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Heinrich Tannhaus is the husband of Charlotte Tannhaus and the father of Gustav Tannhaus.


Sometime after 1813, when Charlotte died, Heinrich Tannhaus was encumbered with grief. Eventually, he became obsessed with bringing her back. Moreover, Heinrich established “Sic Mundus”, a secret society to overcome the laws of time and space and create a paradise on earth. In spite of all his life’s work, Heinrich failed to resurrect his wife, Charlotte.

After his wife's death, during a carriage ride to her favorite play Ariadne his young blind son Gustav asks "Why do we die?" Heinrich replies:

"The dead are never truly dead. Maybe they're not here, now. But everything that once lived lives on forever in the eternity of time."
―Henrich Tannhaus

Heinrich passed on five things, from he and wife Charlotte, to their son Gustav. His life's dedication to Sic Mundus, which Gustav also picked up. His triquetra ring and Sic Mundus cane. Her love of the play Ariadne and the pocket watch he originally had made for her with the family crest engraved on the outside and 'For Charlotte' engraved on the inside cover. [1]


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