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The Kahnwald family is one of the four interconnected families who are the central characters of Dark.


In the 1950s, the patriarch was Daniel Kahnwald, chief of the Winden Police. He had one daughter, Ines.

In 1986, Ines began to care for Mikkel Nielsen, who had traveled in time from 2019. She ultimately adopted him and gave him the name Michael. Michael later married Hannah Krüger, who took his name to become Hannah Kahnwald, and they had a son together, Jonas Kahnwald.


Kahnwald is an uncommon name. If the family is from northern Germany (as the names Nielsen and Tiedemann suggest they might be), it may be occupational: a kahn the operator of a barge or small boat, and wald means forest, and thus a bargeman who works near a forest. Kahn is also a Jewish name, referring to the descendants of Aaron, who formed the priestly class of early Judaism. A third possibility is that it is a diminutive of the name Cagano, itself linguistically related to gegen, meaning against.[1]


The Kahnwald residence on the eve of the apocalypse


  • Kahnwald family home (Daniel, Unknown, Ines; Between 1940s & 1986) | (Ines, Michael; 1986-2002/2003) | (Michael, Hannah, Jonas; 2002/2003 to 2020)
  • Nielsen family home (Mikkel Nielsen; 2008-19)
  • Krüger family home (Sebastian Krüger, Hannah; Between 1972 & 2002/2003)

Family tree[]

The following is a family tree representing the Kahnwald Family.

Daniel Kahnwald
Ines Kahnwald
Sebastian Krüger
Michael Kahnwald
(adoptive son, see Nielsen family)
Hannah Kahnwald
Jonas Kahnwald


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