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Gustav Tannhaus is the son of Heinrich Tannhaus and Charlotte Tannhaus. He has been blind since childhood. [1]


When Gustav’s mother Charlotte died, his father Heinrich Tannhaus was encumbered with grief. Eventually, due to his loneliness, he became obsessed with bringing her back. Moreover, Gustav Tannhaus' father Heinrich established “Sic Mundus”, a society of time travellers in Winden. In spite of all his life’s work, Heinrich failed to resurrect Charlotte.

Gustav Tannhaus continued his father’s research and work and inherited his father's triquetra ring and Sic Mundus cane and his mother's pocket watch and her love of the Ariadne play.

In 1888, he met Jonas, Magnus, Franziska and Bartosz from 2020, who were all somehow related to him.

"When I found you, now, that was a sign. A god-sent miracle...don't forget what we are going to create. Paradise! Every calamity can be reversed. Every pain destroyed before it even exists. A perfect world. Sic mundus creatus est."
―Gustav Tannhaus

Gustav Tannhaus, who was still working on the early stages of the time travel experiment, learnt from Jonas that time travel does exist in the future. Unfortunately, The Unknown son of Eva killed him before he could tell anyone else about this. [2]


While it is answered that the he is a part of the elaborate and confounding family tree, it is unclear if the Sic Mundus lead by Gustav Tannhaus was even making headway in creating the time travel technology. However, one thing is clear that H.G. Tannhaus's interest in time and clocks stems from his incredibly intelligent and passionate lineage.


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