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"Life is a labyrinth. Some wander around inside it until their death, in search of a way out. But there is only one path, and it leads ever deeper inside. Only when one reaches the center will one understand. Death is incomprehensible. But one can reconcile oneself with it. All that we have done will ultimately be forgotten. We are responsible for this never-ending déjà vu. And we're the ones who have to end it. We... are the mistake. You and I."
―Adam to Eva[src]

Jonas Kahnwald was one of the two main influencers of the Knot, born to Michael and Hannah Kahnwald. As a teenager, he lived a happy life until his father's suicide, which started Jonas' depression. After he and his friends lost Mikkel Nielsen in the Winden Forest, Jonas began searching through his father's past, only to learn that Michael was Mikkel, who had time-travelled to the year 1986. When Jonas attempted to rescue Mikkel from the past, which would prevent his own birth, he was intercepted by Noah and was abandoned by his adult self. He escaped 1986 through a Wormhole to 2052.

In a post-apocalyptic Winden, Jonas faced Elisabeth Doppler and her cult that ruled over the wasteland. He learned about the Apocalypse and how his love interest and aunt Martha Nielsen was killed on the same day. In their captivity, Jonas was aided by Silja Tiedemann to journey through a God Particle to 1921, where he discovered the time-travelling secret society Sic Mundus, led by Jonas' elderly self known as Adam. Adam convinced Jonas to travel to the day before Michael's suicide but, in the end, Jonas was the catalyst in causing the tragedy, making him accept his significant role to play in the overall course of events. When he was slightly older, a time-travelling Jonas and Claudia Tiedemann arrived in the apocalypse, where Jonas attempted to rescue Martha, who was killed by Adam.

After surviving the apocalypse, Jonas grew up with Claudia, Noah and Elisabeth trying to allow a God Particles to be functional. Being loyal to Claudia, Jonas, as an adult, travelled to 2019 to ensure his younger self followed the same path Jonas went on. He attempted to destroy the Knot by closing the wormhole in the Winden Caves, but it was mostly unsuccessful. A few days before the apocalypse in 2020, Jonas reunited with his mother and explained most of the time-travel situation to the parents of his childhood friends. Following his disappointment in Hannah, Jonas tried to prevent Martha's death, only to be convinced by a teenage Noah to allow it to happen and instead travel with his friends to 1888.

Being stranded in 1888, Jonas and his friends joined Sic Mundus, led by Gustav Tannhaus at the time before his murder. While trying to create a time machine, the group was visited by an alternate Martha Nielsen, who revealed the existence of another world. Martha abandoned the group after giving them a piece of the God Particle, which Jonas used as a basis for allowing Sic Mundus to time-travel. Overtime, Jonas accepted his role as Adam and desired to destroy the origin of the Knot and both worlds, becoming the nemesis of Eva. He and his followers ensured certain events occurred in the timeline so that they could lead up to Adam potentially destroying the cycle. He sent his younger self to 2019 as he had already experienced and killed Martha.

Travelling to 2053, Adam made a deal with the alternate Martha that he met in 1888, but he planned to double-cross her in the end. Believing that the origin of the Knot was the Unknown, the son of an alternate Jonas Kahnwald and Martha, Adam had to brutally destroy Martha with the God Particle and to destroy her son, but his actions were in vain. With the help of a time-travelling Claudia, Adam discovered the true origin of the Knot: H.G. Tannhaus in the Origin World attempting to time-travel but instead accidentally created the two worlds and the cycle. Adam, knowing what must be done, used Quantum Entanglement to make a new reality for his younger self to follow, where he was instructed to prevent the creation of the Knot with Martha Nielsen of Eva's World. As his counterpart enacted his mission, Adam confronted Eva and made amends with her, making her accept that the Knot should be destroyed. When the deed was done, Adam and Eva spent their last moments together before being erased from existence.



Jonas was born somewhere in 2002 or 2003 to Michael and Hannah Kahnwald and lived with his family in Winden. He has a close relationship with his father.

He has a best friend named Bartosz Tiedemann and a crush on Martha Nielsen. His family has been explicitly close to the Nielsens, as shown when the Kahnwalds commonly visit them and that Jonas hangs out with Martha, Magnus, and Mikkel.

Nearing the time of his suicide, Michael had been at odds with the outside world, and his behavior drew concerns from Jonas and Hannah; however, Jonas was able to brush them off.


June 20[]

Jonas wakes up on a bright morning. While making breakfast, he is spooked by Michael. He informs his dad that he's planning to go to the lake with his friends. Michael notifies him about an upcoming storm. Hannah arrives downstairs, reminding Jonas about the Nielsens' anniversary party tonight. Hannah asks Michael if he's sure he doesn’t want to come, but he ignores her concerns. When Jonas is about to leave, Michael drops his cup on seeing Jonas with his raincoat, having a mild anxiety attack.

2x06 0007 JonasHappy

Jonas happily cycling.

While they are cycling through the forest road, Jonas and Martha smile at each other. He watches as the others swim and pull a prank on Martha. Just then, she comes out of the water and sits next to him. She tells him that she always wondered if her parents are really happy together, or if they just learned to put up with each other. She asks if his parents are happy, but he doesn't know. While digging into the sand, he finds a St. Christopher medal, and Martha explains that it's a patron saint of travelers. They awkwardly laugh at each other.

While Martha is reading her script for an upcoming play, she pauses to have a conversation with Jonas. She asks if he would like to know the future. She then gets up in front of him and asks if he would be curious about what happens in 5 minutes. She sometimes gets the feeling that something is about to happen, and the two lean closer to each other. Magnus interrupts their moment by running between the them .

Jonas gets up from the spot, realizing that he's meant to visit his grandma Ines Kahnwald to explain how to use a tablet. Before leaving, Martha asks why he has a raincoat, and he responds that it's going to rain soon.

2x06 0038 MarthaJonas

Confessing their feelings.

At night, Jonas and Hannah arrive at the party, and he is greeted by Martha. He is part of the audience when Ulrich is showing a slide photo album of Katharina throughout the years. Later, Martha brings him up to her room. She hands him the medal from earlier tied in a cord, in the form of a pendant, saying that he forgot it at the lake. She then gets closer to him, and says that she's been thinking about what he said. He isn’t sure what is was referring to, but Martha whispers to him "I think you're right". Jonas is still confused, but the two passionately kiss each other, confessing their feelings. In the midst of their moment, Jonas whispers, "You and I are perfect for each other. Never believe anything else".

June 21[]

Jonas discovers that his father has committed suicide by hanging himself. Jonas will never be the same after this. He starts experiencing major trauma and depression.

During the five months[]

He suffers from nightmares and hallucinations relating to Michael. His mind is swarming with questions, such as why Michael would kill himself. He struggles to cope and is admitted for several months to a psychiatric ward. Starting from the end of summer, he temporarily drops out of school for therapy, with Peter Doppler as one of the therapists. Bartosz is the only other non-family member to know about his private sessions. He has been taking antidepressant pills to ease his pain. No matter what help he gets, he can't get rid of his mental illness. He decides to start school again in November.

November 4[]

He wakes up from another nightmare, and takes his pills. He struggles to breathe and control himself. He goes downstairs to find that the power has been cut off again. He calls his mother downstairs, but she doesn't respond. He sits down to have another shadowy breakfast.

Jonas cycles alone through another gloomy morning. He briefly stares at the steam emitting from the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, and a missing poster for Erik Obendorf. He and Peter take a walk through the forest, and the latter asks him how he found his two months away in therapy. Jonas remains silent. Peter says he has read Jonas’ notes, which say he did well. Jonas reveals that he still sees his father in his dreams, and believes that he's trying tell him something, or that he wants his father to tell him something. When Peter asks what that "something" might be, Jonas has an angry outburst over the lingering question of why Michael would kill himself without leaving an explanation.

At school, Jonas notices some kids starring at him as though he's a freak. He is cheerfully greeted by Bartosz, who says that it was boring without him. Bartosz assures him that he told people that Jonas was in a two month school exchange in France. Jonas is still disturbed, but Bartosz accompanies his friend.

Dark 1x01 - Jonas looks at Martha and Bartosz

Jonas is disappointed to find that Martha and Bartosz are together.

He attends the school assembly and is initially happy to see Martha arrive, until he is upset by seeing her kiss Bartosz, who tells Jonas that they became a couple throughout the two months. Bartosz wasn't aware of his secret crush on her. Martha sheepishly greets Jonas and asks him about France, but he is silent and in shock. Principal Katharina Nielsen appears on stage. She encourages students to talk about Erik's disappearance, and not to be nervous to inform authorities about any information.

During Franziska Doppler's presentation Bartosz then whispers about Erik's drugs being stashed near the caves and suggests that they collect them. After school, the two converse in the hallway. Bartosz proposes they smoke half of it and sell the rest. They meet Martha and Magnus and reveal their plan to them. Martha says the "nuclear power mafia" might be hiding things there, but they all agree to go that night.

At night, Jonas cycles towards the forest, and encounters Martha underneath a bridge. The others haven't arrived yet. Martha attempts to explain her relationship with Bartosz, but Jonas says it's okay. She explains she wrote him so many texts which she never sent because they seemed wrong (implying that she thought Jonas needed space). Martha then tells him she is experiencing déjà vu, as though everything has happened before. Jonas jokes that it's "'a glitch in the Matrix". Bartosz and Magnus interrupt them and Mikkel has also come, as no one else could look after him with the parents having a meeting. They all head to the caves.

On their way to the cave, the kids wonder what might have happened to Erik. Mikkel says kids in his class are saying someone kidnapped him and locked him in a basement. They speak about good and evil, and Martha says that there are always good and bad people out there. Jonas asserts that his father told him good and evil is about perspective, and the gang remains silent. His father's death is still disturbing to everyone. Mikkel goes on about how horrible it would be if your body wasn't found, until Martha pleads to change the topic.

Dark 1x01 - Kids outside the cave

The kids are frightened by something in the cave.

He pauses for a moment to stare at the Nuclear Plant, sensing some danger, until Bartosz calls him back to reality. The gang arrives at the cave to find that Franziska has beaten them to it and taken the bag of drugs. She offers to sell them, but Bartosz shoves her to the ground and takes the bag. Suddenly, a loud sound reverberates from the cave, and the bushes rustle behind them. Their flashlights start flicking on and off, and Mikkel hesitates. When most of the gang run away, Jonas grabs Mikkel to run together through the forest, but Jonas trips over and loses the boy. He screams out for Mikkel, trying to shine his light through the forest, and then he hears a familiar voice from behind. He sees a vision of his father covered in a black substance. This scares him and he runs away.

It is raining heavily by the time he runs out of the forest and meets the others. Magnus demands to know where Mikkel is, but Jonas thinks he ran to them. The rest of the gang run back in the forest to look for him, and Bartosz looks at him as though it is his fault. They call their parents, explaining the situation. Their parents and police force arrive and they join them except Jonas, who does not move. He blames himself for Mikkel's disappearance.

November 5[]

DARK Still 102 - Jonas dreams of Michael

Jonas sees a hallucination of Michael.

Jonas appears to have woken up from a nightmare. Feeling something in his ear, he goes to the wardrobe mirror, and sees that his ear is leaking a black substance. He then hears his father's voice again, so he closes the door to see a vision of Michael in the mirror. He then wakes up again realizing he has had a nightmare within a nightmare.

He goes upstairs to the sunless attic, where Michael hanged himself. He shines his flashlight upon the grubby paintings plastered on the walls and floor, as well as the disorganised art tools. He sits down and stares at a large canvas with scribbles of black paint. He lies down on the floor below where Michael's noose was. Suddenly, he finds a loose wooden board in the ceiling. He opens it and takes out an intricate map of the caves. He surveys it in his room, and finds a note saying "Where is the crossing?".

At night, Jonas and Hannah are sitting on the kitchen counters, lit with candles. He asks her if she thinks Mikkel will be found, and she responds with hope. Jonas asks her if she thinks Michael has been keeping secrets from them, but she replies with "why do you think that?". When asked if she misses him, Hannah admits that she thinks she misses a notion of him, since he never revealed his true self. She concludes by saying how nobody could know what a person is really like. At the moment he asks if she loved Michael, the lights loomed around the house, so she ignores the question.

November 6[]

Jonas continues studying the map and puts it in his backpack. He goes downstairs, where Hannah is sitting smoking a cigarette. She suggests he skip school and they do something together, but he shrugs her concerns off. She then asks if they could spend some nice time together, but he declines again.

He skips school and goes to the caves, where the entrance is police taped. He follows the map to go inside. He wanders in the dark and wet caves, shining his flashlight at every turn. He suddenly hears a noise, but decides to continue forward. After being too confused to find the "crossing", he leaves the cave, and notices a red knot around his bike handle.

