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Helene Albers (née Wolf) is the the wife of farmer Hermann Albers (who lost 33 sheep) and the mother of Katharina Nielsen. Helene and Katharina seem to live in a small house alone as Hermann is a farmer.



September 24[]

Helene Albers, appears at first to be a member of the Obendorf family but is eventually shown to be actually a patient in the abortion clinic despite her very young appearance. The pregnant girl of 12 says her mother thinks the ones gotten rid of are in hell. Hannah Kahnwald says she doesn't believe in hell and introduces herself as Katharina. Helene thinks Katharina is such a nice name and notices Hannah's St. Christopher pendant. Helene thinks the idea of being carried off on a journey is such a pleasant thought. Helene then goes into the next room with Mrs. Obendorf for her procedure. Before backing out of her own abortion procedure, Hannah leaves the pendant for Helene. [1]


June 22[]

Helene Albers works at the Psychiatric hospital. Egon comes to visit the perpetrator he locked up in 1953 for the murder of two unidentified boys and the kidnapping of Helge Doppler. Helene Albers is working at the front desk and is reluctant to help Egon. She folds her arms across one another, similar to Greta when talking with Egon. When she realizes it is 'The Inspector', a nice guy who has been there for 34 years, he wishes to see in the closed ward she thinks he would be happy to finally have a visitor. [2]

September 22[]

Katharina Nielsen also visits the Psychiatric hospital when she realizes that her husband has been there for more than 3 decades. Katharina encounters her mother Helene Albers working at the front desk, similar to Egon looking for 'The Inspector'. Helene thinks Katharina is familiar somehow but then thinks she is just another prison wife. Katharina is able to convince Helene Albers of letting her see her husband after saying her mother also had a St. Christopher medallion and begging to see him. [3]

Unknown date[]

Katharina follows Helene home through the woods in hopes of getting the key card to free her husband. In the struggle, Helene ends up striking Katharina with a rock several times, unwittingly killing her own daughter. Helene, thought she was fighting a demon of her aborted baby come to torment her since at one point Katharina called her momma. Helene then fills Katharina's backpack with large rocks and drags her into the lake to sink to the bottom (Bartosz's legend about the dead woman in the lake). [4] In the process, the St. Christopher pendant is lost to the sands of the lake shore (for Jonas to find in 2019). [4] When Helene get home she beats young Katharina for having a hickey on her neck. Helene says Katharina is not worthy of the name given to her and that Helene should have made her go away too, referring to her previously aborted baby from 1954. [5]


Future influencing the past, Hannah provided Helene with the name Katharina for her future daughter whom Hannah was good friends with in High School in 1986 & 1987.

In the one act of kindness by Hannah in the whole series, she gives Helene the St. Christopher medallion. Even still, Hannah would have possibly seen Helene, as Katharina's mother, wearing this medallion in the 1980s, so perhaps Hannah knew she should give it to her. Hannah seemed to recognize it when Egon gave it to her. [1]

Production Goofs[]

Why would Helene as a young girl of twelve already have the last name of Albers prior to marrying Hermann Albers? According to Female Stranger's family tree in the bunker, she was born Helene Wolf.

Helene says she wasn't even born when 'The Inspector' was put into the Psychiatric hospital after he was arrested by Egon in 1953. But she was born in 1942. [6]


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