Regina knew about it. Aleksander shakes his head and tells Bartosz that his mother is the best thing that ever happened to him. He apologizes to Bartosz but Bartosz walks away.

Hannah receives a visit from Charlotte, who is looking for Ulrich. Hannah mentions Ulrich is in the shower and tells her that Ulrich belongs to her, which will never change. Ulrich enters, Hannah leaves and he tells Charlotte she must never show up there unannounced. Charlotte shows him the pennies from Helge and the bunker, which have the same indentation, so must be the same. Helge has had his penny as long as she has known him, as though the penny had traveled through time.

Martha looks in a mirror, reaches for some scissors, and begins cutting her hair until it resembles the time-traveling Martha. She goes to Katharina, who is asleep and wakes up startled. Katharina notices she cut her hair. Martha asks her if she believes in fate, to which Katharina responds that she believes we decide which road we take. She tells her she is there for her. Martha starts to cry and hugs her. She then gets up and says to Katharina that she promised to do something.

September 26, 2020[]

Claudia looks at a picture of Jonas, then opens blueprints for the nuclear plant, containing the God Particle, with a notation: "follow the signal". She enters the remains of the power plant, takes a torch and Geiger counter and approaches a light. Someone calls out "stop" and walks toward her: (teenage) Jonas.

November 8, 2052 (alternate world)[]

Martha (the time traveller) writes Jonas a letter and wonders why he is still alive in his world if she murdered him. Eva draws an infinity symbol and tells her there is a switch point in the loop of time: On one road, Jonas dies (Alternate world Martha takes him to her world, they create the origin and he is killed) and on the other, he lives (Martha does not appear and he escapes- as dreamed by The Stranger at the start of this episode): quantum entanglement, which Adam has tried to sever for 33 years so that the baby growing inside her will never be born, but it is impossible. Jonas cannot escape his fate.

September 26, 2020[]

Claudia asks Jonas what the light is. He tells her it was leftover from the catastrophe. The God Particle. He tells her there is no way back now as the passage was destroyed. But if he can find out how the machine works, he could go back in time to save Martha and Mikkel. Jonas asks how she found him and if she still has the apparatus. Claudia tells him she does but it does not work. Claudia says it might work next time but Jonas shouts he cannot wait 33 years to try again. He asks why her older self had never told him anything, knowing Martha would die and wonders why he should trust her now. She tells him she knows what the material at the power plant is, and can help him save Martha and everybody else.

November 8, 2019 (alternate world)[]

With three hours left until the apocalypse, Martha goes to see Bartosz. She tells him that 33 years ago there was an accident at the nuclear power plant which created some strange substance to form, which his father tried to cover up. But it will start the apocalypse today.

Martha tells Bartosz that his father must not open the containers. She begs Bartosz, who calls his father, but on seeing it is Bartosz calling does not answer. He looks at the bag Hannah left and calls Charlotte, asking her to get to the plant so he can show her something.

He takes her to the basement and opens the barrels. The dark matter escapes and forms the God particle.

Ulrich goes to the coroner and asks if the child's body could have been dead a long time and preserved. He notices a scar on his chin.

Ulrich goes to Helge's cell and grabs him. He asks if he meant that the boy he killed was Mads as the boy from the bunker looks just like him. Helge says: "she said that I must send him to the future to fill the gaps." Ulrich takes out the penny and asks what it means. Helge says "I must stop him." Ulrich asks who. "You" answers Helge. Ulrich tells Helge he can go.

Unknown time[]

The three Unknowns look at the swirling God Particle. The adult pulls a lever and it stabilizes. The other two enter it and it takes off.

September 26, 2053[]

Silja points a gun at (time travelling) Martha, telling her to come out, Adam is waiting for her. Silja tells Martha to take off her clothes. Martha wonders why she is obeying Adam and Silja tells her that the "chosen few" had to fill in the gaps, so that she can find her way there and so could Adam: finally reaching salvation.