At home, he lies down on his bed and stares at the ceiling.

November 7[]


Caught in a love triangle

He receives a text from Martha saying "Can we talk?", but he ignores it. He then holds up the red knot, wondering where it came from.

Jonas then goes to the Tiedemann family home, and smokes with Bartosz who asks Jonas where he was throughout the morning. Jonas claims he was at therapy. Bartosz asks him if he's heard from Martha, since she hasn't responded to him, but Jonas proposes that she will contact him one day. They begin to play a video game together, and Bartosz asks him if he's trustworthy enough to keep a secret. When Jonas answers positively, Bartosz tells him that he is going to meet Erik's supposed dealer tonight. He wants Jonas to come with him, and he promises.

DARK Still 105 - The Stranger and Jonas at church

Meeting the stranger.

Later that day, he goes to the graveyard and sits on a bench, staring at Michael's grave. Just then, a stranger approaches him, saying that he looks like his father. He sits next to Jonas, who asks if they know each other. The Stranger says no, but he knew his father, who saved his life. He tells Jonas that life is like a labyrinth, some people wander around their whole lives looking for a way out, but there are only paths that lead you deeper. He further says that you don't understand it until you reach the centre. He says that death is incomprehensible, but you could make peace with it. Until then Jonas should ask himself if he's made the right decisions. The stranger leaves Jonas feeling unsettled.

He goes to school to witness the rehearsal of Ariadne, the play that Martha is a part of. Martha is stating her monologue, about the old world and the new world, that nothing changes but always repeats in a cycle, that one fate is tied to the next, that knots cannot be undone but they can be severed. Jonas enters the auditorium and watches her. He receives a call from Bartosz from his cracked phone, but he declines it.

Jonas visits Martha in the dressing room afterwards and says that the performance was great. He admits that he did not go to France, as Bartosz had told everyone, but actually went for treatment for post-traumatic stress following his father's suicide. He had not told her as he didn't want her to think of him as a "freak." He asks her if what happened between them last summer meant something, and she tells him it did. He asks her why she had called him this morning instead of Bartosz. She approaches him and they kiss passionately, renewing their relationship.


Jonas finds the truth about Michael.

Jonas returns home and finds a package in his room, addressed to him. Inside, there is a futuristic orb light, a Geiger counter and a worn letter, marked "Do not open before November 4, 10.13 pm." He opens it, realising it is Michael's suicide letter. It explains a philosophy of how the truth is always difficult, and finally explains his truth: He was Mikkel Nielsen, who traveled to the year 1986. This revelation leaves Jonas in shock.

November 8[]

In the dinning room, Jonas asks Hannah how she met Michael. She explains that when she was 14, she met him in the hospital while she was in a bad mood. Jonas then questions what was he like before he got "sick", so Hannah replies that he was different, and that it was impossible to tell if he meant something seriously or not. Jonas wants to reveal what he discovered but he changes his mind.

He lies in bed absorbing the shock from yesterday. He takes out the map from his drawer, and is startled to find a new annotation in red which says "follow the signal" and a red line that connects the message to a certain point in the caves. He activates the Geiger and shoves it in his bag along with other supplies.

Sic Mundus Creatus Est

Jonas' first time travel.

He goes to the caves again. He follows the map's directions and uses the orb light to travel. He then finds a red cord attached to certain points on the rocky walls, he follows it until he reaches the end of the cord, attached to a metal ouroboros. His Geiger starts beeping the deeper he goes. He makes his way through a crawl space, and finds a metal door with the Triquetra symbol and the message "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" engraved on it. He opens the door, and is caught in a strong wind, before he is able to enter. His entry initiates a series of flickering lights all over Winden. He is at an intersection, and chooses to turn right.

1986 (time travel)[]

November 8[]

He sees the same metal door that he entered and a new version of the caves. He exits the cave and notices the differences in the scenery. It is already raining, and he is lucky to have his raincoat. At a bus stop, he is approached by a van, driven by Sebastian Krüger. He and his daughter offer him a ride, since the rain is possibly acidic due to Chernobyl. Jonas then realizes that the girl is Hannah. He awkwardly declines and decides to sleep in a watchtower.

November 9[]

He wakes up in the morning and heads towards the high school, where there are different students and flyers for the missing Mads Nielsen. In the hallway, he encounters the teenage Regina Tiedemann (Bartosz's mother), sitting by herself with headphones on. He asks her what the day is, and later the year. That's when he understands that he's in 1986, but the day is the same. Regina asks if he is looking for someone, and he responds "Michael Kahnwald", the son of Nurse Ines Kahnwald. She tells him that Ines doesn't have any kids, but he can find her in the hospital. He briefly witnesses her being shoved by another student.

1x07 0028 JonasRain

Jonas in the rain.

He walks through another rainy street, until a police car stops by him. Officer Egon Tiedemann asks if he should be at school, and Jonas claims that he hurt his arm and is heading for the hospital. Egon insists he gets in his car and he will drive him. During the drive, he asks Jonas why his parents aren’t driving him. He answers that his mom is at work and his dad is dead. Egon asks where his mother works, and Jonas says that she's at the Power Plant. Egon talks about how the Plant has changed Winden. He then notices the pods in Jonas' pocket, and Jonas says that they are earphones, much to Egon's amusement. When Jonas demonstrates them, Egon says that he has "seen it all". Egon takes the forest road as a shortcut.

On arriving at the hospital, Egon asks Jonas whether Satanism is a thing among teenagers. Jonas laughs at this at first, then says he doesn't think it is. He tells Jonas he should call his mother to pick him up as it isn't safe to walk through the forest alone right now, likely due to Mads.

Jonas enters the hospital and asks a nurse, Donata Kraus where he can find Ines; she replies that she is outside with the boy. "With what boy?" he asks. She asks him what he wants with Ines. He says he is visiting and locked himself out. Donata says Ines had not mentioned a visitor; Are you a relative?" she asks. Jonas replies "you could say that".

1x07 0036 JonasinJonassFace

The stranger in Jonas' face.

Outside, he hides behind a truck and notices Ines 1986 sitting with Mikkel on a bench. Just then, The Stranger appears from behind, saying how little people understand the world. Jonas asks if he is hallucinating this entire scenario, but The Stranger assures him otherwise. He remarks that it's hard to accept truths that contradict our beliefs, like Jonas finding out Michael's identity. Jonas asks how could there be a wormhole in the caves, and if it's just there to transform Mikkel into his father. The Stranger asserts that even if he refuses to accept it, Mikkel is Michael. Jonas calculates that Ulrich is his grandfather—and Martha is his aunt. When Jonas attempts to bring Mikkel back in order to make things right, The Stranger grabs him and pins him to the van. He warns Jonas that if he takes Mikkel back, he'll change history and prevent his own existance. He also says that he has a much bigger role than he realises. The Stranger releases the stunned Jonas, and affirms that every decision made is always against something else, so Jonas should decide wisely. After succeeding in exhorting Jonas, The Stranger departs.

Back inside, he sees teenage Hannah talking to Mikkel in the hallway. He watches their conversation while looking at the suicide letter. This is where he decides to abandon his plan and leave. When he enters the intersection, he sets of flickering lights in the different time periods.


November 9[]

1x07 0054 BurningtheLetter

Burning the letter.

It is already nighttime when Jonas emerges from the cave. At home, he wakes up Hannah. She asks him where he was, but he remains silent and stationary. When asked if she believes in fate, she retorts "Maybe it's my fate that men leave me". He remorsefully tells her that he thinks Dad loved her very much and they tearfully embrace. In the attic, he sets the letter aflame and tearfully watches as it crumbles into ashes.

November 11[]

Jonas decides to keep a distance from Martha, knowing that their relationship is incest. He receives a voice message from her, saying that she wants him to call her back.

Later that rainy day, Jonas arrives back home and is dismayed to see Martha waiting for him. He tells her that he needs to go, but she hysterically asks him why he hasn't responded to all the calls she made to him for several days. Jonas doesn't talk at all. She asks him whether their kiss after the rehearsal meant anything. She grows more furious as Jonas doesn’t speak. Finally, he tells her that he was wrong, that they're just not a good match. She then kisses him peacefully, and asks if this was wrong. He apologizes and walks away.

November 12[]

While lying in bed, Jonas turns aside to notice Mikkel sleeping in the bed with him. It turns out to be another nightmare, as he wakes up panting. He grabs his pills, but before taking them, he tosses them in the trash bin, believing that they're just placebos.

1x10 0019 JonasAngry

Jonas in distraught.

Jonas visits Ines in her apartment. He asks her if she knew Michael's secret, she remains silent, indicating that she did. Ines decides to give out Michael's letter to Jonas, since it was addressed to him. He is shocked, considering he burned the letter. Jonas asks how long has she known, so Ines tells him the story of how she first met Michael, thinking he had a troubled past and an overactive imagination. Jonas asks that if she did know all along, then why didn't she stop it?

He is in distraught, crying out that now he knows his true relatives are people that were close to him, the Nielsen family. He tearfully tells her that there's nothing wrong with them, and only he is the anomaly. Ines tells him that she believes that scenarios, even the strangest ones, happen for a reason. Now that Jonas exists, who knows what the future will bring. He says that he just wants things to be normal.

1x10 0022 JonasBartoszFight

Jonas vs Bartosz.

He goes to school on a rainy day, noticing a frustrated Bartosz by the entrance. He tells him how he waited for him on Thursday (November 7). He reminds him of how he covered for him, not telling anyone he was in therapy. Jonas apologises, but Bartosz tells him that Martha told him he kissed her. Jonas tries to explain but Bartosz gets too furious and shoves him to the ground, saying he is just like his father. Jonas lunges at him, and they wrestle on the ground. Martha sees them and yells at them to stop. Bartosz shouts at Jonas to never come back there. Jonas walks away, his face bruised.

At home, he goes to the attic and ultimately decides to bring Mikkel back, even though it will erase his existence. When he goes downstairs, Hannah notices his cuts. He explains that he got into a fight, but it doesn't matter who he fought. He hugs her, assuring her that "everything will be fine". He exits the house, leaving Hannah puzzled.

He sets foot into the cave and then through the passageway.

1986 (time travel)[]

November 12[]

While walking through the forest, he sees teenage Charlotte Doppler sketching dead birds. He goes up to her and asks for the date. After answering, Charlotte asks what is he doing here. He replies that he is bringing someone back from the dead. She then asks if he can bring the dead birds back to life, and he says that you have to find them when they were younger. She states that they wouldn't be dead yet, but Jonas says that it doesn't change the fact that they're going to die. She calls him crazy.

At nighttime, he is walking down the dim lit corridor of the hospital, reaching Mikkel's room. Inside, he sees a priest named Noah reading the boy a bedtime story. He asks who he is, but Noah shushes him. Suddenly, Helge Doppler appears from behind the door, covers his face with an oiled towel, and Jonas faints from the scent.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 8.53

Jonas begs his adult self.

He wakes up in the brightly lit bunker, noticing the electric chair at the centre. The slot opens up and reveals the stranger, saying that he doesn't need to be afraid. Jonas goes to the slot, banging on the metal door, accusing the stranger of kidnapping him. The stranger clarifies that it was Noah, much to Jonas' confusion. The stranger explains that he's going to be used as a guinea pig for a prototype time machine. Jonas begs for him to release him, but the stranger says that "it's the only way for things to be normal again". He asks the stranger who he is, but the latter responds "Don't you know?". He tells him that the reason why the letter exists is because he will carry that letter for 33 years before he passes it on to himself, for he is the adult version of Jonas Kahnwald.

He further explains that everything that he is experiencing, he has already experienced. He burned the letter just like he did, but got it back from their grandmother. He already had this conversation but was on the other side then. We think we have free will but we don't. We follow the same path, again and again. Jonas is in tears, saying that this is all crazy. Adult Jonas admits that for a long time, he thought that this was crazy, but if he lets him out, then he wouldn't become who he is now, and thus, he won't be able to destroy the hole. He asks Jonas why he kissed Martha, and says that we are not free in what we do because we are not free in what we want. Jonas tearfully begs him to stop, and bangs the metal door, yelling that he wants all of this to stop. Adult Jonas assures him that he wants the same thing, but their father is just a small part of a sprawling sickness. He apologises and closes the slot, leaving Jonas to cry.

1x10 0072 AcrossTime

Jonas and Young Helge reach out for each other.

As Adult Jonas is attempting to destroy the wormhole, Jonas is grieving in the bunker. He feels the ground rumbling, and witnesses a vortex form in front of him. On the other side is the bunker of 1953, and a bloodied young Helge trapped inside. They try to reach out for each other, and as they do so, they are transported to different years. This scene has similarites to "The Creation of Adam" painting in the Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo, and furthers the religious undertones of the show.

