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This article is about the Helge from Adam's world. For the Helge from Eva's world, see Helge Doppler.

Helge Doppler was the son of Bernd and Greta Doppler and the father of Peter Doppler. He worked as a cleaner at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant and a henchman to Noah.


Family background[]

Helge was born in 1944 to Greta Doppler. Although he would be raised by Greta's husband Bernd Doppler, Helge's biological father was in fact a man named Anatol Veliev.[5] His mother Greta would later describe the circumstances of his conception as that he was born "not out of love".[6] During his childhood she was cold and strict with him and showed him no affection. Bernd was more indulgent and seemingly much more kind toward the boy.[7]

The family grew up in the palatial Doppler home. Helge was tutored by Claudia Tiedemann, two years his senior, the precocious daughter of Egon and Doris Tiedemann.[7]


Helge is a shy, quiet child. He collects dead birds, as his future daughter-in-law Charlotte Doppler will also do as a child. On November 10, while riding past the construction site for the power plant, he sees police activity and the newly discovered bodies of Erik Obendorf and Yasin Friese. Arriving home to report this, his mother scolds him and forces him to disrobe in the entrance hall, though his father takes an interest in the story, assuming coal plant operators are attempting to sabotage the project.

Helge meets Ulrich Nielsen, a time traveler from the year 2019, who beats him on the head several times with a rock in a failed attempt to kill him.[7] This incident leaves a scar on his face that will never go away.

1986 (time travel)[]

Helge wakes up in the bunker and is sent through time via the wormhole to 1986 after touching fingers through it with Jonas Kahnwald.[8]


In the bunker - decorated like a nursery - Noah straps the young Helge into the chair, telling him that having seen what lies ahead for him, God has chosen him. He inserts a vial and pulls a lever, the chair is enveloped in a chamber. He utters "tick, tock."[9]

1954 (time travel)[]

June 23[]

Four days before the apocalypse in 2020, a scarred Helge suddenly walks into the Doppler mansion, otherwise unharmed. His mother Greta is overjoyed and thanks God for returning him. Egon goes to question Helge. Greta informs him that since returning he has not spoken. She allows him to question him but Helge remains silent. She yells at Helge to talk to the inspector.

Greta tells Noah that Helge still hasn't spoken and seems like a shell, which frightens her. Bernd is gone, and she does not know how to handle the situation; she wonders if Helge is possessed by the devil. She calls Helge to come downstairs, and when he sees Noah, he runs to him and embraces him. Noah tells him that "time is always with you… it sees and hears everything you do and say." He tells him to show his mother there is no reason for her to be worried about him. He tells him to read from the Bible, which he does. Greta is relieved to hear him finally speak. Noah tells her to give him time; he is surely choosing his words with great care. Noah tells Helge to keep the Bible and tells Greta that his return is a miracle. Later Helge prays.[9]

June 26[]

When an old Claudia dies, Egon visits the Doppler residence to see if Helge knows who she was. Helge says that while he doesn't know her, he has heard about her, calling her "the White Devil", and while he doesn't reveal his source for this information, he claims that Claudia "wants to kill us all". Egon then points out that Claudia is dead, so she can't hurt anyone any longer, to which the boy responds, "... she hasn’t even started yet."[10]


Helge is working as a cleaner at the nuclear plant and secretly as Noah's henchman. He drives a dark red VW Passat. He is responsible for the kidnappings of Mads Nielsen and the other children, done at the behest of Noah; the children are taken to the bunker, where Helge assists Noah with his time travel experiments.[11]

DARK 1x10 Tbone Car Crash

A car crash

He is questioned by Egon Tiedemann regarding Mads's disappearance. When asked as to why he drove home on the state highway instead of the forest road, Helge begs off the interview, asking to reschedule. He gets involved in a non-fatal accident with his future self, preventing him from arriving for the interview, and leaving that part of Egon's case journal blank.[11]


Claudia visits Helge, asking him why he gave her A Journey Through Time. He replies that he thought she might be the only one who can understand him, saying "time is always with you." Claudia says she does not understand this. Helge tells her that Noah said there is a struggle between good and evil and that the travelers can undo everything. He grabs her tightly by the arm and tells her she must never trust him.[12]



Helge in 1953, 1986, and 2019, as seen on the string wall

Helge is an elderly man living in a nursing home and suffering from dementia. He often runs away from the clinic and tries to warn people about the children's disappearances, but doesn't seem to remember exactly what happened.

At one point, he remembers everything and travels to 1986 to stop himself from continuing to kidnap children.[11]

1986 (time travel)[]

Helge approaches his middle-aged self and attempts to persuade him to stop kidnapping the children, but to no avail. He decides to take matters more into his own hands.

That night, Helge acquires a car by some means and T-bones his middle-aged self at the bus-stop intersection. Rather than killing his younger self, he dies in the process, severely injuring his younger self and ensuring the tragic loop will happen again. Helge is zipped into a body bag after the police arrive.[8]

Original world[]

Helge was restored to existence after Claudia Tiedemann from Adam's world found a way to untie the knot, bringing back to life everyone whose existence wasn't a result of time travel.

Helge was born to Greta Doppler (his biological father being Anatol Veliev) and his life most likely proceeded in a similar way as his counterparts in Adam's and Eva's worlds, except that he did not become Noah's assistant and was not mutilated by Ulrich Nielsen. In the original world, Helge has one son, Peter, and a stepsister, Regina (after Bernd and Claudia get married). It is not known for certain, but Helge is most likely alive in 2019.

Season 1 []

Season 2 []

Season 3 []



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