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The Kahnwald family home has been home to several members of the Kahnwald family. Its address is Feldweg 8, 36777 Winden.[1][2]

It is not known how long the Kahnwalds have lived in Winden, or where, but Ines Kahnwald lives and raises Michael (Mikkel Nielsen from the year 2019) in the house,[3][4] which he later inherits and in which he, his wife Hannah, and their son Jonas reside by 2019.[5]

It is modest two-story home with a mansard roof, painted dark red with dark green trim. There is a tall garret above the second floor which Michael uses as an art studio and where he later hangs himself.[5]

The structure is damaged by shockwaves during the apocalypse, but remains structurally intact as late as 2053.[6]


  • Ulrich Nielsen reunites with his son Mikkel here in 1987 after traveling back to 1953 and ultimately spending thirty-four years in a psychiatric ward.[7][8]
  • Katharina Nielsen squats in the house for nearly three months while its inhabitants have been away. She traveled to 1987 from 2020 in search of Mikkel.[9]
  • Jonas Kahnwald meets the elderly Claudia Tiedemann for the first time here after he travels from 1921 to 2019 to try to stop his father's suicide on the orders of Adam (his older self). She convinces him to allow his father's suicide and to join her in her fight against Adam.[10]
  • Michael Kahnwald commits suicide here.[5]
  • Adam murders Martha Nielsen here.[11]
  • Martha Nielsen from Eva's world saves Jonas from the apocalypse here.[11]



  • The name of the street the house sits on, Feldweg, translates basically to "Field Road" or "Field Way". There appears to be a field directly across from the house.[8][10]


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