2052 (time travel)[]

November 13[]

1x10 0074 PostApocalypse

Jonas in 2052.

Jonas wakes up, and is still in the bunker, but the wallpaper has been replaced by weapons and a wall with photos of people connected by string. He looks at the four interconnected families, and a string that connects him to the stranger, his adult self. He goes outside to a war zone, staring at signs saying "Caution, Radiation, Restricted area." Soldiers approach him and tell him to put his hands up and lie on the ground. All wear face masks. He asks what year is it, and a futuristic war plane flies overhead. A woman soldier named Silja, gun in hand, tells him "Welcome to the future" and shoves the gun to his face, knocking him out.

During the seven months[]

Jonas starts to understand the situation he is in. The apocalypse happened on June 27, 2020, and because of that, a large population of people have been killed. The ruins of Winden are currently ruled by a cult led by Elisabeth Doppler. She claims that on June 27 (the 33rd anniversary of the apocalypse), paradise would be blessed upon the world. The decaying Power Plant has a wall built around, since it is a "dead zone". Anybody who loses faith in the prophecy or enters the dead zone would be executed. Jonas keeps his distance from the silent leader and resides in the wreckage of his family home. He has been secretly sneaking around Winden, trying to find answers or a way back home, since the passage in the cave is closed.

2053 (time travel)[]

June 21[]

Jonas wakes up from a dream of the time he had sex with Martha on June 20, 2019. He goes downstairs to see the dusty calendar, showing all the dates crossed before June 21, 2020, and the date June 27 being circled. He takes the old family photo, puts on a face mask, and sets off for another walk around the wasteland.


Holding Claudia's tapes.

He collects metal pieces from a derelict apartment building, then sets off into the forest. He opens the hatch that leads to the bunker. He plays a cassette tape recorded by Claudia Tiedemann. According to her, she is one of the few survivors of the apocalypse. She recorded this three months after the catastrophe, and she states that if they are able to stabilise the God Particle, they will be able to provide a way back to the past to save themselves. He briefly holds the St. Christopher pendant, and places it on a photo of Martha.

He walks towards the wall around the dead zone, before going to the graveyard near the rundown church. There are tombstones of multiple people that died in the apocalypse, namely Aleksander Tiedemann and Torben Wöller. He places the family photo on Michael's tomb and glances at Martha's makeshift grave.

He walks through the forest, where bodies are hung by nooses on tree branches. He notices a set of confiscated items on the ground and an audience in front of gallows. Two men are about to be executed. One of them tries to scream what was behind the wall before they are hung. Elisabeth signs the rules, and Silja translates that no one is allowed in the dead zone and "they are the future". The soldiers chant "Sic Mundus Creatus Est". Jonas begins speaking with Elisabeth and Silja. As she signs, Silja translates that the passage will open and lead them to paradise. "Those without faith are already dead." Jonas protests, saying that everyone he loves are going to die in 6 days, and that he doesn't need their prophecy. They don't answer him.


Jonas find the God Particle.

At nighttime, he is walking through the forest, avoiding the war planes by hiding in the. He finds a crawl space in the wall of the dead zone and continues through it. He ventures into the derelict Nuclear Plant and his Geiger starts beeping. He finally reaches a bent door, where two chemical protective suits are hung. The Geiger is beeping madly, and "Sic Mundus Creatus Est" is scratched on the wall. He puts on one of the suits, and finds the huge, black mass known as the God Particle.

Jonas listens to Claudia's tape about the God Particle, stating that if it is stabilised it might permit time travel. A generator needs to supply sufficient AC current. It seems to contradict the second law of thermodynamics. He looks at diagrams, presses some buttons and pulls a switch. Artificial lightning strikes the God Particle, and it stabilises into a smooth sphere. But then the power shuts down and it resumes its unstable previous state. A frustrated Jonas realises the generators have run out of diesel.

June 22[]

He walks to an upper floor of a derelict apartment building and wires an old CD player to speakers and blasts Elvis singing "Suspicious Minds" from the window, hoping to create a diversion. A team of soldiers arrives in a tank. All get out to look for the perpetrator, enabling Jonas to siphon diesel from the tank, narrowly avoiding detection from one soldier by moving at an incredibly fast pace.

2x02 0057 CutDown

Jonas is spared.

He crawls through the hole with his diesel, but is intercepted by 3 soldiers and Elisabeth, aiming their guns at him. Jonas is captured and is given an immediate execution. He cries as he is on the gallow with a noose around his neck. Silja, interpreting for Elisabeth, reminds him of the consequences of entering the restricted area. Jonas defiantly asks Elisabeth why she is lying about what is in the restricted zone, to which Elisabeth shoots him in the leg. He shouts to the audience that in 5 days everyone is going to die and he has to stop that. The passage will never open and the prophecy is false. Elisabeth kicks the board out from under him. Elisabeth watches him as he chokes for a couple of seconds, then decides to shoot the rope holding him from the gallows and he falls to the ground. He is imprisoned with a permanent scar on his throat.

He is placed in a small cage, clutching his bullet wound. Silja visits him and aims her gun at him, demanding to know who he is and why Elisabeth didn't kill him. In a confused and emotional state, she breaks open the cage and asks him to show her what's in the dead zone. Jonas is alarmed by her decision.

2x02 0075 Entering

Entering the Particle.

They manage to prowl their way into the dead zone, wearing protective suits. Jonas pours the diesel he stole into the generator and starts it up. The God particle stabilizes into a smooth sphere again. He hastily tells her that according to Claudia Tiedemann, that could be the way to get home. He steps up onto the platform, planning to go inside, and tells her it doesn't matter whether he dies inside or out here. He touches the Particle, which at first consumes his arm then he braces himself and steps inside. The Particle erupts again. Jonas vanishes.

1921 (time travel)[]

June 23[]


Jonas wakes up in 1921.

Jonas wakes up in the middle of a field of harvest-ready grain. He takes off his suit and gasps for air. He buries the suit and tries to walk, but is debilitated by his bullet wound. Two men approach him and seeing his wounded neck, ask what happened to him. He tells them that he just wants to go home, so they assume he's a refugee from a labor camp, and offer him food. He is led through the field, where farmers stare at him.. He stumbles through a medieval part of the town, and the younger of the two men asks young Agnes Tauber to get Erna.

In the caretaker's cottage, he gorges on the food he is given. Erna offers him sleep for a couple of days. Jonas, with an unstable expression, asks what year it is. His dismay is intensified when he hears "1921".

June 24[]

He wakes up and realises that his wounds have been treated in his sleep. A young man (Hanno Tauber) tells him that he has been asleep for 24 hours. When Jonas asks who he is, the man doesn’t answer. Jonas tells him that he is not right here, but the man tells him cryptically that he pictured Jonas to look different, which he doesn't understand. He gives Jonas a smirk before leaving. He sees a plaque of the Emerald Tablet on the wall and notices the words "Sic Mundus Creatus Est". He gathers his clothes and a lantern and rushes outside, passing Agnes, whom he stares at for a moment.


Reaching a dead end.

He heads for the caves, eventually finding the metal door and opens it. However, unlike last time, there is no wind gusting at him. He crawls through the passage until he reaches a dead end. He cries and pounds the wall with severe frustration.

He leaves the cave and is greeted by the same young man, who tells him it'll take another 32 years before the passage is formed. He tells Jonas that "Sic Mundus (a.k.a. The Travelers)" are waiting for him, and they're offering him a way back home. He decides to follow him.

At night, Jonas is led to the church, which is still under construction. When inside, Jonas openly calculates that the young man is a traveler, but he confirms "not yet". The door opens to reveal Noah, walking up towards Jonas. Noah tells him that it must be strange to meet him here after their last encounter. Noah says that Jonas has already made his acquaintance, confirming that the young man is his younger self. He piques his interests by saying that he wants answers. The two Noahs take him down the elevator.


Adam reveals himself.

They arrive in a cavern deep below ground, and he and Adult Noah enter the Sic Mundus headquarters. Jonas wanders around the vast study, glancing at portraits and blueprints for time machines. A heavily scarred old man enters and says to him: "You must have a lot of questions. Travelling leaves its marks on all of us, the human body isn't equipped for it, Shall we begin?". Jonas shouts that he is not here to begin anything, he is trying to end things. The old man answers that the end can't be avoided for everyone. Jonas asks him who he is, and the old man answers "Don't you know?". He opens his collar, revealing a scar around his neck, similar to the one Jonas now has. "This isn't real," a tearful Jonas says. The old man tells him: "I am you. Every stone is back where it belongs, everyone at their destination. All that's needed now is a push".

June 25[]

Jonas awakens in a bedroom and is startled to find the old man, Adam, sitting in a chair observing him. Adam tells him that people are repelled by those most similar to themselves. Jonas replies that he simply wants to know how to get home. Adam tells him to get dressed, and he finds his clothes and raincoat laundered and neatly folded.

In the study, he asks Adam why he's here. Adam tells him that a man lives three lives: The first ends with the loss of naiveté, the second with the loss of innocence, and the third with the loss of life itself. It is inevitable that they go through all three stages. Jonas will turn into his adult self, and his adult self will turn into Adam. He shouts he doesn't have time for this, and that he must return to his time as he has seen all the graves of his loved ones. Adam tells him he has plenty of time: it is 1921, and he has 99 years.

2x05 0050 AdamJonas

Jonas and Adam.

Jonas asks Adam whether he knows everything that will happen. Adam says he knows of wars and scientific discoveries, and what investments to make, but he does not know what other people will do. Jonas asks him if the future can be changed. Adam replies that it took him 66 years to discover a way to escape this "hell".

Jonas asks Adam about Sic Mundus and the new world, asking if they are a religion. Adam says they are the opposite of that: they are the enemy of God, having declared war on time. They are creating a new world without time and without God. Adam says the God mankind has prayed to is nothing but time itself—time is not compassionate, our lives trickle away and death is inevitable. Their fate is nothing but a concatenation of cause and effect, in light and in shadow.

Adam says that Mikkel, their father, is just a small part of a knot that is infinitely larger and more convoluted. The entire universe is a giant knot from which there is no escape. Jonas asks him if he has already had this conversation. Adam replies that he has asked that very question and wondered how he could ever say the words that his older self said to him, that he could not understand how he could ever want what his older self wanted. But 66 years later, he understands. Some moments change people forever, some pain that they would never forget, but there is a way out of this cruel futility. Jonas asks him why nothing changed. Adam stands up and tells him every development builds on the previous one. First you have the wheel then the car, just like how he could not become who he is without being who Jonas is first. Jonas saw the chair in the bunker, then the device, then the thing in the future, but that isn't the end of the chain.

2x05 0067 JonasEnters

Jonas re-enters the Particle.

Adam leads Jonas and shows him a twin God Particle that was created by him, that will send him to the day he chooses to travel to and break the 33-year cycle. Jonas now understands why he is there, so he can stop the apocalypse from happening, by stopping its beginning. Adam says "the question is when is the beginning and what sacrifice must be made?". Jonas tells him the day before his father committed suicide, June 20, 2019, was when everything went to chaos. Adam tells Jonas that if he can prevent the suicide, then nothing that follows will occur: Mikkel will not travel back, they will never be born, but everyone else will live—including Martha. They will reorder the world. Adam stabilises the God Particle into a smooth sphere, and sets the destination towards the correct date. Jonas, wearing a simple protective suit, enters the Particle.

2019 (time travel)[]

June 20[]

Jonas emerges from the church. He walks up the the road near the Nuclear Plant, staring at the light post that had Erik's missing poster during November. When he hears a car coming by, he zips up his raincoat to hide his scar. It is Ulrich and Katharina, offering him a ride to the lake, but he silently shakes his head. Mikkel tries to do an "ultimate fist bump", Katharina warned Jonas that he has rubella. Ulrich teases Jonas that Martha will be happy to see him, and Mikkel jokes about her obvious crush on him. As they drive off, Jonas is bemused by how cheerful they used to be.

2x06 0019 JonasMartha

"Last talk" with Martha.

Hiding behind a tree, he witnesses his younger self say goodbye to Martha. He braces himself and solemnly sits next to her. She is concerned about the fact that he is silent, with a glint of sadness in his eyes. He says that he thought he still had time, and questions why people would say that. "To have time". He asks "How can you have time when it clearly has you?". Martha is even more anxious about his different behavior. Jonas tells her that he wants to say something: "You and I are perfect for each other. Never believe anything else". The two have a long peaceful kiss, with this being the first for Martha. He walks away, believing that this would be the last time he'd see the love of his life.

