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For the version from Eva's World, see Jana Nielsen
For the version from the Origin World, see Jana Nielsen

Jana Nielsen is the wife of Tronte Nielsen and the mother of Ulrich and Mads Nielsen.


Jana Nielsen could never return to normal after the disappearance of her son Mads. She always held to the belief that Mads could still be living, much to the neglect of her son Ulrich. She can appear to be mentally confused and in the forest regularly sees strange beings.



November 10[]

As Ulrich enters H.G. Tannhaus' shop, he sees his mother, Jana, as a child. She's with a young Ines Kahnwald and they talk about the dead bodies found at the construction site.


September 24[]

Jana and Claudia talk about Tronte and his mother Agnes Nielsen's disappearance. Jana walks through the woods and sees Tronte sitting in front of a lake. She sits next to him and notices the bracelet he is holding. She asks him why he is there and not at school, Tronte says he likes it there because it is desolate. He tells her he likes to write and that she has a nice smile. Jana asks Tronte if he has any idea where his mother is and if the man he saw in the woods could be his father. Tronte says that his mother had never talked about him much and had told him he was a bad person. He mentions he was in a home for a while and shows Jana his arms with cigarette burns. He tells Jana he does not care if that man is his father and is glad his mother has gone. He offers Jana the bracelet he was given. Claudia arrives and asks Jana what she is doing there, and tells Tronte dinner will be ready soon. They walk away hand in hand, Tronte telling Jana he could see her tomorrow. In the music sequence, Jana is seeing laying on her bed with the bracelet.


November 5[]

Mikkel Nielsen, a time traveler from 2019, and her future grandson, entered her house and said Mom, she thought for a few seconds that he was Mads. Later that day, she talks with Egon Tiedemann when he is in Ulrich's room.



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