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This article is about the Helge from Eva's world. For the Helge from Adam's world, see Helge Doppler.

Helge Doppler is the son of Bernd and Greta Doppler and the father of Peter Doppler. In 1986, he was a henchman to Hanno Tauber and helped kidnap and (unintentionally) kill children, including Mads Nielsen. By 2019, he is living with his son and daughter-in-law, Charlotte Doppler, and their family.



Helge was born in 1944 to Greta Doppler. As was true of his counterpart in Adam's world, Helge's biological father was not Bernd Doppler but rather a man named Anatol Veliev.[3] The circumstances surrounding Helge's conception, that he was ultimately born "not out of love" as his mother's counterpart in Adam's world once says,[4] can be presumed to be the same.

At some point he engaged in a relationship with a woman named Ulla Schmidt. Little is known of this relationship in either world, but it produced a son, Peter. Peter comes to live with Helge in 1987 following his mother's death[5] (and Helge's bludgeoning at the Doppler cabin).


November 4[]

An elderly Helge Doppler with his left eye destroyed mutters "It will happen again" repeatedly, while holding a coin, as his son Peter looks at him. Peter's wife Charlotte walks in, and Peter tells her he has not said anything all morning. He asks Charlotte how the doctor's appointment had been, and she says it was the usual, and leaves. Helge begins saying "tick tock" in lieu of full speech, visibly agitated.

Elisabeth scared of Helge

Elisabeth is terrified when her grandfather grabs her arm and keeps repeating the phrase, "It will happen again."

Helge's granddaughter Elisabeth returns home from school. She calls out for her parents but receives no response. Worried, she asks her grandfather if he is all right, and he suddenly grabs her and tells her the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.[6]

November 5[]

Helge gets up and walks to the police station, in order to confess to the murder of Mads Nielsen. When Peter gets to the police station, he asks Helge why he was confessing because it makes no sense to him. He recounts that Helge never left the house, but Helge reiterates that he killed the child. Peter begs him to stop, but Charlotte points out that all the things they found on the child were from 1986 on Mads Nielsen. Helge simply repeats that he killed the child as Ulrich Nielsen, the chief of police and brother of Mads, arrives at the police station. Shaken, he grabs Helge and asks him what he did to Mads before Helge simply recognizes Ulrich is alive, and realizes that it was him while holding up the necklace with the coin. Ulrich asks what he is saying, while Helge repeats that it was him, referring to the man who destroyed his eye. He is later placed in a jail cell.[3]

November 8[]

Helge is in his cell when he is visited by Ulrich, which scares him. Ulrich grabs him and asks how it is possible he murdered Mads and a boy showed up that looks just like him. Helge says he was forced to send the boy to the future by a woman to fill the gaps. Ulrich puts Helge down, and asks him about the pennies, to which Helge only responds he must stop a man. Ulrich grabs him and asks who it is he needs to stop and is surprised to hear it is him who needs to be stopped. Ulrich tells Helge he can leave, and so the latter does.[7]

1986 (time travel)[]

Helge goes to the cave, where he travels to the year 1986 in anticipation of an attack on his younger self. He hides until he sees Ulrich bash his younger self's face with a rock at the Doppler cabin. He kills Ulrich in the bunker using a metal rod. After dropping the bar, Claudia Tiedemann, arriving from Adam's world and playing the double agent of both world's Claudias, enters the room, and Helge stares at her.[2]

What happens after this reunion of childhood acquaintances is unknown, but when Jonas Kahnwald and the Martha Nielsen of Helge's world break the loop once and for all, he, along with the two worlds, fade from existence.[2]

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