In the evening, Jonas returns to his house. He tearfully stares at the family photo where Ines isn’t torn out. He then goes up to explore his old bedroom. Jonas stares at his father, standing at the doorway, alive and well. With a bucket of emotions, he embraces Michael tightly in his arms. Michael acts cheerful towards him, and Jonas tells him that he "knows everything". Michael is confused, until Jonas performed "ultimate fist bump". Michael was emotionally blown back by his identity reveal, so he cries into Jonas' shoulder.

2x06 0037 JonasTearful

Jonas begs Michael.

At the dinner table, Jonas reveals that he is from the future. Michael asks why he traveled. His son responds that he doesn't want him to "do it". Michael is confused by Jonas' request, who kept saying that he should've known something was wrong. Jonas tearfully tells him not to hang himself in his attic art studio, which completely shocks Michael. Jonas shows him his suicide letter, and continues to beg him not to kill himself, since it would initiate an endless cycle. Jonas implores him to promise.

Jonas asks him how exactly he traveled back in time, and Michael reveals that it was him who took him to the cave in the first place. He narrates that he always wondered why Jonas did that to him, but eventually forgot about the mystery like a dream. Jonas clarified that he never did that. Michael says that he is starting to remember everything, and that maybe Jonas wasn't here to stop him but rather inform him on what to do. Maybe Jonas showed him the letter so that he knows what to write to younger Jonas after Michael passes. Jonas breaks down at the fact that he's meant to stop him, but Michael tells him that his role might be bigger than expected, and that maybe Michael is just a tiny sector of a huge tumor that is much bigger than imagined.

2x06 0040 Claudia

Meeting Claudia.

Jonas gloomily replies that his older self told him those words already. Michael caresses Jonas's head, whispering that God always has a plan. Just then, Old Claudia Tiedemann arrives, saying that she has waited for the time when she would meet Jonas. Claudia explains that there are two sides, Adam is the darkness, and Claudia is the light. She clarifies that Adam sent him here to ensure the cycle happens exactly as it always has. Jonas claims that this is something that Adam wants as well, but Claudia explains that he doesn't want to fix things, but rather destroy them forever. Claudia says that Jonas alone can stop all this by defeating himself. Jonas responds that if he didn't exist then Adam wouldn't, but according to her, the world without Jonas is much worse. She tells him that he needs to know that the decisions they make can't only influence their own fates. It's not only about Jonas and Mikkel. Jonas asks what she means, and she explains that everyone needs to make sacrifices, including his father. Jonas continues to cry at the realization that, not only did he cause Michael's suicide, he's going to let it happen.


One last hug.

He and his beloved father have one final hug together, and emotionally express their goodbyes. Claudia, holding an orb light, leads Jonas to the caves. He takes one last dreadful glance behind him before leaving.

During the five months[]

It's unknown what year Claudia took Jonas to, but it's clear that she has been lecturing him more about time travel and the current situation. He was also preparing himself to orchestrate a few events, mainly Mikkel's disappearance.

2019 (time travel)[]

November 4[]


Tricking Mikkel.

At night, he witnesses his younger self and his friends take Erik's drug stash from the caves, until it emits a roar. Jonas rustles through the bushes, explaining who the eavesdropper was during the first time. When Younger Jonas lost Mikkel in the forest, Jonas took the opportunity to approach him, impersonating his younger self. He tells him to run with him, claiming that there is something dangerous out there, so they would need to hide in the caves. Jonas led the terrified boy through the Wormhole, and unbeknownst to Mikkel, takes him to 1986.

In that year, he tells Mikkel to sleep in the cave until the night is over. After he does so, Jonas leaves.

During the seven months[]

Claudia informs Jonas that she's going to die on June 23, 1954. She also instructs him to do two things: meet her adult self in June 26, 1987, the day when she accidentally killed her father, and reopen the wormhole on June 27. She also handed him a time travel copy of the apparatus.

1987 (time travel)[]

June 26[]


Meeting Adult Claudia.

At night, Jonas uses a key given by Old Claudia to open the door to her house. He meets Adult Claudia in the kitchen, who is armed with a frying pan. She demands to know how he got in, and he clarifies that her older self gave him the key. He tells her that they don't have time and they need to go. Claudia is confused, and Jonas tells her that he knows what happened. She continues to weep, and Jonas comforts her, knowing the feeling of causing your father's death in an attempt to save him. He says that, according to Old Claudia, it doesn't have to happen again. Claudia looks at him, feeling hope, and asks "Where are we going?". Jonas replies "To the future".

During this time, he likely teaches her more about time travel, and some of the disasters caused by the loop.

June 27[]


Collecting a sample.

In the cave where the yellow barrels are stored, Jonas tells Claudia that his adult self succeeded in shutting the passage, but didn't break the loop. But Old Claudia says that they can change a small part of the equation, so they could succeed next time. He says that big and small things don't abide by the same laws. As he opens a barrel, he says that maybe nothing big could be altered, but small things can. He collects a sample of Cs-137 in a vial, and says "We're changing a grain of sand. And with it, the whole world". Claudia continues to express fear in this situation.

He then leads her into the cave, near the metal door. He says that he's going to open the passage again. Claudia asks him why, and Jonas answers "It took me ages to accept having to be part of the disaster I wanted to prevent". He explains that there are two sides out there: Adam and Sic Mundus want to create a new world, while he and Claudia want to save this one. He also gave light to who Adam was. (The possible reason as to why he's doing this is to ensure he exists; if there were no wormhole during 1987, then it wouldn't exist in 2019, thus preventing Mikkel from going back in time. He needs to destroy the loop in some way other than preventing Mikkel from time traveling to the '80s, and thus him being born, because the world without him is "not what he expects", according to Old Claudia.)


Reopening the wormhole.

Proceeding towards the dead end behind the Sic Mundus door, Jonas inserts the vial into his apparatus, producing a spiral of sparkles in the air. When Claudia asks "What is that", he answers "This is time. We connect the past and future". Thus, the wormhole is reopened between the three time periods.

2020 (time travel)[]

June 27[]

They emerge from the cave. He hands her the apparatus, packed in a suitcase. He requires Claudia to bring the machine to the bunker near Helge's cabin, while he needs to find his mother and Martha. He ignores the confused Claudia when she calls her name.


Embracing their feelings.

He arrives at his house, realizing that it is empty. Suddenly he hears Martha's voice from downstairs, and runs down to see her. They are both heartstruck to see each other again. He tries to tell her everything, but she admits that she has learned what was going on. She also understands that it was him who spoke to her at the lake on June 20, 2019, not her present Jonas. Martha tearfully walks up to him, caresses his face, and whispers "You and I are perfect for each other. Never believe anything else". They kiss passionately, enclosed in emotions.

They are interrupted by Adam, standing at the doorway with a grimace. "And so the circle closes" he says. Adam repeats that all the pieces are in their place, and all is needed is a push. Jonas yells at him that he is the trigger of the cycle. Adam says that everyone is a trigger. Jonas defiantly asks him why he wants it to repeat, and he replies "Because what is created today is the beginning of the end. The dark matter, it has to be created so that in the future I can lead it to it's new purpose: The end of this world.". He pulls out a gun, and admits that he is the trigger that will make Jonas become what he is today. With that, he aims the gun at Martha's abdomen, and shoots her.


Martha's death.

Martha falls on the floor, bleeding. Jonas cries as he tries his best to help her. Adam goes to circle the current date on the calendar, and tells him that some pain is unforgettable, and he would carry this pain for his life, until he's ready to let go. As he was about to leave, Adam says that Jonas could either try and stop him or save her, but he should know what to do. Jonas breaks down as Martha takes her last breath.

The apocalypse has happened, the house is shaking. He promises that he will make this right for Martha's sake.

Quantum Entanglement[]

At this point, time branches into three different timelines, all of these leading Jonas to different paths.

Jonas understands it's too late and he has to go, and rushes into the basement, closing the door. He successfully survives the apocalypse. He (presumably) buries Martha in the makeshift grave he saw in 2053.


September 24[]

Claudia asks Jonas what the God Particle is, and he tells her it is what was left over from the catastrophe. She asks what the machine they see next to it is, and Jonas mentions the passage no longer exists, but if he figures out how the God Particle works, he could go back in time to save Martha and Mikkel. Jonas asks how she had found him, but Claudia asks for the apparatus which needed dark matter. Jonas asks if she has it, and is taken to the time machine, which Claudia mentions does not work. Claudia mentions that they brought dark matter into the passage again, and so the variables in the equation had changed, but Jonas loses his temper and shouts he cannot wait 33 years to try again. He asks himself why older Claudia had never told him anything, knowing Martha would die and wonders why he should trust middle-aged Claudia. She tells him that she knows what the material at the power plant is, and can help him save Martha and everybody else. Jonas then begins to work with Claudia again.


Jonas (from the Non-Martha loop and who will later become the Stranger and Adam), working in tandem with Claudia, continues to try and open the dark matter portal. Jonas returns to his home and attempts suicide in his father's studio, but young Noah enters and saves his life, telling Jonas that because of the existence of his future selves, no one can kill him until he has fulfilled his future. Noah reports to him that he and Elisabeth have found the passage, as they survey the wreckage together.


Noah, Claudia and Jonas (now all 17 years older), successfully open the dark matter portal, but cannot stabilize it enough to travel. It is at this point that Jonas formulates his plan to go back and change things in the past, to break the cycle (a plan we see him enact throughout Season 1 that ends in failure).

Noah says to Jonas that maybe Claudia does not want it to work, why does he trust her? Jonas asks Noah why does he trust Adam, who lied that there was a paradise or another world. He tells him he is not going to become Adam, the portal will work: he has seen it in the future, he can travel back and change everything. Noah asks why Claudia knows what she knows. She is hiding something from them and cannot be trusted.


Charlotte arrives with Future Elisabeth (having traveled through Adam's dark matter portal) and kidnaps the newborn Charlotte, delivering her to Tannhaus in the past to be raised. Noah, in a rage, confronts Jonas over the loss of his daughter, believing Charlotte's disappearance to be his and Claudia's doing and the betrayal his future self referred to. Noah then wishes him endless suffering as he leaves 2041 to look for Charlotte.

Growing Up[]

The adventures Jonas went through while growing up is currently a mystery.

He has been working alongside Claudia in their joint mission to break the cycle. However, they need to find a loophole to maintain Jonas' existence as well.

Jonas waits for 11 years, during which he slowly grows disillusioned with Claudia and her methods to gently unravel the knot, and as Noah's suspicions root inside him.


As a last resort of trust, after quite some years, Claudia requests him to attempt trying changing things by going to 2019 and meeting his younger self. She also gives him the broken time machine to get it repaired at the hands of Tannhaus, whom she will give the blueprints later on. On November 2052, he uses the dark matter to travel to 2019.

2019 (time travel)[]

November 5[]

DARK Still 102 - The Stranger in hotel room

In his new room.

Jonas stands atop a hill, wearing a dark jacket, watching the police force search the field for Mikkel Nielsen. He picks up a dead bird for a brief moment. Later, he enters Waldhotel Winden and asks the apprehensive Regina Tiedemann for a room. In the room, he plasters an unsettling amount of pictures, drawings, notes, and diagrams at every wall of the room. He also owns the book called A Journey Through Time by H.G. Tannhaus. He also takes out the apparatus. While lights were flickering at night, Jonas pastes a newspaper saying "Where is Mikkel?". He then uses a marker to cross out "Where" and writes "When".

November 6[]

As he hides behind a tree, he observes Young Jonas entering the cave for the first time. He then places a red knot of Young Jonas' bicycle handle.

November 7[]

It was dawn, and Young Jonas was still asleep. Jonas sneaked into his old house and goes to his old room. He edits the Winden Cave map by writing "follow the signal" and drawing a red line that connects the message to the wormhole.

In his hotel room, he packs his apparatus and places a Geiger counter, an orb light, and Michael's suicide letter in a package, planning to deliver it to his younger self. Jonas goes downstairs to a nervous Regina at the reception counter, informs her that he needs to leave for a few days, and that he wants her to have the package delivered.

DARK Still 105 - The Stranger and Jonas at church

Jonas and Young Jonas.

He goes to the graveyard and approaches his younger self, saying that he looks like his father. He sits next to Young Jonas, who asks if they knew each other. Jonas says no, but he knew his father, who saved his life. He tells Young Jonas that life is like a labyrinth, some people wander around their whole lives looking for a way out, but there are only paths that lead you deeper. He further says that you don't understand it until you reach the centre. He says that death is incomprehensible, but you could make peace with it. Until then Young Jonas should ask himself if he's made the right decisions. He leaves Young Jonas, who was in an unsettling position.

He arrives at the cave and travels to 1986 using the wormhole.

1986 (time travel)[]

November 7[]

He enters the Clockmaker's shop, witnessing H.G. Tannhaus working on the apparatus, before it was ready. He asks Jonas if he could help him, and he responds that he wants to talk to him about time. They begin a conversation about Einstein-Rosen bridge, a.k.a. wormholes.

