"Lies" is the second episode of Season 1 of Dark.


When a grim discovery leaves the police baffled, Ulrich seeks a search warrant for the power plant. A mysterious stranger checks into the hotel.


2019 Edit

Jonas continues to have nightmares and disturbing visions of his father. He goes through his father's studio and finds maps of the Winden caves. He has written on it "where is the crossing?"

The coroner informs Charlotte Doppler that the dead boy's eyes were burned and his ears were disfigured by some sort of extreme pressure which destroyed his awareness and orientation. She believes the boy had been dead only 16 hours. He was dressed in clothes from the 1980s. In his pockets he had a Walkman and 1986 Pfennig coin on him, and red dirt that was not found in the same forest that the body had been found in. He does not appear to be Mikkel or Erik, who remain unaccounted for.

Mikkel's disappearance brings back difficult past memories for his family. 33 years ago, in 1986, when Ulrich was 15, his younger brother Mads, who was 12, vanished at the same spot, near the power plant and was never found. Jana Nielsen, Ulrich’s mother, asks her husband, Tronte, where he was in the middle of the previous night (during the time Mikkel disappeared) and he claimed that he had to go to the store. He secretly puts soiled clothes in the washing machine. Hannah goes to the police station to see Ulrich, but he tells her he can’t be with her right now.

Ulrich, who initially thought Erik was a runaway, now believes the disappearances of Erik, Mikkel and the body of the third boy are all related. He searches the mysterious cave and finds a locked door that seemingly leads to the nearby nuclear power plant. He tells Charlotte to request a search warrant for the power plant but it is blocked by its chief Aleksander Tiedemann. Ulrich still goes there to try to search for Mikkel but is denied access by Aleksander. Ulrich becomes suspicious of Erik’s father, Jurgen, who works as a part-time shuttle driver for the plant. He breaks into Jurgen’s shed and discovers a stash of drugs that Jurgen eventually admits to selling alongside his son at the nearby high school. Aleksander is anxious that things are taken away before the police can find them. 

Bartozs goes through Erik's stash and finds a mobile phone but he can't access it as it has a code. He tries calling Martha but she rejects the call.

A hooded figure drags the body of a boy with red hair and burned eyes (similar to the body just found) into the woods. Nearby, the lights flicker on and off in town, and birds suddenly start to fall dead from the sky, and seems to be especially disturbing for Charlotte.

Another mysterious hooded figure with a dirty face watches on as the police continue to search for Mikkel. Later he checks into the hotel owned by Regina Teidemann, He opens a suitcase which has a strange machine in it. He takes a newspaper report headlined "Where is Mikkel?", crosses out the "where" and writes "when".

Elsewhen Edit

Mikkel climbs out of the cave, dirtied and with a wound on his face and runs until he eventually finds his way back home. Things seem a little different to when he was last there. A strange motor bike is in the driveway. He tries his key. The door is opened by a teenage boy who Mikkel does not know, He tells him he lives there. The boy says he lives there and Mikkel has come to the wrong house. He tells him his name is Ulrich. A teenage girl calls out to Ulrich, who he refers to as Katharina. He pushes Mikkel and tells him to get lost. Ulrich then leaves with Katharina on the motor bike. Mikkel then notices a newspaper with the lead story about Chernobyl. He looks at the date- 5 November 1986.

Analysis Edit

  • Why is the dead boy wearing clothes from the 1980s? Who is he and what does he have to do with Erik and Mikkel? What does Mikkel's disappearance have to do with his uncle's disappearance 33 years ago?
  • Why has 'the Stranger' arrived at the same time as Mikkel disappeared? What is the machine he has with him?
  • Ulrich is too concerned about his son's disappearance to have any interest in Hannah. Martha similarly won't answer Bartosz's calls.
  • Hannah told Ulrich she loved him but he did not respond. Jonas asks her if she loved his father but she does not answer.
  • What is Aleksander so concerned is removed from the power plant before the police find it? Are these the lies that are the title of this episode?
  • Why did Michael Kahnwald have maps of the Winden caves hidden in his studio?
  • Jonas asks his mother whether Mikkel will be found. He then asks her whether he had a secret. "Mikkel?" '"No, my dad." She says she's not sure who Michael really was.
  • Mikkel when previously asked how he did his trick responded “The question is not how, the question is when.” 'The Stranger' changes "Where is Mikkel?" to "When is Mikkel?" (1986)

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