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Hermann Albers was a farmer in Winden and Katharina Nielsen's father.



November 5[]

In the morning Hermann finds 33 of his sheep dead when he goes to feed them. Chief Inspector Egon Tiedemann, who comes to investigate, asks if it could be wolves or poison but Hermann does not think so: There were no bite marks and they were fine the previous day.

"Be on your guard! Be alert! You don't know when that time will come."
―Hermann to Egon Tiedemann[[Past and Present|[src]]]

Hermann says that things like the missing boy and now the killing of the sheep never used to happen in Winden. He then quotes a Bible verse (Mark, 13:33) about signs of the end times. Egon replies telling Hermann he didn't know he was a churchgoer. Hermann says the parish has a new priest, a good man.

Egon has Dr. Schaller, a veterinarian, perform an autopsy on one of the sheep. Schaller discovers that they died of sudden cardiac arrest due to a herd panic, and both of the sheep's eardrums are ruptured.


September 22[]

Hermann attends Mads Nielsen's symbolic funeral and tells Jana Nielsen that this was the right thing to do to get closure. Jana then tells everyone about Tronte Nielsen's affair with Claudia Tiedemann.