November 9[]

1x07 0036 JonasinJonassFace

Jonas in Young Jonas' face.

At the hospital entrance, he appears behind Young Jonas, who was staring at Mikkel and Ines, hiding by a van. He says "How little we understand of the world". Young Jonas asks if he were a hallucination and that "he's crazy like his father", but Jonas assures the opposite. He says it is hard to understand things that go against what we are conditioned to believe, just like Young Jonas finding out Michael's identity. Young Jonas asks how could there be a breach in time in the caves, which allows Mikkel to come here just to become his father. Jonas strictly tells him even if he doesn't want to believe it, Mikkel is Michael. Young Jonas calculates that Ulrich is his grandfather—and Martha is his aunt. When Young Jonas attempted to bring Mikkel back in order to make this right, Jonas grabs him and pins him to the van. He tells Jonas that if he takes Mikkel back, he'll be meddling with the course of time, and thus, he wouldn't exist. He says that the role he plays is much bigger than he expects. Jonas releases the shocked teenager, and says that every decision for something is a decision against something else; one life would take another. "What will you decide?". He departs.

November 10[]

1x08 0004 TannhausShop

Revisiting Tannhaus.

Jonas arrives at the clockmaker's shop to see H.G. Tannhaus. They continue their conversation about the Einstein-Rosen bridge, a passage linking a black hole, the entrance, and a white hole, the exit, which connects time and space. To pass through it is to travel through time. Tannhaus continues that their way of thinking is shaped by dualism—entrance and exit, good and evil—but that is wrong, He holds up a drawing of the triquetra, which Jonas recognises as a trinity knot, to illustrate that there is a third dimension, not just up and down but also a centre. Einstein and Rosen overlooked that a wormhole connects three dimensions: past, present and future.

He asks Tannhaus about writings concerning Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, a universe that endlessly repeats itself. Tannhaus is surprised to see a copy of A Journey Through Time, as only 500 were ever printed. Jonas presses on, asking about the lunar-solar cycle, in which everything repeats itself every 33 years. Tannhaus explains that every 33 years, the cycles of the sun and moon are synchronised again, but 33 has greater significance. Jesus performed 33 miracles, there are 33 litanies of angels, and Dante wrote 33 cantos each in the Purgatorio and Paradiso cycles of The Divine Comedy. 33 was also the age at which the Antichrist began his reign.

1x08 0032 TannhausTimeline

Talking with Tannhaus

Tannhaus demonstrates how a wormhole works using a drawing. He asks Jonas to imagine he was standing in a dark room, and flashes a light beam in the left direction. There was no way it could reach his right side, but a wormhole changes the topology of space-time. It will create a circle, and thus, nothing is where it belongs anymore.

Jonas asks Tannhaus if it is possible to change the course of events, but Tannhaus says any scientist would say no, because causal determinism forbids it. Human nature, of course, requires that we believe our actions can change things. He says he used to dream about travelling to the past or the future, but then his dream changed, realizing his place is in the here and now. Jonas continues that in the book, Tannhaus wrote that the number 33 might represent the difference between the planes of a three-dimensional wormhole. Tannhaus thinks that might be the crux of the matter.

When asked why he's so interested in time, Jonas explains that he wants to know if things can be changed, if everything has a purpose, and if so, who decides? Does the universe depend on God, coincidence, or do we decide? Is it simply an eternally recurring cycle? Are human beings slaves to time and space?

Tannhaus tells him that as long as a wormhole exists, there will be closed time loops. Everything inside is mutually dependent. The past doesn't just influence the future, the future influences the past. It becomes a chicken-and-egg question, where no one can say which came first, because everything is connected.

Tannhaus sheds light on how everyone's lives are connected. Every deed is a response to a previous deed, cause and effect, nothing but an endless action. However, he sees that whole statement as a theory. Jonas asks Tannhaus how he would feel if time travel was actually real. He then reveals that there is a wormhole in Winden, and that he came from the future. The clockmaker gapes at him, as Jonas shows his broken apparatus. Tannhaus is beyond bewildered, since it was the machine he was making at this point. Jonas says that it's a time machine that can create a portal that allows the user to travel 33 years into the future or past. When asked if the device created the current wormhole, Jonas clarifies that a few months ago, an incident happened at the Nuclear Plant, which triggered the hole's existence. He's planning to destroy the hole using the machine. In a state of shock, Tannhaus aggressively tells him to leave. Before exiting, and leaving his apparatus behind, he tells him that he needs his help to fix the mess.

2019 (time travel)[]

November 11[]

Jonas steals a small amount of cesium from the hidden barrels for the fuel of his time machine, now intending to close the wormhole.

November 12[]

Jonas then uses the Cave's wormhole to travel to 1986 to get his repaired time machine.

1986 (time travel)[]

November 12[]

Jonas goes to Tannhaus to get the repaired machine back. The old Tannhaus realizes it's a time machine, being hinted at by Claudia's older self in 1953. Jonas takes Ulrich's phone and demonstrates how the machine works, as Tannhaus realizes the machine works with the same principle as the Incident at the Power Plant. Jonas confirms it, as he tells the older man he wants to correct the future he made. Tannhaus tries to ask about the future as Jonas tells him to wish tomorrow would be better. Jonas leaves the clockmaker's shop and goes to the bunker.

Jonas meets his younger self (from 2019) who is now captured by Helge and Noah as a guinea pig for experimentation of the chair while unsuccessfully attempting to save Mikkel. Jonas listens to his younger self pleading to be let out, as he asks what is going on. He informs him that the chair is a prototype time machine which is not properly working as of the time being. He informs his younger self that they both are Jonas Kahnwald, calling back to his past conversation with himself when it was his turn on the other side of the door. Jonas tells his younger self about the futility of trying to alter the fates of the people involved, as he leaves his younger self in the room for his eventual travel to 2052.

Jonas then goes to the cave as directed, attempting to destroy the wormhole, but he only succeeds in closing it. He hallucinates his father in the passage during the closing of the wormhole.

Jonas then travels to 2019, deciding to wait till the week before the Apocalypse, in an attempt to save Martha.

2020 (time travel)[]

June 21[]

Jonas arrives at the Kahnwald House after 34 years, in time to stop Hannah from attempting suicide. She asks him how he has a key. He tells her it's his key. Jonas shows her the scar he has from falling off the bike she and his father gave him for his eighth birthday. He tells her they saw each other 33 years ago. He tells her he is Jonas, even though he is much older. They tearfully embrace. He explains that he exists infinitely. She asks where her (the younger) Jonas is, and he replies that he is stuck in the future, because he (the older) had attempted to destroy the time portal, but only succeeded in closing it. He tells her he has come to put an end to everything.

June 22[]

Jonas walks in from his room, watching Hannah reminisce through her old family photos. Jonas shows her his (now completed) time machine which can be used to travel 33 years into the past or to the future. He then tells her he wants to show her time travel to prove it to her, and to inform her about Michael.

1987 (time travel)[]

June 22[]

Jonas takes Hannah to the Kahnwald house. Hannah sees Ines and Mikkel (now Michael) having dinner together. Jonas comforts Hannah after she sees for herself that her husband is Mikkel from 2019. They travel back to 2020.

2020 (time travel)[]

June 24[]

At the Kahnwald home, Jonas finds the box with Aleksander's gun and passport. He asks Hannah why she has them. She tells him there is someone very interested that they stay hidden. He asks her why she is blackmailing someone.

Jonas suggests they don't answer the knock but Hannah goes to the door saying they must tell someone (she asked Charlotte to come). She introduces him. Charlotte realizes he is the man who Regina mentioned stayed at her hotel. She shows him the photo she found of Noah from 1921, whose identity he confirms, from Sic Mundus—the travelers. Hannah is shocked that Charlotte seems to know about this.

Jonas, Hannah, and Charlotte go to the bunker and meet with Charlotte's husband Peter. He tells them that Claudia knew what would happen and told him and Tronte Nielsen what to do. Hannah cannot believe they knew about Michael, Mikkel and Ulrich. He shows her the notebook which has all the information about the missing children but the last few pages were ripped out. She asks whether Katharina knows about this. Charlotte agrees to tell her.

Katharina, now informed of Ulrich and Mikkel's true destination, scoffs when she sees (older) Jonas, who tells her he is Hannah's son and her grandson. Katharina finds it impossible to believe that Ulrich and Mikkel have travelled back in time. Hannah tries to assure Katharina she travelled back and saw Mikkel. She tells them they have all lost their minds and leaves, only returning when she sees proof of Mikkel in 1987.

Jonas tells Peter, Charlotte, and Hannah that everything is going to happen the way it always does. Adam, the leader of Sic Mundus, wants the last cycle to begin in three days, but Jonas has come to stop it. Claudia tried to do it but, in the end, became what she was fighting against, a manipulator to ensure every event goes exactly as planned.

June 25[]

Jonas and Martha are making love, but mysterious black strands form veins in her abdomen, bursting out of her navel. Jonas awakens from this nightmare.

Jonas breaks into the empty Nielsen house and walks into Martha's room. He sits on her bed and places the St. Christopher medal on it.

Jonas then meets Charlotte in the bunker, who asks him who Noah is. Jonas says he is a traveler and Adam's puppet—who killed Mads Nielsen, Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese. Charlotte asks him if he knows who her parents are. He says he does not, but that he knew H.G. Tannhaus, her grandfather. Charlotte admits that Tannhaus was not her real grandfather, even though he raised her. She asks if he was also a traveler but Jonas says he was just a pawn, like everyone else. Claudia used him, just like she had used Jonas, Peter, and the others, to have him build the time machine. He opens the machine to show Charlotte. She tells him he knows what will happen in the future, which he confirms.

Jonas returns home. After looking at the photos, he asks his mother whether she ever loved his father. He tells her he knows of her affair with Ulrich. He asks who she would choose: Ulrich or Papa. He tells her he thought she was the only person he could trust. She admits that she messed everything up and Jonas says coldly that perhaps she has always done that. He tells her she needs no one, just herself.

June 26[]

Jonas wakes up in his bed and looks for Hannah. She is nowhere to be found, having taken his time machine and gone to 1954 to meet Ulrich.

Martha goes to visit Hannah, but she meets the adult Jonas. He lets her in. Martha asks who he is. She looks at him strangely, having been informed by Bartosz about Jonas's return, and he asks if she is scared of him. She says she is experiencing deja-vu. As he did previously, he responds "A glitch in the matrix." He asks whether she found the St. Christopher medal he left for her. She then realizes that he is Jonas, now 33 years older. Sitting at the kitchen table, Jonas starts to explain his absence to Martha. She says it all makes sense now. She takes his hand in hers and touches his forearm and face. They are interrupted by her mother Katharina who breaks into the house searching for Hannah. On seeing Martha and Jonas together she pulls them apart and asks Martha whether she knows who this man is. He is the son of her brother Michael Kahnwald, and her nephew. She tells Jonas to keep his dirty hands off her and takes Martha away.

June 27[]

It's the day of the apocalypse, the day Adam will come to kill Martha. For preparation, Jonas retrieves Aleksander Tiedemann's gun from Hannah's stash spot.

Jonas goes to Martha's house. He tells her she must come with him and that it is his fault that everyone will die in a few hours when the new cycle begins and the future starts. Martha is confused by this but he begs her to trust him. He starts to caress her but she shoves him away, repulsed (due to being much older as well as being her nephew), saying they’re wrong together and tells him to leave. He refuses and grabs her arm and tells her he will not see her die again. He points the gun at her and tells her he is making things right, as they go to the bunker.

He takes Martha at gunpoint to the bunker, which he tells her is the only safe place. She asks if he meant that Mikkel would return is true. He tells her Jonas (the younger one) will come back and everything will happen as it always has, but tells her to promise to remain there. He locks her inside and apologizes, and goes back to his home waiting for Adam.

Katharina comes downstairs and spies a photo album of Michael. Leafing through it she sees pictures of her son as he grew up which brings her to tears. Jonas walks in. She asks him how to use the machine and bring Mikkel back. Jonas tries to explain that it's impossible. Katharina gets angry and says that he doesn't want him to come back as he won't exist. Mikkel belongs there, he doesn't. He replies that the past can't be changed, as he already exists and that the events that lead to his existence cannot be changed. He says he would gladly trade his own life for Mikkel's (which his younger self has already attempted a few times) but can't because his future already exists. He thought he could prevent it but it's beyond his control. He does say he can prevent what has already happened of him (refering to cornering Adam).

As the younger Jonas reopens the wormhole and Peter Doppler arrives with Elisabeth, Martha takes her chance and flees the bunker, inadvertently putting her in harm's way.

