Helge Doppler was the son of Bernd and Greta Doppler, and the father of Peter Doppler. He worked as a cleaner at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant.

History Edit

Family background Edit

Helge was born in the 1940s and grew up in the palatial Doppler home. His mother Greta was cold and strict with him, and shows him no affection,because he is the product of her being raped, although his father Bernd is more indulgent.

1953 Edit

Helge is a shy, quiet child. He collects dead birds, as his future daughter-in-law Charlotte Doppler will also do as a child. On November 10, while riding past the construction site for the power plant, he sees police activity and the newly discovered bodies of Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese. Arriving home to report this, his mother scolds him and forces him to disrobe in the entrance hall, though his father takes an interest in the story, assuming coal plant operators are attempting to sabotage the project.

Helge meets Ulrich Nielsen, who beats him on the head several times with a rock in a failed attempt to kill him. This incident leaves a scar on his face that will never go away. He wakes up in the bunker and then travels through the wormhole to 1986.

1986 Edit

Helge is working as a cleaner at the nuclear plant and secretly as Noah's henchman. He is responsible for the kidnappings of Mads Nielsen and the other children, done at the behest of Noah; the children are taken to the bunker, where Helge assists Noah with his time travel experiments.

He is questioned by Egon Tiedemann regarding Mads' disappearance. When asked as to why he drove home on the state highway instead of the forest road, Helge begs off the interview, asking to reschedule. He gets involved in a non-fatal accident with his future self, preventing him from arriving for the interview, and leaving that part of Egon's case journal blank.

2019 Edit

Helge is an elderly man living in a nursing home and suffering from dementia. He often runs away from the clinic and tries to warn people about the children's disappearances, but doesn't seem to remember exactly what happened. At one point, he remembers everything and travels to 1986 to stop himself from continuing to kidnap children. The two Helges crash into each other in the street; the 1986 Helge is loaded into an ambulance while the elder Helge is zipped into a body bag.