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Hannah Nielsen (née Krüger) is the second wife of Ulrich Nielsen, by whom she is pregnant in 2019. She is a clever woman, driven by pain and vengeance, and doesn't shy away from conspiracies.



November 4[]

Ulrich walks into Hannah's room and awakes her. Hannah tells him she had trouble sleeping. Ulrich tells her he took a while to make it home because the baker's was full and joked the apocalypse was nearing them. Hannah asks him to stay, but he has to leave. He tells her they would see each other that evening, and Hannah stands up, revealing she was pregnant. She tells him she loves him, and Ulrich tells her she is beautiful.

Hannah walks into the high school, and walks right into Katharina, who tries to ignore her. Hannah says she wanted to see her, and tells her she knows that she and the kids were a part of him and that she would back off. Katharina sarcastically thanks her, and tells her that Ulrich wanted to bring something over, when Hannah asks if Ulrich had been to her house earlier that morning.

Jonas walks out and sees Hannah in the hallway, who doesn't pay much attention to him until he calls her "mom." Hannah is confused, but Jonas is unable to say anything else, so she leaves. Hannah gets home, and looks at Ulrich's jacket in which she had found a hair earlier.

November 5[]

At the police station, Hannah brings sweets and asks Charlotte and Torben if Ulrich was there, as she had been wanting to contact him all morning. Charlotte is confused and told Hannah that she thought Ulrich had gone home. Hannah tells Charlotte she looks very different and asks if she got a haircut, but Charlotte says that she had not. Hannah grows suspicious of Charlotte and hugs her, while smelling her hair before leaving visibly shaken.

Hannah visits Aleksander and says sorry about what happened to Regina. She asks Aleksander how he and Bartosz are doing and tells him she wants to offer him a deal, telling him she has something that was his and wanted to return it. She brings out a bag, and asks him if he remembers it, Seeing Aleksander's worried face, Hannah tells him that the contents of the bag were safe. Aleksander asks if what she wants is money, but she refuses because she wants Charlotte "destroyed" and to lose everything.

November 8[]

On the day of the apocalypse, Hannah suffers a late-term miscarriage. Minutes before Winden is devastated, an elderly Egon Tiedemann rescues her on behalf of Erit Lux.

She and Egon later have a daughter, the Silja Tiedemann of Eva's World, whose descendants become crucial to the preservation of the time loop.


Season 3[]

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