The younger Noah enters the Kahnwald home, where Jonas is waiting—with the gun. It has been 12 years since Jonas last saw (the adult) Noah, attempting to kill him under suspicion of Charlotte's kidnapping, whereas Noah meets Adult Jonas for the first time. Noah says Jonas looks different from when he saw him last ("The Travelers"), and that he wondered when Jonas became Adam. Jonas denies that he will ever do what Adam did, but Noah says Adam said they will become friends, before Jonas betrays him (elder Noah referring to the above-mentioned kidnapping). Noah says he follows Adam, and Jonas follows Claudia, because they each hope for their own kind of salvation. Jonas raises the gun to Noah's chest, but Noah calmly pushes it back down, saying Adam is the savior. Noah then hands him a letter — from Martha. Jonas reads it anxiously, saying it is impossible. Noah tells him that he must hurry to save Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska—and later him and Agnes. The loop must be closed so that the next cycle can begin, as prophesied, so that Martha can live. Jonas is beyond belief, however. He grabs the machine and hurries out.

Jonas goes to the Nielsen home and pounds on the door. Bartosz recognizes him when he enters, saying it is all Jonas's fault, which Jonas freely acknowledges. He says he has come to save them from the apocalypse, but has no answer when they ask about Martha. Jonas orders Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska to stay close as he activates his machine, intending to travel to 1987, but in the panic Jonas misconfigures the time period. They barely escape as the shockwave from the Apocalypse hits the Nielsen home.

1888 (time travel)[]

June 27[]

Jonas, Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska travel to June 27, 1888 while escaping from the Apocalypse happening in 2020. The time machine's cesium runs out due to the sudden unexpected travel, stranding the travelers in 1888 with no way to travel due to lack of nuclear technology. They eventually meet up with Gustav Tannhaus, owner of the Tannhaus industry and the leader of Sic Mundus Creatus Est, who allows the travelers to stay at his factory. Jonas eventually begins time travel experiments with whatever resources he has.

September 21[]

Martha from the alternate world arrives at the Tannhaus residence, where she finds a machine letting off electricity, and find a middle aged Jonas. Jonas walks slowly towards her in disbelief and while crying, mentions she is alive. However, Martha reveals herself not to be the Martha he knows. Jonas is confused, but she tells him she is there to help him find The Origin, which is the beginning of everything in his world and in her world as well.

September 22[]

Jonas suspicious of Martha

Jonas was having a hard time believing anything alternate reality Martha was saying.

Martha wakes up altered after a dream of her having sex with Jonas. She looks up and sees older Jonas in looking at her. He tells her to get dressed and leaves. As Martha walks out of the room, she sees Bartosz, Franziska, and Magnus who all look at her in disbelief. Magnus hugs her, but Jonas tells him that that is not Martha. Since they are all confused, Martha says that she is not the Martha they knew, and that she is trying to fix everything.

The group ask Martha to clarify what she was saying about being from a different world, and tells them that her world ends exactly like theirs. Magnus finds it ridiculous because he is not dead, but Jonas asks how they were found. Martha tells him that Jonas told her, but Franziska is quick to point out she had already said there was not a Jonas in her world. Martha explained that Jonas traveled from their world to hers, but older Jonas tells Martha that she is lying because he never went to her world. He gets aggressive and asks her what she really wants and if Adam sent her.

A door opens and tells the group that they need to start the machines, as they are running late. The man points out they have a visitor, while Jonas leaves. Later, Tannhaus asks Jonas if Martha was like them: a traveler. He mentions that when he found Jonas, he took it as a sign, or a miracle. He reminded Jonas that whatever Martha meant to him, it was important that he did not remember that they would be creating Paradise and told him that every calamity can be reversed, and every pain erased before it even existed: a perfect world. He showed him engraved words in his cane, which said "sic mundus creatus est". After his conversation with Tannhaus, Jonas walks into Martha's room only to find it empty, as she was with Bartosz, who led her to a door, which took them to a room identical to Adam's study.

September 23[]

Jonas asks Bartosz where he went

An angered Bartosz confronted Jonas when Martha told him who Adam really was.

At the Tannhaus Machinery Factory, Bartosz and Martha return as an angered Jonas approaches them and asks where they had been. Jonas asks what Martha had told him, and Bartosz simply replies that they had been stuck there for weeks, and Jonas had no idea how anything worked while knowing exactly what would happen, but keeping it secret from them. Jonas pleads with Bartosz to open his eyes and realize he was being used because that was not the real Martha. Jonas reminds everybody that Martha is dead, while Magnus looks down sadly, and tells Bartosz that nobody can come back from the dead.

Magnus looks at Franziska and tells Jonas that whoever she may be, she could be the only way they have to escape 1888. Bartosz asks Jonas why he had not told them the truth and orders him to tell everybody who really killed the Martha they knew. Jonas is not able to do it and leaves, so Bartosz rushes after him and pushes him to the ground and once again telling him to tell everybody who Adam is. Jonas gets up and pushes Bartosz back, starting a fight between the both of them until they are separated by Magnus and Franziska. Bartosz reminds everybody that he had told them that Jonas was always to blame for their problems and reveals to them all that Jonas is Adam before storming off.

Martha asks to be trusted

Martha asked Jonas to give her a chance to prove herself.

Martha is in her room when she hears a knock at the door. Jonas walks inside and tells her that she had told him he had been to his world. However, he does not remember this and asks her why that is. However, Martha does not know the answer to that, but tells him that she did not write the letter and that he needed to believe her. She asks him what Sic Mundus is, and Jonas tells her that Tannhaus' father had tried to bring his wife back to life because he was convinced that the ability to time travel could save the world, as they could stop errors before they even occurred. However, this would not bring back salvation - only damnation. Martha's voice cracks as she tells him that everybody is dead in her world and she needs to change that. As Jonas is about to leave, she grabs his hand and tells him that she is aware that he does not trust her, but begs for an opportunity to prove that she can be trusted.

She takes Jonas to the woods, where she reveals the orb she uses to travel through worlds. She opens it up and reveals a small sphere, mentioning that it was the last one she had. She hands it to him, while mentioning it was the only way she could travel back again.

Jonas places the orb in a bowl, while the rest of the group watches. He starts a machine, which lets off electric energy. The energy strikes the orb forming a god particle, which ultimately does not stabilize. Looking inside the bowl, the group sees the orb is destroyed. Franziska asks where Martha is; she is in her room grabbing a lantern and her orb. She uses another sphere and places it in the orb. She turns the orb and places it on the ground and disappears as soon as Jonas and the rest of the group enters the room.

September 24[]

Older Jonas wakes up from a nightmare where it is the day of the apocalypse as the God Particle starts to form. Jonas promises Martha, now dead, that he will make everything right. He wakes up as the God Particle starts destroying everything. He gets up from his bed, and looks at a letter Martha wrote him, where she tells him he will make everything right. However, to do so, he must not lose hope that there is a way out of the maze and a way to save her and himself. However, sacrifices must be made to untie the knot. The apocalypse must take place, and she must die so that she can live. Jonas gets up and burns the letter. Jonas later takes the fresh letter written by Martha Nielsen, delivered by her adult self.


Jonas has become obsessed with finding the origin of the knot and argues with Bartosz, who leaves in a rage and enters the woods, where he meets Silja, who has travelled there from 2053.


By 1911, after two decades in the past, Jonas has fully developed the characteristic appearance of Adam. Terrible burns and scarring cover his face and body from extensive traveling. He is a shell of his former self. Now he is the prideful and destructive Adam, the leader of Sic Mundus.

One night he receives two unexpected visitors. Bartosz, who remained in the past along with the others, presents Hannah and a little girl who would grow up to become his own wife, Silja. Jonas has not seen his mother for about twenty-three years (for him; about six years for Hannah), since 2020, when she stole his time machine and disappeared. Hannah introduces Jonas to his half-sister but he asks only how she found them. She tells him that an old woman named Eva found them and told them that she knew where Jonas was and that he was looking for his mother. Hannah takes the blame for everything but says that she is here for him now. Jonas only removes her hand from his face and has Bartosz show them their chamber.

Later in the night Jonas enters the chamber. As he attempts to take Silja from her bed, Hannah wakes up and asks him what he is doing. Jonas sits down beside his mother and tells her that Silja is in the wrong place. "All the pieces have to be in position," he says, having become obsessive over maintaining the cycle. In a heartbeat he leaps onto her bed and strangles his mother to death. He takes Silja from her bed and casts her through his time machine to 2041.


A stranger arrives in Winden from the year 2041. After booking a room at Erna's inn and meeting his younger self who lives there, he heads to the Sic Mundus lodge. The man is Hanno Tauber, the longtime follower of Adam, who lived in the post-apocalyptic world for over twenty years alongside Jonas himself, Claudia, and his partner Elisabeth Doppler. He is now in search of his daughter Charlotte, who was kidnapped in the night.

It has been thirty-two years since Adam saw Hanno's younger self, on the day of the apocalypse. It has been about forty-four years since he last saw Hanno in this state here, when they were both surviving in the post-apocalyptic 2041. Adam assures him that it was in fact Claudia who took Charlotte from him, not Jonas himself, whom Hanno so feverishly suspected, and that she lied to them all. (In reality, it would be under Adam's orders that Charlotte was taken, but he does not give these until his own future.) Adam instructs Hanno to find the missing pages of the triquetra notebook, which Hanno took from their camp before leaving, and tells him to seek assistance from Helge Doppler. He also gives him a Bible and dubs him Noah for the first time.


June 21[]

A father and son complete the excavation of the time travel tunnel inside the Winden Caves, where the passage will open thirty-two years from this day. They are working on behalf of Sic Mundus. Outside at their camp, the younger man, Hanno, asks the other if he no longer believes in the prophecy. His father, Bartosz, says he believes in the irony of fate. Hanno reminds him that Adam says they must bear the cross and make sure that everything repeats itself, so that in six days hell on Earth will end and paradise will begin. When Bartosz makes a joke about this idea, Hanno realizes that "Adam was right" and that his father has lost faith. Bartosz realizes then that the reason that Adam sent the two of them together that day was so that his son could kill him. Knowing that this would come one day, Bartosz sits down to meet his fate. He tells his son he hopes the day will come when he does not believe everything that Adam says. He tells him to ask Adam why he took him in and why he called him Noah.

Later that day, the older Noah meets Adam in the Sic Mundus lodge. Adam is musing about the "futility of existence" and the "endless cycle of life and death". He ponders what the origin is of all the suffering they have endured within the loop. He asks Noah if he "told Bartosz" (to meet him at the cave that night), to which Noah nods yes. Adam reflects on how Bartosz was always "naïve by nature". Adam instructs Noah again to find the missing pages of the book and reminds him that the apocalypse is coming in six days. Franziska arrives and tells Adam that he has people waiting for him.[1]

June 23[]

In the night Noah returns from 1954 having just killed Claudia. When Adam asks him if Claudia had the pages on her, Noah shakes his head. Adam likely catches the lie, but he says nothing about it. He says only that Claudia got what she deserved and that in the end everyone gets what they deserve.[2]

June 24[]

Adam meets his younger self, who has just arrived from 2053. He explains that his scars are from excessive traveling. He asks if they should begin. Jonas refutes him, demanding that he wants the end. Adam assures him all of their ends will come soon enough. When Jonas asks who he is, Adam opens up his collar to expose his scarred neck and says, "I am you."[3]

June 25[]

Adam is there in the room when Jonas wakes up the next morning. Jonas tells him he wants to find a way home. Adam says only to get dressed.

Out in the main area, Jonas asks why he is there. Adam recounts that a person lives three lives and that each is lost with the loss of something else: the first with naïveté, the second with innocence, and the third with the loss of life itself. He says that it is inevitable that people go through them all. Jonas will turn into his older self, the one who will travel to 1888; and that self will turn into Adam. The young Jonas becomes impatient at this.

They sit down and continue their talk. Adam says he has searched for sixty-six years to find a loophole, a way to escape the hell of the knot. Jonas asks if this whole operation is some sort of religion. Adam assures him that they are the exact opposite of that: They have declared war on God, or time. They will create a new world without such a deity. Adam's bitterness with time is clear throughout the conversation.

Adam laments how their father was just a small part of an infinitely larger knot from which they cannot escape. Jonas says that if everything is locked within that loop, then they have had this conversation before. Adam muses about his own thoughts when he sat across from his own older self. He refused to believe that the moment could ever repeat, that he could ever say the same words as that person, because he could not believe how he could want what he wanted. But now he understands. "Some pain you never forget."

