Historic recurrence is the repetition of similar events in history. It is a recurring theme in Dark, where events seemingly repeat themselves between the years of the time loop. Characters often mention history repeating itself and experience déjà vu.

Occurrences Edit

Event 1953 1986 2019
Children going missing (Helge Doppler, returns) (Mads Nielsen) (Erik Obendorf, Mikkel Nielsen, Yasin Friese)
Men missing during children's disappearance (Tronte Nielson) (Peter Doppler)
Dying animals (Birds) (Sheep and birds) (Birds)
Flickering lights
Sex in the school (Katharina and Ulrich) (Franziska and Magnus)
Hannah trying to ruin Ulrich
✔ Leaving him at prison Edit
Accusing him of rape Asking Aleksander to do so
A Nielsen having an affair Doris Tiedemann with Agnes Nielsen Claudia Tiedemann with Tronte Nielsen Hanna Kanhwald with Ulrich Nielsen
Ulrich being imprisoned by Egon (Accused of murder) (Accused of rape)
✔ 2019-Old Ulrich is taken back to the mental institution after trying to escape with Mikkel Edit
Regina being targeted by Katharina (In a field) (In the school)
Helge almost being killed (Hit with a rock) (In a car crash) (Actually died in a car crash)

Mentions Edit

  • Jana Nielsen compared Erik Obendorf's disappearance to Mads's disappearance in 1986 and said everything was repeating itself.
  • Helge Doppler repeats the phrase "It's going to happen again" to himself.
  • Martha experiences déjà vu in the forest. Jonas says if the world is a simulation, déjà vu is a glitch in the matrix and Martha says it could be a message from the other side.
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