H.G. Tannhaus' Clock Shop is the workshop, place of business and residence of H.G. Tannhaus, the manufacturer of antique clocks and watches in Winden.

Tannhaus had established a business in Winden by the 1950s. Ulrich Nielsen, having traveled there through thewormhole, sees a young Ines Kahnwald, accompanied by Jana Nielsen, arrive to pick a watch he has repaired for her father.[1]

All personal encounters with Tannhaus take place at the shop, whether it is the Stranger coming to ask about time travel and to repair the apparatus, or Claudia providing him the know-how for both.

Tannhaus appeared to have passed away after 2019, as Charlotte Doppler inherits the shop. Since he was the only family she ever knew, she held on to it, and had all the contents carefully preserved. She, Peter, and Elisabeth spend considerable time there trying to learn about how time travel operates.

References[edit | edit source]

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