At last Adam says that there is a way out of this knot. When Jonas asks why they have not changed anything yet, Adam shows him over to a wall of blueprints. They are for an assortment of time machines. "Every development builds on the previous one." There was the passage in the bunker, then the chair, then the portable time travel device, and then the God particle in the future. This, however, is not the end of the chain. His suggestion is that the reason why he and his group have not tried anything is because they did not have the technology that is now in place for Jonas.

Adam shows Jonas to another room, where a giant mass of matter shifts and mutates. It is the twin of the one in the future, which Jonas used to travel to 1921. While that one was created during the apocalypse, this one was produced by Sic Mundus. Adam states that this machine has the unique feature that it breaks the thirty-three-year limitation of the previous apparatuses: It can take you to any date. He asks where they might go if they wanted to stop it all. Jonas suggests June 20, 2019, the day before their father committed suicide. Adam agrees: If he can stop his father from killing himself, then everything that follows will not happen; everyone else, including Martha, will live and they will not be born. Jonas dons protective equipment and steps into the particle which Adam has calibrated for the correct date.[4]

Shortly after Magnus and Franziska enter the room. Magnus tells Adam that he could have told Jonas the truth, what path his younger self's path truly was. Adam simply responds that the last cycle will be starting soon and leaves. Franziska reminds Magnus that they all have to make sacrifices.[4]

June 27[]

Adam sends the young Noah through the machine to 2020 to give his younger self a letter from the alternate Martha Nielsen.

He spends much of the day watching the clock. As he is passing the time observing his painting, Noah confronts him. Noah reveals that he knows that Adam lied to him, that it was never his intention to save everyone from the apocalypse. Noah accuses Adam of waging war against humanity rather than God. He brandishes the pages Claudia did in fact have on her and throws them to the floor. He draws a gun and attempts to shoot Adam. The gun appears to jam. Adam is unfazed: He knows it is not his time to die, because he has an even older self who exists. He walks over to his family tree wall and removes Elisabeth's photograph to show to Noah. He says that they all must be ready to sacrifice what they hold dearest and confirms that he indeed knew the truth the whole time: Charlotte is both Elisabeth's daughter and her mother. He chides Noah, that no one is pure enough for a place in his version of paradise.

Magnus, Franziska, and Noah's sister Agnes, who has defected back to Adam's side, enter the room and Noah realizes that he is cornered. Adam says that the only way to undo the knot is to destroy it entirely. Agnes takes the gun from Noah's hand and flips off the safety. Adam gives the assent to Agnes and Agnes shoots her brother dead.

Adam dons protective equipment and sends himself to the year 2020, with Franziska operating the controls of the machine.[5]


June 27[]

Adam steps into the Kahnwald residence just as his younger self and Martha are reuniting and kissing. He announces that so the circle is closed. At Martha's question, Adam encourages Jonas to tell her who he is. Jonas snaps that Adam lied to him, that he wants everything to happen again, and accuses him of being "the trigger". Adam says that they are all the trigger of what happens. He explains that he wants everything to happen again because what is created through the apocalypse, the dark matter, he will lead to its ultimate purpose: the end of the world. He admits he is the trigger, but not of what Jonas thinks: He draws a gun and shoots Martha in the stomach.

As Martha lies dying on the floor, Adam predicts that Jonas will carry this pain for the rest of his life. He walks over to the calendar and circles the present date. As he leaves the house, he offers his younger self some advice: In thirty-three years when he has returned to this day, he can choose either to stop him or to save Martha. He assures him he will know what to do.[5]

Shortly after Adam leaves, as the apocalypse begins to engulf the town, the alternate Martha Nielsen enters the house, having been sent by Adam. She saves Jonas from the apocalypse by bringing him over to her world.[6]


Sic Mundus remains in power after the apocalypse, living in the caves[7] and operating out of a new base within the old nuclear power plant.[8] Adam continues placing his pawns into their respective positions to ensure that the cycle perpetuates before him. For some indeterminate amount of time, he has been working with the alternate Martha Nielsen, whom his people will save from the apocalypse in her world at some point in the future. He promises her that they will change everything so that the apocalypse does not happen.[9]

September 23[]

Martha returns to 2053 from 1888, where she met Adam's younger self. He asks her if she gave Jonas the matter that he would use to fuel his time machine, and she confirms it. He muses how he was always too gullible and assures her that she did the right thing.[8]

September 24[]

Adam assures Agnes that she chose the right side. He gives her a newspaper article from 1954 that describes Claudia's death and instructs her to give it to Claudia when the time is right. When she asks him if he will tell Martha what the origin really is, he says nothing. Later, he sends her through the God particle.

In the night Adam takes Martha to his bedroom in his old house, the same room where Martha sleeps in her world. He tells her that it is here that everything began, but in her world. He reveals that her older self lied to her and the Jonas that traveled to her world: She sent them back to 2019 from 2052 for the sole purpose that they would have sex and conceived the the origin, the child that would grow up to give life to the family trees of both worlds and thus uphold the knot. Martha carries the origin inside her, or so Adam believes.[10]

September 25[]

Adam sends Elisabeth and her mother Charlotte to 2041 to kidnap Charlotte as a baby and deliver her to H.G. Tannhaus in 1971.[11]

September 26[]

Adam has Silja lock up Martha. He reveals to her that his true vision of paradise is unending darkness where nothing exists. To accomplish this, however, the apocalypses of both worlds must continue to happen, the exact opposite of what he originally promised her.

He later sends Franziska and Magnus to the alternate world to pick up the slightly younger Martha as she tries to prevent the apocalypse in her world.

Adam has Martha strapped down to a set of steps beneath the God particle. He explains his belief that, in destroying the origin, he and both their worlds will cease to exist.[9] However, after killing Martha, and thus her unborn child, with the dark matter and concentrated power of two apocalypses, he becomes confused when he sees he is still alive. At that moment, a living Claudia emerges, much to Adam's shock.[12]

Claudia reveals that she has found the loophole for which he has been searching: the apocalypse itself. In the instant of the apocalypse, time stands still, and the chain of cause and effect break down. Eva has been using this to send her younger self in one direction (into Adam's hands, for example) or another and thus preserve the knot. She also has discovered the true origin, which is in fact H.G. Tannhaus's invention in the "original world" that accidentally destroyed his own world and caused the parallel worlds to exist. Tannhaus built the machine in an attempt to save his family from the accident that killed them. Claudia tells Adam that to truly stop the loop for good, he and Martha must prevent the accident from ever happening. She gives him her golden time travel sphere and has him travel to the day of the apocalypse.[13]

2020 (overlapping reality)[]

June 27[]

Adam travels back to the day of the apocalypse and returns to the Kahnwald residence. He arrives just after he previously shot Martha and sweeps Jonas off with him to the parallel 2019, saving him from the apocalypse and creating an overlapping reality which he has never experienced.[13]

2019 (Eva's world) (overlapping reality)[]

November 8[]

Adam tells Jonas everything Claudia told him and instructs him to retrieve Martha before Franziska and Magnus take her to their world. After sending Jonas off, Adam leaves to confront Eva.

Eva is unsurprised at Adam's arrival, convinced that he has changed nothing. She predicts that he is here to kill her, because she remembers that, when she was younger, she found her body, and this committed her to opposing Adam. However, when Eva pulls the trigger of Adam's gun, she becomes confused to find his gun empty, shocked to realize that this has never happened before. Adam informs her of what is occurring with their younger selves. He comforts her, convincing her that it is for the best, and that they are indeed a perfect match.

The two remain together until Jonas and Martha successfully prevent the parallel worlds from existing, causing Adam and Eva to hold hands together as they cease to exist.[13]


First dimensional travel.

Out of nowhere, another Martha appears behind him, much to his immediate shock. She confirms that she's not the same person. Jonas begs for an explanation, but she doesn't have time. She takes out her Clockwork orb, and it starts blazing a golden light. He asks what time she came from, but she replies "The question isn't from what time, but from what world". By the time the spherical wormhole crashed through the house, the two disappeared in a flash.

2019 (alternate world)[]

November 4[]


Jonas was beyond confused to find himself in another world.

Martha from the other world and Jonas are taken to the caves. Jonas demands to know who the mysterious Martha is, and she tells him it's the day everything started - when they met each other. Jonas is confused, but Martha tells him that on that day, their worlds formed a knot that is inextricably intertwined. She places an orb on the ground again, and tells Jonas she will make everything right before leaving.

Jonas emerges from the caves and looks around, visibly confused. He walks to his home, and looks confused as he sees a Nielsen family picture, with Ulrich cut out. He walks into Martha's room and sees a picture of her with Kilian and Bartosz.

Bartosz explains to his classroom how black holes form, but is interrupted when Jonas walks into the classroom. The professor asks who he is, and he introduces himself, but the professor is confused because he had not been informed of any new students. Jonas makes up an excuse and manages to sit behind Martha, as Bartosz continues with his explanation. Jonas stares at Martha, who looks back at him.

When the school bell rings, Jonas walks up to Martha, who asks him what he wants. Jonas tells her he had not told him why she had brought him to this world. Martha is confused and asks him who he is. Jonas asks if that is a real question, when Kilian walks in and asks Martha to go with him. The professor asks him if he is okay, and Jonas asks him for the date, learning it was November 4, 2019. He walks out and sees Hannah in the hallway, who doesn't pay much attention to him until he calls her "mom." Hannah is confused, but Jonas is unable to say anything else, so she leaves.

Martha is rehearsing for the school play. Jonas walks in and sees Kilian kiss Martha on the neck playfully. As Kilian leaves, he tells Martha to meet him at nine o'clock later that evening. Jonas walks up to her again, and she tells him to go away. Jonas desperately grabs her to try to tell her Mikkel will disappear, but she is confused, so he uses the name Michael Kahnwald, which she says does not sound familiar to her, and finds it ridiculous when he mentions Hannah's husband. She tells him to stay away from her once again, and leaves.

Jonas walks to the graveyard, and sees Regina Tiedemann's grave. A man sees him and asks him if he can help him with something. Jonas asks him if Michael Kahnwald was buried there, but the priest says that the Kahnwald who was buried was Daniel. Jonas realizes that the reason he might be in the world is to prevent everything from happening. The priest says he had a feeling he had seen Jonas before, but Jonas leaves.

Martha goes to the bridge on her bicycle, and is taken aback when Jonas shows up. Jonas tells her he does not want to harm her, and tells her they know each other in another time. Martha asks him what he is saying, and Jonas tells her she has seen this before - the light, trees, and him. She is having deja-vu, or a "glitch in the matrix". Jonas thinks he knows why he is there: so he can change everything. Magnus arrives, and is taken aback when Jonas asks about Mikkel. Kilian is annoyed at Jonas' presence, and Magnus demands to know how Jonas knows his brother.

Jonas is confused that Mikkel isn't there, and recalls Mikkel had joined them in his world when he did not want to be left home alone. Magnus is confused and mentions Mikkel is old enough to look after himself, and tells him to get lost. Jonas walks to the Nielsen's, but finds no lights turned on. He walks into the house and walks into Mikkel's room and finds him asleep.

Jonas walks away from the Nielsen's house, and finds a woman who tells him she had waited for him to come back for a long time. She tells him Mikkel did not travel back, would not become his father, and he would never be born. She then asks him if that was not what he wanted. After pausing, she mentions that this world was also damned like his, leaving everything to fall apart in an endless cycle, all thanks to him and her as well. Jonas realizes the elderly woman is Martha.

November 5[]

Old, alternate reality Martha tells Jonas nobody knows their end, but their end knows them, and that they cannot escape their ultimate destiny. The choices made in each world may be different, but they converge on the same moment even if they do not occur in the same way or at the same time. She reminds Jonas that even if he thought the world would be better off without him, everybody was going to die: Mikkel, and everyone else. She tells him that the apocalypse in her world would occur in three days.

Old Martha tells Jonas that their mistake is thinking that everybody thinks they are independent. Jonas asks what the alternate world is, and wonders if it is a copy of his world. Martha asks if he remembers what he told her under the bridge: the light the woods, and themselves. Jonas concludes by saying that it is a "glitch in the matrix", and once again asks why he is there. Martha tells him that they both are Adam and Eva; both glitches in the matrix. The reason he is there, is to save everyone.

Eva shows Jonas necklace

Eva explained to Jonas that he alone could choose if he wanted to save his Martha.

Eva asks Jonas if he ever wondered why he could never let go of Martha even if he knew they could never be together. There was an invisible ribbon between the between the both of them which Adam tried to sever to no avail. She shows him the necklace he gave her, and Jonas pulls out his. Eva reminds him they are always bound and stuck in the same deja-vu. When Jonas asks what she really wants and demands to know why he is really there, Eva tells him that he has already seen what he is going to do as Adam. If he wants to save Martha, he has to choose the side of light and become what she has. Jonas is annoyed at his involvement in everything, however and tells her he does not have to do anything. Eva is unfazed and tells him to consider what he wants, and asks him if he wants his Martha to live.