Adam tells Magnus and Franziska that they have waited a long time for this moment and they know what to do. He stabilizes the God Particle, as the two hold hands.

November 8, 2019 (alternate world, day of apocalypse)[]

The deaf-mute Franziska asks (signs) Magnus what he thinks the birds, light, and boy in the bunker mean. He tells her Martha thinks the apocalypse will happen that day but she is crazy. Franziska tells him if they die that day, they would die together, which Magnus agrees with and they kiss.

Helge walks to the cave, muttering "tick, tock." Ulrich follows him. He calls Charlotte and tells her to test the DNA as he thinks the body in the bunker is his brother Mads. He walks into the cave and finds a red string, eventually finding a door, marked “Erit Lux”, which he opens.

Bartosz and Martha ride on a bike together to the power plant. Waiting for them are the older Magnus and Franziska from Jonas' world. Martha asks who they are. Magnus responds "Can't you guess?" She realizes it is her brother. He nods and tells her he is from the future but not from hers. He tells her that her older selves lied to her and want the apocalypse to happen. But there is a way to change everything. Franziska tells young Martha that she must choose their world and trust Jonas. Martha is surprised to hear Jonas is still alive. Franziska tells her that he is alive in their world, and he knows where The Origin is. However, before that, she has to save Jonas from the apocalypse in his world and bring him to her world. If she comes with them she can prevent it. Bartosz says they are all crazy. Martha tells him to come with them but Fransiska says he is not one of them and will be saved by the others. Martha apologizes to Bartosz and goes to join Magnus and Franziska before they all disappear, leaving Bartosz alone with his bike. Later his adult self comes to him.

Eva announces that Adam has moved each of his pieces into position, and it is time they do the same. The knot has given them all life, and they are its keepers in both worlds. Adam will never be able to untie the knot, as she touches Martha's belly because he has never understood how everything is connected in both worlds. They are destiny. She tells adult Bartosz to save himself to save their lives; she tells Claudia to guide herself to be their eyes in the other world; Egon to create his past to preserve the family tree; Noah (old and young) to bring love to make everything new. She tells them every death brings a life. She pushes a lever, which stabilizes the God Particle. The various people go to meet their counterparts.

The adult Noah takes young Elisabeth's hand and takes her to his younger self, in the Bunker.

The adult Martha travels to 1888 and leaves the letter she wrote, together with Martha with Big Scar and the pocket watch for Jonas/The Stranger.

A pregnant Hannah finds blood down below. The older Egon enters.

Katharina hugs Mikkel.

September 26, 2053[]

Martha tells Adam he promised her she could change the apocalypse. She asks where he sent the others. He tells her they are all fulfilling their destinies: sustaining the cycle so that they both can exist there. He tells her they have reached the end because The Origin must die. However, it cannot be killed by normal means. It needs energy from both worlds in order to be destroyed: The apocalypse from both worlds. He tells her the God Particle crosses time and space and focuses the energy of both apocalypses, and her son only exists because the matter exists. Both worlds would destroy each other in an act of absolute annihilation. Martha tells him he is insane. Adam tells her there is no hope, salvation or paradise. He takes her St Christopher's medal and tells her the two of them are wrong in both worlds. She pleads with Adam not to do it, but he walks out and shuts the door, looks at Martha and pushes the lever. Electricity sparks, she screams, as the God Particle engulfs her.

June 21,1986 (both worlds)[]

The adult Unknown walks to the power plant in one world, while the young and old go there in the other world, using the keys they previously took. They flip switches, and triggers the incident which will cause the creation of the substance that will become the basis of the God Particle.


  • Helge says that "she" told him to send Mads to the future. Who is "she?"
  • What exactly does Egon do during the Apocalypse, while Hannah appears to be bleeding? Does he take her to give birth at another time, making her travel with the Orb?
  • It is not yet clear what adult Bartosz from the alternative world will do with the young Bartosz.


  • We have to assume what follows in Adam's world for Serie 3:-Deja-VU : 21st September -The Survivors : 22nd September -Adam and Eva : 23rd September -The Origin : 24th September -Life and Death : 25th September-Light and Shadow : 26th September . At least in Adam's world where "time" has always been well explicited.


