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Justyna Jankowski is a Winden Police Officer.


She is first seen in the background when Ulrich Neilsen enters the Winden Police station for the first time when Ulla Obendorf & Jurgen Obendorf were there demanding answers on their son Erik Obendorf's disappearance. [1]

She is present when Chief of Police Charlotte Doppler is discussing the body of a young boy found in the woods disfigured and burnt, dressed in 1980s clothes, and found with a Walkman. She asks "And Mikkel & Erik?" to which Charlotte indicates Wöller will coordinate the search. [2]

Ulrich questions her about Obendorf as the files say he was on duty at the plant when Erik disappeared. She says she did and that "He works in the storerooms and as a driver sometimes." and that he likely has access to the power plant grounds. Ulrich also asks her if he was at the plant on the night of Mikkel's disappearance but she has "No idea". [2]

She is seen in a group of Officers at the Winden Police Station when Chief of Police Charlotte Doppler ramps up their investigations due to one dead body and three missing children (Erik, Mikkel, and Yasin). [3]


Jankowski brings info to Clausen from the Marburg Passport Office, confirming his suspicion that during a specific time-frame there was a single entry for Aleksander Köhler [4]


Jonas walks passed a makeshift wooden cross grave marker in the Church graveyard that indicates Justyna Jankowski died on the day of the apocalypse, June 27th, 2020. There is a dirty stuffed toy rabbit on the marker. Photo in blog post [5]