Eva tells Jonas that everything repeats itself because nobody wants to let go. She tells him that it took her a long time to understand that he would always choose his own Martha. And just as he could not let go of her past, she could not let it go either. She reminds him that he had chosen the path Adam had told him and asks him where it led him. Then she tells him to tell her younger self how everything is intertwined, and that she needs to see her future so she understands what she needs to do. She hands Jonas a flashlight before he exits the room.

Martha walks through the woods when she is approached by Jonas. Asking what he wants, Jonas tells her that he has always known her. He remembers when Magnus knocked her tooth out in kindergarten, when Mikkel put spiders in her shoes, and on the class trip in the third grade, he was there. He says that where he comes from, their pasts are nearly identical. Martha concludes that he is insane, but Jonas grabs her and tells her that he knew that she saw herself in the woods the past day, as Eva had told him that she had. Martha is confused, and Jonas acknowledges that it sounds crazy because he thought the same for some time. Martha asks who he really is, and Jonas simply responds that he can show her how everything is connected.

Jonas leads Martha through the woods, and turns his flashlight on. Martha looks back, but decides to follow him into the cave. He leads Martha through a tunnel Jonas opens the door in the cave as Martha follows.

2052 (alternate world)[]

November 6[]

Jana welcomes Jonas and Martha to the future

When Jonas and Martha made it to the future, they were welcomed by Martha's older self.

Jonas and Martha exit the cave only to find out it was daytime. When they had entered, it was night. There were also no trees, and they appeared to be in a desert. Martha is in shock and asks what he did to which Jonas replies that he was told to bring her there because she would explain it to her. Martha asks who only to see an older version of Martha walking towards her, and welcoming her to the future.

Middle aged Martha tells her younger self and Jonas that they can stop the apocalypse which is triggered by barrels at the nuclear plant, which they need to stop from being opened. However, Jonas asks her what they can do, since Eva had said there was a way to undo the knot so that his Martha could live. Middle aged Martha warns him that he was lied to because there is no way to save both worlds, forcing him to choose one of the two. She tells him that Mikkel could live, which is what she had wanted, but would have to let go of his Martha. Young alternate reality Martha is convinced that they both have gone crazy, and says that she is going to go home, and wake up to realize this was all a dream. Middle aged Martha tells Jonas before he leaves that this is the world he wanted, and could make it work between the both of them if he wanted.

Jonas chases Martha who is running, but stops when she trips. Martha asks him if he believes that everybody is doomed. She figures she is going insane, but Jonas comforts her by saying he knows exactly how everything feels like, and assures Martha he knows that there is a way to make everything work, and figures that the Martha who brought him there thought that too. Jonas and Martha return to the cave.

2019 (alternate world)[]

November 6[]

Martha and Jonas arrive at the former's home. Martha remembers that at school when Jonas had arrived she had a feeling they knew each other from a dream. Jonas apologizes for everything, and Martha asks what she was like in his world, wondering if she was any different. Jonas touches her face, while she touched his and they kiss before they start having sex.

November 7[]

Jonas wakes up from an illusion where his Martha was laying next to him. Startled, he wakes to see the alternate Martha next to him. They get dressed in silence, until Jonas hands her her coat and and says they need to go.

Jonas breaks into the nuclear plant in order to get the containers. When asked by Martha what they had inside, he said he did not know, but there had been an accident in 1986 and what had remained is what makes it possible to travel through time. They crawl under a fence to get inside, and Martha gives herself a small cut on her face, which leaves Jonas in shock because the Martha that had taken him to this world had that very same scratch. Jonas asks why Eva had lied, and wondered if what Eva wanted was for them to stop the apocalypse in this world only. Perhaps they were the ones who triggered the apocalypse. Jonas feels manipulated because no matter what he does, things only get worse. He mentions he needs to find Eva to know what the truth is and leaves, only to be followed by Martha.

Jonas and Martha approach the cave, and Martha asks if maybe it was true that only one world can prevail. Jonas freezes, and Martha tells him all he wants is to go back to his world. Sad, Jonas mentions he did not want any of what was happening, asking her to believe him. However, Martha asks if he did not want what had happened between the both of them the past night. Jonas says that staying there was wrong because he did not belong. Martha kisses him, and asks him if that was wrong only to leave furiously as he did not respond. Jonas follows her into the cave.

Jonas and Martha make it to Eva's study only to find a giant family tree on the ground. When Martha asks what that place is, Jonas tells her it is what she will become. Eva walks inside and announces that everything begins again. Jonas asked why she had lied and wondered if it was even possible to save one world. Jonas demands she take him back to his world, and Eva understands his feeling, but tells him it is impossible. Jonas asks what she was saying, and Eva proceeds to say humans live three lives: the first one ending with the loss of naiveté, the second with the loss of innocence, and the third with the loss of life itself. She tells him that his life ends right then and there because he had accomplished what he had been sent to that world to do. Middle aged Martha enters the room as she says this, and young Martha points out they have not accomplished anything. However, middle aged Martha interrupts her by saying that she will understand everything when it is time for her to do so.

Another young version of Martha with a large, fresh scar walks in. Looking at her, present Martha asks her who she is. The other Martha, however, only apologizes and shoots Jonas, which causes him to fall. Present Martha starts crying and tries to pressure the wound. Jonas holds her face to comfort her, and hands her his necklace. Martha promises to make everything right before Jonas closes his eyes and dies.

Adam walks in, startling Jonas, who asks what he is doing there since he had already killed Martha. Adam tells Jonas he will tell him everything, but they needed to get out of there. He places an orb on the ground, which he tells Jonas is their last hope.

November 8, 2019 (alternate world)[]

Jonas is confused when they travel, and Adam explains that they are not in a different time, but a different world. He tells Jonas that there is a way for him to avoid becoming Adam, but for it to work, he needed Jonas' trust.

They both leave the cave, and Adam tells Jonas he does not have much time left. He instructs his younger self to save the younger Martha, since it was not only him who had to change everything, but he now knew that Martha had to do it as well because they are two parts of the same whole. He tells him that they need to go to the Origin World, and they know only a fraction of what they need to know. They run into old, Eva's World Helge, who is being followed by Ulrich. Adam tells Jonas that it is the day of the apocalypse in Eva's World meaning time would stand still for a moment, and tells him to get Martha before Magnus and Franziska do. Adam hands Jonas the orb and tells him he is their last hope.

Bartosz and Martha race on the former's bike to the power plant as Jonas runs through the woods. He gets behind a tree as he sees Magnus and Franziska intercept Bartosz, turning on Adam's orb. He runs through the woods and is able to get to Martha as soon as he is teleported, taking her with him.

June 21, 1986 (time travel)[]

Martha is confused, and is surprised Jonas is alive. Jonas tells her she looks exactly like the version of Martha he had just seen killed, leaving Martha to realize he has no idea who she is. She asks Jonas what time they are in, and Jonas tells her they are in June 21, 1986 in the Origin World: the day both their worlds were created.

Martha and Jonas walk to the cave, where Jonas explains they were going to bring someone back from the dead. Jonas tried to explain quickly, but Martha pulled him and asked him what they were going to do. Jonas explains that they were the reason everything happened because they could not let go of what they wanted. However, they were the glitch in the matrix, and never existed.

Jonas and Martha go through the caves, and reach a dead end due to the passage not being opened yet. Jonas explains that that was the first time one had ever been opened, and tells Martha what happened to Tannhaus and how he split his world, creating a knot in which they were created. He asks Martha how the Jonas in her world was, but does not receive an answer. Tannhaus in the meantime was turning on his machine, which starts forming the passage for Jonas and Martha.

Jonas opens his eyes and finds himself in a sort of limbo. He calls for Martha, but gets no reply. Martha is also in this limbo, and also calls out to no avail. Jonas hears laughter, and sees a small girl open her closet through a little square that opens. Katharina reveals the child is Martha, who looks directly at Jonas and points out he looks sad. However, Katharina is not able to see Jonas. When Martha turns around, she sees a young Jonas, who is joined by Michael, who also asks him if he is alright. Jonas points directly at Martha, which Michael does not understand because he does not see Martha. The square closes, and the teenagers are left alone again. They both start walking backwards until they run into each other at an intersection. Jonas starts the orb, and they walk forward.

November 8, 1971 (Origin world)[]

Martha and Jonas appear directly on the road they were driving on, and Marek swerves the car to a stop. Asking Sonja if she was okay, he got down to yell at Jonas and Martha, asking them if they were insane, as he had almost run them over. After they do not respond, he asks them if they are all right, or if they need help. Jonas responds that the bridge is closed because there had been an accident. Marek is unamused and tells them to go home, but turns around when Jonas tells him that what they know is a drop, and what they do not know is an ocean. Martha tells Marek his father loves him and would do anything for him. Marek asks Jonas what he had said, but he does not respond. Sonja gets down from her car, asking if the children were okay and Marek simply responds the bridge was not open. They go back to their car, where Sonja asks what had happened. Marek tells her they will leave the next day, and so they leave.

Martha is not sure if what they had done had worked, and Jonas tells her he saw her in the light as a child. He explains she looked at him through her closet. Martha is in shock to learn Jonas is who she had seen, and tells him it was not a dream. She wonders if any part of them will remain or if they were just a dream that never really existed. Jonas does not know the answer, and as they look at each other, light starts coming off them. Jonas tells Martha they are perfect for each other, and to not believe anything else as he holds out his hand for her. The two hold hands as they begin to vanish. In Eva's study, the same begins happening to Adam and Eva. Middle aged Jonas looks at the necklace he gave Martha as he, too, begins to vanish.


Jonas has an introverted, quiet personality type. He seems to spend a lot of time alone, lying on his bed or the floor of his father's studio. He looks for clues about his father and why he might have killed himself. He develops PTSD following his death, which seems to happen without warning or explanation. While he did leave a note addressed to him, explaining why, this seems to have been taken by Ines and she opens it as directed on November 4 at 10.13 pm. His mother shows minimal interest in him, wanting only to be with Ulrich, his biological grandfather, which Jonas is aware of. He is curious about the concept of time travel seen in his future self (the stranger) and realized that he must destroy wormholes in order for everything to go back to normal. In the future he is much the same but more jaded and cynical unaware he is creating the wormhole.

Mental Health[]

Jonas has hallucinations and dreams of his father Michael/Mikkel which are a manifestation of his PTSD during high anxiety for which he is taking medication, Amitriptyline, prescribed by Peter Doppler. Examples of this are the following. In E1 Secrets, Jonas hears someone call his name and sees Michael covered in black substance just after Mikkel goes missing in the forest near the cave. In S1:E2 Lies the next morning Jonas dreams of black substance oozing from his ear and when he looks in the mirror sees Michael covered in black substance again just prior to waking up. In Dark Season 1 Episode 10: "Alpha and Omega"Jonas dreams he is awoken by a hand on his shoulder and when he turns over in bed he sees Mikkel lying next to him, after he really wakes up he throws away his medication. Finally after Jonas/The Stranger activates the apparatus in the cave and sits down he turns to see Michael also sitting near him covered in a black substance. The black substance could be oil- based black paint since Michael was a painter and several of his paintings were exclusively in black.






Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

  • Episode 1 "Deja-vu" (2019; Eva's World, Young, Timeline B)
  • Episode 2 "The Survivors" (2019; Eva's World, Young, Timeline B, 1888; Adult)
  • Episode 3 "Adam and Eva" (2019; Eva's World, Young, Timeline B, 1888; Adult, 2053; Old)
  • Episode 4 "The Origin" (2052; Eva's World, Young, Timeline B, 2053; Old)
  • Episode 5 "Life and Death" (2019, Eva's World, Young, Timeline B, 2053; Old)
  • Episode 6 "Light and Shadow" (2020; Young, 1888; Adult, 2053; Old)
  • Episode 7 "Between the Time" (2020, 2023, 1986, 2019; Young, 2040, 2041, 2052, 2019, 1986, 2020, 1890; Adult, 1911, 1920, 1921, 2020, 2053; Old)
  • Episode 8 "The Paradise" (2053, 2020, 2019, Eva's World, 2052, Eva's World (Timeline C); Old, 1888; Adult, 2020, 2019, Eva's World (Timeline C), 1986, 1971, Origin World (Timeline C); Young)


  • He is the character that the story centers around the most.
  • Jonas is the only character who appears in all episodes of the second and third seasons.
  • Jonas is considered a paradox, since his father is someone that was born years after him. He also is his own descendant. However, he isn't as anomalous as Charlotte and Elisabeth Doppler, who gave birth to each other.
  • When taking milk out of the fridge, he has a habit of smelling it before drinking it to make sure it hasn't gone bad.[14][3]


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