  • The dream that Older Jonas/ the Stranger has at the start of the episode, remembering when Martha was killed, is different to what happened in Endings and Beginnings, in that Martha from the alternate world does not come to take him to her world, but he escapes just before the apocalypse happens and remains in his world. This explains why he has no memory of having met alternate world Martha (Adam and Eva). This is the Jonas that meets Claudia.
  • There are two scenarios: Quantum entanglement. In one scenario Jonas is taken to the alternate world, creates the origin and is killed. In the other he remains in his world and becomes the Stranger and eventually Adam.
  • The door in the alternate world cave that Ulrich enters says “Erit Lux” (Let there be light) instead of “Sic mundus creatus est” (thus the world was created). The original Ulrich was looking for Mikkel but in this world, Mikkel did not disappear. 
  • The 3 unknowns, having killed Bernd Doppler to get the master keys and Claudia's assistant to obtain the manual for the Volume Control System (The Survivors), go to power plants in both worlds and cause the accident that creates the dark matter in 1986.
  • The Strangers reads Martha's letter as Jonas reads his father's in Truths. Then he burns it like Jonas in Crossroads but Middle Age Martha's from the alternative world replaces the latter in a similar way that happens in Alpha and Omega, when Ines gives to Jonas his father's suicide Letter
  • Charlotte goes to Hanna and looks for Ulrich like when Hanna goes to Kathrina with the cake in Truths. Hanna tells her that Ulrich will be hers forever more or less as Katherina tells young Hanna when she travels in 1987 in The Survivors. Ulrich tells Charlotte not to show up but more like he does with Hanna in Truths
  • Ulrich asks the coroner the same questions he asked in Crossroads about whether Mads 'corpse may have been stored for a long time and then notices the scar on Mads' chin as in Sic Mundus Creatus Est
  • What is Helge referring to when he says hhe will have to stop Ulrich?
  • In the caves of the alternate world, the red thread is not linked to the Oroburos.
  • Magnus and Franziska have the Orb that Adam stole from Martha with the scar. It is therefore clear that we are already in the loop that is repeating itself and in which the Martha with the scar has already traveled in 1888 in the previous cycle, while the one they meet and stop in the world of Eve has yet to be instructed by them and by Adam. , deluding her that if he does everything they told him, she will find the Jonas she lost in her world but who is still alive in Adam's world.
  • Helge goes to the caves, followed by Ulrich who calls Charlotte as in Crossroads but says to take a DNA test to make sure the Bunker's is Mads.
  • Adam has been trying for 33 years to solve the correlation to never give birth to the origin, but obviously he tries to kill the only Martha he thinks exists. Martha is one step ahead of Adam, because Martha's split has already happened and Adam doesn't know it. Adam killed a Martha in his world and thinks that the one with the scar is the only one from the other world.
  • When Adam turns to Magnus and Franziska and says that they now know what they have to do, then it seems that he makes them travel with the God particle. It must be an enhanced version because it did not allow you to travel between worlds before. Then, however, to travel with Martha to the apocalypse of June 27, 2020, they use the Orb that they stole from Martha in the previous cycle
  • Adam finally says the famous line that the two of them are wrong
  • As Helge told Ulrich in the alternate world, Szila says the chosen ones fill in the gaps.
  • Jonas is still convinced that he can save them all by changing the past. It is quite surprising considering all the evident signs he has already seen from the determinism in his world
  • Jonas asks Claudia how she found it but Claudia drops the question. In reality Claudia has read everything in the Triquetra what she must do: Claudia from the other world told him that she must find the God particle and guide Jonas
  • Claudia says that the matter in the Central knows what she is, while she had previously asked Jonas in the Central. And so she says she can help him save Martha with this substance. Claudia is not sure what she is saying, she has yet to become the old Claudia




  • "The Pioneers" (M83 Remix) by Bloc Party


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