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This article is about the Katharina from Eva's world. For the Katharina from Adam's world, see Katharina Nielsen. For the Katharina from the original world, see Katharina Albers.
"I believe we take our lives into our own hands. That we decide which path we take."

Katharina Nielsen (née Albers) is the ex-wife of Ulrich Nielsen, with whom she had the three children: Magnus, Martha, and Mikkel. In 2019, she is the principal of the Winden Comprehensive School.



November 4[]

Mikkel is playing a videogame, which Katharina tells him to turn off. Martha asks Katharina what's wrong with him, and Katharina tells her he has been having the same nightmares. Martha tells Mikkel that maybe it wasn't a dream, and that maybe the here and now was one, and none of them were real. Mikkel laughs sarcastically and the lights in the house start flickering, as Katharina takes his videogame away. Katharina asks if Magnus is awake yet, but nobody knows he is having sex with Franziska. Katharina offers them rides to school, but they decide to go on their own. She also reminds Martha that the next day they would be staying with their father. Martha is annoyed by this, but heads off for school.

At school, Katharina makes an announcement on the school's PA in which she summons all students to an assembly in the gymnasium. Hannah walks into the high school, and walks right into Katharina, who tries to ignore her. Hannah says she wanted to see her, and tells her she knows that she and the kids were a part of him and that she would back off. Katharina sarcastically thanks her, and tells her that Ulrich wanted to bring something over, when Hannah asks if Ulrich had been to her house earlier that morning.

November 8[]

On the day of the Apocalypse, Katharina is home with Mikkel. Both perish in the disaster.

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